Best Laptops for Students.. and anyone on a budget

  • Published on Sep 12, 2018
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    We wanted to do a back to school round up, but were a bit late so now it's a value laptop round-up.
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Comments • 6 601

  • Lazie
    Lazie 8 hours ago

    I can literally get a laptop for 100 dollars on amazon

  • Onyx Gaming
    Onyx Gaming 9 hours ago

    People got the wrong idea with the title of this video. It should have been "...on every price range" instead of "...on a budget". A budget is a price range but some utilice it as an adjective to assume economical pricing (cheap).
    However, Linus provided laptops for various price ranges (budgets) from 300, 500, 800, 900, 1000, 1200, and 1700.
    The video was just titled wrong. I do agree on every choice Linus did on the laptops as a college student myself. I currently have the Helios 300 and a SP3 with a Surface Go on the way next week. I found that not blowing your money on alcohol and other futile things for a few months can get you some money to buy a new laptop. This obviously excludes people with low income and other economical needs that would impede them from buying a nice laptop. In most cases you can apply for federal studen aid and get some money left over after paying your tuition which is what I did. (This also does not include people who pay their dorms and other daily needs with their federal aid). Those who don't qualify for federal help can PROBABLY afford a decent laptop.

  • apolo50
    apolo50 9 hours ago

    I got surface go for school it's great

  • jeff mccreamy
    jeff mccreamy 18 hours ago

    I cant afford any of these laptops

  • Kyra Powell
    Kyra Powell Day ago

    This is probably the worst video I've watched on the topic

  • Jacob Minkoff
    Jacob Minkoff Day ago

    If your going to trade your future self for a identity at college then you should at least use those brains you got by doing something entrepreneurial and make money so you are not a indentured slave. Otherwise your future self, who has less energy, kids, responsibilities, lots of bills, and college debt will be fucking miserable deep down inside like most americans who are on average 3 paychecks away from being broke.

  • Big wang
    Big wang 2 days ago

    stop complaining about a $2,000 computer being in this video. this video clearly has laptops ranked cheapest to most expensive, there are actual budget laptops at the very beginning which is what most of you came looking for. linus is NOT saying 2000 dollars is budget. that would be ridiculous.

  • M Dibley
    M Dibley 2 days ago

    I think I’ll just stick to Apple

  • M Dibley
    M Dibley 2 days ago

    His voice really annoys me

  • Cristina Rosario-Perez

    cheap? where?

  • MuzicFreakNumberOne
    MuzicFreakNumberOne 3 days ago

    Linus, I guess you haven't got what budget means....
    Just get a used thinkpad t series, my t420 was about 80 bucks and runs fantastic.

  • Dartian
    Dartian 3 days ago

    I don’t understand why everyone is going crazy about the budget. Linus started with a $300 laptop and slowly worked his way up to a $2000 laptop. He did include a $2000 laptop because different people have different budgets. He was trying to help everyone and therefore had to include laptops almost none of us would consider budget friendly.

  • Sou Rabh
    Sou Rabh 4 days ago

    buy any medium config laptop install manjaro kde/deepin? you're good to go

  • Stanley Kinzinger
    Stanley Kinzinger 4 days ago +1

    i love he goes from actual college laptops to gaming real quick lol

  • Stanley Kinzinger
    Stanley Kinzinger 4 days ago

    heads up, the Surface laptops are garbage. i've had problems with my surface 3 because the software doesn't recognize when the charger is plugged in. AND microsoft refuses to recognize and remedy the issue. Boycott microsoft products.

  • skeleton 35
    skeleton 35 4 days ago

    title Best laptops for students... and anyone on a *Budget*
    2000$ gaming laptop...
    linus tech tips.exe stopped working

  • Nigel Minor
    Nigel Minor 4 days ago

    this is bs, how is all that budget friendly?

  • Pedro Flores
    Pedro Flores 5 days ago

    2000! fuck! Just build a freaking pc

  • Alejandro Zamora
    Alejandro Zamora 5 days ago

    Ok I feel like I'm a special case here, or maybe not. I'm going to college to major in game design and my budget is $650. I need something that can run Unity, Blender, and the Unreal Engine. I was thinking 500+ SSD or HDD, 12+ RAM, Intel i5 or better. Is that good enough? Honestly, $650 is still a stretch but I'mma have to work for it

    GOSKO 5 days ago

    Hp envy with i3 is better for gaming and video editing please reply sir😥

  • Moist WeebLord
    Moist WeebLord 5 days ago

    I don’t speak rich Bitch

  • Alex K.
    Alex K. 5 days ago

    To much time passed from days when linus was just a poor student guy trying to give all of us a good advice in technology.... Nowday all i can see its greate sponsored video with linus that trying to sell us crap from his sponsors... Bah i dont want even put dislike...

  • Fabian Bebber
    Fabian Bebber 5 days ago

    What means “budget” for you? $2000? I thought about something like $500-$800 Maximum

  • Rupen Johal
    Rupen Johal 5 days ago +1

    if you think £2000 is budget then reply to this. If not then drop a like on this comment

  • z.Static
    z.Static 7 days ago

    And on a budget!...1000$

  • See Nomore
    See Nomore 7 days ago


  • ep white
    ep white 7 days ago

    I can't even afford the cheapest laptop mentioned

  • Luis Ferreira
    Luis Ferreira 7 days ago

    this "budget" video got you an Unsubscribe.

  • SpectreOW
    SpectreOW 8 days ago

    RU-clip ad and then an integrated ad, thanks Linus.

  • Byanka Gonzalez
    Byanka Gonzalez 8 days ago

    I think budget is less 200 dollars

  • HąckəĐ
    HąckəĐ 9 days ago

    2000 budget? Then 100000 is the minimum expensive?

  • Trainboy1EJR
    Trainboy1EJR 10 days ago

    $200 HP Stream, Dual-core CPU, 4GB ram, 32gb emmc, micro SD card slot (128gb card for $20), total overkill for all you "general Ed/political science/liberal arts/history" people going to college for 4 years to get a minimum wage job.

  • finn ಠ_ಠ
    finn ಠ_ಠ 10 days ago

    I was actually hoping they would recommend AFFORDABLE laptops but when I looked up the prices I think I heard my wallet cry...

  • John Ayap
    John Ayap 10 days ago

    anything for broke gamers....???

    • John Ayap
      John Ayap 9 days ago

      Oh... i'll stick with my EXP GDC... thanks anyway....

    • Linux GamingPC
      Linux GamingPC 9 days ago

      there is a acer with mx150 por like 600 dollars or a hp gaming laptop with gtx 1050 ti on amazon

  • Jared Jones
    Jared Jones 11 days ago

    Lol, my car isn't even worth $2000! I made a video for my fellow college students on a real budget laptop. UNDER $150. Go check it out at my other channel "THEE BEST OF"

  • Game Film HUB
    Game Film HUB 12 days ago +1

    WTF Man !!!!! The cost of these machines are NOT Budget for most people !!! GET A GRIP !!! We know you get this shit for FREE to review, but the rest of us have to buy them with our hard-earned !!

  • picolo2022 Games
    picolo2022 Games 13 days ago

    I love my LG Gram

  • Ver0ty
    Ver0ty 13 days ago

    how 500$ is low

  • Kaspar Ambuehl
    Kaspar Ambuehl 14 days ago

    You know I'm surprised there wasn't a HP Pavillion or Huawei Mate on here. Compared to the laptops on here the two named are pretty budget. Compared to the $300 dollar laptops I'm eyeing they're expensive af.

  • MrLarrend
    MrLarrend 15 days ago

    Thanks but no thanks

  • Raed
    Raed 15 days ago

    Students! STUDENTS and you are talking about $1000+ -_-

  • perplexing dude
    perplexing dude 15 days ago +1

    Dear... The title is everyone can buy it.. but.. I can't.. 1000 Dollars are huge amount for mee

  • Capitão Himself
    Capitão Himself 15 days ago;1233131/
    Help me out please
    Wich one and why?

  • Longchar Moa
    Longchar Moa 15 days ago

    no way in hell this is cheap laptop.....

  • zlyfer
    zlyfer 15 days ago

    When I saw the title I thought about a max $400 slim notebook/laptop and not a gaming Laptop for 2k.

  • Shash u
    Shash u 16 days ago

    When you said 2000 is budget ,I was even thinking for 300.

  • joely
    joely 16 days ago

    If you are looking for a laptop please dont buy an apple

  • L6FTY
    L6FTY 16 days ago +1

    If anyone is looking to buy a "gaming" laptop I found that the lenovo legion which is about $1000 is an amazing deal with a gtx 1060 6gb and a i7 8gen and 16gb ram and an ssd

    Also check out B&H for no tax. (Like this comment to let others know!)

  • Hali Ma
    Hali Ma 16 days ago

    Okay!!! Bye
    none of this is on my budget. Am broke asl

  • Stressed Seal
    Stressed Seal 17 days ago

    How the fuck is this affordable ?!

  • Daniel Holwell
    Daniel Holwell 17 days ago

    I am that idiot who bought the mac-book air before the refresh

    • Baxtrus
      Baxtrus 14 days ago +1

      Daniel Holwell It's okay. The new one has a flawed keyboard 🤷‍♀️

  • Mr Postman
    Mr Postman 17 days ago

    Goes from student's laptop To gaming laptops

  • Yarrk47
    Yarrk47 18 days ago

    My old laptop died and i need one for the courses i am enrolling in.

  • Mariam Rose
    Mariam Rose 18 days ago +2

    Bro a budget of $2000.. dang my budget was $500 😂 I ordered my back to school laptop for $440 it was the samsung chromebook pro.. I needed it for next year 😂

    Edit : Btw it hasn't arrived yet.. I ordered it like yesterday.. it's supposed to arrive this friday

    DRAGONSBITE 18 days ago

    Pls Do a giveaway

  • Jasper ll
    Jasper ll 19 days ago

    when elon musk is on a budget

  • Baskoro Janssens
    Baskoro Janssens 19 days ago

    College student on a budget? They will take that Best Buy deal any day of the week.

  • Faisal Islam
    Faisal Islam 20 days ago

    There is only one good laptop for Students and that is the new Macbook Air.

  • Sapiens Strength
    Sapiens Strength 20 days ago

    I’ve owned various MacBook Pro’s since 2009, & prior I had HP & Dell laptops. I now am looking for a laptop for my HS teen , but not crazy about spending $1k plus for a Apple laptop; BUT it’s so hard finding a good non Apple laptop mainly because (in my opinion) Windows current version sucks. XP/Vista were great but after that it became this tablet/desktop mesh that is not very intuitive. So while hardware manufacturers can make great affordable devices, were still stuck with Windows 10.

  • Alec Ringberg
    Alec Ringberg 20 days ago +1

    Guys budget means you have a fixed price point not cheap

    • Siva R
      Siva R 16 days ago

      only 0.00000000001% comments in this comment section make sense...

  • BlueThe TigerGirl
    BlueThe TigerGirl 21 day ago

    Ok but does anyone know which of gram that is? There’s like.... 12 different gens

  • MelonsandMemes
    MelonsandMemes 22 days ago +4

    *Uk student literally eating pasta and microwave meals.*
    This video : laptops for students on a this one is 1k
    Uk fam...

    • Ali Rahman
      Ali Rahman 15 days ago

      Uhh, what? US and Canada students are the same. Not just UK.

  • marty Lawson
    marty Lawson 22 days ago

  • Sheida Karamnejad
    Sheida Karamnejad 22 days ago

    How come Lenovo wasn’t mentioned?

  • The Life Base
    The Life Base 22 days ago

    if you made compilation of expensive, forgot that one :d

  • Marc Peukert
    Marc Peukert 22 days ago

    On a budget... of course... 1000$ LG Gram, is of course affordable for a STUDENT!

  • Apoorv Chandra
    Apoorv Chandra 22 days ago

    This video will suggest laptops "for students and people on a budget". Goes and suggests a fucking 800 dollar laptop smh

  • Mr. Chungis
    Mr. Chungis 23 days ago +1

    It's called the gram because it's light but Americians may will not get it because they don't use the metric system

  • Mr. Chungis
    Mr. Chungis 23 days ago +1

    Well school has already started in Scotland. Get *oofed*
    Or when the video was released school was on

  • Liofa
    Liofa 24 days ago

    Fuck me, these aren't budget laptops... $500-2000? What a misleading video.

  • gambo
    gambo 24 days ago +1

    The Lg gram isn´t even available

  • Joshua Ortiz
    Joshua Ortiz 25 days ago

    5:01 what game is that???

  • Charlotte Louise King
    Charlotte Louise King 25 days ago +4

    Why is everyone going nuts over budget. The video first outlines a laptop at $300 then goes on to the Surface go at around $500, then three gaming capable laptops at around $800+. He then explains why the only Apple product he could recommend is one of the most expensive models. Loads of guys on here are complaining about the Macbook but if your stupid enough to buy the logo rather than a much better windows PC then who cares!

    • Liofa
      Liofa 24 days ago

      Budget laptops start at $150... they might not be fast, but budget is not representative of $500-2000 price range. The title is misleading. If you think budget is $500 you're living in a different world to most of the people that clicked on the video because they were looking for good information about a cheap laptop.

  • Wolfy Studios
    Wolfy Studios 26 days ago

    You can buy a chromebook dell off of amazon for £169.99 pounds or 219.55$ and I have one it works great!

  • I failed the turing test

    Which one is best for gaming?

  • Joohan Olsson
    Joohan Olsson 28 days ago

    erhm i found budget laptops for 300-500 usd thats a way better fit lol wtf is thisc rap

  • Emma Nieuwenhuis
    Emma Nieuwenhuis 29 days ago

    Well, I am currently using my MacBook Pro 15. I love it. If I got a Windows Laptop, I would definitely want a Dell XPS. I can't stand touchscreens. I cant deal with how nasty touchscreens get. I never used it when my old laptop had one. That's the one downside about the XPS that I know of.

    MARV STUDIO 29 days ago

    hello evryone im selling a laptop for 60£ works not broken Windows 7 starter good for business but want more INFO hear is the link U NOT GHONNA FIND A CHEPER ONE

  • suyog shetti
    suyog shetti 29 days ago

    Was that Peter Gade's signed shrit at 5:18?!!!! Awesome!

  • I say gg. But it wasn't gg. It was bg.

    sorry but as many have already said these are not budget options

  • SkiFi Sk Music
    SkiFi Sk Music Month ago

    700 € and I have NVIDIA 2GB ram + M.2 256 GB disk + 8 GB RAM with full hd 14" screen and touch pen sensitive screen... and the best part has AMD RYZEN :P .. play games, draw, pretty much everything is fine .. I sold my 1,5k ntbk to go from 15,6" to light 14" and whoa almost no losses in performace well just 3D rendering is almost gone but .. now I can take this one anywhere in any bag .. I am not talking about the ntbk in the review :D ..

  • Tenderonies
    Tenderonies Month ago

    Just get a MacBook pro 2015

  • Jonathan Robert
    Jonathan Robert Month ago

    Here's number

  • Pavan Dilhe
    Pavan Dilhe Month ago +1

    Dw guys I saw a laptop on amazon for £120 and it has windows ten it hp and aqua

  • Qasem Al-Mashdali
    Qasem Al-Mashdali Month ago

    How about the Lenovo ideapad 730S?

    • Kavamale Kava
      Kavamale Kava 29 days ago

      Have one and not much to complain. Fan never stops. And take ryzen 5 model as ryzen 7 too restricted by thermal

  • Azar Huseynli
    Azar Huseynli Month ago +1

    For 600 dollars you can buy a very good lenovo thinkpad(second hand) and use for years with no compromise...

    • Azar Huseynli
      Azar Huseynli 28 days ago

      +SkiFi Sk Music I bought my Lenovo T450 in excellent condition for 450 AUD. Not even a scratch. Excellent purchase. Now I'm waiting for prices of T480 to drop ) Probably 2-3 years.

    • SkiFi Sk Music
      SkiFi Sk Music Month ago

      or get a new all aluminium 3y warranty 14" dell vospro ;)

  • Lim Gaik Eng
    Lim Gaik Eng Month ago

    Linus needs mental help

  • Quick News
    Quick News Month ago

    best budget laptop on sale, if you want to buy laptop than this is right time to buy it

  • Carofdoom1126
    Carofdoom1126 Month ago

    If you are using matlab you should be kicked out of your study group anyway

  • Your Pal Chaney
    Your Pal Chaney Month ago +2

    This turned from school laptop to gaming laptop in 3 laptops

  • Sanic14021 games
    Sanic14021 games Month ago

    College students are likely watching this video and can’t afford this

  • Sanic14021 games
    Sanic14021 games Month ago


  • Jack
    Jack Month ago

    This guy is good on what he does. Impressive..
    Keep making more of those amazing videos bro

  • chillbrownie
    chillbrownie Month ago

    Bruh. Acer aspire 5. 600 gaming laptop that's great for school and decent for gaming. If u buy a macbook for any purpose other than video, photo or audio editing, you sir are the village idiot

  • sinex
    sinex Month ago +2

    That’s not what budget is and not everybody can afford A 2000 dollar laptop 🤦‍♂️

  • Jed Conter
    Jed Conter Month ago

    Scott Herman Fitness, the early days.

  • Joshua Marvin
    Joshua Marvin Month ago +12

    This isn't about the 'best laptop for ramen-eating, binge-drinking college students' to buy with their non-existent disposable's about what laptop for them to beg their parents for.

    SWGWMSHA BORO Month ago +1

    How much $ this is

  • Christian Sosa
    Christian Sosa Month ago

    Hi Linus. I have some key problems with my toshiba satellite S55T-C5215S. I mean the four-group keys of PagUp, PagDown etc etc. That group simply doesn't type when I press them. I tried all the methods availables but they don't work. I was wondering if you could tell me some possible options to fix this problem that was driving me insane. Greetings from Peru :D

  • Lyuba Tuohy
    Lyuba Tuohy Month ago +2

    budget????? IF UR BUDGET IS 2000