Police warn of THC in fruity vaping cartridges

  • Published on Jun 1, 2018
  • Police in New Jersey want parents to be aware that THC, the chemical that gives marijuana its high, can be hidden in sweet-smelling vape liquids popular with teens. Cleve Bryan of CBS Philadelphia station KYW reports.

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  • Mo
    Mo 2 hours ago


  • Oliver Eccentric
    Oliver Eccentric 23 hours ago

    Watching while hitting my rythym wax pen

  • Ethan Dobbs
    Ethan Dobbs Day ago

    Got em at 1:14

  • Mani Hill
    Mani Hill 2 days ago

    Who else’s is watching this after hitting the cart😂😂 I’m so high rn.

  • Jaime Palomino
    Jaime Palomino 3 days ago

    Dont buy any cartridge on the street. Its like cocaine you never know whats in it. Also like cocaine the first purchase might be from a good batch but after that they only give you cut down crap.

  • Sunshine Daydream
    Sunshine Daydream 4 days ago

    All legit cartridges come with lab results and are childproof, so is the battery and heating mechanism so not easy to just use but if you buy from a legit store in a legit state, it's all good but if not yes than be careful lots of fakes in states not so friendly, sad and to even include the word cannabis into this poison being sold as real vape well its not....

  • Brandon Naba
    Brandon Naba 5 days ago


    ANONYMOUS ttv 5 days ago

    And don't buy from just any one on the street if you do you might just get a visit from the Grim Reaper.

    ANONYMOUS ttv 5 days ago

    Who are they buying there vapes from. There under age. Nj the age is 21 to buy. parents stop buying them vapes there not toys. where are the cops to stop them sales to minors. Hmmmmm they make laws they don't in force. give bigger tickets to those who sell to minors and jail time. Do what you got hired for. Why is no one finding the jerks who sold it to them. no blame it on something else not on we cant do our job.

  • Marck Perez
    Marck Perez 8 days ago

    1:13 why did this kid get us all 💀

  • Dejah Crutcher
    Dejah Crutcher 9 days ago

    They need to do research before speaking seriously why dont you worry about fruity alcohol or Tobacco that actually harms someone. I rather my kid smoke weed the drink alcohol or smoke ciggs

  • Moist policeman
    Moist policeman 9 days ago

    Bro carts smell like straight weed not fruit

    DANNY IS UNDISPUTED 10 days ago +1

    Yeah yeah yeah. Lol y’all just mad that people are making money without getting taxed. behind the government

  • Wavvy Zayy
    Wavvy Zayy 11 days ago +1

    Bruh I use to finish full gram carts by myself. He said “enough THC to send you to the ER with a psychotic episode”. They be over exaggerating shi💀

  • Kara
    Kara 12 days ago

    Sooooo... whats the problem?

  • Fan Head
    Fan Head 12 days ago

    1:15 gotem

  • OG Fuck NiBBa
    OG Fuck NiBBa 12 days ago

    I miss the old days at my school before all the adults caught on 😢

    ANTHONYREED7745 14 days ago

    Kid at 1:14 just got everyone legendary move did not see it coming

  • Crazy Comedy
    Crazy Comedy 15 days ago

    Hitting my vape rn

    D3MONETIZED 15 days ago

    To send you to the emergency room😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kevin Webb
    Kevin Webb 15 days ago

    Hahaha I’m 15 and I got arrested for having a cart I ain’t get a warning and I got a felony on my record 🤣🤣

  • Derek Milbradt
    Derek Milbradt 15 days ago

    Lol we urge parents to talk to their children about the vaping and the ease of consuming marijuana through vaping? Why a lot of kids are just gonna be like great another reason I'm gonna do it.

  • rat
    rat 16 days ago +2

    lmfaoooooo “send you into the hospital with a psychotic episode” tf

  • justinbam MAGA 2020
    justinbam MAGA 2020 17 days ago

    smoking a wax pen now and its awesome

  • John Noredline
    John Noredline 18 days ago +1

    Hahah beats alcohol and sniffing paint 😂

  • Samantha Marie
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  • Ricky Royce cx
    Ricky Royce cx 24 days ago

    Lmfao no one every died from a bad high

  • Debi Phillips
    Debi Phillips 24 days ago

    Of course they'll smoke them who'd know if it was cannabis? Lol! Wish they had this back in my day. Lol

    • Ooga Booga
      Ooga Booga 22 days ago

      They have it now for anyone..

  • D
    D 24 days ago

    The dangerous ones are the fake brands. Cannabis has been decriminizalized in NY... And NJ is supposed to be close to legalization. This is your reason to legalize! Even fake pens are clearly marked with THC though, and are more expensive. No one confuses them. But someone did just die, likely from fake pens filled with god-knows-what (not "marijuna")

  • ipis
    ipis 25 days ago

    What a savage 1:14

  • blake doty
    blake doty 27 days ago

    Nobody gives a damn lol. just look at the likes and dislikes

  • Ian Villanueva
    Ian Villanueva 29 days ago

    😂😂😂😂😂too much thc hahahhaa nah

  • Andres De Sanchez
    Andres De Sanchez Month ago

    People thinks weed is bad even tho it has so much benefits

  • Kevin
    Kevin Month ago

    we know it’s weed! We want weed!

  • fukuwut
    fukuwut Month ago

    Fake news... these pens will not send you to the hospital.

  • Limit25
    Limit25 Month ago

    They do know they r named after strains and not flavors right

  • Chicken Preacher
    Chicken Preacher Month ago

    1:14 gottem

  • Aragorn II
    Aragorn II Month ago

    Do not buy street carts! They are just refills with toxic chemicals

    • pigeon
      pigeon Month ago

      Not true lmao. I never buy from dispensary yet most of the carts I’ve had have been great. Smoking on a “street” OG Cookies TKO right now.

  • Danik Stebakov
    Danik Stebakov Month ago +2

    Be happy it ain't nic. Nicotine is ACTUALLY harmful lets see that on the news

  • david delgado
    david delgado Month ago

    Weed bad beer good

  • lil PP boi
    lil PP boi Month ago

    Okay and the dangers of thc?

    GD DUVAL FL Month ago

    Legalize it already damn

  • aims
    aims Month ago

    My sister said to cute anorexia is to get them to smoke weed

  • Chandler Pavlik
    Chandler Pavlik Month ago

    How about legalize marijuana and ban alcohol and cigarettes. Fair trade off.....

  • Jared De Peppo
    Jared De Peppo Month ago +5

    lmao “enOuGh thC tO haVe A PsYchOTic epIsOdE” worse comes to worse u jus gon b sleepin somewhere goofies😂

  • Kailani Lightner
    Kailani Lightner Month ago

    First of all the flavors are strains of weed and second of all it’s knows as a “wax pen”...getcha facts straight 😂👌🏻

    ADA TRIPP Month ago

    To late

  • Yordi King
    Yordi King Month ago

    This is some BS, how tf a cart gonna give u a psychotic attack??

  • BlessYourTrapz
    BlessYourTrapz Month ago

    Literally smacking a dab pen as I’m watching this video lmao

  • Don’t click my profile picture

    sorry but sour deisel TRASH

  • ya motha
    ya motha Month ago


  • 760SAVAGE
    760SAVAGE Month ago

    1:15 BRUH HIS HAND

  • Jacob Griego
    Jacob Griego Month ago

    smoking these in the school bathrooms was the greates memory

  • Trap_goose Topic
    Trap_goose Topic Month ago

    Bruh me and 5 friends were passing a juul in elementary school in class

  • Social Anathema
    Social Anathema Month ago

    The kid at 1:15 is a legend! Got em

  • Alphastarseeds
    Alphastarseeds Month ago

    This is the problem no one ever died from weed and you only freak out if ur body cant handle it or you smoke more then what you can handle i never freaked out while smoking fake vullshit news how abt all the killings accidents and deaths from alcohol its far nore dangerous alcohol shuld be illegal

  • Arook Dude
    Arook Dude Month ago +1

    How do they even get these statistics

  • retard
    retard 2 months ago +5

    I hope your cart is gas fellow stoner 🤙🏼

  • YungEch
    YungEch 2 months ago

    Lmao carts look like office devices ?