Jon Stewart Won't Let Mitch McConnell Off That Easy

  • Published on Jun 18, 2019
  • Mitch McConnell says Jon Stewart is 'bent out of shape' for asking Congress to extend the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund. Here to comment is Jon Stewart. #LSSC #Colbert #JonStewart
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Comments • 9 184

  • Yogi Wolf
    Yogi Wolf Day ago +1

    Come presidential election time everybody remember how he treated the 911 rescuers just president could call for an executive order and have this done pronto where is MR. PRESIDENT TWEET....

  • Georgia mcdonough

    You can't get an uglier person inside and out, than mitch

  • coreyandy5
    coreyandy5 Day ago

    People want funding for illegal aliens yet don't want funding for 9/11 first responders

  • Glen Dahl
    Glen Dahl Day ago

    Mitch is the poster boy for term limits.

  • Pamela Garris
    Pamela Garris Day ago

    I vote for my taxes to go to the 911 victims. Not to the Trumps administration.

  • Natalee  Steele
    Natalee Steele Day ago

    We STAN

  • KamikazeBider
    KamikazeBider Day ago

    Wondering how many of these cops and firefighter vote GOP...?

  • Paul Zarek
    Paul Zarek Day ago

    WE NEED MORE JOHN STEWART! And I’m Canadian.

  • Daniel Green
    Daniel Green 2 days ago

    There is a reckoning coming for these people.

  • Panda Squad
    Panda Squad 2 days ago

    Mitch is shook... someone and not just anybody called him out on sum shit

  • Cody Small
    Cody Small 2 days ago

    "I'm suee they'll put it out for good when they feel like getting around to it."
    My country makes me sad.. but I'm sure we'll be more than this some day soon.

  • Empress Tarot by Gabby Turner

    "Have you had problems with Mitch McConnell?"

    Jon Stewart (and all of us): "Uh, yes." lol.

  • Dennis Mitchell
    Dennis Mitchell 3 days ago

    No need to shame money from Congress for needs for the 1st responders ! Have them denounce their citizenship and take a trip south of the border and re-enter the USA as a liar claiming to be a refugee ! ! 4.8 billion dollars were just doiled out to ROLL OUT THE RED CARPET for foreign nationalists invading our country !!

  • Scott
    Scott 3 days ago +1

    Trumpy needs to step in make sure these heroes are taken care of.....Trumpy in 2020 !

  • Victor Reyes
    Victor Reyes 3 days ago

    Jon Stewart for president

  • Kevin Thomas
    Kevin Thomas 3 days ago

    Miss Jon Stewart.

  • Angel mendoza
    Angel mendoza 3 days ago +1

    boycott Kentucky

  • Teddy Bryant
    Teddy Bryant 3 days ago


  • Randy Man
    Randy Man 3 days ago

    Why is loser Jon Stewart still in my country ? Said he was leaving if Trump won election , so get the hell out . Proves what his word is worth . Nothing . LOSER .

  • Richard Schaefer
    Richard Schaefer 3 days ago

    I did a little "research" and found that the cancer rate for the general public and for 911 public safety personnel are just about identical, adjusted for age. 40% of 911 first responders contracted cancer...41% of the general public get cancer.
    Memes get out of control and are VERY EXPENSIVE.

  • chuchi p
    chuchi p 3 days ago

    Love these two and what they stand for

  • Elizabeth Goh
    Elizabeth Goh 3 days ago

    Love Jon

  • BRad From THe Valley

    Supar MArio was a Donkey, Cuba Peru and
    Trinidad and Tobago did 9/11 and Slavery for that is a ice berg not made
    of ice a sub marine that doesn't a Scuba mask, repilte cayman 911 dragons
    did 911, with help from Romania. They were lead buy a gypsy wizard. They
    lost and will blacked for ever and ever. JUst like the bilbe says
    Praise Jesus Bob Marley.

  • BRad From THe Valley

    Supar MArio was a Donkey, Cuba Peru and
    Trinidad and Tobago did 9/11 and Slavery for that is a ice berg not made
    of ice a sub marine that doesn't a Scuba mask, repilte cayman 911 dragons
    did 911, with help from Romania. They were lead buy a gypsy wizard. They
    lost and will blacked for ever and ever. JUst like the bilbe says
    Praise Jesus Bob Marley.

  • Potatonado
    Potatonado 3 days ago +1

    Bitch McDonald needs to go

  • hpgal88
    hpgal88 3 days ago

    Some people of power really are moby dick... These kinda jobs are meant to serve people. If you only like it for the power you don't deserve it.

  • DrumlineFreak
    DrumlineFreak 3 days ago +4

    You come after the king you best not miss.

  • donttreadonme
    donttreadonme 3 days ago

    love the turtle reference, that man looks exactly like a damn turtleman

  • Mr Money
    Mr Money 3 days ago

    Jon when are you going to grow a pair of balls and do what you say you're going to do.
    Didn't you say a if President wins you would leave the country what the f*** are you still doing here

  • Ultra 9000 Chad Boomer

    Yes Jon Stewart a man whose 90% of his friends are pedophile Democratic contributors elitists scum

  • steamedbryce
    steamedbryce 4 days ago

    Jon, come back to TV. We need you. So badly.

  • Patty Donohue
    Patty Donohue 4 days ago

    What disgusting pigs would "thumb down" this video/issue? Trolls and butt-lickers who better PRAY they don't need a First Responder to save their sorry asses.

  • asterix811
    asterix811 5 days ago +4

    You have to feel bad for John Stewart. He’s been unemployed for years and has had to resort to living under Stephan Colbert’s desk.

  • Javier Farje
    Javier Farje 5 days ago +2

    That shows that you can make a very serious point with a great deal of humour. Nice touch mate.

  • Nick Hanley
    Nick Hanley 5 days ago

    JL, much love to you. How is it possible that you don't run the US of A. God bless my friend. Seriously, you are a shining star. ♥️♥️♥️

  • benedictify
    benedictify 6 days ago +8

    Jon Stewart: “Have you no decency!?”
    Mitch McConnell: “Nope.”

  • james fiaco
    james fiaco 6 days ago +1

    Having healthcare is a right especially when your job requires you to put yourself in dangerous situations. As good as healthcare is. People have a far better chance at beating a illness recovering from a injury from how they manage their time at home. The bottom line we need medical care that is more than just treating symptoms. We need to cure illnesses so people have a full recovery. The best cure for any illness is prevention and that starts with clean air water high sources of nutrition fitness being educated on the situation that you are facing. The best chance at a full recovery is with that same recipe. I mean people keep talking about medical coverage like medical malpractice doesn't occur every day like Dr. negligence doesn't results in death or being worse off than before you were treated by the doctor.

  • Humza Malik
    Humza Malik 8 days ago

    fucking love jon stewart, you tell'em buddy!

  • cakeisavegatable
    cakeisavegatable 8 days ago

    I just love every human in this video from Jon to Jon

  • Los Critics Supreme
    Los Critics Supreme 9 days ago +1

    A God bless you John. TRUMP 2020.

  • MrAlex3132003
    MrAlex3132003 9 days ago

    LOL! Now I feel like watching the movie, 'Big Daddy'!

  • MrAlex3132003
    MrAlex3132003 9 days ago

    Every time I see Mitch McConnell, Im reminded of 'Cecil Turtle', LOL!

  • pernus
    pernus 10 days ago

    Nothing matters and we're all going to die

  • Ricky
    Ricky 11 days ago

    mcconnell is just a troll

  • Grafxgrl
    Grafxgrl 12 days ago

    Laughable that Strewart acts to care for citizens needs.

    • zengara11
      zengara11 11 days ago +1

      @Grafxgrl I dont like how republicans lose an arguement, then jump to 2-3 other dumbfounded arguements made by actual morons, like Tucker (Last video I saw of him was yesteday, was about how rich people paid their kids to go to ivy league schools or w/e...2 things triggered me, within the first minute he said xx democrate could either know pi to the last digit, or he paid to get in....last digit of Second, I checked, college legacy admissions fell from 34% to 14%...he probably mad his kids are morons)

      Repubs were the only one who did not come. Using them in speeches for wars, but did not even come to a meeting saving these first responders. Stop shielding these horribles jokes of humans that use first responders as pawns for less tax in oil and then turn around and make these fake speeches about how the first responders will be cared for, and them representing America....bla bla bla

      Regarding dems: They want to tax the illegal immigrant workers that have been here for a while. This will be a huge boon for the economy. Repubs honestly only do not like this, because then they have to accept them as they did with gays, black people etc (yeah I dont like BS kind of speaking, were we both are acting fake)

    • Grafxgrl
      Grafxgrl 12 days ago

      zengara11 wants to put Americans last and require middle class (NOT his income bracket) to pay for illegals health, school, food etc without requiring them to participate- handouts, thus slavery, Democratic style). This may be close to his heart - glad to know he has one - but his overall priorities are off. And we will help those impacted by 9/11 because it’s what REPUBLICANS do. Help those in NEED, vs enslaving those who refuse to help themselves.

    • zengara11
      zengara11 12 days ago +1 laughable....caring for the poor and needy, and putting every hour of his life into planning meetings/what to say and how to say it to the congress......fcking Stewart amiright?

  • Enthusiastic Zestful Villainy

    Im not even American BUT HELL YEAH EVEN I am taking offense at this. These are people sick with cancer who are HEROES of your country. These brave men and women did not hesitate to go into the pile. All these motherfcking congressmen says Never Forget during 9-11 but they conveniently do when its time to actually serve these heroes. So yeah it is motherfucking offensive!
    America the greatest richest country in history makes their real life AMERICAN HEROES beg for their lives. What the fuck is wrong with you man! Get your shit together and fire these motherfuckers from your Congress

  • jennifer f
    jennifer f 13 days ago

    We are not seen as human beings to the elite leadership. We are a disgusting, race of rats

  • Kerri Lynn
    Kerri Lynn 13 days ago

    Too busy to help American heroes , very sad. Vote democrats!

  • Anthony K
    Anthony K 13 days ago


  • Dee de Jonge
    Dee de Jonge 13 days ago

    If you had medicare for all, this would not be an issue America.

  • Odinanii Co.
    Odinanii Co. 14 days ago

    Jon Stewart for President!!!!

  • the weirdest person you would ever meet

    Lost Woods and later Green Hill Zone.(End of the Andrew Yang vid) Who is choosing this band's music I want to know?

  • Shuai Li
    Shuai Li 14 days ago


  • Tessa Rossa
    Tessa Rossa 14 days ago

    And now it's a month later and still nothing.

  • Dr. FARCE
    Dr. FARCE 14 days ago

    Ending song is Xzibit "Paparazzi"

  • J A
    J A 14 days ago

    Jon Stewart for president

  • Jada Perez
    Jada Perez 14 days ago

    I wish John Stewart would come back to TV.

  • d b
    d b 15 days ago +1

    God I miss Jon Stewart. Grew up Watching him and listened and laughed for more than a decade as he managed to make awful situations bearable and put a spotlight on corruption and fox’s lies. Compared with what the daily show is now - it is sad to think about. It neither focuses on the people trying to get away with something or the network that relativized it, not is it really that funny. What used to be a comedy show that held the media to account is now more like the lasagna that is slipped into your tray in elementary school. It might be called social critique and comedy, but it just makes me sad at the lame attempt. After so many years with Jon stewart, moments like this remind me what he really accomplished - in some ways the court jester is the loudest and most public critic of the king’s court - he can and must say what no one else will or can. I wish stewart was still on the air and signing off with a moment of zen. We need him now.

    SUDHIR PATEL 15 days ago +2

    If you can't take of those who took and take care of you than you Sentor are a list of horrible things.

  • Mark Schmidt
    Mark Schmidt 15 days ago

    Mitch is no whale!!! Remember!!! He is a turtle!! LOL

  • Katherine's Corner
    Katherine's Corner 15 days ago +1

    Well said Jon, well said.

  • Spirit7862
    Spirit7862 15 days ago

    Jon Stewart's brilliance shines on...

  • That Famous Feeling
    That Famous Feeling 15 days ago

    Subhanallah Saria's Song and Jon Stewart and Colbert and Stay Human in one video we are so blessed

  • david abe
    david abe 16 days ago

    Stephen, John... You should focus on your party considering it's only slightly worse than Republicans with you ow, spying, wars, pollution, division, racism and debt. Simply put, you're both part of that "noise" you guys once pretended to care about for ore ratings. Start holding everyone accountable outside of Republicans and Fox news... I'm not Dem or Republican so I see your show as similar to what I see on Fox/CNN. You were funny under Bush until Dems took over and you still attacked the minority of Republicans over your own party.

  • Cap Quadrat
    Cap Quadrat 16 days ago

    JS quit, no? Or does he still want to be sooooo important? (I'm a liberal)

    • david abe
      david abe 15 days ago

      @Cap Quadrat I agree, the far right is pretty bad, but nowhere near as bad as Dems these days. maybe it will swing back round, who knows... but JS should focus on the current problem not just Reps.

      I'm not a Rep.

    • Cap Quadrat
      Cap Quadrat 15 days ago

      @david abe - Well, the far right does in fact provide many reasons to be laughed at... I think JS is just a tiny bit too much in love with himself.

    • david abe
      david abe 16 days ago

      He's nothing without his 18-25 demographic where he hates on the right because that's all that base knows how to laugh at. Jon wants to be great again but his time has passed. Jon helped usher in partisan politics for everything and now is too "common" to be famous.

  • Janice Friedlander
    Janice Friedlander 16 days ago +1

    Thank you, Jon Stewart, for everything you have done and continue to do for the 9/11 heroes. Please continue to fight to get the bill passed for them in the name of all of the responders and those who have died because of 9/11 related illnesses. Never forget!

  • MarkmBha
    MarkmBha 16 days ago

    Mitch is another Putin Puppet.

    • Tessa Rossa
      Tessa Rossa 14 days ago

      I don't even think it's that deep. He's just a grifter with a chinese grifter wife. Highest bidder auctioning off democracy.

  • SJ
    SJ 16 days ago +1

    Spoiler alert: Mcconnell did nothing to help.

  • Timothy Jesse
    Timothy Jesse 16 days ago +9

    In all reality, firefighters would save his house as professional as anyone else. That's because they take there job seriously.

  • disisdkat
    disisdkat 16 days ago

    Anyone wonder who the "down thumbs" voters are for this video?

    • disisdkat
      disisdkat 16 days ago

      I mean seriously, where do you find 1.4K dickheads?

  • Mike Mike
    Mike Mike 16 days ago


  • Cube Rubix
    Cube Rubix 16 days ago


  • Beth Watters
    Beth Watters 16 days ago +2

    Please just let McConnell or trump die! Die old men! Croak. Eat another burger eat some more French fries! Take some pills with alcohol

    • Wendy V
      Wendy V 16 days ago

      Guess it's true - only the good die young

  • NaNcy K (Poppy Moonblossom)

    Just my favorite 2 guys on the planet... Stephen & John that is, lol.

  • Kevin Ross
    Kevin Ross 17 days ago +1

    I need you to come back jon

  • Robert Jenkins
    Robert Jenkins 17 days ago

    I'd vote for him, just saying.

  • mavruss1
    mavruss1 18 days ago

    Thank you Jon for bringing this serious issue to the masses. just another example of how incompetent our government is.

    So glad to see so many comments on here about music in a video game from the 90s. Talk about missing the point. This county is in trouble on so many levels...

  • Jesse Beauchamp
    Jesse Beauchamp 18 days ago

    Hey Jon. How about a Celebraty Gear Benefit Auction for 1st Respondors?

  • Patrick Thompson
    Patrick Thompson 18 days ago

    is there a single republican that is NOT working against american democracy? is there a single republican worth a damn?

  • Matthias Rambally
    Matthias Rambally 18 days ago +1

    Legend of Zelda song in the beginning is the highlight of this vid

  • Paul Brienza
    Paul Brienza 18 days ago

    Mother fucking song of storms.......

  • BoukenCrimson
    BoukenCrimson 18 days ago +1

    After this, I want Jon Stewart to take over the Late Show. Sorry, Steve.

  • konradhk00
    konradhk00 19 days ago

    Anyone know what song the outro was? 6:33

  • Team Oversquatch
    Team Oversquatch 19 days ago

    Funniest joke: the lovely and talented dax shepard. Rofl!!

  • The Starcraft N00b
    The Starcraft N00b 19 days ago

    9/11 victims should get government help. Period. I'm not even a democrat and I think they are 100% right on this.

  • Florida Mike
    Florida Mike 19 days ago

    I know this is extremely Random , but what does Jon Stewart ask Stephen @ 3:54 ?

  • QuestForPerfectSound
    QuestForPerfectSound 19 days ago

    Did they play one of Ocarina of Time songs or am I hearing things

  • Ty Guy
    Ty Guy 19 days ago

    What kind of turtle grim reaper thinks that it’s ok to slap a fucking import tax on petroleum into a bill for the responders of the greatest travesty America has endured? Fuck you mitch turtle man McConnell

  • Marlene GB
    Marlene GB 19 days ago

    I dislike McConnell and his wife HOWEVER, there were a sleuth of Democrats missing . The reason is they know who REALLY was 9-11 and they don't want to face those dying men.
    Many 1st responders are getting THYROID cancer which is a signature of a Nuclear attack. The Zionist State with the Satanic star of Remphan, painted the color of their Khazarian flag used 2 Nuclear SUITCASE Bombs implanted in the 50th floor of each tower.
    The Pentagon was hit with a cruise Missile, not an airplane
    Although they couldn't have pulled it any of it off without one of Mr HAUSS'S evil disciples in the Council on Foreign Relations, which was Dick Cheney.

  • Tom
    Tom 19 days ago

    Mitch McConnell doesn't know anything, he's just a turtle.

  • Neil Goldring
    Neil Goldring 19 days ago

    John's way to smart for republican swine!!!!!

  • Neil Goldring
    Neil Goldring 19 days ago

    Mitch mcdouchbag!!!!!!!!💩💩💩💩💩💩🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢

  • companymen42
    companymen42 19 days ago

    Ditch Mitch 2020!!!

  • Tak Nomura
    Tak Nomura 19 days ago +1

    Thank you, Jon, for being the voice of reason and humanity.

  • TheBigH
    TheBigH 19 days ago +3

    McConnell needs to go. He is poison.

  • John Munro
    John Munro 19 days ago

    Jon Stewart would make a great president...but America doesn't deserve him.

  • THE Nevada Rhodes' Video Memes & Stuff

    Eternally LOVING YOU Jon Stewart

  • Gnar Gnar Binks
    Gnar Gnar Binks 20 days ago

    why the hell was jon stewart allowed to retire

  • Tamar Pelkinson
    Tamar Pelkinson 20 days ago

    Wow, John Stewart 💛🧡💪🏻👏

  • pop5678eye
    pop5678eye 20 days ago

    Quick, look over there, DT tweeted something! Pay no attention to Congress' inaction!