N. Korea showcases sons of U.S. defector in video

  • Published on Jun 4, 2016
  • The sons of an American defector to North Korea appear in a video scolding the U.S. and saying American troops should leave South Korea. CNN's Brian Todd reports.

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  • Garga
    Garga 6 days ago

    Wonder how much pussy they get

  • Moiz Gaming
    Moiz Gaming 9 days ago

    Your not wrong America does want to take over The world secretly they took over Iraq they take Saudi Arabia oil and they try to get as many countries behind their back but still i'm scared of seeing the white people in KPA uniform

  • Yan Dzivinskiy
    Yan Dzivinskiy 15 days ago


  • Chris Henniker
    Chris Henniker 17 days ago

    His uniform looks like a Russian one.

  • joun Adam
    joun Adam 24 days ago

    Two joker.

  • Crusader Boy 9000
    Crusader Boy 9000 Month ago

    Its normal that they act as the evil americans,
    1. Americans are evil
    2. Hollywood films portray everybody as evil only because they stay against the USA....
    I hate communism and leftism with all my heart and soul

  • forest bear l
    forest bear l Month ago

    There's no such thing as American heritage God I hate when people try and say that they're half or part American doesn't make any sense

  • Fandom guy
    Fandom guy Month ago

    People: "omg this is so weird, amazing, these white people speak Korean like a Korean" , well duh. It's just a language. It has nothing to do with what one looks like. We are all the same, no matter how different we look on the outside.

  • GgYy
    GgYy Month ago

    ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ ㅇ와 진심 북한말투네 ㄷㄷ 존나 더빙인줄 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Hanah Gil
    Hanah Gil 2 months ago +1

    Full accent amazing......they were born in North Korea not in the US...

  • Angela YJ
    Angela YJ 2 months ago

    Infested terran

  • tester123532456
    tester123532456 2 months ago

    This is good reporting from CNN. I'm not used to that.

  • Meder kurd
    Meder kurd 2 months ago


  • NPC #303
    NPC #303 3 months ago

    Whaaat a fuckin schmuck lol

    IQUIQI IQUIQi 3 months ago

    Funny stories and situations

  • silent watcher
    silent watcher 3 months ago

    Their loyalty is with North Korea and not US. Better accept that.

  • Supreme Being
    Supreme Being 3 months ago

    So if ur born in North Korea, then how are you called a "defector" from somewhere else?.

  • steeler1246
    steeler1246 3 months ago

    two fucking morons

  • Migfra Danmark
    Migfra Danmark 3 months ago


    Applies to most Americans too. And especially the media like CNN and such. How stupid you think we are? :D I believe they truly mean what they say, caue they are right! We all know that. USA is trying to put a puppet into every gouvernment on earth along with Israel.

  • Ethan rivera
    Ethan rivera 3 months ago


  • peacock trader
    peacock trader 3 months ago

    Amarica is imperialist

  • Joshua Scott Orkin
    Joshua Scott Orkin 3 months ago

    You know what I cant coment on these two citizens. I cant tell if it's Propagada

  • Average teen girl
    Average teen girl 4 months ago

    "American heritage" lol

  • John Buhl
    John Buhl 4 months ago


  • AskReddit Questions
    AskReddit Questions 4 months ago

    I’m curious if they were taught English through their father. It’s not every day you see a white person only being able to speak Korean haha

  • Casey Todd
    Casey Todd 4 months ago +1

    Was amazed at first... then saw the CNN logo.
    *Fake news intensifies.*

    • Fandom guy
      Fandom guy Month ago

      What you think they got someone to act this out? It's not fake, you can watch the interview elsewhere.

  • Kool Aid
    Kool Aid 4 months ago +2

    Praise be the Supreme Leader!!
    We shall crush the American Devils under our boots!!

  • 박준규
    박준규 4 months ago

    Quite shocking to see white men speaking in perfect north korean dialect.

  • Oliver Park
    Oliver Park 5 months ago

    I have a quaestion
    If they are escaped to north korea and will come to america government should give them citizenship?

  • cyber elf
    cyber elf 5 months ago

    Son of bitch.

  • Joshua 윤호 Han
    Joshua 윤호 Han 5 months ago

    Their father is dead now I believe

  • Delvin Walton
    Delvin Walton 5 months ago

    fuck them two brother scrum

  • Frank Miranda
    Frank Miranda 6 months ago +1

    They speak Korean very well

    • Erick Alex
      Erick Alex 4 months ago

      It's their native language duh

  • Don Minale
    Don Minale 6 months ago +1

    High respect for both of them ... they are better than redneck and narrow minded white trailer trash ameritard .

  • Sergio Alcantar
    Sergio Alcantar 6 months ago

    Defector coward the father is. They are a shame to the beautiful country of America.

  • Joe Kim
    Joe Kim 6 months ago +1

    It’s not about hating the USA, it’s about letting democracy flourish and the people remain safe .
    The USA invaded Korea in the 1950s and killed 5 million people.
    The readyness Americans have to defend their country no matter what happens proves that North Korea’s image is a projection .

  • P77777777
    P77777777 7 months ago

    Its actually real. Theres a documentary where they interview the defector
    These guys "look" white but they were born in North Korea and were raised as any other north koreans including being taught to support the dear leader. They definitely do believe these things just like every other north korean does

  • The Dartmoor Witch
    The Dartmoor Witch 7 months ago

    Fascinating but sad.
    Also, I'm willing to bet the people bashing CNN are FOX news fans. Lawl.

  • Vic T
    Vic T 7 months ago

    Are they drinking chocolate milk from curly straws?

  • bert smith
    bert smith 8 months ago

    boomba, lol

  • bert smith
    bert smith 8 months ago

    It's also hard to find the truth in the outside world controlled by the (((synagogue of satan)))

    PKS INDI 8 months ago

    Power of brainwashing right from birth. I understand they were born in N korea. Same thing would happen if a talibani baby boy is raised in America. He will take side of USA agaiinst afghanistan and Syria.

  • ChairForce1987 rolyat
    ChairForce1987 rolyat 8 months ago +1

    Two White dudes who have never been outside of North Korea have no credibility in trash talk about America. Nice try North Korea. Good laugh.

  • NYC 777
    NYC 777 9 months ago

    traitor trump 5 Time draft dodger would be proud..

  • Bri Hime
    Bri Hime 9 months ago

    America would be fools for not thinking this is real.

  • Mjstic Art
    Mjstic Art 9 months ago

    technically they are n.korean

  • Nick Doe
    Nick Doe 10 months ago

    Bad seed leading to worse seeds

  • greg finn
    greg finn 10 months ago

    That's so odd.

  • RJ L
    RJ L 10 months ago

    Banana = White washed asian person. WTF R THEY

  • Tony Walton
    Tony Walton 11 months ago

    The guy on the right is now vice president of North Korea. He's head of the ministry of ''Big Buildings and Funny Walks"

  • hades773
    hades773 11 months ago

    The father actually died a few months later that year.

  • craigslistrr O
    craigslistrr O 11 months ago

    A Turkey raised by chickens, believes he is a chicken. I have no reason to doubt these guys.

  • Andrew W
    Andrew W 11 months ago

    Wow CNN .... I always supported you guys but this is actually fake news. They grew up in the DPRK. It's the only world they know.

  • Gustavo Rodriguez

    Half American?
    America isn’t a race
    Il just assume white

  • starbattle008
    starbattle008 Year ago

    in the eyes of the american people dresnock should be classed as a traitor

  • michael12356727
    michael12356727 Year ago

    Viva dprk

  • Nick Sohn
    Nick Sohn Year ago

    노길남 씹새끼는 CIA 에서 무조건 잡아서 취조해야 함...The guy who is the right positioned to interview them he is living in USA at the moment

  • Icey Brice
    Icey Brice Year ago

    holy shit they do not know

  • Unknown User
    Unknown User Year ago

    They been brain washed

  • MrMetalhead
    MrMetalhead Year ago

    Those two dudes are correct about America, America is Fascist imperialist expansionist nation, and wishes to conquer the world! I know y'all beliveth not, but its true, America spends most of its time and money on creating puppets loyal to America , interfering into other nations affairs and pushing its will on others, now America always wanted to expand, ever since the 1860's, its first conquest and addition to it's empire was the victory of the Spanish-American war ( 1898-1900), in which it claimed, Puerto Rico, Guam, Philippines and other Pacific islands from Spain, then its second conquest and addition to it's empire was WW1 (1914-1918) where it helped topple two empires ( Germany and Austria-Hungary) they didn't claim any land I dont believe, its third conquest and addition to it's empire was WW2, they toppled Germany , Italy and Japan, claimed a portion of Germany, and occupied Japanese Islands and created puppet States, its forth conquest was the Persian Gulf war (1990-1991) where it toppled Iraq's Ba'athist regime and occupied Iraq and created the fucked up shit we see today, not to mention minor conquests of: Panama ( 1900?) , Korea (1945-48), Dominican Rep (1950's) , Afghanistan ( 1970- present), then its bitter tension with the USSR during the cold war ( 1945-1991) which saw involvements in several nations that was in a civil war, like : Korea and Vietnam, which lost one war, and didn't win the other due to a truce, so seeing these facts of expansionist behavior, it shows that America is expansionist fascist imperialist nation!


    They were telling what exactly is!

  • Don A
    Don A Year ago

    What weird story.

  • george otieno
    george otieno Year ago

    This is funny

  • Noni
    Noni Year ago


  • Ron Canty
    Ron Canty Year ago

    The sons of a traitor, are traitors themselves, I bet the Klingons have a kick ass name for that !

  • Big Ounce
    Big Ounce Year ago

    "Romanian woman named boom boom." Remembers Mafia III "G.I Want sucky sucky? G.I Want boom boom?"

  • cat luva
    cat luva Year ago

    Whys it so hard to believe these to men are loyal to North Korea? They gobble up the flag waving and propaganda just like people in America and every other country on Earth.

  • Leander Herman
    Leander Herman Year ago

    Great job boys crush and nuke these imperialist bastards in the states

  • Ciz
    Ciz Year ago

    Who the fuck defects form the U.S to NORTH KOREA???? That's insane!

  • Steve Wonder
    Steve Wonder Year ago

    It is true
    Their father lives he was made a documentary of by bbc

  • Michael Reed
    Michael Reed Year ago

    Shoot them or give them a hamburger 🍔

  • rambobunny1
    rambobunny1 Year ago

    Bunch of Soviet Russian rip-offs they adopted this shitty system from Russia How are Roenick Russians have now capitalism system The Chinese got smart their adopted A Communist capitalist Frankenstein hybrid System

  • juan bhoda
    juan bhoda Year ago

    KOrea greatest country in the world. All other countries are ran by little girl

  • ANGEL MeLove
    ANGEL MeLove Year ago +1

    FOX News is Best!

  • ANGEL MeLove
    ANGEL MeLove Year ago +1

    CNN is Fake News and North Korea Zombies..

  • Adepic
    Adepic Year ago

    If we needed to take over Asia we would already have Walmarts in Beijing.

  • John Eubanks
    John Eubanks Year ago

    The father is a fucking trader and will always be no matter how good a life he lived or lack there of...he deserted his unit instead of facing his punishment like a man for his wrong doing..ie forged signature etc etc. .his boys are just a product of their environment.

  • ShotsDontLose
    ShotsDontLose Year ago

    Fuck em and feed em fish!!

  • hokiepokie
    hokiepokie Year ago

    In defecting to North Korea, because they give everyone silly straws, and they don't judge!

    MATHIAS NIEMEIER Year ago +1

    This is True story! What you NEVER knew! Look it up.


    Nuke em

  • dom kesslr**
    dom kesslr** Year ago

    I agree with them.

  • BORIS •
    BORIS • Year ago

    A group of pill pushers?

  • Ulrich Dyvane
    Ulrich Dyvane Year ago

    Fake news

  • Ulrich Dyvane
    Ulrich Dyvane Year ago

    If someone defend his China country ya will start achting like they don't know what they are doing all ya should come back in the reality and stop dreaming

  • Adam
    Adam Year ago

    Inspirational Americans . Long live north korea

  • Alternative Headlines

    We don't know if they actually believe the things they say. Kind of like with Trump supporters.

  • joe8075
    joe8075 Year ago

    Fucking losers working hard to keep up good state sponsored diet, apartment and welfare check. Unlike normal NK people full of parasites and worms starving and rarely with electricity.

  • jim nassar
    jim nassar Year ago

    well know they have children with korean women make good wifes

  • DrHillbillyShow
    DrHillbillyShow Year ago

    Rumor now is circulating that the fat traitor Dresnok *killed himself when Trump was elected.* Too bad Hillary did not follow his example.

  • a a
    a a Year ago

    They for sure received the highest level of brain washing currently in existence on this planet.

  • a a
    a a Year ago

    You couldn't help but notice the strangeness at the very beginning when a white person dresses in NK army clothes..

  • MamaLuigi908
    MamaLuigi908 Year ago

    As soon as the first shots appear between the US and NK these two are probably going to get thrown into the nearest river.

  • Anja Fourie
    Anja Fourie Year ago

    I hate voiceovers. Would love to hear the actual people speaking and read subtitles.

  • Jade Welch
    Jade Welch Year ago

    Hang on, he defected and didn’t take his family?

  • Connor Vaughn
    Connor Vaughn Year ago

    The blond haired captain looks like Hans Landa from Inglorious Bastards. Only its a Korean uniform

  • C. Cho
    C. Cho Year ago

    1:07 this guy obviously hasn't seen the dresnock documentary

  • Good Game
    Good Game Year ago


  • angloengland
    angloengland Year ago

    Half American...of American heritage... :)

  • LU ROD
    LU ROD Year ago +2

    They belong to CIA