Top 10 Scary Sixth Sense Stories

  • Published on Jan 20, 2019
  • Top 10 Scary Sixth Sense Stories
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    Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Channel on the internet. I am your host, Rebecca Felgate and today we are talking about the Top 10 Scary Sixth Sense stories! Oooh. So our five agreed senses are taste, touch, smell, right and hearing, but some people believe that humans have a weird intuition - an ability to see something or sense something others cantโ€ฆthey just cant put their finger on what that might be. Before we get into this video I want to ask you if you believe you have any special powers of if you believe in the sixth sense? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section down below! Also stick around to the end of the video where I will be reading some of your comments out. Like shareโ€ฆinsta.
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  • MostAmazingTop10
    MostAmazingTop10  5 months ago +87

    Top 10 Cursed Images ๐Ÿ‘‡

  • Corn Puffs
    Corn Puffs 17 hours ago

    Idk if I do have a sixed sense but I do have this weird thing that happens to me. This 2019 I wished for my crush. To be in the same class as me the 3days later it was announced that he is my classmate.. Then there was this thing like I wished it was colder then three days later. The news announced there was a storm coming..

  • Skyโ€™s Channel

    I donโ€™t know if this counts but my siblings will come in my room and donโ€™t feel anything but my walk in closet I just get this really off feeling like I canโ€™t tell what it is but for a while I would wake up at like 1am 2am and 3am but itโ€™s constant it hasnโ€™t gone away itโ€™s been like that for 3 years just kinda Strange but my moms friends came over to sage the house and I knew it there was a portal in my closet nobody knew about it in my family but I could tell it was just a strange and I always sleep with the door closed now Because well thereโ€™s A PORTAL IN MY CLOSET WHY DO YOU THINK I TRY TO NOT GO IN THERE IM NOT MESSING WITH SPIRTS NOPE SO AT THIS POINT THE LAUNDRY ROOM IS MY CLOSET

  • SiPe Jensen
    SiPe Jensen 2 days ago +1

    Yea I have one I can eat and never get full

  • krissi anime
    krissi anime 2 days ago +1

    wait a minute i do can sense people emotions i am not joking i wish my ability was sometimes rarely i can tell what's going on in peoples mind woah idk about my self any more

  • krissi anime
    krissi anime 2 days ago +1

    i dont want any fame let me just say i can dream about the future well my future and i can see the dead in my sleep and if a person i know is about to die i can see them dying in my sleep i can currently feel the evil energy of a evil spirit and hear them talk to me sometimes see them during the day. Well i leave my comment up to you to decide if am lying or telling the truth

  • Dawn Morphew
    Dawn Morphew 2 days ago +1

    the sixth sense is probably real. scientists just never proved it is.

  • Nat Navmah
    Nat Navmah 2 days ago +1

    Hot water being poured produces a higher pitch sound than cold water. You only need your hearing to figure it out.

  • Polar z00m
    Polar z00m 2 days ago +1

    If I think about something really really hard it always happens I have tried this about 6 times

  • Galaxy Fox
    Galaxy Fox 3 days ago +1

    Thereโ€™s a lot of stories about twins knowing when there twin is in trouble one where a girl was killed in a car crash and her twin sister know before anyone even told her

  • Rhea โ€ข
    Rhea โ€ข 3 days ago +1

    I see things and sometimes feel things, but my grandma told me it will always be there.

  • NoviceGamer1212
    NoviceGamer1212 4 days ago +1

    Yes I have powers. Yes I believe in 6th sense.

  • I love eddswolrd Help

    I believe I can speak to dead thing as my mum/mom said that I used to take to someone but my parents and siblings couldn't see them I used to say he was my friend..... I need ghost busters ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Shdoki Main
    Shdoki Main 5 days ago

    I see demons abt 6 yrs ago

  • SD J
    SD J 6 days ago

    I knew every time my best friend of 27 years that she was pregnant with all 7 of her kids. And knew what she was going to have as well before she ever told me.
    Also I knew she was going to be in a car accident and she was.

  • NoppyLoppy
    NoppyLoppy 6 days ago

    I have a sixth sense for BS

  • Trxvesh
    Trxvesh 7 days ago


  • Michael Woutersz
    Michael Woutersz 7 days ago

    My brother and mom had the same key lockpad for there phone theres thousands of diffrent combinations you could use for your phone that blew my mind the family connection i guess

  • Caz Kemp
    Caz Kemp 8 days ago

    4:55 not a sixth sense most likely the difference is the movement of the atoms in hot water are much faster than cold water. therefor a different sound is produced due to different movements of atoms.

  • pixelated_dreamer
    pixelated_dreamer 8 days ago

    I mean. I hallucinate
    but I take medicine for that and its not ghosts. more like spiders and stuff.

  • Adina Schmidt
    Adina Schmidt 9 days ago

    I canโ€™t smell

  • Aussie Soft
    Aussie Soft 9 days ago +1

    I got the hot and cold one right again! :00

  • I can Explain
    I can Explain 11 days ago

    Yes I believe in the 6th sense cus I am a medium and sensitive so...

  • Dana Wilcox
    Dana Wilcox 12 days ago

    My dad said twins also have a secret language before they can talk, i have a twin sister, he also asked other parents with twins if they had it too, they did....

  • Emma O'Connor
    Emma O'Connor 13 days ago

    Yes. I believe I have the 6th sense because I see ghost.

  • Kelleymarie Jones
    Kelleymarie Jones 13 days ago

    Dead animal whisperer? Oh my.......

  • Kelleymarie Jones
    Kelleymarie Jones 13 days ago

    Pour 2

  • Icy Logic
    Icy Logic 13 days ago

    Im able to suck my own D**k

  • Brandi Stowe
    Brandi Stowe 16 days ago

    I have a sixth sense

  • Danny Sucks
    Danny Sucks 16 days ago

    I can sense what a persons sex is from their breathing.
    So I like to stay up at night on my
    phone, and my room is by the stairs. I keep an ear out for my parents. Particularly my dad, who is the strictest of the two.
    So anyway I started to recognise my parents breathing patterns, and how hard they breathe, I can also tell by how heavy the step is. ( big sound when step for example is my dad )
    Ik this is probs just hearing and not a 6th sense, but whatever, itโ€™s cool nonetheless.

  • ACCastell737
    ACCastell737 16 days ago

    A lot of dancers have a kind of 6th sense with pointe shoes. The moment you put them on your feet or sometimes the moment you lay your eyes on them, you know that they were made for you and you alone. Itโ€™s not extreme or anything, but itโ€™s a small example from everyday life

  • Blooper 64
    Blooper 64 16 days ago

    I have the sixth sense to recognize hidden memes

  • Mad Paddy
    Mad Paddy 17 days ago

    Lmao i got the cold and hot water down pack, the hot is slightly lower in pitch? Also i can hear ghosts and sense them its interesting

  • Ethan Challenge Gamer
    Ethan Challenge Gamer 17 days ago

    0:06 the *Sick Thense*

  • The Three Sister's
    The Three Sister's 17 days ago

    When I sleep I can see the future

  • Ali Mohammed
    Ali Mohammed 17 days ago

    Got it right

  • Ali Mohammed
    Ali Mohammed 17 days ago


  • Ricky Lind
    Ricky Lind 18 days ago

    I seen my car wreck before it happened but didn't realize it before it happened. My parents parished . And I survived. But I seen it in a dream repeating dream. But I was only a child. So I didn't know what it meant.

  • Ricky Lind
    Ricky Lind 18 days ago

    I believe we all have a special gift that we are born with

  • Tater Tot baker
    Tater Tot baker 18 days ago

    I think I have a 6th sense in my dreams sometimes I have a dream of the future

  • Ahlena Green
    Ahlena Green 18 days ago

    I think I have a sixth sense is seeing things that in the future to a year or more I see it and then it comes me because I see these things in my dreams . Its super weird but cool in the same SENSE.

  • H1 Clan
    H1 Clan 18 days ago

    My dog just bit me so i have a massive cut on my face

  • Keara Michel
    Keara Michel 18 days ago

    I think I can predict the future because once I dreamt that I went to Harford Glen then when I got to 5th grade I went to Harford Glen

  • Victoria Eloisa Ramos
    Victoria Eloisa Ramos 18 days ago

    I have predicted the future and peoples actions. I have nightmares about events that haven't happened yet, then they happen. Even if I'm joking about something, it comes true. It really freaks me out but sometimes it's really cool. I am also very empathetic and can tell what people are feeling sometimes.
    My sister lives in Phoenix and I live in Flagstaff. We both made crepes yesterday without letting the other know. Thought that would be a fun one.

  • Angel Lockwood
    Angel Lockwood 19 days ago

    One time when I was young my dad was cooking dinner and recently my great grandma passed away and while he was cooking me and my sister asked "why is great grandma behind you?" Then a pot flew to the wall ,I don't remember but everyone does

    HANNAH FREI 19 days ago

    I can see into the future and can remember things that I shouldn't be able to, because of this people in my family dont believe any of my memories past me being four

  • Gaster The gasterblaster

    The water thing Iโ€™m not lying I new wich one was hot and cold Iโ€™m freaking out how I new

  • Lick My Rainbow
    Lick My Rainbow 20 days ago

    I have it. I have premonitions they come to me in dream form. I had one of my dad dying

  • Janna Sayer
    Janna Sayer 20 days ago +1


  • zach powell
    zach powell 20 days ago

    my mom told me about a time when i was 5 or 7 years old we were at a stop light i told mom to be safe so she waited longer then usual and moments after a car comes sipping by.

  • the drifters gaming & vlogs simmons


  • the drifters gaming & vlogs simmons

    2019 anyone

  • Craig Finlayson
    Craig Finlayson 20 days ago +2

    I have no sixth sense or any other powers

  • Thumpling 234
    Thumpling 234 21 day ago

    I used to believe I had mad water powers in the shower I also believe that I can see ghosts

  • Emmanuel Ugbor
    Emmanuel Ugbor 21 day ago

    There was a time my friends and I were in the basketball court... So I was with one of them and suddenly the both of us had this feeling that we were covered by something..i thought it was just me till he also told me he felt it to.. .any explanation??

  • Art Hamilton
    Art Hamilton 21 day ago

    I think I can predict the future sometimes

  • Leo Strike
    Leo Strike 21 day ago +2

    Hey guys theres a joke i heard before
    Theres 3 people shut up,big mouth,and trouble
    They were playing hide and seek trouble was the seeker big mouth and shut up went to a construction site a police officer walk to them
    "You guys aren't suppose to be here" **points to big mouth** "whats your name?"
    "Big mouth"
    *cop gets mad*
    And yours? Pointing to shut up
    "SHUT UP"
    *Gets pissed* "you two are looking for trouble"
    Shut up and big mouth: noo trouble os looking for us ;-;
    Cop: nope im done i quit
    xD is funny right?????

  • mannyjr1995
    mannyjr1995 21 day ago

    Sithhhh sense ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Frances Sharp
    Frances Sharp 21 day ago

    I can scence to detect people who are behind me

  • Tom Rich
    Tom Rich 22 days ago

    nasty British accent

  • Josh Ansford
    Josh Ansford 22 days ago

    I do I dream about what goes on the day after today

  • Cherry_420
    Cherry_420 22 days ago

    I could hear the difference. The second pour sounded like tea being poured.

  • Kamren Herrera
    Kamren Herrera 22 days ago

    I got it on the first time with the water ๐Ÿ’ฆ

  • Alicia LPS
    Alicia LPS 22 days ago +1

    Everyone has this ability, unfortunately everyone is too distracted to tune into it.

  • Kristine Hystad
    Kristine Hystad 22 days ago

    yes i have a sixth sense i fil

  • -3- Luna27Naomi -3-
    -3- Luna27Naomi -3- 22 days ago

    I said Cold and Hot! .O. This scares me.

  • Pineapple Mom
    Pineapple Mom 22 days ago

    my 6th sense is that I can taste smell and sense sarcasm

  • Josefina Tablang
    Josefina Tablang 22 days ago

    I have a sixth sense because I can see something/someone that no one can see

  • Darryl Dutke
    Darryl Dutke 23 days ago

    6 more like 33

  • TheAlainaShow _yt
    TheAlainaShow _yt 24 days ago +1

    While watching this I felt someone grabbing my neck Iโ€™m home alone....

  • Robert Bauer Rapacon
    Robert Bauer Rapacon 25 days ago +1

    i can tell my future because I broke my arm 4 years ago and the night I broke my arm I had a dream 3 years later I would break my other arm and 3 years later of that day I broke my other arm

  • Cowboy Emoji
    Cowboy Emoji 25 days ago

    I LUUUUV your videosss

  • Psycom one
    Psycom one 26 days ago

    I'm a Psychic Empath, meaning I am able to sense, see, and feel other people's Emotions,
    I have seen spirits who have passed, I even have dreams that feel real, today is my birthday June 25 also known as the same day M.Jackson Died, I'm known as a human GPS, I have Dejavu moment's.

  • Gina Rivells
    Gina Rivells 27 days ago

    I think I have somewhat of a 6th sense. I had dreams that my grandparents and my niece passed away right before they passed away. And I seriously sense my dad and my best friend around a lot.
    I actually wish I could see ghosts

  • WickedLady87_dk
    WickedLady87_dk 28 days ago

    well as someone who drinks alot of tea, i knew the sound of hot water lol

    DYAN VERSTER 28 days ago

    What is sixt

  • kenny M.
    kenny M. 29 days ago

    The first was cold, the second was hot.

  • kenny M.
    kenny M. 29 days ago

    I have a sixth sense but i dont think i should put it out in public

  • Meagan Thomas
    Meagan Thomas 29 days ago

    Dogs can see ghosts because my dog in other peopleโ€˜s dogs and see stuff is not there because sometimes I end up chasing stuff we canโ€™t see what it is chasing so pretty scary what in both of my dogs and Zucker at this one Sport in the bush okay so middle of the walking track nothing there

  • Stephen Saville
    Stephen Saville Month ago

    Today is my b day

  • LIL angst artist
    LIL angst artist Month ago

    I can sometimes see the future

  • Pt60097
    Pt60097 Month ago

    I controlled the power of extreme strength ever since I was born I can carry an entire car and I kicked a kid into the wall and broke his left leg and back in Kung fu

  • Kris Alaina
    Kris Alaina Month ago

    i want school to be sixth sense

  • Candi Waters
    Candi Waters Month ago

    My 6th sense is I can tell the future in my sleep on random stuff

  • eddsworld fan
    eddsworld fan Month ago

    when i have a odd feeling about some one i tend to be right it may be a coincidence i dont know Oof

  • lol 974
    lol 974 Month ago


  • Ethan Causey
    Ethan Causey Month ago

    Number six is real I got it right

  • Cruz Reid
    Cruz Reid Month ago +1

    I keep having this dream all the time of me falling of a clif in the desert and dieing

  • Lynxgirl XD
    Lynxgirl XD Month ago

    My possible sixth sense is that my gut would make me feel sick when Iโ€™m about to answer something wrong

  • Elaine Kat Reynolds

    We have 7 senses the normal 5 and vestibular sense and proprioception. Then we might have an intuitive sense as well which would be 8th I guess hehehe

  • Nikki The Nightmare Dreamer

    I think my superpower is Invisibility .

  • Ebony wolfdog
    Ebony wolfdog Month ago

    I heard the difference of the hot amd cold water the first time.. That's weird! I didn't know my brain could do that

  • Whitley Beaver
    Whitley Beaver Month ago

    Idk if it's a power but I have premonitions a lot. For example as a kid my sister and I were on the bus home from school and we both got really uncomfortable and upset but didn't know why. When we got home our dad was digging a grave for our dog that got hit on the road.

  • Ceramic G!
    Ceramic G! Month ago +1

    i got the water one o-o

  • It's me Productions

    I can taste if someone is lying by their taste

  • Joe Batty
    Joe Batty Month ago

    I think I have a sixth sense as I know what people are about to say before they say it in person and how they are about to feel before they feel it it scares me and wish I did not have it as when they are about to feel something I feel it before them

  • Marz
    Marz Month ago

    I know no one will see this but I can predict what will happen in the span of 10 minutes, for example, me and my gf we in a good sturdy relationship until one day I had this feeling she was gonna break up with me for the reason I knew exactly as well but I never noticed it until then and then 3 minutes later I got the text... Another is once I had a feeling of as if electricity was just building up and just knew it would hit something a few minutes later a tree right by my house was struck... Not that amazing but yeehaw i have many more experiences as well ;-;

  • Not A Panda
    Not A Panda Month ago

    you blink alot is there a story behind that?

  • bulldust11
    bulldust11 Month ago

    Warm/hot water has a certain noise sorta like bubbles or a muffle

  • Haley Cunningham
    Haley Cunningham Month ago

    I am empathic. I pick up on peopleโ€™s feelings. Not sure if it is a blessing or a curse. I over think everything. I always say, โ€œI feel for those who donโ€™t feel anything at all.โ€