The Forest Any% Normal Speedrun - 6:31

  • Published on Jan 28, 2019
  • I believe the time was 6:31 as my last split was about half a second slow.
    As I say at the end a pretty good run, bad lab clip (3rd try) and I was sprinting on the "next cave" loading zone so I didn't regain stamina when loading.
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  • diamond playz
    diamond playz 18 hours ago +1

    Me when I have major anxiety and I want to go home as fast as possible

  • Fran Cardozo
    Fran Cardozo 3 days ago

    1:20 me cagué todo con el "Pss"

  • Skinny Peanut
    Skinny Peanut 7 days ago

    Guys.. did you saw that rabbit shaped human ?

  • John Benedict Fonacier

    You are glicher

      SILENCE 8 days ago +1

      John Benedict Fonacier bc he was allowed to do that

  • The F.B.I
    The F.B.I 11 days ago

    Cannibals: Alright,alright fuck me..

  • ReaperEX
    ReaperEX 12 days ago

    why your sidescraping so weird?

  • Francisco SARAFIAN
    Francisco SARAFIAN 12 days ago

    How did you won the golden keycard without beating megan cross

    • Francisco SARAFIAN
      Francisco SARAFIAN 12 days ago

      Ahh i didn’t knew that because im a new The Forest player

    • chazzyB17
      chazzyB17  12 days ago

      If you get to the final elevator the game doesn't check if you have it or not. The game only checks for yellow keycard for the door to the right of the obelisk.

  • Zedredplay создание игр.

    Wow, Men you know jailbreyh

  • Jule Maier
    Jule Maier 13 days ago +11

    him: *going straight from cave to cave*
    me: oh nice he knows directly where to go, he knows the fastest way through the tunnels
    him: *buggs through the walls*
    me: ...........nvm then

    • chazzyB17
      chazzyB17  13 days ago

      I know the fastest way with glitches or without glitches. This is any%, I would recommend watching a glitch less run instead.

  • 65 sfainks TV
    65 sfainks TV 15 days ago


  • Andrei Stan
    Andrei Stan 15 days ago +13

    "Let's just ignore timmy and megan and go straight to crashing a plane"

  • Shadow Ninja
    Shadow Ninja 15 days ago +3

    I never knew that there was a cave😯

  • Naviator
    Naviator 15 days ago


  • Тури
    Тури 16 days ago


  • MrFluffyWaffles
    MrFluffyWaffles 17 days ago +20

    Google: The Forest should take you 6 hours to finish.
    Chazzy: *Hold my axe*

    • moose egg
      moose egg 9 days ago

      Someone did it in 45 minutes without glitching

  • Vincent Shayler-Day
    Vincent Shayler-Day 19 days ago +6

    Chazzy: simply lands on the island.
    Cannibals: *ight imma head out*

  • Mini Panda
    Mini Panda 21 day ago

    руским привёт

  • kim 4565
    kim 4565 23 days ago +2

    Operator: ...We lost the signal to the plane.
    Operator 2: It fell. God damnit.
    Operator 3: We should call military to search for survivor.
    Operator 4: Uhh i think I just found two survivor here

  • mister chubaca man chuey
    mister chubaca man chuey 23 days ago +1

    I dont count this as a speed run he cheated my goiyng thrue the floor

    • mister chubaca man chuey
      mister chubaca man chuey 22 days ago

      @Capri perhaps

    • Capri
      Capri 23 days ago

      Bruh are you seven

    • chazzyB17
      chazzyB17  23 days ago +5

      I have seen this comment quite a bit. This is a any% speedrun I have glitchless runs of this game also. Please Google "what is any%" thanks

  • Becauseimhappi
    Becauseimhappi 24 days ago

    I haven't even jumped out of the plane wreckage in 6 minutes

  • Muhammad Farhan Pulungan

    how did they find all of this glitches?

  • Devils Marinara
    Devils Marinara 25 days ago +4

    Cannibals thought they were cracked out then they saw this guy jumping about all the way through a cave.

  • Fausto el fan de Undertale

    Like 1:28:58

    DNMUK 27 days ago +10

    The way he’s jumping diagonally and not straight is annoying af

    • Elu.
      Elu. 20 days ago

      david guillen it builds speed faster than jumping straight

    • david guillen
      david guillen 24 days ago +5

      yeah but i think it's faster

  • InfiniteGaming
    InfiniteGaming 28 days ago

    then there is me on day 14 not having a clue as to what to do

  • IsraGRFK
    IsraGRFK 28 days ago +4

    The Bug Any% Normal Speedrun

  • leex sibzer
    leex sibzer 29 days ago

    Anton lo}{

  • Andrew Reeve
    Andrew Reeve Month ago +18

    "That's got to be the greatest lighter who ever lived!"
    "So It would seem!"

    • zlolkill
      zlolkill 18 days ago

      9 ppl got the reference so far

  • Fightfire76767
    Fightfire76767 Month ago +1

    It took me over 10 hours of Gameplay to even find the lab door and another 10 to find they keycard and another 5 to find the lab again ._.

  • Wolfi wm
    Wolfi wm Month ago +6

    Me playing with him: I go an get some snacks, back in 10 minutes.
    Come back: why is de end scene running?
    Him: I finished

    • rcsibiu
      rcsibiu 22 days ago +1

      You still offered him 3 minutes 30 seconds for a handjob after he finishes the game 😂😂

  • Nien Nunb
    Nien Nunb Month ago

    I was about to say you're madman but after seeing you did those glitches I take everything back

    • chazzyB17
      chazzyB17  Month ago +1

      Its a any % speedrun. Google it if you don't know about it. I have glitch less runs as well.

    EKSANT Month ago +8

    Pffft I've beaten the game on creative.

    It was really hard

  • Ghostless
    Ghostless Month ago

    Oh he can talk.

  • Kyle Gardner
    Kyle Gardner Month ago +2

    I need me a lighter this strong

    LUIGI MILANI Month ago


  • game beast
    game beast Month ago +1

    how u suvive fall

  • game beast
    game beast Month ago

    yo u have god mode on lol

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross Month ago

    Alright now do a speedrun without glitches

    • chazzyB17
      chazzyB17  Month ago +3

      Here's one of my glitchless run of the game:

  • Reahoax
    Reahoax Month ago

    schaut mal bei ihm vorbei er hat echt guten content

  • Liberal Tears
    Liberal Tears Month ago +9

    Me still trying to find all the gun parts after 5 months vs him who completes the game under 10 minutes. Who’s better

  • Exbadger
    Exbadger Month ago +34

    Me finishing the game in 2 months:
    This guy: Hold my axe and lighter

  • Superzocker HD
    Superzocker HD Month ago +1

    Ok. Magically he had the Golden Key card. YOU ONLY CAN GET IT FROM MAGAN!!!!

  • TwoCool
    TwoCool Month ago +99

    The cannibals must’ve been so confused on why a man is jumping all around the place

  • ZocSter
    ZocSter Month ago +1

    All methods are good to save timmy

  • Ace Nice
    Ace Nice Month ago

    Какая то хуйня а не спидран.
    1. Он пропустил заставку в самолёте, она является частью сюжета.
    2. В Форесте рандомное падение самолёта, то есть он просто взял упал в месте где ближе и заготовил сохранение тем самым пропустив катс сцену которая важна для сюжета.

  • MummoPlays
    MummoPlays Month ago +129

    Me at day 100 : How to get in the snow biome?

    • Potteli Pelaa
      Potteli Pelaa 9 days ago

      @MummoPlays uutta The Forest jatko-osaa Odotellessa...jännältä vaikutti.

    • MummoPlays
      MummoPlays 10 days ago

      Potteli Pelaa Juu oon pelannu tä pari kertaa läpi

    • Potteli Pelaa
      Potteli Pelaa 10 days ago

      Mummo kävelee vaan pohjoiseen 😅

    • Kaito
      Kaito 19 days ago

      @Senpai north of the map

    • kubek 114
      kubek 114 20 days ago +1

      @Senpai There is a HUUUGE mountain

  • Iakona Sisler
    Iakona Sisler 2 months ago +10

    I remember playing this game for days and days and I was with 2 other friends and one friend went with me through the whole ending while the other was afk at our base and then we realized we had to have all the players at the end to continue and even when the 3rd guy left it wouldn't work so we had to run backwards through the whole thing and then run all the way back up for it to work

  • paola andrea perez cabrera

    Ablo español

  • keyboard noob
    keyboard noob 2 months ago +24

    7:31 lol

  • GuyManThingPerson
    GuyManThingPerson 2 months ago +1

    Did anyone else see the house Icon at 2:45

    • chazzyB17
      chazzyB17  2 months ago +5

      So the speedrun runs use a premade save because it will ensure you get the plane closest to the keycard cave. Instead of constantly resetting for the correct plane location.

  • Johnny Beavers
    Johnny Beavers 2 months ago +38

    This mans was passed out but still had a iron grip on his axe

  • PlapperHai LP
    PlapperHai LP 2 months ago +132

    I need 20 Minutes to get in 1 Lobby with 2 friends

  • Redooe
    Redooe 2 months ago +1

    Кто от трайнгла?

  • Жопный Червь

    Why there was a house icon on the screen? Is it not new world?

    • chazzyB17
      chazzyB17  3 months ago +1

      So the speedrun runs use a premade save because it will ensure you get the plane closest to the keycard cave. Instead of constantly resetting for the correct plane location.

  • Justin Folyer
    Justin Folyer 3 months ago

    I'm sorry but using glitches to do a "speedrun" is ridiculous, it's more like "I can beat the game by breaking it in 6 minutes" not this bullshit

  • acidjackson
    acidjackson 3 months ago


  • The Prontext
    The Prontext 3 months ago +1

    Chazzy Finishes the game in 6 minutes me İ make small house in 6 minutes

  • Никита Дёмин

    I went through the forest 6 times on the max fold 12 times on the fold and I'm sorry for the bad English, I'm just Russian and I wrote with a translator

  • Jäger Main Man
    Jäger Main Man 3 months ago +2

    Is this available on Xbox

  • Mi Self
    Mi Self 3 months ago +392

    Me: *too damn scared to go down a cave*
    this dude: Weakness disgusts me