I bought 18 broken Xboxes - Can I Fix Them and Make Money?

  • Published on May 17, 2019
  • I bought 18 broken Xboxes - Can I Fix Them and Make Money? These Xbox One S and X consoles came from a liquidation company. I'm hoping to be able to make money off this salvage lot but there are several problems with Xboxes that I've never been able to fix so wish me luck!
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    About This Video: Xbox One S and X consoles are usually not too hard to fix. That being said there are several problems that they have that I've never been able to figure out how to fix. I took a chance and bought 18 broken Xboxes from a salvage liquidation company to see if I could fix them and it I could make money on them.
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  • TronicsFix
    TronicsFix  Month ago +2760

    How many do you think I can fix?

    • Josh Mcgarvey
      Josh Mcgarvey Day ago

      None because your an idiot..can't even take a fan clamp off..

    • Domo tree
      Domo tree Day ago


    • plague rolis
      plague rolis Day ago


    • Sajid Sony
      Sajid Sony Day ago

      Replace the parts of 5 with 2

    • Carlos Matos
      Carlos Matos 2 days ago

      @Sasan Mottaghipour I'm gonna say 15 out of 18 will be fixed, but you may need to replace some components

  • Eduardo Ledesma
    Eduardo Ledesma Day ago

    You can turn the Xbox without the disk drive into a digital only console.

  • ryan foREVer
    ryan foREVer Day ago

    Great the harddrive sound sounds like my ps4 that i just got great

  • TheBraverTuna
    TheBraverTuna Day ago

    5:08 literally made my arm hairs stand up

  • london19657
    london19657 Day ago

    didn't even watch this,,just knew it was crap

  • Immortal ­Hunter

    This video been floating every sing day on my feed

    • kero
      kero Day ago

      Is the day singing or the video

  • SpongeBob SquarePants

    i need to change my line of profession

  • GingerJewishGiraffe

    My sons xbox one just sits on the green screen & when i factory reset it works for a while then just sits on green screen again. I tried updating it & it failed every time i tried updating it from a flash drive,so i bought him a playstation lol & it sits on top of the xbox one haha.

    KINGJADEX Day ago


  • James Pappas
    James Pappas Day ago

    How did they charge you 60 dollars for a broken game system? Should be at most 20 to 25 dollars. You should also have a detailed schematic of the key components. Just opening something up and guessing what the problem is and throwing parts at to see if it works is not how you should go about it. You're going to lose money on this as for parts and labor.

  • MrGoatflakes
    MrGoatflakes Day ago

    For such a neat design, it's a such a silly noob mistake design a PCB with copper pretty much right to the edge of the board, let alone to the edge of a hole you are going to put a screw in, right next to the power in...

  • Daniela Dundel
    Daniela Dundel Day ago

    next time buy xboxes knowing which part is missing

  • Trevor Hutcheson

    clearly your Xbone has a cavity

  • Squinqz's Life
    Squinqz's Life Day ago

    When you were saying stuff about telling you off for doing stuff wrong I was just like... yeah I know what i'm doing. lol

  • Squinqz's Life
    Squinqz's Life Day ago

    Wow, I actually found original content on RU-clip. Sweet.

  • Imaginary-Unit
    Imaginary-Unit Day ago

    I can't believe he did the clamps like that

  • Peter Rozen
    Peter Rozen Day ago

    I found my new ASMR channel!

  • 6star
    6star Day ago

    paste was not centered, fail

  • leonel Salazar
    leonel Salazar Day ago

    Can anyone tell me how much power does a ps4 slim use and how much it would cost per hour
    I’m trying to prove someone wrong

  • Vortex CR3W
    Vortex CR3W Day ago +1

    CAN I HAVE 1

  • ‎ ‎
    ‎ ‎ Day ago

    Idk in the end of the day i think he lost money anyway

  • Janie's gallery
    Janie's gallery Day ago

    Friends of mine have given their ps3 because no one can repaired it so I do have repair the problem and have a ps3 for free XD

  • st b
    st b Day ago

    the problem is people like to buy microsoft built consoles...

  • jhk655
    jhk655 Day ago

    the better question is, "is it worth your time to do so?" If it turns out that tallying up the hours you spent buying, fixing, and reselling broken xbox, that you're only making 3 dollars per hour, then you're better off getting a job at mcdonalds. Why not just make the premise "I fixed broken xboxes" since your repair skills seems to be what you're most interested in in showing off, because it's certainly not your market savvy.

  • Charlie Cubes
    Charlie Cubes Day ago

    Don’t do this normal people! This guy has a channel dedicated to stuff like this! Unless you’re following a tutorial, don’t do this! Take it to someone who can

  • SportCardCollector959

    Nice cards

  • dillen campbell
    dillen campbell Day ago

    TronicsFix some xbox's come factory without disc drives i dont know if you saw something that indicated that it wasn't usable but it seemed like you just brushed it off like they all have one

  • fiddlestickz muzik

    lol you picked a real doozy first box to fix...

  • Geovak
    Geovak Day ago +2

    Wow still these xboxes pieces of crap keep breaking just like the 360 incredible.

  • Zissgo
    Zissgo Day ago

    But ... now someone buy a xbox who is not save anymore ...

  • crandf
    crandf Day ago

    At first I read "Can I fist them and make money?"

  • sean watts
    sean watts Day ago

    Where's Luis Rossman when you need him lol 😂😂

  • Bad Boy Boris
    Bad Boy Boris Day ago

    Steve you're doing it wrong, you don't know what you're doing, you're a moron!

  • christopher dunn

    What bothers me is that's a major fault if its shorting out at that area on a motherboard.

  • Andy Diaz
    Andy Diaz Day ago

    Would like to buy 1 how much?

  • Junta Momonari
    Junta Momonari Day ago

    how did he turn the first xbox on with no power supply?

  • SeaCrezt
    SeaCrezt Day ago +1

    3am and I’m watching a dude fix Xboxes.

  • ra christ
    ra christ Day ago

    you look like a demon.

  • Ryan Dragonhunter

    I would use the parts for PC use the hard drive graphics cards

  • Anthony P
    Anthony P Day ago

    I loved the sarcasm part

  • Ultra RobyWin
    Ultra RobyWin Day ago

    Xbox n5; Xbox one s all digital

  • Mikej1592
    Mikej1592 Day ago

    where's your ground strap Steve?

  • KeinZantezuken
    KeinZantezuken Day ago +1

    Buy a lab power supply unit - it has adjustable output and wont burn on you in case of short. It is not cheap but considering how many power sup[ply you've burnt over time it already could cover that loss.
    Also, get a thermograph/thermospecter to see hot zones

  • SrslyJuice
    SrslyJuice Day ago

    I literally had a noisy military helicopter flying nearby when you mentioned it in the video. First thought: WTF IS THIS MAGIC, HOW DOES HE KNOW?

  • Yani
    Yani Day ago

    Trying to fiXboxes

  • ItWasntMeEitherMayBe

    Sorry does look like a bodge rather than a repair.

  • roblox fan
    roblox fan Day ago

    One of them only needed an update

  • Speedrun Wins
    Speedrun Wins Day ago

    First video I've seen of yours and I enjoyed it :)

  • Milan Čihák
    Milan Čihák Day ago

    Cant like make 1:1 copy of a HDD you already have and try it in a console that is missing the HDD ?

  • Darth Manzus
    Darth Manzus Day ago

    So, there's a problem with the black.... naaah

  • adgh jifa
    adgh jifa Day ago

    Yeeah, fix dem with a drill and a toilet screw driver

  • Some Horny Fuck
    Some Horny Fuck Day ago

    Re title “I bought trash to try and make money”

  • Panda
    Panda Day ago +1

    So someone sold their "broken" Xbox because they didn't know how to update it? *facepalm*

  • starhaven321
    starhaven321 Day ago +3

    Not sure how i got here i've never watching anything like this before and I'm a pc user I don't even have a xbox. But it was kinda fascinating to watch.

  • 1992jamo
    1992jamo Day ago

    Number one made me die inside. Surely that hole was grounding, so the short was elsewhere but that was the route to ground.

  • trollfaceo0o
    trollfaceo0o Day ago

    Nice video,,worth for sub 👍

  • Nig Nak
    Nig Nak Day ago

    PS4 for the players

  • Duke Nauticus
    Duke Nauticus Day ago

    You can sell a broken XBox for 60 bucks? And some idiot will buy it? Holy crap.

  • Gustavo Santos
    Gustavo Santos Day ago

    Why the 1st one short circuited remains a mistery.


    26 minutes and no climax? Yer $#!&&*$@ me right?

  • NoDadNotTonight
    NoDadNotTonight Day ago

    OL on a multi-meter means overload not open loop

  • InThe Blind
    InThe Blind Day ago

    Good troubleshooting my dude.

  • ceejayrob
    ceejayrob 2 days ago

    A broken x-box is no longer an x-box, so it’s a ex-x-box, but if you fix it, then it’s no longer broken so it becomes an ex-ex-x-box!

  • Evgeny Filatov
    Evgeny Filatov 2 days ago

    10:14 Godzilla )))

  • Elizabeth Hamilton
    Elizabeth Hamilton 2 days ago

    I kind of knew that circuit boards had layers but this was interesting to see the various layers that you scratched off.

  • Elizabeth Hamilton
    Elizabeth Hamilton 2 days ago

    This is really interesting. It makes me want to learn electronics. (sort of) :-) Thank you for giving valuable help to others!

  • Jack Dumpsterfire
    Jack Dumpsterfire 2 days ago +1

    _Did you try turning it off and back on again?_

  • Jack Dumpsterfire
    Jack Dumpsterfire 2 days ago +3

    Who would’ve thought some cardboard and gold would make one of mans greatest creations?

  • Jack Dumpsterfire
    Jack Dumpsterfire 2 days ago +4

    *forget about flipping houses, flip xboxes instead!*

  • Denracer
    Denracer 2 days ago


  • xs1xs1
    xs1xs1 2 days ago +4

    when my xbox is broken i call Hans with the Flammenwerfer

  • Cody Voss
    Cody Voss 2 days ago

    I actually refurbish Xbox and PS4 consoles as a side job and a couple of the partial power consoles I've come across have been easy to trace the power lines on the motherboard. If you have a brand new system open it up and trace each connection to know how much power each connection should have then draw a diagram of how the system is working with the power listed at each point. Easy DIY schematic of the consoles

  • Tjjdallas
    Tjjdallas 2 days ago


  • Andrea Bailot
    Andrea Bailot 2 days ago +1

    Take the Xbox’s that you can’t fix and use each other’s parts to make a full one that works :D

  • INeedAttention exe
    INeedAttention exe 2 days ago

    You did a great job overall, I really liked the approach to this. I would have used a bench power supply an limit the current so
    A. I don't have to ruin a good Xbox power supply and B. I don't have to worry about killing the CPU if a CPU mosfet is shorted through the power supply.

  • Isaac spohn
    Isaac spohn 2 days ago +8

    5:08 That... Right there... Caused me to physically recoil in my chair.

    (Rhyme unintentional)

  • ThunderBlastvideo
    ThunderBlastvideo 2 days ago

    this video is more about pointing out how stupid ppl are and that they need to give electronics another chance as they aren't really THAT HARD to fix usually

  • Bflatest
    Bflatest 2 days ago

    I like this video SUB

  • Grayson Fabrycki
    Grayson Fabrycki 2 days ago

    hi im steve

  • Físico Nuclear Cuántico

    Yes you can.

  • Crypto San
    Crypto San 2 days ago

    Nice canonical smoke test! Good content! :)

  • DR Evil
    DR Evil 2 days ago

    hey your doing it wrong

  • Mark Rogers
    Mark Rogers 2 days ago


  • Michael Redding
    Michael Redding 2 days ago

    All this with no anti statcic band???

  • mike conley
    mike conley 2 days ago

    If you fix them ill buy one

  • Dope Tuke
    Dope Tuke 2 days ago

    This guy needs a hire where ever he is working

  • Allen Powell
    Allen Powell 2 days ago

    Me: PC gamer

    RU-clip: xbox in your face!

  • Joshua Cronin
    Joshua Cronin 2 days ago

    I've decided to press the dislike button for every recommened video im redirected to

  • Cody Schleiger
    Cody Schleiger 2 days ago


  • Willem DaFuckedUp
    Willem DaFuckedUp 2 days ago

    where do you get that information? No, they don't

  • Willem DaFuckedUp
    Willem DaFuckedUp 2 days ago

    Way too much thermal paste dude, I mean jesus. It's not a PS4, it's not going to boil away when you turn it on

  • Xaranar
    Xaranar 2 days ago

    You can't have too much thermal paste, unless it's liquid metal.

  • Just a Random guy
    Just a Random guy 2 days ago +6

    date asks what your job is,
    "I'm a mother board dentist"

  • Paul Newman
    Paul Newman 2 days ago

    Well, you can just sell them as "broken Xboxes" for the same price you bought them for, right? It's just a little scammy bc you already know they're un-fixable :P

  • Flywolf
    Flywolf 2 days ago

    You can't replace the disk drive?? How stupid is that? Why would MS do this?

  • AraazShakur
    AraazShakur 2 days ago

    Wait someone was just to dumb to update his xbox? 😂

  • Adam Webb
    Adam Webb 2 days ago

    What is the song please?

  • quicklady
    quicklady 2 days ago

    what makes the helicopter handy?

  • dibbstar
    dibbstar 2 days ago

    why doing this if you dont even know everything???