We Mixed Every Cookie Mix Together

  • Published on Mar 21, 2019
  • Nine cookie mixes...one MONSTER cookie
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Comments • 2 405

  • .xXMariaXx.
    .xXMariaXx. 7 days ago

    95% of the comments: *StoP cOpyInG SafiYa NyGaArd!*
    3% of the comments: *random things*
    2% of the comments: *why is the trail tilted in the oven?*
    0% of the comments: *wow, good video!*

  • Julie Hope Bordovsky
    Julie Hope Bordovsky 10 days ago +1

    0:50 when you can't carry anymore groceries but your mom says you can

  • Ange Mation
    Ange Mation 11 days ago +1

    Anyone rcognize the background song on the beggining? It seems like it was from EtN s1

  • Krystalyzer
    Krystalyzer 16 days ago +1

    You should mix every cupcake flavor

  • Sleepy Soul
    Sleepy Soul 16 days ago +1

    Inga's voice is so wholesome

  • Maleka Salah
    Maleka Salah 18 days ago

    How about mixing all pie fillings together into one pie

  • vixzent cauguiran
    vixzent cauguiran 21 day ago

    Your so cute while working too much😍😍😍😍

  • H O
    H O 22 days ago

    I have a crush on inga

  • Love to Dance1009
    Love to Dance1009 22 days ago

    You forgot red velvet 😢

  • Rosella Skowronski
    Rosella Skowronski 24 days ago +1

    Inga: "...What kind of backhanded compliment is this?" 😂

  • Eve Cruz
    Eve Cruz 25 days ago

    Safiya Nygaard is QuAkInG

  • another baked potato
    another baked potato 25 days ago

    When they say I can have only one cookie

  • Marita Yellowhammer
    Marita Yellowhammer 26 days ago

    Omg Ade is so adorable!😊

  • tyjo_is_ _sicc
    tyjo_is_ _sicc 26 days ago

    *okay is nobody gonna talk about how Inga said*
    *"Look at all this dough" ?*
    *Like, it's literally a remake of the vine c'mon people.*
    Mixing stuff together and saying "franken-" before it isn't a new thing, nobody copying nobody, so y'all need to chill tf out

  • edwardmp87
    edwardmp87 28 days ago

    Twoset should review this “flight of the bumblebee” in this video. Is it a sacrilege?

  • Kevin and Becky Guinn
    Kevin and Becky Guinn 28 days ago

    Now you can try cake mix cookies. Take any cake mix, 1/3 cup of milk, 1/3 cup oil, and one egg. Bake @ 350° for 10-12 minutes

  • Amariah Dawes
    Amariah Dawes Month ago

    Buzz feed conveniently forgot to disclose that this video was definitely sponsored by betty crocker.

  • Taija H
    Taija H Month ago

    OMG ur store didn't have oatmeal chocolate chip!?!? That the BEST flavor 👌👌😍😋

  • KittyGachaTuber
    KittyGachaTuber Month ago

    Safiya nygaard: *leaves buzzfeed*
    Safiya nygaard: *makes mixing videos*
    Safiya nygaard: *becomes popular*

    Buzzfeed: now this is an avengers level threat

    • tyjo_is_ _sicc
      tyjo_is_ _sicc 26 days ago

      wait Saf wasn't on Buzzfeed... right? what? She was on Buzzfeed? oh I didn't know that

  • Ani Pogosian
    Ani Pogosian Month ago

    Name the cookie “number 9”

  • Isaac Bragg
    Isaac Bragg Month ago +1

    6:27 Mm. MMM. m. 😂

  • Chey Chey
    Chey Chey Month ago

    I'm lowkey sad she didn't do white chocolate macadamia...that is my all time favorite cookie.

  • Professor Bonk
    Professor Bonk Month ago

    You skipped white chocolate macadamia nut
    It’s like the best

  • Cheuk lam Li
    Cheuk lam Li Month ago

    This is the Franken-cookie!Does anyone get it?

  • Jaydia Simmons
    Jaydia Simmons Month ago

    The quilted cookie looks delicious! I am totally going to try that.

  • Ammar Aldana
    Ammar Aldana Month ago

    Why don't they have electric mixer at buzzfeed

  • Albdruck
    Albdruck Month ago

    I love this idea, but also am kind of offended that y'all didn't chill the cookie dough!!

  • Megan Lucas
    Megan Lucas Month ago

    Can someone get this girl a hand mixer?

  • Kalina G Grudova
    Kalina G Grudova Month ago

    Pretty boring

  • Othman Almazmi
    Othman Almazmi Month ago

    Stolen content

  • bashair albusaidi
    bashair albusaidi Month ago +1

    3:02 when you are trying to talk but everyone is cutting you out 😂

  • Serina Wong
    Serina Wong Month ago

    sponsored by betty crocker?

  • devilish sphere
    devilish sphere Month ago +1


  • Ali Rostami
    Ali Rostami Month ago

    Learn cookies from Iran they are really delicious

  • Mrs Keaks
    Mrs Keaks Month ago

    I have no clue why I just get very easily annoyed by Inga 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  • SunFlower
    SunFlower Month ago

    It’s slanted-

  • Piggy Twins
    Piggy Twins Month ago +1

    Buzzfeed probably won’t even answer this, but I was wondering where Ade was from, because that’s my grandpas name, and he came here from Nigeria when he was 16.

  • Kasey Adolph
    Kasey Adolph Month ago

    Mix every candy together!!

  • Ariel N
    Ariel N Month ago


  • Rubi Rodriguez
    Rubi Rodriguez Month ago

    Make a smoothie, choose 5 letters, like A, E, G, K, L ...then she needs to find a fruit or vegetable with that Start letter...good luck!! Shout out please!!

  • eunjoo은주
    eunjoo은주 Month ago

    next video: we got diabetes

  • •GachaRita•
    •GachaRita• Month ago +1

    5:01 me right after reading the instructions twice and still not knowing what to do

  • Segway_dinos Plays
    Segway_dinos Plays Month ago +7

    Me: the perfect cookie doesn’t exist
    Her: Hold my cookie

  • FaZerbaby
    FaZerbaby Month ago

    she's really cute

  • Gacha Lukemia
    Gacha Lukemia Month ago +5

    Triggered 10 year olds: sToLen frOm SAfiYa NygaArD!!!
    Me: guess who used to work at buzzfeed?

  • Gracianne Kirsch
    Gracianne Kirsch Month ago

    I want Ade to take a big bite of me

  • Ruby Moss
    Ruby Moss Month ago

    What about double chocolate chip and raspberry white chocolate and cheesecake and banoffe

  • abbigail llanas
    abbigail llanas Month ago

    Do a pie cake or a sculptures made of fondant!!!
    Or mixing two desserts together !!!!!

  • nakkusan chan
    nakkusan chan Month ago +2

    Btw there is also, white chocolate macadamia nut cookies

  • Bangtan_BTS
    Bangtan_BTS Month ago

    She can literally do anything. 👏🏻

  • Alexa KaylaBear
    Alexa KaylaBear 2 months ago +1

    0:21 *_she said the exact words he said so thats why it fits_*
    *It sounds like he was the one talking lol-*

  • Timothy
    Timothy 2 months ago

    Why didn’t she just mix the instant powders 😳

  • Alondra Perez
    Alondra Perez 2 months ago

    Why could I smell this

  • Elisha Robertson
    Elisha Robertson 2 months ago

    Lmao they couldn’t get her a handheld mixer????

  • Isabella Kinniff
    Isabella Kinniff 2 months ago

    everytime they play flight of the bumblebee i start convulsing lmao

  • Stuart Maclean
    Stuart Maclean 2 months ago

    Great catches even if one did nearly hit your face...lol!! Love you, Inga. You're amazing!!

  • Aisha !
    Aisha ! 2 months ago

    Only reason I watch buzzfeed is unsolved ,worth it and inga

  • Mafia MUA
    Mafia MUA 2 months ago +1

    Wow they copied Safiya by saying franking like Saf be saying franking makeup and they copied her by saying franking

  • Zoé Czuth
    Zoé Czuth 2 months ago

    How old is Inga?

  • Bryan Khu
    Bryan Khu 2 months ago

    Mix cookie layered cake