Venezuela: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

  • Published on May 14, 2018
  • John Oliver discusses the devastating economic crisis in Venezuela and enlists the help of a large bird who bears a striking resemblance to Wilmer Valderrama.
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Comments • 19 619

  • KrookedKarma
    KrookedKarma 12 hours ago

    State control is doomed to fail because people are naturally greedy, they cut corners they put their friends into positions regardless of merit. Socialism doesn't work because we aren't that good.

  • nas taran
    nas taran Day ago

    Well yes it's America fault , sanction is only going to kill people with shortage of food and medicine , even North Korea government is not hurting with America sanction , only people are hurting so I hope your audience that laughing so free don't believe US government has nothing to do with it

  • TheJaisah
    TheJaisah Day ago

    Was that Fez? :D

  • ellaAngel smith
    ellaAngel smith 3 days ago

    Yeah that's because mulaney over there killed her

  • Oleksandr Katykhin
    Oleksandr Katykhin 5 days ago

    BeneZela is the Ukraine after elections. It is really worth considering to devote one of episodes to this matter. It is much more frustrating and frightening in fact that any other results of elections in the world and I'm not exaggerating.

  • mike brazzzier
    mike brazzzier 5 days ago

    why is it that only fair skin complaining and the dark skin are not maybe its because this is a race humanitian aid from america means guns and bombs you people think the cia or fbi is going to help people really ?oh thats right iforgot how they helped martin king jr

  • Aaron Ingebrigtsen
    Aaron Ingebrigtsen 6 days ago +1

    OMG how did you get so much total propaganda BS in your head? Mismanagement isn't what's causing problems in Venezuela, it's the USA and Capitists screwing things up as much as possible, propping up a fake president who no one even heard of until he literally appeared and proclaimed himself president, trying to do a freaking coup. The Majority support Maduro, not just 1/5th. And, please show us how You eat a banana, I'm really curious.

  • Jaroszy Chabanina
    Jaroszy Chabanina 6 days ago +1

    You are a fucking liar and you manipulate with facts John. USA is responsible only for 3 coup in South America? What about: Cuba, Honduras, Panama, Chile, Nicaragua and Venezuela in 2002, you fucking warmongering cunt. Leave Venezuela alone.

  • Bound4Earth
    Bound4Earth 6 days ago

    Everytime we talk about Venezuela the far leftists feel this need to point out that there are some tiny places where socialism works without providing examples and just calling Venzuela an example of corruption instead of socialism or both. They want to separate them somehow because they think socialism is ideal even though no major country has worked and one major country collapsed and one rich with nothing but pure liquid gold is collapsing. It was purely corruption somehow. This is what you call ignoring objective reality.

  • Josny13
    Josny13 8 days ago

    That chill brunette. I love everything about that chick. The outfit, the hat (beret?), the way she holds her drink. (Looking at that cellphone, is this a stereotypical hipster?)
    Her voice: "I just want to be able to have health care, honey."
    And that warm voice insulting the interviewer: "You people have like, worms in your brains."
    Reaching for her straw with her tongue, oh god, marry me! xD

  • tenhirankei
    tenhirankei 8 days ago

    @6:45 Go back to school! Columbia and Venezuela are in South America! Latin America is another tern for Central America.

    • confused squirrel
      confused squirrel 6 days ago

      @tenhirankei no because they are not indipendent countries and are a part of a country where the majority of people speak English. Like you said Little Havana is in Florida which is in the USA, a country where more people speak english than there are speaking spanish or portugese. You can easily find information on that topic on the Internet if you are interested in it.

    • tenhirankei
      tenhirankei 6 days ago

      @confused squirrel Are the barrios in "anglo america" and Little Havana in FL also part of Latin America?

    • confused squirrel
      confused squirrel 6 days ago

      No latin america is a term that is used to mean central and south amerika both. You can divide the Americas into three parts north, central and south amerika or into two parts anglo america (the part that mainly speaks english) and latin america ( which is the part with countries where mostly portugese and spanish are spoken.

  • tenhirankei
    tenhirankei 8 days ago

    @4:40 Sounds like Dear Leader Kim Jong-Un.

  • fawks2249
    fawks2249 10 days ago

    If you lead a socialist country you should lead by example and live with the middle class. No one ever does and I doubt anyone can.

  • Tyler Burdess
    Tyler Burdess 10 days ago +1

    The debunk...

  • gea easd
    gea easd 11 days ago +1

    When you realize that half the comments are wrong inflation caused by the government fucked the people not sanctions

  • The Lone Wanderer
    The Lone Wanderer 11 days ago

    Love her

  • Joushess
    Joushess 11 days ago +2

    It's funny 'n all, but one thing bothers me a bit;
    "There are plenty of socialist countries that look nothing like Venezuela."
    What are these countries??? And ffs please don't come and tell me that nordic countries are socialist. I am finnish and very much do know that nordic countries are absolutely NOT socialist countries.

  • Cody Hamilton
    Cody Hamilton 11 days ago +1

    John Oliver... You are wrong about Venezuela, demonstrable so

  • Cody Hamilton
    Cody Hamilton 11 days ago +1

  • ChIrish
    ChIrish 11 days ago +6

    I used to have respect for John Oliver until I fact checked this episode :( Very Fox newsy of you. I hope you didn't do this research yourself

  • campbellscollision
    campbellscollision 11 days ago

    They do eat rats in Venezuela, if they can find one, especially since they've eat the Zoo animals, every Dog,Cat, Bird.
    And no, all socialist countries end up like this. Cuba is just as bad. Columbia too. Wonder why America is the greatest country, under Capitalism? Duh!

  • J M
    J M 12 days ago


  • José Antonio Durán
    José Antonio Durán 12 days ago

    Hola México.

  • ExposedRoot
    ExposedRoot 12 days ago

    I come to John Oliver’s page to get lots of informative information. That being said It has been made quite evident that this particular piece is way off in a little disappointing. This particular piece has been several RU-clip videos debunking his info. A little disappointed in the research and perhaps some of the miss information on this particular John Oliver piece.

  • Lucia Arcagni
    Lucia Arcagni 12 days ago

    Please make one from next elections in Argentina for October! I want to see what’s your opinion on that!

  • bobby bobberson
    bobby bobberson 13 days ago

    Sassy Popeye is cute AF.

  • Some bloke
    Some bloke 13 days ago

    I won't bother watching this. I can predict the narative he's been told to convey and it will all be bullshit and omitions.

  • Hans Janetzke
    Hans Janetzke 13 days ago +1

    John Oliver i did not know how stupid usa are trying propaganda on people
    because the oil worth trillions and the usa let venezuela build big cities and filled the
    supermarkets with imports only
    and with the help of religioes dumbing in freefall population growth in catholic perfection
    now the population is to big to be supported with the local economy
    the usa only stopt the food supply and implemented inflation
    only to blame socialismen
    hence all to get the oil for free so far it is not working you morons

  • hulkhatepunybanner
    hulkhatepunybanner 14 days ago +1

    *This is Wilmer Valderama's audition tape for NCIS*

  • epiclolyay
    epiclolyay 14 days ago +1

    He turned down the aid because in the past america has sent in weapons and supplies for coup attempts and called it “aid”. It’s not surprising that nobody trusts america tbh.

  • epiclolyay
    epiclolyay 14 days ago +6

    America has crippling sanctions on Venezuala. It is kinda America’s fault.

    • epiclolyay
      epiclolyay 13 days ago

      Andres Porras well the US isn’t allowed to actually. The majority of US sanctions are illegal under international law, and in some cases even the American constitution. For example an illegal sanction is stopping medicine into both Iran and Venezuela.
      Also I don’t understand how your point argues against my comment. Even if the US was “allowed” to put sanctions on other countries, how would this somehow mean that they aren’t using then to cripple the Venezuelan economy?

    • Andres Porras
      Andres Porras 13 days ago

      why is US allowed to apply sanctions to other countries again?

  • GodlyWodahs
    GodlyWodahs 14 days ago +5

    But we are putting heavy sanctions on Venezuela and buying oil from them without paying them with the excuse "but our government won't let us pay for it, we don't know why!!!". But whatever gets us oil, right?

  • Gustavo jorge Capiello machado

    Holy crap. You guys should do an update on the story

  • Gustavo jorge Capiello machado

    I live theare

  • nanO.bytez
    nanO.bytez 17 days ago

    Oh the innumerable wonders of planned economy. I still remember people telling jokes when I was little about how East Germans had to wait in line for bananas or wait 10 years to get a car. Still, you could say: at least people didn't literally starve. Getting anything considered a luxury however unless it served as an output for state propaganda like TV or radio? Good luck with that. People had their work, they had food, they had their families but they also had to live in constant fear of the Secret Police, sometimes employing even close family members.
    Socialism can be a stable system but neither does it create wealth for the masses nor does it create the coveted utopia people want it to. Every time communism was attempted through socialism in the past it lead to tyranny and it will continue to do so because socialism by design centralizes power in a selected (not elected) few of individuals.

    And before anyone brings up Sweden - Sweden is a social democracy, a welfare state, not a socialist state. There's a different many outside of Europe don't seem to fully understand.

  • Art Mercines
    Art Mercines 17 days ago

    Why do you support Socialism? Chaos is the only result of socialism, they are now lining up for food! That is only argument there! Socialism itself is the cause of Mismanagement of the country.

  • Zach
    Zach 17 days ago

    I’m not one to favor regime changes but it’d be nice to see Maduro go out like Gadaffi

  • BigHeadClan
    BigHeadClan 18 days ago +4

    You know what Rabbits would be a great way to mass-produce meat in a very short time frame, it's honestly pretty genius... Can't blame Venezuela for kind of being annoyed with people turning them into pets when there is food shortage.
    The rest of their plans though? Oh hell no, that said sad to see John didn't cover how the US had a big part to play in the current state of affairs in Venezuela. The US may not have caused it but they certainly didn't help the situation when they started imposing sanctions and blockades...

  • pedro rojas
    pedro rojas 18 days ago

    I used to think John Oliver and his team did his homework when talking about any subject but after watching this video it just makes me doubt everything I have ever heard from him. I'm from Venezuela and it is incredible how wrong he got things or how sometimes he has twisted certain situations to fit his program's views. That's a shame. Liberals were supposed to be the intelligent ones!

  • Bart Ros
    Bart Ros 18 days ago

    Sad to see that just a little bit of using Google will show that lot of the “facts” in this video are distorted or wrong. Its nothing more than a mockery. You are not gonna get any actual facts if you let your research done by someone against their government. Maybe if LWT is so fair and balanced, it should point out the fact how USA and foreign interest are the root of lots of their inflation and food-shortages. Their corrupt and weird government none withstanding. Maybe rectify that Oliver....

  • Rage A
    Rage A 18 days ago +7

    Oliver is becoming no more than a tool for American propaganda. Tackling the subject of Venezuela without any mention of the crippling sanctions imposed by the USA on the people of Venezuela is just disgusting.

  • Philipp Claycooler
    Philipp Claycooler 18 days ago +1

  • Benjamin Dixon
    Benjamin Dixon 18 days ago

    Anyone here form POL?

  • KLJF
    KLJF 19 days ago

    all the good in the world (socialism) can be undone by just a few saboteurs (capitalists)
    they are the proverbial rotten apples .
    they are like a person who is jealous of your wind powered mill , who then pours sand into the cogs and says " look it doesn't even work" the only way the human race can continue to exist is to identify these capitalist minded shits at an early age and lock them away .

  • Morteza p
    Morteza p 19 days ago

    u tell lies like infowar. where is American sanctions? starving a nation.

  • Buzzard - Roost
    Buzzard - Roost 20 days ago

    You had some good jokes, socialist will cause the next civil war then propertarianism will rule.

  • Unaffected Life
    Unaffected Life 20 days ago

    Unsubbed thanks for missinformation

  • Louis-H. Campagna
    Louis-H. Campagna 21 day ago +1

    This sloppy piece of infotainment has been thoroughly debunked. See: .
    Shame on establishment mouthpiece John Oliver and Last Week Tonight writers for grossly misrepresenting the situation on the ground, as well as the larger political and economic context, in and around Venezuela. Have you even been to Venezuela? I guess toeing the line in clownish fashion is just way easier than using your soap box for providing meaningful insights on international dynamics. You tools!

  • Koketso Moncho
    Koketso Moncho 21 day ago

    3:52 " Going to town on a 'nana..." lol okay

  • gothamkinght l
    gothamkinght l 21 day ago

    Wtf how high is she



  • Paul
    Paul 21 day ago

    This revolution will not be televised... Watch it

  • Boost Lee
    Boost Lee 21 day ago +1

    This video needs a re-do. "Watch Leftist Debunks John Oliver's Venezuela Episode" on the youtube channel empire files

  • Stranger inthe4am
    Stranger inthe4am 22 days ago +1


    After watching this empire files video i have lost all faith in Last Week Tonight :(

  • fiXXXer
    fiXXXer 22 days ago

    Watch "empire files" debunking this video

  • Abhimanyu Karnatak
    Abhimanyu Karnatak 23 days ago +1 watch this please :)

  • Otis Coyle
    Otis Coyle 23 days ago +1

    You too John? The Democratic elected Venezuelan leader is not the fucking problem. The United States and their corporate agenda is starving these people all in the name of oil contracts. What a bunch of bullshit. I don’t expect the mainstream media to cover this correctly, but I Didn’t expect you to go along with it shame on you

  • Where not?
    Where not? 23 days ago +2

    This is a sad collection of corporate news lies. Want to see point by point debunking of this? It is right here

  • Siavoush Avesta
    Siavoush Avesta 23 days ago +4

    imagine thinking having social plans makes your country socialist lmfao

  • Uncle Ubi
    Uncle Ubi 23 days ago

    The video causally mentioned that oil prices dropped but didn't mention the reason. I wonder what other oil rich country that's the US' top ally could have, let say, overproduce oil which could, lets say, tank the price of oil

  • Deja Vum
    Deja Vum 24 days ago +1

    John Oliver is a corporate funded crap shoot

    NOYFB 24 days ago +1

    Debunked (

  • Brian Bayley
    Brian Bayley 24 days ago

    John O. and his audience think what's happening in Venezuela is funny? More proof that leftists are creepy out of touch elitists.

  • Karina Gonzalez
    Karina Gonzalez 24 days ago +1

    And here we are: still no humanitarian aid and now M. Bachelet declared 'everything is fine' with a big check in her pockets.

  • Evol Saiyan
    Evol Saiyan 24 days ago +1

  • rick forrest
    rick forrest 24 days ago +3

    Abby Martin (JRE #1316) disagrees with your assessment.

  • YT stuff
    YT stuff 24 days ago

    No mention of the Venezuelan gold reserves stolen by 'so-called' Democratic nations. Hmmm. I wonder why! What is going on in Venezuela is just the same old story of western empires plotting to steal their oil reserves. Western society is supposed to be made up of mostly educated people but sadly education in western society is just learning to remember shit. It doesn't teach you how to think critically nor does it promote intelligence. My point is, western society is made up of stupid gullible people who believe the same lie over and over and over again even if the previous lies were exposed. People need to stop watching the mainstream opinion media that is just filling their heads with dumbed down propaganda shit. Have some respect for yourself and start seeking TRUTH away from garbage like this and assholes like John Oliver. Using comedy to push lies and propaganda is a whole new level of evil designed to manipulate you.

  • Aniket Tyagi
    Aniket Tyagi 24 days ago

    I like his show but he was pretty biased in this segment.

    • Aniket Tyagi
      Aniket Tyagi 23 days ago

      I wonder what's making him push a certain kind of propaganda. Money? Producers?

    • YT stuff
      YT stuff 24 days ago +1

      He is ALWAYS biased on every topic. He lies, misquotes and promotes false statistics. It's pure propaganda and using comedy to push this stuff is a whole new level of evil aimed at people who wouldn't normally be interested in these topics. It's scary as hell when you realise what he is doing.

  • YT stuff
    YT stuff 24 days ago

    Yet another John Oliver episode that is full of lies, misquotes and blatant U.S propaganda. I've said it before and I'll say it again... What an asshole! Anyone who listens to this asshole is far too stupid to understand that John Oliver is nothing more than a talking puppet for the elite. John Oliver is using comedy to divide opinions and misinform Americans on so many topics and the reality/consequences of this are NOT funny at all, in fact, it's dangerous.. Is it any wonder so many people have no clue what is really going on in the world when this evil manipulator is convincing people to think a certain way that isn't based on any truth or integrity. This video, in particular, is American imperialist propaganda. I highly recommend everyone who has seen this to watch the following debunking video that literally destroys every John Oliver fact and exposes his lies. The video is called: Leftist Debunks John Oliver's Venezuela Episode: and by the way, I am not a leftist but I still agree with everything said.

  • Sha Mas
    Sha Mas 24 days ago +2

    Please address these claims:

  • Phite Onn
    Phite Onn 24 days ago +1

    John, I don't know if you just arrive for work and there sitting on your desk is a prepared script, or you are a blatant liar. What you have said throughout this episode is complete BS from start to finish. Giving you the benefit of the doubt and my faith in you that you want to spread truth and not lies, go here where all you have said has been debunked :

    • YT stuff
      YT stuff 24 days ago

      The man is a piece of shit. Regardless if he wrote the script or just reads it, he knows he is using comedy to push lies and manipulative misquotes that is clearly imperialist propaganda. Using comedy to push lies is a whole new level of evil. The man is a total scumbag. Sadly, most people just want to see something funny and this show cleverly misinforms many people who have no real interest in politics. Total psyops.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 25 days ago +2

    This here is how true comedy combines with investigative journalism. John Oliver, take notes.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 25 days ago +2

    For the know-nothings that still believe John Oliver's narrative, completely did bumps right here in plain sight on the ground in Venezuela.

  • John Rabson Jr
    John Rabson Jr 25 days ago

    Worms In My Brain will be the title of Butthole Surfers' next album.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 25 days ago +1

    Wow, of all the years that I've loved John Oliver, I never thought I would feel like punching him in his fucking face the way he flat-out lies and shamelessly promotes the neocon American conservative narrative en Venezuela when the US has been the number one cause of the manipulation of the Venezuelan economy through its CIA coup programs and mass sanction tactics that they've been doing on the rest of any Latin American country that didn't comply with American corporate demands. By now the world knows it and John looks all the more retarded throughout this whole episode. John Oliver the corporate shill...

  • Linda Zabalou
    Linda Zabalou 25 days ago +5

    U just lost all creditability and a subscriber

  • choobplaya
    choobplaya 25 days ago

    liberals and socialists are morons.

  • deenman23
    deenman23 26 days ago

    the humanitarian aid coment is actualy true lol,america literaly did that before

  • Vlad
    Vlad 26 days ago

    “But it wasnt real socialism” “If, if, if, if” just fuck off socialism doesnt work.

  • David Schultz
    David Schultz 27 days ago

    You should do another video on Venezuela!

    • John Doe
      John Doe 25 days ago

      What, so he can lie about it some more for 20 minutes?

  • Dejon Muhammad
    Dejon Muhammad 27 days ago

    Man having a second amendment in that situation would really help.

    • John Rabson Jr
      John Rabson Jr 16 days ago

      Dejon Muhammad ...which wasn’t designed to apply to the states. Anyway, since gun control doesn’t work, why do you want an amendment that forbids it? It doesn’t work anyway. Why worry?

    • Dejon Muhammad
      Dejon Muhammad 25 days ago

      @John Rabson Jr no im saying gun control is bull thats why we have the second amendment.

    • John Rabson Jr
      John Rabson Jr 25 days ago

      @Dejon Muhammad Given that gun control never works, I'm not sure how a Second Amendment would help the people of Venezuela.

    • Dejon Muhammad
      Dejon Muhammad 25 days ago

      @John Rabson Jr it would do more then having to submit to a ruler that has the power to do what has happened in Venezuela. Or any other place that has met the same fate as Venezuela.

  • Chris
    Chris 27 days ago +2

    Chavez did nothing effective at all....period.

    • Chris
      Chris 24 days ago

      @John Doe Yeah, now there is the miserable ( former poor ) and poor ( former middle class )

    • John Doe
      John Doe 25 days ago

      yeah, nothing for the elitist oligarchy that you love so much, but for the poor people he turned their suffering around two historic proportions, of which people like you hate.

    • inmemoryofJacoboArbenzN JahOnfroy
      inmemoryofJacoboArbenzN JahOnfroy 25 days ago

      Most of the time it's a evil man vs a eviler possibility when it comes to most mid and weak power countries super powers are corrupts too just they hide it more.

  • Jeff
    Jeff 27 days ago

    If things are as bad as what is reported here....why would any rational, non psychotic person think putting sanctions on the country would be a good idea???? lets kill some more people...but do it without guns but with sanctions.

  • warrior Dog
    warrior Dog 27 days ago

    CHAVEZ, When he took office, Venezuela was poor, the first thing he did was to Nationalize all Oil companies, kicking out Exxon Mobil, ConocoPhillips, Chevron, Norway’s Statoil, BP , France’s Total, so instead of the Oil profits going to these companies and it's stockholder, Chavez said we will use this profits for education, healthcare, housing and food for our people, with those profits we will payoff the IMF, Which he did, pissing everybody of in the West, in a short period Venezuela's poverty level decreased by 20% more then 40% of its population become literate (educated) the west retaliated by putting sanctions and demonizing Chavez for helping his people, so now there is fight for Venezuela keep Nicolas Maduro who will continue with Chavez legacy or replace him Juan Guaido who want to bring back the Oil companies and was educated in the United who is truly the bad guy in this picture.....remember the truth hurts but it will set you free....

  • Dimi Noise
    Dimi Noise 28 days ago +8

    Funny how the US economic sanctions weren't mentioned..

  • Albert Shosho
    Albert Shosho 28 days ago

    We see who pays ur check... SMH

  • Mister Man
    Mister Man 28 days ago

  • Jeri  Johnston
    Jeri Johnston 28 days ago +1

    A world class plantain

  • Erfan Moshtagh
    Erfan Moshtagh 29 days ago

    you cant say a country mismanaged its oil when clearly the USA is sabotaging its economy one puts economic sanctions on italy or france for being socialist, no one overthrow their president because they think their too left wing ..... chavez literally took his country out of poverty and USA put sanctions which limited who they could sell to, which hurt their profits, not only that but they were banned from getting any loans, usa tried to hack their electricity grid ....its a joke

  • William Powhida
    William Powhida 29 days ago

    USA is the biggest Terrorist organization in the world, bar none! And it is a bully and acts like a thug! When the dollar collapses we will have no friends and our financial means of blackmailing weaker nations will be over. The time is coming to pay the piper for our world wide rampage. John is doing a beautiful propaganda piece for his corporate bosses.

  • G_to_V
    G_to_V 29 days ago +8

    Number of people who love socialism but never lived under one (i have), i just wanna say this to you, you are lucky that you never got to live under one.

    • Mister Man
      Mister Man 28 days ago

      Penguin King I like your aources

    • G_to_V
      G_to_V 29 days ago +2

      @Penguin King
      "There can be no society without some socialism.
      I agree, but there is no society under socialist government.
      Everything under socialist government is shitty.

      Technology thrives under capitalism and free market.
      Improvement of technology saves world.
      People keep preaching how capitalism is failing, yet capitalism is still here, the best thing ever.
      Absolute freedom to chose and thrive under it.

      Last time i checked, Venezuela were against USA, like 4ever.
      But they never turn back to their buddies called Russians.

      Venezuela have all her oil under government rules.
      I don't see how did USA managed to fucked up Venezuela if everything in it was and still is under corrupt government that hates USA?

      "There can be no society without some socialism.

    • Penguin King
      Penguin King 29 days ago +2

      The worst system is the one where everyone agrees that the other side are idiots. Economic theories and believing all other ideas are evil is not reality. Successful systems have a balance. It is that way with nature, it is that way with economies. There can be no society without some socialism.

      Capitalism did not save us from the great depression. Capitalism didn't save us from the recession. Capitalism will not save us when the dollar collapses under the weight of massive debt.

      Venezuela has about as many people as we have illegal aliens. They have the world's largest oil reserves. They will recover if left alone. But instead the US wants to use them to extend its dynasty.

      Oliver's bird was all right wing. It takes balance and cooperation between the wings for a bird to actually fly.

  • yannos papakias
    yannos papakias 29 days ago

    "plenty of socialist countries that are nothing like venezuela" i agree but none of them has succeeded and sweeden has not succeeded

    ELVER GALARGA Month ago

    because now you do not talk about the 14 tons of gold that your government stole from Venezuela and the criminal sanctions, of which your country is participating.. True is the true maduro is an ass ho le. But your government and your fcking queen. Is the worst thing to happen at this world

  • Ebony Greene
    Ebony Greene Month ago

    white cunt reporter go fuck your self.russia will blow usa back to their cave homes

  • ExProphet
    ExProphet Month ago +1

    America does smuggle weapons and shit via humanitarian aid tracks/planes. (We admitted it.)

  • Snatch T.
    Snatch T. Month ago +1

    Propaganda shoved down the throat is easier to digest when diluted in humour. Had fun watching it, but sh#t content indeed.

  • The Thrawn Scotsman
    The Thrawn Scotsman Month ago +1

    So...let me get this right...without oil, Venezuela had nothing as back up....sounds like socialism didn't work to me.

  • Planet Watcher
    Planet Watcher Month ago +1

    John Oliver found the reincarnation of Posh Spice.

  • josh656
    josh656 Month ago

    Stacking the Supreme Court...hmmm, what sore loser party has proposed that.

  • june bug
    june bug Month ago +1

    I love that bird 👍😉🐥