I bought 18 broken Xboxes - Can I Fix Them and Make Money?

  • Published on May 17, 2019
  • I bought 18 broken Xboxes - Can I Fix Them and Make Money? These Xbox One S and X consoles came from a liquidation company. I'm hoping to be able to make money off this salvage lot but there are several problems with Xboxes that I've never been able to fix so wish me luck!
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    About This Video: Xbox One S and X consoles are usually not too hard to fix. That being said there are several problems that they have that I've never been able to figure out how to fix. I took a chance and bought 18 broken Xboxes from a salvage liquidation company to see if I could fix them and it I could make money on them.
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  • TronicsFix
    TronicsFix  6 months ago +4130

    How many do you think I can fix?

    • rudy montanez
      rudy montanez 3 hours ago

      Hole number!

    • Sammy Vargas
      Sammy Vargas 11 hours ago

      u got ripped off lmfao

    • MADMAX Luciano
      MADMAX Luciano 5 days ago

      All of them.

    • Jasmine Yu
      Jasmine Yu 7 days ago


    • Jim Linkowskl
      Jim Linkowskl 11 days ago

      I have a question , you're repairing these in your business , where are you getting all the components IC ext. If you can't even get schematics, how on Earth are you getting parts, can't possibly be doing all your repairs with damaged and unrepairable boards?

  • Joe Shmo
    Joe Shmo 11 minutes ago

    Disc drives are useless. All xbox one games require 90 or more gig downloads so most people just buy the digital version instead of the disc. You dont need a disc drive moron

  • Bearr I3TW
    Bearr I3TW Hour ago

    so I have an Xbox one s and when I turn it on it will stay on the green Xbox loading screen can someone help

  • nb79 uk
    nb79 uk 5 hours ago

    u are doing it wrong, u dont know what ur doing!

  • E Davila
    E Davila 5 hours ago

    Do you ship any of the xboxs you fix...? Interested in a xbox1x

  • Daymond42
    Daymond42 8 hours ago

    I picked up a 500gb Xbox 1 on FB Marketplace for 20 bucks, which was listed as not working. Ended up that it was just a frozen system update. One factory reset later, I was gold.

  • Shayot Chotmanee
    Shayot Chotmanee 15 hours ago

    Oh my god Steve oh your doing it right

  • Mad Monster
    Mad Monster Day ago

    You’re not supposed to fix trash

  • Water_Thornz
    Water_Thornz Day ago

    The Xbox one s don't have problems now ye?

  • Kerry Kalls
    Kerry Kalls Day ago

    Why would you spend so much time scraping through layers of a motherboard? This doesn't make any sense. Replace the board. Most likely then SOLVED

  • J T
    J T Day ago

    Disc drive married to the Xbox - 22:40. Pathetic Microsoft.

  • Vítor Flaibam
    Vítor Flaibam Day ago

    your hands are so beautiful

  • Victor morales delgado

    Hi, where do you buy bad lots?

  • Stiprus Vertimas

    Can I ask a stupid question? Why is Xbox mother board so thin and when you build a badass desktop PC it so huge, but they both play the same games?

    • Grey Wolf
      Grey Wolf Day ago

      Cause Microsoft is advanced

  • koila maoh
    koila maoh Day ago

    Hard drives alone are prety pricey...ITs good when they work.

  • realdeal steal
    realdeal steal Day ago

    U got played

  • Dan Gleeballs
    Dan Gleeballs Day ago

    Two and three. Spare parts!

  • Sherry Kilgore
    Sherry Kilgore Day ago

    In the beginning of the first xbox he broke the cover off rather than fixing the console.

  • James Ressler
    James Ressler Day ago

    Willy y Que tierno

  • Gregory Robinson

    I think there was six xboxs he did first not 5 not sure I wasn't paying attention

  • Buggs The Official

    Screw this, you get a free disc of Rainbow Six Siege!

  • ThePthompson41
    ThePthompson41 Day ago

    I work in nursing homes and our wandergaurd boards are always going bad. Should I be able to use the same tools and assessment to fix them?

  • My Name
    My Name Day ago

    Is there any way to put 4 more commercials in this video?

  • Sphynx dust
    Sphynx dust 2 days ago

    imagine selling your xbox just because you have slow ass internet and it wont update

  • fraenzchen85
    fraenzchen85 2 days ago

    You could make money fixing broken xboxes for their owners i guess. Well..

  • Alex Mari
    Alex Mari 3 days ago

    The part where I left off watching: 0:42

  • Raoul Duke
    Raoul Duke 3 days ago

    don't... don't do this.

  • Raoul Duke
    Raoul Duke 3 days ago

    seems like a big gamble

  • Machine Gamer
    Machine Gamer 3 days ago

    Lol he has xbox one s and x not ones lol

  • Chris Moss
    Chris Moss 3 days ago +1

    I loved the sarcasm!! at 13:05

  • Orc Com Cárie
    Orc Com Cárie 3 days ago

    Steve you're doing it wrong, you don't know what you're doing!!! You're a monron.

  • mariopic
    mariopic 3 days ago

    got an xbox one fat i got off ebay in a lot wondering if u want to try to fix it the ethernet ic burned looks like a short i replaced the ic on the main board but init powers on and off wondering if u whould like to poke around inside it its missing hdd tho but has matched drive 100% intrested messing with it

  • Why Bro?
    Why Bro? 3 days ago


  • The GodOfDestruction

    Dude you didn’t even plug the first Xbox in of course it’s not gonna work

  • Tobias Braun
    Tobias Braun 4 days ago

    4:35 MOSFETs with at least 8 pins? Does somebody know the part number?

  • Rosalyn Hirawani
    Rosalyn Hirawani 4 days ago

    Wow can u fix mine im in nz

  • Gari Cabrera
    Gari Cabrera 4 days ago

    I need some help, I have an Xbox one S, When I play Batman (the last one) is freezing in the beginning, but if I play Sunset overdrive, there is no problem Also I notice there is some problem with the texture on Batman and GTA V when I try to play those games the Xbox freezes and close the game, I changed the Hard drive and the thermal paste, the same happened I honestly don't know what to do, I tested the games on another Xbox and they work well, help please!!!

  • Patrick Palmer
    Patrick Palmer 5 days ago

    How much do you want for one that works, 72 yr old vet my 360 redlined?

  • val giron
    val giron 5 days ago

    my xbox one makes turn on noise but no light, the pwr brick orange instantly turns green then orange again. what could be causing the xbox to not turn on???

  • Maia Talon
    Maia Talon 5 days ago

    my dad is a certified computer technician that will not expire. after he got certified he said the new cert will need to re-cert every year.
    He said to tell tronicstix that he removed the fan bracket safely enough away from circuits and pcb.
    If your not a computer tech or yours needs renewing each year you have no right to judge the tech. Or, watch another video.

  • checkMyLikedVideos
    checkMyLikedVideos 5 days ago

    fyi Israeli backdoors in most modern "tech"

  • Jacob Quick
    Jacob Quick 5 days ago

    Doesn't seem worth it after all the time you spent

  • Lucas Bk
    Lucas Bk 6 days ago

    See the LAN chip in the Xbox 2

  • سيد محمد
    سيد محمد 6 days ago

    محمد الموسوي

  • Ruben Hernandez
    Ruben Hernandez 6 days ago

    Where can I go to sell my broken game console

    • Ruben Hernandez
      Ruben Hernandez 2 days ago

      So later it started to make noises like the Xbox one s is quite when you buy it but now it just seems lot louder and it's heating up. So why I wanted to sell it, it didn't want to turn back on but I gave it a lil time to turn it back on and it turn backed on but if it starts to fail a again I'll just list it on eBay if any body is interested in some parts 😉

    • Ruben Hernandez
      Ruben Hernandez 2 days ago

      @Ayden Zinter hey thanks Ayden I just ask because my Xbox one s I just bought this year kinda got water damage my brother dropped a beer and it exploded every where and it got some in the holes of the Xbox😩

    • Ayden Zinter
      Ayden Zinter 3 days ago

      Ruben Hernandez eBay

  • Kdjg e Ndfkkfkfkc
    Kdjg e Ndfkkfkfkc 6 days ago

    Wtf was going on with the first xbox

    • Kdjg e Ndfkkfkfkc
      Kdjg e Ndfkkfkfkc 2 days ago

      Pinkmaroon what i meant was he cut it open and glued it:short he let it open: no short

    • Pinkmaroon
      Pinkmaroon 2 days ago

      The power supply was damaged or had a short in it. It made it burn.

  • Jacob Locklear
    Jacob Locklear 6 days ago

    Do you need the plastic frame cuz I love the bear metal look

    • Mufti Hossain
      Mufti Hossain 4 days ago

      you'd get an awful lot of dust in there

  • Splashbro608
    Splashbro608 7 days ago


  • Adnan Sahinovic
    Adnan Sahinovic 7 days ago +1

    5:10 CRINGY

  • LuBrigante
    LuBrigante 7 days ago

    hi, my xbox one 1tb still shutting off by itself while loading games or watching netflix. Also the power supply shut down itself (no led light) did anyone had same problem?? i've already opened the console and the power supply to remove dust but it still shutting off.Any idea?? thx all

  • chronoboat
    chronoboat 7 days ago

    Do you know what you are doing????????

  • gen sec
    gen sec 7 days ago

    I made big money selling rgh/jtag/cex/dex/cfw
    I also had my own stealth "17150" server to bypass gold and such. never figured out the 6month method like XBL Ninja, but i did all right on my own. If a 17 year old can do all this, And more.. what is your excuse. Though i lost all the money, Even was forbidden from using any electronics, Or online. Due to dumb stuff in the past. But the point is.. if there is a will there is a way. don't be weak.

  • gen sec
    gen sec 7 days ago

    Now figure out how to exploit them, And drop Dev kit on it. ;)
    Big profit i say, 18k or just buy a full BTC and wait till it hits 27k again rinse and repeat. easy money.

  • David Stievenard
    David Stievenard 7 days ago

    thermal paste : the amount is not that important, with the pressure the paste will be
    but doing a C shape, are you sure it won't create a bubble/empty space in the center ?

  • crispy Chicken
    crispy Chicken 8 days ago

    Hell no he's crazy

  • Fate Tennyson
    Fate Tennyson 8 days ago

    Can u send me one

  • Love Kush
    Love Kush 8 days ago

    Xbox and play stations are Outdated

  • Woahhitschris _
    Woahhitschris _ 8 days ago

    I think I found a better way to fix em.... just turn them into ps4s

  • Sup my Dude
    Sup my Dude 8 days ago

    Can you fix my Xbox one s

  • Ya Nan
    Ya Nan 8 days ago

    5:07 WHY