What to Eat, See, and Do in Lisbon, Portugal - Travel, Eat, Repeat

  • Published on Jan 9, 2019
  • Welcome to our brand new series: Travel, Eat, Repeat hosted by Iz Harris! On today's episode, Iz and her fam are cruising around Lisbon and eating all the egg tarts and street food they can get their hands on. See Eater's full guide to Lisbon: bit.ly/2M0Ca4V
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Comments • 563

  • Iz Harris
    Iz Harris 9 months ago +423

    AHHH! What a crazy adventure. Thank you all so much for watching, and being a part of this with us. Portugal was one of the most beautiful places I've ever traveled, and the next four episodes will have you itching to buy a ticket and jet off right away. Big thanks to the Eater team for supporting and refining this vision, you guys are GOLD. Have you been to Portugal? If not, what is your favorite place to travel to for food?

    • Mongoose 1980
      Mongoose 1980 2 months ago

      I miss the cafes and the coffee in Lisbon

    • Cristhian Mejia
      Cristhian Mejia 4 months ago

      Iz I'm in Portugal doing my last trip's leg in Lisboa. What's the name of the chicken place?

    • hbray81
      hbray81 6 months ago

      YAY IZ!!! Love your work and your vlog!

    • Luna in NYC
      Luna in NYC 8 months ago

      Loved it! Thank you!

    • goldenrumble
      goldenrumble 8 months ago

      Just came back to this vid to say thanks for the great series! I'm definitely going to go to Portugal now!!
      PS where did Johnny get that grey sweater in this episode?

  • milndolrman
    milndolrman 18 hours ago

    you didn't eat the pasteis correctly, need to add cinnamon and sugar as well

  • Williamus Rex
    Williamus Rex 5 days ago

    OK as soon as I saw the brats I’m outta here and her voice is so whiny.

  • Williamus Rex
    Williamus Rex 5 days ago

    “Portugal is a country located mostly on the Iberian peninsula”. Mostly? Where the F else is it located then???

  • Planet of the Atheists

    Get a haircut

  • Anna Schiller
    Anna Schiller 21 day ago

    My husband and I just got back from Lisbon....that piri piri chicken place was hands down amazing! We got lucky and arrived at 2pm, right when she was about to close and prep for dinner. There was no line and we got the table outside. The rice was fantastic, along with the tomato salad, olives, and chips. Thank you for posting this video!

  • Joana
    Joana Month ago

    Infuriatingly inefficient operation, amazing food - pretty much sums up Portugal.

  • kinsmarts
    kinsmarts Month ago

    Why would you have diner in a bench in middle of town?

    DΔRIO MΔRCHESI Month ago

    I like her eyebrows...for some reason??

  • howung
    howung Month ago

    Great video. What stroller are y'all using? Looks very travel friendly and great for toddlers!

  • frankwhen
    frankwhen Month ago

    love Portugal

  • Liliane Correia
    Liliane Correia 2 months ago

    Dont need to hike to the castle!! There are free public lifts (elevators)! 2 lifts! Ask! You'll get to the castle in 15 minutes. Funny thing is that she was literally next to one hahaha

  • Louis Lee
    Louis Lee 2 months ago

    What a wicked sense of humor! Awesome!

  • Edgar Kiechle
    Edgar Kiechle 2 months ago

    The woman is so annoying. Geez.

  • ktouche
    ktouche 2 months ago

    😄Iz is the Best

  • lotusssypringa
    lotusssypringa 2 months ago

    Idk if I'll travel when I have children 😩

  • Jacobius Pineconalhotra
    Jacobius Pineconalhotra 2 months ago +1

    Omg is that borders guy!!!?!

  • Isabel Fan of NoahsNoah

    Pash-tell de-nata

  • Jennifer Lorence
    Jennifer Lorence 2 months ago

    Kids Have Fun Everywhere, Kids are KooL. The Only thing is when they Need to Pee or Sleep and You don't have a Restroom around.

  • stellan lehrberg
    stellan lehrberg 2 months ago

    Been in Portugal 3 times and a fourth time is coming in november! Love Lisbon and Algarve! Wonderful country!

  • David Southwell
    David Southwell 2 months ago

    I miss Portugal. Never went out for breakfast living there. Bread and coffee was enough

    • David Southwell
      David Southwell 2 months ago

      Miguel Ferreira consider it a footnote

    • worldFly _
      worldFly _ 2 months ago

      Did you just reply to your own comment?

    • David Southwell
      David Southwell 2 months ago

      Next trip to Portugal take me with you! I’m fluent in Portuguese

  • Ines Lucas
    Ines Lucas 2 months ago

    I'm Portuguese and I'm really glad you liked Lisbon!
    For me that chicken is just the more normal and usual thing to eat so it really amazed me you guys picked it to eat. There are much more tipical meals you could eat and cry for more, you should come again (:

  • chirihane chidiac
    chirihane chidiac 2 months ago


  • Cristina Alves
    Cristina Alves 3 months ago

    You should go to Porto! Waaaaay better! Not that Lisbon is bad, or unfriendly, but Porto.. Porto is a huge hug from a cozy family!

  • Morten Skogly
    Morten Skogly 3 months ago

    Been there! Done that! :) And weirdly we rented an appartment just above Manteigaria, and ate those delicious pastries morning and night :)

  • 爱科技iTech
    爱科技iTech 3 months ago

    I guess KFC don't serve egg tarts in America.

  • Constança Varela
    Constança Varela 3 months ago +2

    You should have asked to a local how to go to the castle because you could be there in 10 minutes 😂😂 Lisbon have 2 elevators from baixa to the castle

  • menina Mulher
    menina Mulher 3 months ago +1

    Pastelaria da Batalha's pasteis de nata are even better, trust me. And you can join in the baking by scheduling a workshop, in the afternoon. Sad to see they didn't provide for home-made french fries with the chicken - that is the traditional take on that serving... Good to see you guys like the city!

  • Miss K
    Miss K 3 months ago

    OMG I’m currently visiting Lisbon and went to Manteigaria even though it was really far from our apartment and I couldn’t feel my legs anymore BUT IT WAS SO WORTH IT I WANNA GO BACK FOR MORE

  • sheentheexplorer
    sheentheexplorer 3 months ago +1

    You look like Emilia Clarke with that hair

  • sheentheexplorer
    sheentheexplorer 3 months ago +1

    Portooooo 😍😍😍

  • Janice D'Souza
    Janice D'Souza 3 months ago

    What time of the year did you travel?

  • Софья
    Софья 3 months ago +2

    im literally crying 'cause i dont eat all this food RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Janz Anton-Iago
    Janz Anton-Iago 3 months ago

    I love this episode of Lisbon! Great to feel the vibe. 😁☀️
    I wanted to share my Lisbon travel series, In the Mood For Lisbon: ru-clip.com/video/Qv7CtN1mOlc/video.html
    I recently moved here in this city, really wanted to share my passion for this city. Enjoy!

  • Jose Cubela
    Jose Cubela 3 months ago

    Love the vodeos

  • Jose Cubela
    Jose Cubela 3 months ago


  • Benito Aparicio
    Benito Aparicio 3 months ago

    Muito bem e muito bom. Obrigado com acao-Bom dia e como voce estao ou estau?

  • jim w
    jim w 3 months ago

    Hi Johnny!

  • Miri Santi
    Miri Santi 3 months ago

    I was in Lisbon some month ago and i absolutely loved it and the food is so good😫

  • Filipa Vieira
    Filipa Vieira 3 months ago

    I'm portuguese and the pastéis de nata the classical ones are on the big old factory, any other café has them but if you try the taste of the cream changes alot, the old factory is a bit over price but much worthy

  • Enviotonin85
    Enviotonin85 3 months ago

    Didnt knows Portuguese Eggs Tarts is from Portugal. I thought they are made by Portuguese in Macau.

  • Jasmin V
    Jasmin V 4 months ago

    I'm hoping over to portugual in November just bcus of this series! Thanks guys!!

  • V P
    V P 4 months ago

    36 hills... Without counting the suburbia lol

  • kelly franco
    kelly franco 4 months ago

    Portugal was my dream amazing place to be and drink so cheap wine hahaha, but the walking man was brutal. so please don't take heels with you I was can wait to come back one day.

  • Analuisa Lara
    Analuisa Lara 4 months ago

    I love the video... I'm deciding between Madrid and Lisbon.... and I think you have solidified my choice!

  • Joao Silva
    Joao Silva 4 months ago +1

    Portugal is famous by history, monuments castles etc.
    What about food?
    Wine, cheese and fish hard to beat!

  • Amrita D
    Amrita D 4 months ago

    That piri-piri chicken. I m salivating.

  • Rasclart
    Rasclart 4 months ago

    Portugal eat more finish actually

  • sgt. king
    sgt. king 4 months ago +1

    Lisboa é bonita,sintra e cascais!
    Nice 5* video!

  • Michael Silva
    Michael Silva 4 months ago

    It actually pasta de nata

  • Kathy Johnson
    Kathy Johnson 5 months ago

    Best and most real video about travel in Portugal. It will be so helpful when my husband and I go next June! Great job- love watching -

  • Raymond Chang
    Raymond Chang 5 months ago

    Excellent job! Kudos to the entire family!

  • amy mckinney
    amy mckinney 5 months ago

    I loved this video. Iz and her family did a great job of showing this beautiful spot. So glad I found this channel!

    NYCBG 5 months ago

    Loved the video. I plan on going there in a couple of months. In which hotel did you stay (and would you recommend it)?

  • Melissa Chiou
    Melissa Chiou 5 months ago +1

    Wow! I love this series! I found it after searching for Portugal. I want to go one day. Thanks for all the awesome videos.

  • Jenny Kwan
    Jenny Kwan 5 months ago

    Great host! I love your energy & vibe throughout the video, even though you traveled with 2 kids, you didnt complain! Thanks for showing us sites & food. We're planning to go in August with our son (he'll be 8 months old), what stroller did you use?

  • Tanya Greenidge
    Tanya Greenidge 5 months ago

    Okay I'd love to go to Lisbon!

  • Sofia Carvalho
    Sofia Carvalho 5 months ago

    My dear amazing Home Country !!

  • Sal Gutierrez
    Sal Gutierrez 5 months ago

    I love this family vlog who are they!?

  • Aoudhubillahi
    Aoudhubillahi 5 months ago +1

    You guys have made me want to place Portugal on my bucket list. Thank you.