Anxiety Baking is The Hot New Trend

  • Published on Dec 22, 2018
  • Americans have turned to baking to cope with a nationwide increase in anxiety. In fact, there's even a new show about it: 'Anxiety Baking.'
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Comments • 1 214

  • nick3799
    nick3799 4 months ago

    Did this legit start to trigger a panic attack for anyone else? Lol

  • FlithyActsAtAResonablePrice

    Glorifying mental illness with trends.. Is this is why i hate being human?

  • Christa Woods
    Christa Woods 4 months ago

    i have to remind myself not to drink or eat anything while watching Colbert!

  • #SOTO
    #SOTO 4 months ago

    Holy shit America is so feminine. Let me catch my son baking a cake.

  • Johnny Shabazz
    Johnny Shabazz 4 months ago

    She's terrific!

  • Albert Klarname
    Albert Klarname 4 months ago

    Sylvia Plath says: edgy.

  • blackghostcat
    blackghostcat 4 months ago

    It's usually hard to offend me. But like, that was just tasteless

  • Molly Spurgeon
    Molly Spurgeon 4 months ago

    Is she the same comedian who did stand-up where she made a joke about Fifth Harmony and then name and one of their most recent songs? She looks a little reminds me of that gal

  • Jae Stelzer
    Jae Stelzer 4 months ago

    Why does this have so many dislikes? It's a funny and only minimally political skit. Do people just hit the thumbs down button without watching and forming an opinion of their own?

  • bchlovr
    bchlovr 4 months ago

    Not funny.

  • Linda Stamberger
    Linda Stamberger 4 months ago

    I think they need new writers in the entertainment industry. Their low blows are becoming a little "stale."

  • Michael Billington
    Michael Billington 4 months ago


  • Joe The Wrestling Einstein

    Stephen Colbert is one of my favorite tv show hosts/comedians. I am sure that many people going through hard times watch his shows to cheer up. However, making fun of mental health to a mentaly ill person, a mentaly ill fan, would be the same as a baseball bat blow to the leg to a person with a broken one.

  • __
    __ 4 months ago

    Unfunny is unfunny. Colbert was a great compliment to Stewart. Colbert is not funny on his own.

  • maggie198333
    maggie198333 4 months ago

    I do anxiety cooking.

  • The Finnjamins
    The Finnjamins 4 months ago

    something in the back pocket

  • Keyo Glacier
    Keyo Glacier 4 months ago

    This video stole my bike

  • Ronnie Copeland
    Ronnie Copeland 4 months ago

    Stephen Colbert? Let me see is he funny? Well if you think stage 4 liver cancer is funny then you have your answer! But is he a real comedian in my eyes? No this idiot is not funny in anyway to me...I'm not one to say anything about anyone else that thinks he is I could care less that's their business. Hollywood is becoming less and less tolerable and I'm not the only person that thinks like this either. But no Stephen Colbert is not funny at all...Stupid...Obtuse and a jerk yes...

  • Independent Mind
    Independent Mind 4 months ago

    That lady made me laugh my brains out. She is GREAT. Think of a spin-off with her.

  • Ramadhan Budyanto
    Ramadhan Budyanto 4 months ago +1

    I really miss you stephen, why the show didn't start already?

  • Michael Brandt
    Michael Brandt 4 months ago

    Wow! So not funny

  • Argy Gianni
    Argy Gianni 4 months ago

    Is that Mayim Bialik?

  • Sashimiroll 16
    Sashimiroll 16 4 months ago

    As someone who struggles from anxiety disorder, that baking show is literally me 24/7

  • Gods World
    Gods World 4 months ago

    Just goes to show how out of touch you are with the rest of the world

  • Eric Anderson
    Eric Anderson 4 months ago

    Maybe if Colbert would stop crying at the sky is falling his viewers wouldn't be so anxious. He stopped being funny when he left Comedy Central. Now he's just a cheerleader for the lunatic left.

  • pat comerford
    pat comerford 4 months ago

    Neurotics are not funny!

  • Marilyn Castleman
    Marilyn Castleman 4 months ago

    End this civil war in 2020!! Biden and Beto!!!

  • Voodoo Vanderby
    Voodoo Vanderby 4 months ago

    It's bi-polar air frying and it's a real issue Stephen!

  • Sandy Phelps
    Sandy Phelps 4 months ago

    OMG This is me LMAO

  • Knossos22
    Knossos22 4 months ago

    Just the thought of getting Rumped gives me serious anxiety.

  • MrsSaxophonegirl
    MrsSaxophonegirl 4 months ago

    I stress bake. 100%

  • Keith demarrero
    Keith demarrero 4 months ago

    No only you

  • Rabon Zollo
    Rabon Zollo 4 months ago

    This video itself gave me an anxiety attack.

  • Michael Elbert
    Michael Elbert 4 months ago

    Correct me if I'm wrong but being anxious wow baking it's not a good idea

    • Michael Elbert
      Michael Elbert 4 months ago

      Might try putting some spray paint in the bag first

  • Jana Yoder
    Jana Yoder 4 months ago

    I love that RU-clip put this video under "Recipes". :D

  • mr anderson
    mr anderson 4 months ago

    It was an eltric oven,

  • RealRiteZaya
    RealRiteZaya 4 months ago

    I always feel extremely anxious on the weekend. Been this way for years and idk why but it just does. I usually just stay home to avoid the social activity until Monday when I’ll feel normal again.

  • Viper CRB
    Viper CRB 4 months ago

    I can't tell if the dislikes are from Trump followers or people who felt their anxiety was discredited and ridiculed.

  • Kim Böes Keim
    Kim Böes Keim 4 months ago

    Do not breath in a flour bag or you will asphyxiate yourself with fine flour particles !!!

  • Ganiscol
    Ganiscol 4 months ago +1

    Ahh, the american solution! Instead of going out and get rid of your anxiety by exercising, you bake to get fatter and die younger. Good job! 👍

  • Samantha Rose
    Samantha Rose 4 months ago

    I feel very hipster right now, but I’ve been anxiety baking for years lol

  • Epic Joyful Creations
    Epic Joyful Creations 4 months ago

    I need, like, four seasons and a few holiday specials of that show.

  • Mr Bunnarithy
    Mr Bunnarithy 4 months ago +1

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    but for me want to developing about 4 skill in English Language have as , Reading skill
    Speaking Skill, Listening skill, Writing skill. And now My English Language skill so very Poor.
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  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden 4 months ago

    Is this suppose to be comedy. They fell short

  • Becca.LAGirl
    Becca.LAGirl 4 months ago

    I can def say I’ve felt more anxious this year 🥴 and I have been baking and cooking all year like crazy?! I’ve just felt this burning need to cook, cut, slice, julienne, chop, mix, etc. Didn’t realize I was doing this to calm my nerves 🧐 it all makes soooo much sense now!!

  • Alice's Rabbit
    Alice's Rabbit 4 months ago

    Jesus Christ, seeing all that flour all over that laptop gave me, like 10 gray hairs!

  • Hm1 Xid3
    Hm1 Xid3 4 months ago

    Fine. I’m gonna pretend to be the only one who thought anxiety baking was the other type of baking.

  • Vertical Sombrero
    Vertical Sombrero 4 months ago

    Thought maybe you could slide by without a low jab at Trump; maybe you’re writers had some new and better material.... but noooo.

  • slothfulcobra
    slothfulcobra 4 months ago

    American eggs actually have more salmonella because they're washed.

  • Tia Mia
    Tia Mia 4 months ago

    I've been binge-watching the Great British Baking Show because I find it relaxes me and helps me forget about all the craziness in the world.

  • bel pet
    bel pet 4 months ago

    I was anxiety baking before it was cool

  • Idorenyin Hope
    Idorenyin Hope 4 months ago

    My new guilty pleasure is Stephen Colbert.

  • Marc Padilla
    Marc Padilla 4 months ago

    Thats what anxiety is .I thought it was humiliation.

  • Zombie Love Squad
    Zombie Love Squad 4 months ago

    Was that Mayim Bialik?

  • Chris Archer
    Chris Archer 4 months ago

    I don’t feel personally attacked or anything. Deeply disappointed about the fact that mental health is still a joke, given that most people suffer from depression, anxiety or sociopathy. But oh well.
    Honestly, most people who suffer from actual anxiety internalize it because society shames them for having emotions of any kind and trying to deal with them in a productive manner.
    I’m disappointed because people not dealing with their emotions properly is how you get trump supporters voting against their own interests. And shit like this is part of why people are afraid to admit they have a problem.
    You want to attack policies or ideas that are simply bad, go for it. No problem there; those things are objective. Stuff like this isn’t objective though.
    Yes, people should be able to handle the reality that worrying about these things is silly. But they can’t; that’s the whole damn problem.
    Anxiety is just a specific form of fear. Mocking a coward never makes the coward brave.
    Again, not feeling attacked or butthurt. Just distinctly disappointed.

  • No Neofiles
    No Neofiles 4 months ago

    i always bake when im anxious, its calming

  • A.S. Minor
    A.S. Minor 4 months ago

    I am an avid #MentalHealthAwareness advocate and performer, and I love this so much. I travel the country trying to bring that awareness on stages, in classrooms, hospitals, and on my RU-clip channel, so I get excited when I see other advocates. 💙❤

  • Greg mayonnaise
    Greg mayonnaise 4 months ago

    Welcome to Trumpworld, where bad people feel good and good people feel bad. This is the way it is.

  • Seetiyan
    Seetiyan 4 months ago

    I wish that anxiety baking clip was longer! She was great.

  • Gloria Miles
    Gloria Miles 4 months ago

    Ok, do you really need to wash eggs prior to cracking them. This may explain my stomach knotting up at times. Literally, I know it's in knots. I'm dying.
    We all are the second we're born. Ever think about that. ......🤓

  • Liza Tanzawa
    Liza Tanzawa 4 months ago

    Skippable ad or I WON'T BUY IT!

  • James McDonald
    James McDonald 4 months ago

    Maybe ur friends the podestas can help you , you sick mf

  • Vaerum
    Vaerum 4 months ago

    is it because orange man bad?

  • Eric Cartman
    Eric Cartman 4 months ago

    #45 on trending

  • Bryce Templeton
    Bryce Templeton 4 months ago

    I thought they meant baking as in getting baked, as in getting baked

  • Macario Patrick
    Macario Patrick 4 months ago

    I'm not anxious. My problem is that I have to deal with a lot of anxious people because an Orangutan escaped from Central Park Zoo, ran for President, and become the President of the United States. He's in the White House right now throwing bananas at his staff and screaming at the media.

  • laisha gonzalez
    laisha gonzalez 4 months ago

    My aunt did that when her dog died.(SERIOUSLY SHE MADE A HUGEEE CAKE!!!!!)

  • Pj 3
    Pj 3 4 months ago

    Ummm....not funny

  • ggqbc
    ggqbc 4 months ago

    Anxiety sucks and takes a huge toll. making fun of it does not help

  • redngolden
    redngolden 4 months ago

    We try to tell them they're made for the kitchen and they just won't listen.

  • Cerbyo
    Cerbyo 4 months ago

    She looked like she was trying too hard

  • Don H
    Don H 4 months ago

    Time stamp, 0:45 ; anxiety baking has to be real.. Trump is at least half baked and he is calm... As an idiot can be..!

  • Brandon Merry
    Brandon Merry 4 months ago

    This is late night comedy?
    Hard pass.

    • Zander Perkalator
      Zander Perkalator 4 months ago

      My thoughts exactly. How does he have ratings so high with this level of boring "humor".

  • MrMelgibstein
    MrMelgibstein 4 months ago

    My Pastor is trying to buy a large Jet plane,but his mistress wont let him.

  • ✿EᖇiN✿
    ✿EᖇiN✿ 4 months ago

    This was cringey

    • Zander Perkalator
      Zander Perkalator 4 months ago

      It's what happens when the host is part of the PC culture. How can they be edgy and not part of the problem?... This skit is the answer.

  • John Nicodemus
    John Nicodemus 4 months ago

    I guess I'm old enough and unindoctrinated enough, and mature enough to not get "anxious" over trivial, imaginary, and completely false things. Not even the dumb ass that tried to rob me at knife point and steal the gifts I bought last week, made me anxious, I just shot him three times. Merry Christmas former thug.
    Anti-anxoety drugs Colbert? Really? How slack jawed and wimpy are you? Growing a pair is clearly out of the question.

  • Gerry R
    Gerry R 4 months ago +1

    He always finds a way to make fun of Donald Trump in every damn video

  • Dale
    Dale 4 months ago

    This is very true! Like omg! I make a fabulous Key Lime Soma pie that will knock your aunt Connie's socks off. 😚

  • Chris Mcdermott
    Chris Mcdermott 4 months ago

    Didn’t laugh once like hilarious ha ha she put her head In an oven. Lol the audience didn’t even laugh at the so of the punch lines

  • Names Are So Overrated
    Names Are So Overrated 4 months ago

    Big mood

  • Ican FeeLIt
    Ican FeeLIt 4 months ago

    Thought its gonna be bout weed

  • Seraph Lazuli
    Seraph Lazuli 4 months ago

    I. Freaking. Love her. She is so relatable. 😂

  • Rich Pasquin
    Rich Pasquin 4 months ago

    !!!God bless and God protect president Trump against deep state Soros, Obama ,Clinton, Comey Mueller all very dangerous traitors to America ,only for power and money but not for the country. CNN ,Acosta, Maddowg and medias should be held accountable for their crimes and garbage reporting. Tired of the Communist party the Democrats getting away with stealing elections and having illegal voters vote enough of this crap already if you're not a citizen you shouldn't be able to vote.

  • Darrin Shedrow
    Darrin Shedrow 4 months ago

    Are you kidding, a “News” show covering topics that can be found on a facebook page is just sad

  • Ramcharan P
    Ramcharan P 4 months ago

    What if trump all of the sudden decides to nuke countries because he is super pissed??????

  • Repent And be saved
    Repent And be saved 4 months ago

    Jesus is coming! Repent of your sins and be saved!

  • Felix C
    Felix C 4 months ago

    As an extremely anxious person who has been baking more and more lately, I feel called out

  • Taylor Smith
    Taylor Smith 4 months ago

    Hot chick, faux baking show... and no moist jokes? moist.

  • Muzz. Patrick
    Muzz. Patrick 4 months ago +1

    Hard to believe anyone still watches Colbert and his constant anti-Trump tirade. Used to be funny.

  • Dr. Phil
    Dr. Phil 4 months ago

    Orange man bad

  • johan cespedes
    johan cespedes 4 months ago

    I’m pretty baked ziti right now

  • mounika kulkarni
    mounika kulkarni 4 months ago

    How did they know it's 40% did Alexa give then information? *Alexa it's so sad, play jingle bells*

    AGENTARMES 4 months ago

    Make America Bake Again

  • Philip Worsher
    Philip Worsher 4 months ago +1

    This isn't even funny, its just cringy and stupid.

  • Caliou The fireman
    Caliou The fireman 4 months ago +1

    This dude might be the worst talk show host ever

  • Anthony B
    Anthony B 4 months ago

    Way to make fun of a debilitating condition, often caused by genuine trauma in an individual's life... I greatly await your hilarious take on severe grief or depression!
    It'll be hilarious to you no doubt!

  • ominousyoshi
    ominousyoshi 4 months ago

    I read anxiety BANKING lol
    I was like I need to see this!

  • Td Lmx
    Td Lmx 4 months ago

    I see the "Colbert saying Trump" meme is still going strong.

  • You Make Me Laugh
    You Make Me Laugh 4 months ago

    😏 pot brownies here I come..

  • Yung Raider
    Yung Raider 4 months ago +1

    this dude has liberal written on his forehead