Finding The Terrifying Merman | Cryptid Profile

  • Published on Apr 25, 2019
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Comments • 476

  • Sir Spooks
    Sir Spooks  6 months ago +77

    Cryptid Profile is back! Check out Mark 3 who made the incredible artwork for this episode:

    • India Smith
      India Smith 3 months ago

      It almost sounds like you want to be sacrificed

    • Samuel Barrett
      Samuel Barrett 4 months ago

      @SirSpooks what was the name of the song that played from 6:05-7:14?

    • Louis S.
      Louis S. 6 months ago

      Are we sure this merman is a cryptid? or is this solely off the available facts on this creature. Cause if it's a spirit it'll be easier to attract with scents, if it does require a sacrifice. Throw a rat or two in there.

    • Emily Didier
      Emily Didier 6 months ago

      @SCorPlayz i know that. But it did sound British to me.

    • SCorPlayz
      SCorPlayz 6 months ago

      Emily Didier hes not British tho hes danish

  • Dylan Bourassa
    Dylan Bourassa Day ago

    What if the Merman sent the rat?

  • Jack Frost
    Jack Frost 2 days ago

    At first I thought you were already possessed and speak some demonic language, then I realized it's just Danish. xD

  • Vue Lee
    Vue Lee 20 days ago

    Sir spooks, you should not play with any of these cryptoids... 2019 Fiy

  • Addy Ratliff
    Addy Ratliff 27 days ago

    So, why use a spirit box to try to talk to a Merman? Isn't a Merman a living being?

  • MsPuppydarling
    MsPuppydarling Month ago

    You said he can shape shift into any animal he wants, why not a rat to sniff out your fake bait?

  • HigherWaysWoman
    HigherWaysWoman Month ago

    you have a great radio voice and I would recommend looking into doing advertisements for radio stations...never know..! My college room mate was in Mass Communication worked for a TV Station....taught me about voices..what to recognize in them....and is why I say you have an excellent voice for radio-advertisements. wish you the best, Sir Spooks enjoy your videos glad I found you this year..!

  • Kay Brown
    Kay Brown Month ago

    Yuk rat's creep me out more than the merman. Thanks for sharing.

  • Michio's Graphics
    Michio's Graphics Month ago

    Feel like I am watching some super high production value quality Documentary (try say that 5 times faster).

  • Shane Murry
    Shane Murry Month ago

    It would have been creepy if the rat took the doll or if you saw just one rat at each place. Maybe the merman a picked a new form take that for what you will.

  • Lucci Robbins
    Lucci Robbins Month ago

    Was anyone else expecting some kinda Swamp Thing hand to pop out and grab the rat?

  • Aaron Guajardo
    Aaron Guajardo 2 months ago

    I've watched this video overs & overs & I still see something moving in the water at 4:20 & 10:15 - 10:18 even the rat looked back like he heard somthing in the water. Does anyone els see this???

  • Deed Gudness
    Deed Gudness 2 months ago

    I Have Never Heard Of This Story about the MerMan 🧜‍♂️ Sounds Scary and Spooky 😳😳🤨🤨😫😫

  • Dorraine Saillor
    Dorraine Saillor 2 months ago

    Sir spooks, you are younger than your voice! It’s always good to put a face with a voice!

  • Mr. Jellysquid
    Mr. Jellysquid 2 months ago

    In my opinion, your Cryptid videos are the most interesting on the internet since you try to go where the cryptids allegedly live.

  • Jöllhansch Kuppjärk
    Jöllhansch Kuppjärk 2 months ago

    Fun to hear about one of our old Swedish folktales Näcken, we have rich and beautiful mythology here in the North!

  • Karlos
    Karlos 2 months ago +1

    So the "Terrifying Merman" is actualy a rat ! and its not interested in dolls....great , solved that one then.

  • Charlotte Allison
    Charlotte Allison 3 months ago +1

    You said that this was a scary video. Nothing occurred, except for the rat.

  • A1a2a3 Abc123
    A1a2a3 Abc123 3 months ago


  • Bulletproofvelociraptor

    Sir Spooks is hot ! :O

  • Greg MacDonald
    Greg MacDonald 3 months ago

    Keep up the great work/videos , top 3 of my channels

  • Raven Claws
    Raven Claws 3 months ago

    Hello Sir Spooks. May I ask what your nationality is? Thanks.

  • YTDK_emil
    YTDK_emil 3 months ago

    omg are you from danmerk? and how can you telk dansih so ez ? plis answer me. btw I LOVE YOU VIDEOS IS THE BEST ON THE WORLD

  • PandaPower
    PandaPower 3 months ago

    More like: looking for the terrifying Merman :/

  • Michael Berrellez
    Michael Berrellez 3 months ago

    You must've loved Animal Planets" lost tapes" I can see a resemblance

  • Fred Tomaszek
    Fred Tomaszek 3 months ago

    Sir Spooks, was that you in the Merman video? Just curious. You have some real great videos...! Man good thing I subscribed. I am hooked!!!!! :^)

  • Vinci V
    Vinci V 4 months ago

    It looked like something in the water was coming towards the right before it's ran away away from the doll .. Great Video

  • Leo The kid
    Leo The kid 4 months ago

    fresno nightcrawler cryptid? video

  • Samuel Barrett
    Samuel Barrett 4 months ago

    what was the name of the song that played from 6:05-7:14?

  • Luis L
    Luis L 4 months ago

    Derek Zoolander?

  • Aidans show
    Aidans show 4 months ago

    I slept throw it...

  • Berserkers
    Berserkers 4 months ago

    What if the Merman was actually a cereal killer who snatched people up at the river and lured his victims in by playing the violin?

  • Alina Gabrial
    Alina Gabrial 4 months ago

    Pretty boy💕😍

  • Alina Gabrial
    Alina Gabrial 4 months ago

    Youre so goodlooking 😍

  • Russell Anderson
    Russell Anderson 4 months ago +1

    Your friend sounded like he was ready to run LOL
    Enjoyed your video and gave it a Thumbs Up

  • Rachel Flowers
    Rachel Flowers 4 months ago

    Sir spooks, your a handsome guy! 😁

  • James Burkett
    James Burkett 4 months ago

    Can't wait till they run into Sponge Bob and Squidward!

  • Yuмιє ღ
    Yuмιє ღ 4 months ago

    CAnt wait for more

  • Shakira Hernandez
    Shakira Hernandez 4 months ago

    How old r u. U don't look to old and I like ur voice.

  • Jesse Hedrick
    Jesse Hedrick 4 months ago

    Just a recommendation, but you should cover the Loup Garou. It’s a very well known cryptid from Louisiana (typically the New Orleans area).

  • Poop dealer
    Poop dealer 4 months ago

    This is my type of content as you can tell by my name.

  • Charibo
    Charibo 4 months ago

    Plot twist; the rat was the monster

  • Gamerdude18
    Gamerdude18 4 months ago

    So THAT's what you look like.

    W_T_FRICC 4 months ago

    *Nah im pretty sure thats mermaid man freeking out about evil*

  • aka kroovy
    aka kroovy 4 months ago

    Sir Spooks, where do you live and where do you get all your dope videos?

  • Skarlecia TheDragonMaster
    Skarlecia TheDragonMaster 4 months ago +1

    This legend or folklore sounds alot like the Scottish and Irish folklore monster the Kelpie. It is a water shape-shifting spirit that is mostly a black or white horse that is said to have their victims stick onto them if they touched them and then walk into the water to drown them.
    I am enjoying your videos. Amazing narration and awesome tales. Keep them up! ^.^

  • Michael 88
    Michael 88 5 months ago

    Uh,humans only have 2 legs right?

  • Jerry Garcia
    Jerry Garcia 5 months ago +1

    Didn’t you say the merman could shape shift into any animal with four legs?!?? You Sir might have seen the merman in his chunky rat body!

  • Gacha Studio Cookie
    Gacha Studio Cookie 5 months ago

    Mr Spooks? Will you with a friend explore that tunnel? I'm quite curious to see what is inside.

  • PerfectShows
    PerfectShows 5 months ago

    12:06 The merman showed here

  • Proxima Saur
    Proxima Saur 5 months ago


    I was going to say 'Change the doll to a dummy next time' but unfortunately I accidentally right clicked and went to the previous page... and then as the video is still playing (skipped to the end to hear what I missed...)... the video ended and took me to the next video.

    Forgetting about that... You may be lucky you didn't find the Merman

  • Spidey Manhood
    Spidey Manhood 5 months ago

    are you the one who is hosting or you are the camera man?

  • impactguns2
    impactguns2 5 months ago

    Mer-rat! Run!!!!

  • Jake Sanchez
    Jake Sanchez 5 months ago

    Would you please send me a box of Danish pastries please? Cold versions 😂

  • Jake Sanchez
    Jake Sanchez 5 months ago

    Are you a Danish?

  • See If I Care
    See If I Care 5 months ago

    That was a RIVER RAT

  • See If I Care
    See If I Care 5 months ago

    Does he look like AQUA MAN?

  • Cecil Greendale, the Great

    Handsome spook

  • NightSeaBreeze
    NightSeaBreeze 5 months ago +4

    You are cute Sir Spooks, a lot better than the skull 💀 avi. 😘

  • Rob Leonard
    Rob Leonard 5 months ago

    Next time use your friend as bait instead of the doll