The Real Reason We Avoid Buying Indian Motorcycles

  • Published on Nov 30, 2018
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Comments • 2 336

  • Larry House
    Larry House 7 hours ago +1

    Indian makes the absolute finest cruiser on the road.

  • Hiram Abiff From Sirius

    Drifters are the greatest deal in motorcycles. Fuck Indian. Drifters are water cooled, fuel injected and shaft driven! Best of all they are a Kawasaki.

  • a bit of country life
    a bit of country life 11 hours ago

    Why do so many people think this guy is hating on Indian motorbikes he's not and has even said that he still likes them.

  • Joe Shmo
    Joe Shmo 13 hours ago

    They fact that you nor Indian could just recalibrate the new odometer to add all the old miles blows my mind and is kinda laughable. Digital or analog either way its not impossible, honestly pretty simple. Love the channel and not trying to hate but if you sell so many bikes you should probably know how to work on them or at least know a mechanic thats not completely brain dead. Js.

  • David Jamir
    David Jamir 15 hours ago

    Watched many other videos of yours, but this video made me subscribe,i love bikes, never thought a legend like Indian can have so laid back attitude towards their own products.

  • Wade Guidry
    Wade Guidry 22 hours ago

    It was cursed!

  • 30 kills
    30 kills Day ago

    That fuken slip caused alotta extra headaches,,, who left it in the saddlebag?

  • bpanther
    bpanther Day ago


  • Eddy Justice
    Eddy Justice Day ago

    Indian is really a Polaris...

  • Mike S
    Mike S Day ago

    Wow you guys got boned big time from that Indian. That so called motorcycle dealer that returned the bike, saying you guys did something illegal with the mileage, must not have been too smart. The law on odometers is pretty clear throughout the whole country, and like you said the Indian dealer was breaking it with the 0 miles B.S. I really feel sorry for you guys, getting shafted by that bikes run of bad luck and the prices other shops charged you.

  • Springwood Slasher

    You guys are fucking morons!!!

  • boston12111
    boston12111 Day ago

    Big problem that wasn't a problem. Automobiles have paper work to cover speedometer replacement too. These guys were the problem by not knowing what they are doing.

  • james varte
    james varte 2 days ago

    Good. More for others.

  • Brad Yelich
    Brad Yelich 2 days ago

    HD installed a new speedo with correct km's on my Sportster under warranty in 1996.

  • Heywood Jablome
    Heywood Jablome 2 days ago

    This video should be titled, "Listen to some bearded little bitch whine about the problems of being stupid."

  • Michael Lepore
    Michael Lepore 2 days ago

    Nobody buys a Indian because it’s the service that’s the problem. Not the bike if you own a bike go buy the book for your bike and learn to do it yourself

  • Darr
    Darr 2 days ago

    Patently wrong and dishonest to blame Polaris/Indian for your self-made fiasco. I, for one, love to read about greedy profiteers losing their A$$ on simply re-selling items that they are not passionate about. As with any business, you must always factor-in the possible risks of the unknown, unforeseen.

  • Will McLendon
    Will McLendon 3 days ago

    I have a skid steer with over 3,000 hours, they put a new gauge cluster in it and now it has 0.0 hours, they wrote it on the side of the machine with a sharpie... could be worse

  • En Win
    En Win 3 days ago

    A lot of drama queens bitching over nothing. You can by a set of whitewalls for that bike for about $300 US.

  • John lee j
    John lee j 3 days ago +1

    You lost $900 but you got double or more than that amount from this video, hahahaha.....

  • Justin SMC
    Justin SMC 3 days ago

    This isn’t a reason not to buy Indian, it’s a reason to know reputable shops, not get bent over on fees/ returns, and learn to plug or change a tire.

  • Enlightened Idiot
    Enlightened Idiot 3 days ago

    WTF? You want people to work for free? Real Christian of you...

  • Afroo
    Afroo 3 days ago

    Bs and how much money did u make now off me wathing the video disliking it and a comment...

  • Christopher Sullivan

    I don't buy Indian because of those butt ugly brown seats, bags, and tassels

  • Ken Collins
    Ken Collins 3 days ago +3

    Don't know how many times this has happened to me.... But I will always keep trying.😱

  • Pres. Comacho
    Pres. Comacho 3 days ago

    That's so weird. I used to work for Ford and the mileage is kept both in the ICP and the PCM. If you put a new one in you have to program it with the old mileage.

  • Ron Garrett
    Ron Garrett 3 days ago

    Indians are just another boutique motorcycle manufacturer that will go away in another three or four years. It’s happened before, it’ll happen again. You don’t treat your customers like that and expect to be in business down the road. It just doesn’t happen.

  • AddictedToSpeed
    AddictedToSpeed 3 days ago

    Indians are better than Harleys

  • Christopher Craig
    Christopher Craig 3 days ago

    I don't think you should shit on an entire brand for a bad shop and unfortunate circumstances. This doesn't sound like an Indian problem at all.

  • Travis W Moore8988
    Travis W Moore8988 3 days ago

    That damn bike was cursed dude!

  • bobby asani
    bobby asani 3 days ago

    Why not recalibrate the miles on the clock?

  • john smith
    john smith 4 days ago +1

    Thanks for helping solidify my choice to never buy one.

  • Monarch Reach
    Monarch Reach 4 days ago

    My favorite part is where he admits they can’t mount and balance a fucking tire.

  • Monarch Reach
    Monarch Reach 4 days ago

    Still not sure what this has to do with Indian as a company. You got shafted at an auction (that’s the risk you run at an auction) and the rest is....yada yada yada BS

  • Rinaldo Catria
    Rinaldo Catria 4 days ago

    You got scalped on that deal. 😂

  • James Grasso
    James Grasso 4 days ago

    LOL Is this guy for real?

  • James Grasso
    James Grasso 4 days ago

    LOL Is this guy for real?

  • James Grasso
    James Grasso 4 days ago

    LOL Is this guy for real?

  • James Grasso
    James Grasso 4 days ago

    LOL Is this guy for real?

  • 100cockroach
    100cockroach 4 days ago

    I love Indian, I part out Indian's. They are the best parts money makers out there.
    I also exported one out of the country for a fella that had a Salvage Title. When the Importing Country imported the bike they imported it as a non salvage bike. The customer scored on that Indian bike. Indian Bikes are my best money makers.

  • tim34
    tim34 4 days ago

    So really fuck Indian motorcycles unamerican fucks!!!

  • me nkat
    me nkat 4 days ago +1

    Indian/ HD 💩

  • Rodney Reyna
    Rodney Reyna 4 days ago +8

    Purty sure Indian will be okay with you guys not buying their bikes.

  • Friedrich Garz
    Friedrich Garz 4 days ago

    At least you never compromised your integrity and your honour remains intact and probably more cemented.
    You know that you stand clear and tall albeit shorter in pocket.
    Indian was and will always be just that company, and you will see them go as you have before and you'll still be in business to tell the story.
    We have endless issues with them here in SA and very few people will buy an Indian a second time round so there's enough evidence alone to show that their growth is limited and their "victory" is short lived.
    You just continue doing business the right way, your treasures are not in this world.

  • The Real Cigar Jefe
    The Real Cigar Jefe 4 days ago

    You guys should be in prison.

  • TigerDude333
    TigerDude333 5 days ago

    Good God. Talk about overthinking a problem, then creating one where none existed. The warranty service slip would've had the mileage on it. You use that to document the odometer statement. But this way you get to make a video blaming Indian for your stupidity.

  • Ian Hilton
    Ian Hilton 5 days ago

    Kinda shitty that you gave the mechanic gruff for charging for his time, even if he couldn't fix it.

  • Doug Dickerson
    Doug Dickerson 5 days ago

    Damn this guy got screwed to hell and back. I won’t be buying an Indian for damn sure.

  • Gregory Timmons
    Gregory Timmons 5 days ago

    I would have researched and therefore known how I stood when a guy accused me of illegal activity.

  • Zawad Khan Durrani
    Zawad Khan Durrani 5 days ago +10

    This is why I dislike indians and harleys.
    Honestly triumph or honda make much better cruisers.

  • A Smith
    A Smith 5 days ago +2

    The word you're looking for is 'deceiving.' #decepting

  • bnelson313
    bnelson313 5 days ago +4’s just people being people! Smh 🤦‍♂️

  • Jerome Martin
    Jerome Martin 5 days ago

    Now I’ll never buy an indian

  • Scottie Dance2dabeats
    Scottie Dance2dabeats 5 days ago +3

    Whenever someone presents a gotcha, always follow the money trail to the truth....word! 💀

  • todd scholefield
    todd scholefield 6 days ago

    Just put a drill on the end of the fucking speedo line and fucking roll it to where it should be. Fuck bud you didn’t have fuck around.

  • Rick DeWitt
    Rick DeWitt 6 days ago +2

    Deceiving. Deceiving people. "Decepting" isn't a word.

  • James Byrne
    James Byrne 6 days ago

    I'd put money on that Speedometer shop just riding the bike to meet the miles

  • Alex 180SX
    Alex 180SX 6 days ago

    Copying VinWiki again? 🤔🤦🏼‍♂️

  • TheBruces56
    TheBruces56 6 days ago

    Like many things with the law it all comes down to intent. Obviously if you have a defective part it has to be replaced. As long as the odometer represents actual mileage, no problem. Just make sure the provenance is in order and shows what happened.

  • John Chavez
    John Chavez 6 days ago +3

    Please make a video on how you started your business! I would love to know! I want to learn from you.

  • Chance Carlton
    Chance Carlton 6 days ago

    But there's a silver lining...

  • cole098
    cole098 6 days ago

    Keep the faith, in the end God will appreciate your honesty

  • Tiago Costa
    Tiago Costa 6 days ago +1

    has anyone heard a fart at 4min?! xD or it was just me??

  • Joe Sainato
    Joe Sainato 6 days ago +2

    I just subscribed to your channel and this is only the 2nd video I have watched. Small sample size. But in both videos what stuck out to me was you guys were HONEST. You could of road this bike for a few days and sold it with crazy low miles as I’m positive many people would have. If you replace a Harley gauge the manufacturer replaces with accurate miles. Ultimately imo it falls on the Indian dealer. And from my experience this has been the shortfall Indian has suffered since trying to reinvent themselves. Hopefully Polaris can get dealership issues fixed for Indian customers. In this case you were an Indian customer that didn’t get the correct service for your problems. Keep up the Honest work

  • Honest Acehole
    Honest Acehole 7 days ago

    This bearded joker is a douche

  • robert medina
    robert medina 7 days ago +2

    Dam bro that sucks! Been there before done that! Make it up on the next one!! Good luck!

  • Tom K
    Tom K 7 days ago

    Nice bikes but I'll stick to HD.

  • Steve Rives
    Steve Rives 7 days ago

    "I'm like, he's like, I'm like, he's like, I'm like, he's like, I'm like, he's like"

  • Brian Colvin
    Brian Colvin 7 days ago

    Deceiving, not decepting.

  • Edward Servis
    Edward Servis 8 days ago +1

    This could have happened with any bike. YOU just took the the wrong steps.I've been watching your videos for quite awhile. When I started you didn't have that cough I watched it develop into a chronic thing. Could it be the truth stuck down there?

  • Kinnaz0id
    Kinnaz0id 8 days ago

    2.5K indians disliked this video lol

  • Alex Latham
    Alex Latham 8 days ago +4

    How much did you make off this video lol😂

  • ima piledriver
    ima piledriver 8 days ago

    you avoid buying Indian motocycles because there the best. your not able to rip people off.

  • keywester1986
    keywester1986 8 days ago +3

    Examples of odometer fraud may involve:
    Disconnection of the odometer.
    Resetting the odometer in any way.
    Altering the numbers.
    Replacing the odometer from a vehicle without providing required notice.

  • Dean Cory
    Dean Cory 8 days ago +1

    You dont buy Indians so I would not buy a used Indian from you!

  • Matt Didier
    Matt Didier 8 days ago +6

    I've done the same with odometer and hour meter readings I have just kept a record of mileage or hours at time of replacement

  • TheImtoomuch
    TheImtoomuch 8 days ago

    This is why people hate guys with beards.

  • Jonathan hart
    Jonathan hart 9 days ago +11

    yup was looking at an Indian and they didnt want to deal on the price so I found a Kawasaki Vulcan 1/4 the price....

    • A Smith
      A Smith 5 days ago

      The $450 for a tire doesn't surprise me. And Indian accessories make my BMW stuff look inexpensive.

  • keywester1986
    keywester1986 9 days ago +1

    Nooooo , Indian did the correct thing, you altered the milage. You had to let the buyer know tha the speedometer no longer reflects the actual mileage. Even if it was 1 mile , the mileage was not correct and not disclosing that is illegal.

  • Sean Preller
    Sean Preller 9 days ago

    I’ll get started on my video: “Why I won’t watch a bikes and beards video anymore”

  • Lindsey Allison Westhaven

    Beard Tip - Listen to Big Chief Sour Dough; Injun motorcycle mighty nice, cost `em plenty heap big price, horse and pony run long and fast, Injun motorcycle break um and Injun brave lose his cash! No Wampum and Squaw bitchy and snarly - better off to get`um HARLEY!

  • Dennis Galorius
    Dennis Galorius 10 days ago

    same crap you get with new harleys....

  • SpykeZ0129
    SpykeZ0129 10 days ago

    ......what a stupid fucking clickbait title. Title your shit correctly dumbass.

  • Joe Pangrac
    Joe Pangrac 12 days ago

    Indians suck anyways, not the same since polaris.

  • TIMEtoRIDE900
    TIMEtoRIDE900 12 days ago

    You would have been better off flipping it with the non-functioning ODO and telling the buyer that Indian will fix it under warranty. Much quicker sale - much more profit.

    • Mauve EvauM
      Mauve EvauM 11 days ago

      screws the uninformed buyer but you watch these videos?

  • superhoggbike
    superhoggbike 13 days ago

    when you can make the same money off a bike you can repair yourself or it isn't an exotic, do it. never buy customs either. they will be yours for ever.

  • Rick Hunt
    Rick Hunt 13 days ago

    Sounds like you need to be taking some ass lubricant to the Indian dealer if you need any service done. Your experience doesnt give me a good feeling with these dealerships. If you were going to keep the bike for yourself things would had worked out much better for you. I never take a bike to have a tire put on. I only take the wheel and It’s always much faster and cheaper. Peace

  • Parker
    Parker 13 days ago

    Indians are lame

  • tom b.
    tom b. 13 days ago

    the indian dealer is the only place to get a tire? lol this clown is clueless

  • David Soltai
    David Soltai 14 days ago

    Why you should never try to make money from internet stories

  • Lucky13
    Lucky13 14 days ago

    What a waste of a video.

  • Honest John
    Honest John 15 days ago

    A dealer wingeing about a bad move - my heart bleeds for him . LOL

  • J F
    J F 16 days ago

    Indians seem a little over priced in general to me but I'm poor so who knows lol. They make beautiful bikes but I could never justify spending 20k on a car much less a fucking bike...........

  • Hamish Chalmers
    Hamish Chalmers 16 days ago

    Whoever is riding that Indian is not riding in the right place on the road! Cars will share the lane with that rider....dangerous!

  • rick myrs
    rick myrs 16 days ago

    your an idiot

  • S F
    S F 16 days ago +3

    No good deed goes unpunished....kudoes to you for least you can sleep at night....

  • Michael Grzeskowiak
    Michael Grzeskowiak 17 days ago +3

    Welcome to owning a business. You don't win them all. Get over it. This video is embarrassing.

  • Jack Durston
    Jack Durston 17 days ago

    I like Indians

  • Raf Bass
    Raf Bass 18 days ago

    Cry cry cry

  • David Brown
    David Brown 18 days ago

    Absolute BS. WHAT the eff are you complaining about? Cost of branded equipment? Harley is even more than Indian so what is the POINT of this little bitchfest?