A day in the life of our cats

  • Published on Jul 15, 2019
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    A day in the life of our cats
    which is technically not a single day because turns out it's difficult to film cats
    and also I wanted to add Haku cam
    which couldn't be filmed at the same time as normal Haku
    or you would see Haku with a gopro hanging from his harness
    but the base of the video is one day
    we just refilmed some parts where the footage sucked
    so when our curtains are opened five billion different ways throughout this video
    that is why
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  • Rachel and Jun
    Rachel and Jun  2 months ago +9994

    Why do we put water in their bowls:
    To force them to drink more since cats (especially cats that eat dry food) tend to be dehydrated a lot and it can cause health issues like urine crystals and kidney stones. Haku has urine crystals once the first year we had him.
    Why don’t we just feed them wet food?
    When we initially got our cats we had a hard time finding food that Haku and Nagi would eat that didn’t also give them diarrhea. Poor Poki also is susceptible to bloody diarrhea and will leave blood spots all over the apartment if we’re not careful with what he eats. Our vet recommended this specific one (Prescription Diet... I believe Digestive Care) and now they all have A+ beautiful poops. We also often boil and finely chop chicken, and sprinkle that on their food. We’re open to possibly trying other types of food for them sometime, but we just want to be careful because their stomachs get upset easily and if Haku doesn’t like it he just won’t eat.
    But dry food is supposed to clean their teeth and now that you put water in it their teeth aren’t going to get clean:
    Dry food doesn’t really clean cat teeth very well, but we do have cat tooth brushes (silicon finger brushes) and cat toothpaste and we actually brush their teeth (although not every day).
    Why don’t you try water fountains for your cats:
    We’ve had them but he cats kept breaking them, and after a while no matter how much we cleaned them they’d start getting slimy and the cats wouldn’t drink from them anymore. I’m definitely willing to try again sometime if I figure out something different I can try to stop it from getting slimy! Also I always forgot to turn it off while filming and we’d have a hundred comments saying “THE WATER NOISE THO D:”
    Why don’t you guys sleep together:
    Wat. We do!! Bed sets are really common here in Japan, where you buy either one big bed frame or two that lock together, and then each partner gets their own mattress so they can have exactly the level of comfort they want. We have two semi-double mattresses because sleep is hella important and I want my damn room to stretch! I have foam pads on my side because Japanese mattresses are as soft as wooden planks, so my side ended up higher than Jun’s.
    yeh 💕 :D

    • Hellblade
      Hellblade 2 hours ago

      Idk why but i ever wanted to translate a Video from English to German so...
      Maybe i can translate one of your vids if you want :)
      PS: I love your Videos i wanna move to Japan too when I'm older :D
      I'm literally obsessed with Japan.

    • Aggrobiscuit
      Aggrobiscuit 19 hours ago

      Cats are designed to digest fur and feathers. The reason your cats get furballs is because their bile function has been impaired resulting in producing too little acid, and that's usually always because people put their cat on a diet that is too high in carbohydrates (dry food). Carbohydrates are mostly digested with saliva/enzymes, whereas protein and fats are digested with bile. The fur does not digest properly due to low stomach acid levels, and so the cat will cough it up.

    • ciriciri
      ciriciri 2 days ago

      How do you guys make out if all the cats sleep on your bed?

    • Huy Vu
      Huy Vu 5 days ago

      how to train Haku , Nagi and Poki eat like that ? THanks

  • Enny Tsu
    Enny Tsu Hour ago

    Very nice flat and beautiful cat's! 😘😺♥️

  • DoggoDestroyer 9821
    DoggoDestroyer 9821 5 hours ago

    Hiw are your disges so clean : we have poki

  • Lady Unicorn
    Lady Unicorn 6 hours ago

    When is there gonna be a new videos

  • Dhandy noviananda
    Dhandy noviananda 6 hours ago

    oh look
    I'm Haku now

  • Suv Eccha
    Suv Eccha 11 hours ago

    Why there is no new video?

  • Mr Luigi Games
    Mr Luigi Games 13 hours ago

    I need a cat like haku xd

  • Ꭵńfö
    Ꭵńfö 13 hours ago

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Green Unit
    Green Unit 13 hours ago

    LF 24h version °^°

    ADLEY DAVIS 17 hours ago

    Why did in get a dog eating poop ad

  • Mog-Gyver O'Neill
    Mog-Gyver O'Neill 18 hours ago +1

    Your little family is so freakin' cute, I love how chatty the cats are! 😁 My cat Scrappie looks like Poki, and talks all the time. If you fed Poki at 5pm every day, he'd probably whinge from 3pm!♥I teach all my cats to use the human toilet, to fetch, paw, beg, high 5 etc, they love to learn. ♥

  • Edward Hepner
    Edward Hepner 19 hours ago

    ktoś z polski

  • Aggrobiscuit
    Aggrobiscuit 19 hours ago

    I can relate to Poki.

  • Hafidz Rizki
    Hafidz Rizki 21 hour ago

    *Saw Poki*
    oh here comes that damn cat.... ugh...
    but I still love him anyway...

  • Aslı Aslı
    Aslı Aslı 21 hour ago

    2:24 look at nagi's face

  • Cassandra Habel
    Cassandra Habel 21 hour ago

    Jun: no haku Not Now.

  • Abdul Razaq
    Abdul Razaq 22 hours ago

    U guys have three cats orr two

  • zachary johnson
    zachary johnson 23 hours ago

    What happened to the videos

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    cherry 23 hours ago


  • dimo .schill
    dimo .schill Day ago

    How does it feel to have a air raid siren from 5 to 7 everyday?

  • Prudence Ray
    Prudence Ray Day ago

    Maybe I should be a cat in my next life. 😄

  • desiree dirocco
    desiree dirocco Day ago +1

    Wow, Nagi looks like my boys twin. It’s surreal!

  • Cows N’ Grass
    Cows N’ Grass Day ago

    R u ever gonna have kids

  • Nichollas Simon
    Nichollas Simon Day ago

    13:00 i realized that was a sarasa clip pen

  • raiju kaiju
    raiju kaiju Day ago

    My fav is poki

  • Totally_Not _A_Witch

    My nextdoor neighbors cat bites peoples ankles when you feed him

  • Keiko Long
    Keiko Long Day ago +1

    Awww, Poki probably cuddles on Rachel at night cuz she was the one who rescued him off that highway a few years back. So cute.

  • Scrub Crew!
    Scrub Crew! Day ago

    Why did poki get less food? I know he’s bad and all but cats are cats.

    • JCXP123
      JCXP123 Day ago

      I'm pretty sure all cats have different food requirements anyway. But he does not get any less love and affection (or food) from Rachel and Jun. It may just look that way because he has a different bowl (Haku and Nagi are really picky about their bowls while Poki will eat out of anything). Also, he was a bit overweight and needed to be on a diet. If you search for their older videos, you'll see that Poki was much chubbier compared to what he is now haha He is not a bad cat at all

  • FlamingMolestress

    hey everyone here, I want a japanese name for my siamese kitten, a play on words hot/cold, Im having a kinda hard time searching for the kanji and their readings so if anyone has any advice tips or suggestions please lemme know! :)

  • Aj lynx :p Aj lynx :p

    Poki always makes me smile 😁

  • Aj lynx :p Aj lynx :p

    I have the exact same glove for my cat

  • Burung Pungguk
    Burung Pungguk 2 days ago

    are you guys planing to have kids

  • Bud Martin
    Bud Martin 2 days ago

    I love Poki!

  • 后辈
    后辈 2 days ago

    Jun you speak English quite well, considering how different Japanese sentences are structured in comparison to English I've got no idea how to translate anything into Japanese properly beside literally word by word and in wrong order although when it's done the other way around by throwing Japanese sentences into google translate to English I'll probably understand 80% of it mainly because of my basic understanding of Chinese Mandarin and Cantonese (Also Chinese same language when it comes to written form but different spoken form). The word Jun (俊) is quite common in Chinese names both in Mainland China and Taiwan I don't know if your name is based on the same word or not and how common it is in Japan.

  • 后辈
    后辈 2 days ago

    Haku's so fluffy :o

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    Unikkill 2 days ago


    АНЯ ХАЙЛЕН 2 days ago

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    CuddleBeem 2 days ago

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    Coisas Da Jana 2 days ago

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  • Jenny HdZ
    Jenny HdZ 2 days ago +1

    Jun looks really skinny. Is he doing OK?

  • Bailey Angus
    Bailey Angus 2 days ago


  • Y O
    Y O 2 days ago


  • Emma and Leone
    Emma and Leone 3 days ago +1

    Poki: I know I can only eat at seven but I start screaming(Meowing) at 5 hoping that they will let me eat earlier

  • Balázs Ákos Vásárhelyi

    "Pooky, the dishwasher..." Aaaaa, man, that was MEAN! XDD

  • Kai’s Garden & Things

    In November I'm going to Tokyo!

  • FrozenMeerkat
    FrozenMeerkat 3 days ago


  • Bad Doc
    Bad Doc 3 days ago

    99% of video - poky meow’s

  • Rania BAbar
    Rania BAbar 3 days ago

    why are your cats so smart and cute-

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    BandGuy Gt 3 days ago


  • 猫目少女
    猫目少女 3 days ago


  • Cerebella
    Cerebella 3 days ago

    Your cats are hella cute

  • Gavan Tan
    Gavan Tan 3 days ago

    The cats sure have trained you well.....

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    R SAT 4 days ago


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    Roxelle Morgenstern 4 days ago

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    Hugo Gómez 4 days ago

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  • OwlPaste
    OwlPaste 4 days ago

    Out of interest what kind of camera is used as "Haku cam"? It looks very cool

    • JCXP123
      JCXP123 Day ago

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  • Kideto Hellfire Mibu

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    Jibz Games 4 days ago

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    Commander5AM 4 days ago

    My mother thought our cat Dave was loud, so I showed her this with Poki yelling at the beginning.

  • Tabita
    Tabita 4 days ago +1

    It's so random but i got the feeling that rachel will be pregnant soon idk