What to Eat, See, and Do in Lisbon, Portugal - Travel, Eat, Repeat

  • Published on Jan 9, 2019
  • Welcome to our brand new series: Travel, Eat, Repeat hosted by Iz Harris! On today's episode, Iz and her fam are cruising around Lisbon and eating all the egg tarts and street food they can get their hands on. See Eater's full guide to Lisbon: bit.ly/2M0Ca4V
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  • Iz Harris
    Iz Harris 3 months ago +370

    AHHH! What a crazy adventure. Thank you all so much for watching, and being a part of this with us. Portugal was one of the most beautiful places I've ever traveled, and the next four episodes will have you itching to buy a ticket and jet off right away. Big thanks to the Eater team for supporting and refining this vision, you guys are GOLD. Have you been to Portugal? If not, what is your favorite place to travel to for food?

    • hbray81
      hbray81 27 days ago

      YAY IZ!!! Love your work and your vlog!

    • Luna in NYC
      Luna in NYC 2 months ago

      Loved it! Thank you!

    • goldenrumble
      goldenrumble 2 months ago

      Just came back to this vid to say thanks for the great series! I'm definitely going to go to Portugal now!!
      PS where did Johnny get that grey sweater in this episode?

    • Leslie Mosier
      Leslie Mosier 2 months ago

      Going to Portugal this May. All I did was squeal and drool through this whole video. It was kinda embarrassing, truth be told, but DAYUM! Fantastic video Iz!

    • Pedro Moreira
      Pedro Moreira 2 months ago

      Thank you for visit my country.,😘

  • Arthur correia
    Arthur correia 3 days ago

    you know there are free ways to go up?..

  • Sérgio Pires
    Sérgio Pires 12 days ago

    Iz, when you eat "Pastéis de Nata" you should put some cinnamon on top, it will make a huge difference. Thanks for helping promoting my country.

  • Tomás Pinto
    Tomás Pinto 16 days ago

    Santini ice cream was amazing when it was a small family business in Cascais and that's the only place you could find it. Then it was bought and the quality went to the gutter.

  • Ajinkya Joshi
    Ajinkya Joshi 18 days ago

    Have a look at my 48 hours in lisbon ru-clip.com/video/QU1pRDk9m68/video.html

  • Jenn
    Jenn 21 day ago

    Literally one of my fave cities in Europe! Such a gem and often overshadowed by Spain which is also my fave country. That pastel de nata tho!

  • Sweet Sour Travel
    Sweet Sour Travel 22 days ago

    This is such a great video guys thanks.Let's keep in touch

  • Tiago Quinteiro Lopes
    Tiago Quinteiro Lopes 24 days ago

    Great... Thank you.

  • Joseph Manning
    Joseph Manning 25 days ago

    Should have checked out the worlds sexiest water closet

    VALENTIM173 27 days ago

    No pain no gain

  • sadxtango
    sadxtango Month ago

    Subscribed because of this host, she is so good lol love her

  • Pete Smyth
    Pete Smyth Month ago

    Those streets would be great for a Red bull cycling hill climb event or something.

  • Millennial Travel Confessions

    Absolutely love Lisbon! The food, culture, landscape just everything! ❤️

  • alyssask8r
    alyssask8r Month ago

    Where does Iz get her clothes?

  • Algarve Lifestyle
    Algarve Lifestyle Month ago

    Wonderfull amazing food they have there!

    JPITFTKD Month ago

    Drugdealers everywhere in Lisbon. Scum. Never going there again.

  • Sharlene Lim
    Sharlene Lim Month ago

    I love the lady host. Shes a natural. Love it.

  • Eduardo Rott
    Eduardo Rott Month ago

    Nannarella has the best gelato...

  • Minty
    Minty Month ago

    Must be crazy traveling with 2 kids. I think I would be more stressed then enjoy the scenery, but kudos to you

  • Daisy Sky
    Daisy Sky Month ago

    Finally a travel blog with good shots and actual useful tips

  • MaiVibe
    MaiVibe 2 months ago +1

    Looks delicious 😋 can’t wait to visit and try everything 💚

  • somekindofaperson
    somekindofaperson 2 months ago

    lol, i was a tour guide in lisbon for at least a year. did a lot of times that hill! but only been in the castle once. i was 5 so i don't remember lol.

  • Stanly Johnson
    Stanly Johnson 2 months ago

    Portuguese egg tarts 😀

  • Daniel rdo
    Daniel rdo 2 months ago

    I'm glad you came to my country, and made a very good video out of it, nice pictures, i know you have other places to go but if you ever can come back to Portugal, try the Algarve in the summer, or maybe some other part of the country, I'm from the north, if you ever come here just don't in the winter time, it's very cold and bloomy

  • Matt Chan
    Matt Chan 2 months ago

    Fantastic family adventure you’re so talented

  • Robert Ng
    Robert Ng 2 months ago +2

    Stop showing sweet face plus your families, this is a eatery show.

  • E Y
    E Y 2 months ago

    Nice video series.
    I thought it looks a little like another series called ‘borders’ but with less stats more cheerfulness.
    Well then it makes sense from min 1:25.

  • Erivaldo Jelson
    Erivaldo Jelson 2 months ago

    My country 😍

  • Bob
    Bob 2 months ago

    I think you need to come back, you almost didn't eat anything proper

  • Redmailnet
    Redmailnet 2 months ago

    If u go past the parliament, can you blow it up? Thanks!

  • Jan Mrva
    Jan Mrva 2 months ago +1

    Guys, I really appreciate the editing, music, setting and blah blah blah. But still I just don't like the video AT ALL!
    Let me say that I'm not Portuguese so for the next few lines I won't be advocating for my own country, but this has to stop. Making the most of your nine-days stay has absolutely distorted the spirit of Lisbon and my point is that such portraits of "what to visit and eat" should be filmed by people that spent at least some time living in the city.
    1) How can you eat huevos rancheros and pancakes when you can have a galãozinho and a heavily buttered sandes with presunto?
    2) Hearing you say BARRIO ALTO instead of BAIRRO ALTO got me a bit angry cause this is not the problem of pronunciation. Plus spending a part of a video just naming the streets? What about Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, EXPO 98 or any other miradouro than the one you have to pay for at the castle.
    3) What the hellllllll?!? You're an editor of a food channel and you got yourselves a chicken? When you could have bacalhau, polvo à lagareira, arroz de pato and I don't know what more... That made me really disappointed.
    You need to do a better research prior to the filming. I'm sorry honey but this a BOOT for me.

  • Thomas Müller
    Thomas Müller 2 months ago

    Hey Iz how old are you?

  • Xavier's Leong Way From Home

    Currently editing my vlog from Lisbon and loved watching this! Excited to have found this channel because I love the style it is presented and shot!

  • Margarida Ferreira
    Margarida Ferreira 2 months ago

    Manteigaria does not even come close to the Fabrica dos Pastéis de Belém. They are actually very ordinary, comparing to other coffee shops.

  • G Noelle
    G Noelle 2 months ago

    City looks so beautiful.

  • Catarina Lopes
    Catarina Lopes 2 months ago +1

    The walk to the castle: there are 2 elevators that helps you get there in no time. You passed through one of them actually 😂😂

  • Dominic Ball
    Dominic Ball 2 months ago

    I just came across the show as Iz and Johnny we're talking about it on Iz channel.
    I loved Lisbon, the people, the food, the buildings, the streets, museums. Ahhh you helped me to reminisce, obrigado. Subscribed and I hit that bell, now to binge watch the other episodes. Cheers

  • Pedro Moreira
    Pedro Moreira 2 months ago

    Thank you😘❤️💚

  • Luigi Oderek
    Luigi Oderek 2 months ago

    you guys are like the coolest parents ever !!

  • Leonor Baptista
    Leonor Baptista 2 months ago

    With pasteis de Nata, it's a whole religion! Either you are devoted to Pasteis de Belém (like I am), or you would fight a war for Manteigaria and Fábrica da Nata...
    Honestly, they are all to die for

  • msarang
    msarang 2 months ago

    hungry now

  • ydemoc
    ydemoc 2 months ago

    Hey that's my country 🇵🇹

  • tjsinva
    tjsinva 2 months ago

    WAIT! I just discovered you all, and now I find you on a channel that has 1.3M subs. I need another YT channel to watch like I need a hole in the head. My life has been overtaken by vicarious experience. I definitely need to get out more. Rock on!

    • tjsinva
      tjsinva 2 months ago

      Never mind, I get it now. Nice gig. Carry on!

  • Filmagens 1080p a 4k
    Filmagens 1080p a 4k 2 months ago

    *Gostei do seu video, parabéns pela ótima qualidade.*

  • Daniela Matos
    Daniela Matos 2 months ago

    Pastel de nata!!!!

  • filipe machdo
    filipe machdo 2 months ago +2

    Incredible is u are in a city older than your country.

  • miguel carvalho
    miguel carvalho 2 months ago

    You should do this for living, very nice portrait of Lisbon, nice music excellent edition! Better than michellin guide, good work!

  • Renée Lynn
    Renée Lynn 2 months ago +7

    I always heard of how beautiful Lisbon is...and wow, your video does solidify that! I'm currently deciding to visit there or Stockholm next month, it's a tough decision!

  • Mikhail Kadepurkar
    Mikhail Kadepurkar 2 months ago

    Love both you guys, your videos are so engaging and interesting and topped with humour, that they just connect! Do an episode in India, we've got some amazing food and some killer sights!

  • Donna Pampliega
    Donna Pampliega 2 months ago +1

    “Google maps betrayed me”😂😂😂thank you for visiting lisbon😊😊😊

  • Juan Basagoiti
    Juan Basagoiti 2 months ago

    Lisbon is cool. I didn't use the train though. Most of the things by food and that last viewpoint, they were fixing it so we couldnt see anything. I didn't see the castle. I saw the "Castelo do Mouros" which is in Sintra.
    Love the series, can't wait to see more destinations.

  • Dino D
    Dino D 2 months ago

    Hi Iz, my wife and I need that kid stroller that you guys are using. Details please thank you in advance. BTW love the video!!!

  • Marc A. Reynolds
    Marc A. Reynolds 2 months ago +7

    Besides being really well done (video/editing wise) this is exactly the type of review a Mom & Dad of 3 boys looks for. We are planning our travel for 2019 and you just helped add Lisbon to the list. I'm really hungry now!👍🏼✌🏼

  • fingerhorn4
    fingerhorn4 3 months ago +5

    The obsession with packing in all views, all food, all experiences, ends up being self defeating. I do understand that Americans visiting Europe have a limited time to observe and take things in. But it is counter-productive to be so manic. Less is so much more. Don't try to experience everything, because in doing so you end up experiencing nothing. Stop moving all the time! Calm down. Soak in the atmosphere, or get to know a few things, not everything.

  • Etienne Rambaud
    Etienne Rambaud 3 months ago

    You guys are badass doing this with two kids

  • Aaron Moiche
    Aaron Moiche 3 months ago +4

    I couldn’t hear anything from all the noise my stomach was making through the video 🤤🤤

  • MJ C
    MJ C 3 months ago

    So beautiful places in Lisbon and you went to BAIRRO ALTO?

  • R S
    R S 3 months ago

    Funny. These sort of videos make me appreciate this city again (I'm Portuguese and I live in Lisbon!)

  • Mikel Amatria
    Mikel Amatria 3 months ago +16

    Lisbon Portugal is incredible and wonderful!!!! Greetings from the Basque Country!!!

  • Nádia Kotvisky
    Nádia Kotvisky 3 months ago

    How about bacalhau??? Its the most traditional dish in Portugal

  • Luis Vasconcelos
    Luis Vasconcelos 3 months ago

    This is probably your best video so far, it seems that your family traveled with the youtube viewers literally, like we traveled with you. Nothing in Portugal is best in the World, just in Portugal.

  • Elsa Patricio de Barros

    Great video! I was wondering when you were there? I can't wait for the other episodes.

  • José Antônio Dutra Leal

    God, I miss Lisbon so much :( Que cidade inspiradora!

  • tattoos and tiaras
    tattoos and tiaras 3 months ago

    The best city in the world♡

  • katisark22
    katisark22 3 months ago

    Planning my trip to protugal and around this spring thank you guys for great info. the things i like are: positive view and great videos , you write down names of the places where you eat. what i dont like is the speech is too quick sometime and i dont understand it clearly.

  • Trip4man
    Trip4man 3 months ago

    Oh you guys are so funny and adorable! I wish I could meet you all. Hope you had a good time here. Jesus you do eat a lot! Be careful, you're gonna blow up your cholesterol and gain huge amounts of fat. Pasteis de nata are so overrated... My favorites are Bolo de Bolacha (Cracker Cake) and Baba de Camelo (Camel Drool). I know the names sound funny.... But trust me, you're gonna be addicted! xD I see you guys didn't visit the other side of the river where the big ass statue of Jesus Christ is. It's also a must! We also have a palace and... hills! xD (you have to burn that fat)
    p.s.: What do you mean by my mum?!?!? Your mum... also! Maybe all of our mums hugged, at some point.... in time... Maybe they were all mother huggers xD

  • Jose Ferreira
    Jose Ferreira 3 months ago

    Great filming and editing. 👌

  • Broccoli Caulifer
    Broccoli Caulifer 3 months ago

    Iz's just amazing as always 😻

  • HeyMelani
    HeyMelani 3 months ago +1

    Now I must visit Lisbon!!

    ZETUGA 3 months ago

    Nice vídeo , thank you for coming to Portugal x

  • tacodias
    tacodias 3 months ago +1

    Who said manteigueira is better than Pastéis de Belem?! Heretics!

  • Prince London
    Prince London 3 months ago

    Amazing 😉

  • Rui Rodrigues
    Rui Rodrigues 3 months ago +1

    2:03 Barrio Alto (spanish), BAIRRO ALTO (portuguese)...

  • decoy boy
    decoy boy 3 months ago


  • Daniel Schaper
    Daniel Schaper 3 months ago

    I'm liking John's sandals! where did he get them?

  • Portugal2100
    Portugal2100 3 months ago

    Your Portuguese accent is quite impressive, if you want to learn European Portuguese, go for it!

  • Jordy Damario
    Jordy Damario 3 months ago

    Oof.. you guys are SUPERB! I mean traveling with kids while making all of these?

  • mettio basara
    mettio basara 3 months ago

    johnny and Iz are couple goals
    *more likely family goals

  • darkantidote
    darkantidote 3 months ago

    Where's the next Portugal episode guys?
    When it will be released?

  • Shuvo Hawking's
    Shuvo Hawking's 3 months ago

    i thought it said what lesbians eat 😂

  • Fernando Soares
    Fernando Soares 3 months ago

    Portugal and Portuguese people are amazing, the weather, the bacalhau (codfish) and the food and the coastal beautiful beaches are great! The country is the 2nd safest in the world to live! We need smart and cool people from the US and other places to come to visit and even settle here. Only one problem in Portugal are the politicians and restrictive tax system!

    • Fernando Soares
      Fernando Soares 3 months ago

      You are right, I agree with you 💯 percent. The people have good ideas and want to be free but the fake freedom and invisible dictatorship does not allow the people to develop! I am a Portuguese but I hate the government of that country bunch of selfish and corrupt people are power! I will never go back until this fake freedom fascist government is in power! I live in China in a ex-colony of Portugal! I like the Portuguese Monarchy. Those criminal Portuguese and French mafia murdered our royal family and stole the country! Cheers mate!

    • Farben
      Farben 3 months ago

      If it was amazing it wouldn't be so poor and full of commies and socialists, if it was the safest it wouldn't be need for the police to be at all schools where they sell drugs and rob the kids.

  • oneroarmouse
    oneroarmouse 3 months ago

    OT: Because I'm too lazy to wade through too many Google hits: What brand of shortalls(?) are you wearing? Please and Thank You! Info trade: I own 2(long reg) from Duluth Trading. Love 'em!

  • oneroarmouse
    oneroarmouse 3 months ago

    6:18 Kate Bush moment: 🎶runnin up that hill🎶

  • Kimberly Hoyos
    Kimberly Hoyos 3 months ago

    she's my favorite filmmaker on youtube!!

  • Nico Atienza
    Nico Atienza 3 months ago

    Great work Iz! Would have loved to see prices for all the food you guys ate for reference!

  • Brad Evans
    Brad Evans 3 months ago

    What I hate there is that you have a million guys trying to sell you drugs in the streets. It is so disrespectful and annoying. Also, they put bread on the table and if you eat it, they charge you for it 😳

    • Brad Evans
      Brad Evans 3 months ago

      +Gordianus Agreed. This is not an automatic thing.

    • Gordianus
      Gordianus 3 months ago +1

      I am Portuguese and agree that tourists should be told its not free before the bread is putted on the table.
      I have also to say that in L.A i got pissed in a restaurant because the tip was included in the price and i should be the one to decide if i should tip or not.
      Cash registry workers, garbage man, street cleaners, construction works, etc.... don't get tips so why should i be forced to tip waiters its a little dishonest.

    • Brad Evans
      Brad Evans 3 months ago

      +Robin And The Dog Yes but the way the do it, is pretending it's free. They don't tell you there is a price. In most restaurants anywhere in the world, you get bread and olives for free... But at least don't put it by default on the table like it's free and then bill us. It's so dishonest.

    • Robin And The Dog
      Robin And The Dog 3 months ago

      You have the option to say no to the bread, olives, cheese, or when it's on the table already tell the waiter you don't want it. I know that these starters are the real profit makers for them but on the other hand, I know a lot of locals who want to eat something while dreaming about their 'bacalhou'.

  • Renata Novato
    Renata Novato 3 months ago

    It isn't fair. Although here in Brasil it is quite easy to find rather good Portuguese pastries, the ones in Portugual are much, much better. You must try pasteis de Belem and pasteis de Santa Clara. You can't miss cod fish neither sardinha.

    • V. Fontes
      V. Fontes 3 months ago

      É isso aí. Abraço para o Brasil

  • caiwj22
    caiwj22 3 months ago

    Nice!!! You missed the cinamon on the pasteis de nata!!!!

  • indeathsquad
    indeathsquad 3 months ago +1

    Só happy to see a video of Portugal! Next time you'll have to stop at is Porto.

    • S S
      S S 2 months ago

      indeathsquad can u plz tell me wht to explore n wht to eat in porto?

  • Alexander Platonov
    Alexander Platonov 3 months ago

    those eyebrows! I would have married her just for them!

  • Mike Jiang
    Mike Jiang 3 months ago +5

    Wow!!!!!! I want to visit Portugal!!!!

  • Clifford Endo
    Clifford Endo 3 months ago

    Love it. Great Job.

  • René Wuttke
    René Wuttke 3 months ago +6

    I have been a couple of times in Lisbon. Gorgeous city and fantastic for food.

  • dansherman1980
    dansherman1980 3 months ago

    In their town square with the statue of a guy riding a horse stay on its left side and go to the alley way behind it theirs a small mom and pop joint that serves amazing food and in house made sangria it’s awesome

  • Catchows
    Catchows 3 months ago

    pastel de nata. The Portuguese introduced these to the Chinese that’s why you see Chinese egg tarts similar to these

    • Farben
      Farben 3 months ago

      It was an Englishman that introduced it in Macau, he couldn't believe that there wasn't any there. It's called Lord Stow's Bakery.

  • rubens20000
    rubens20000 3 months ago

    who are this couple?

  • Tomás Marquês
    Tomás Marquês 3 months ago +31

    É um canal de comida, vêm a Lisboa e jantam frango...

    • M.i.a ‘s
      M.i.a ‘s 15 days ago

      +Álvaro González Herrera our pasareis, our fish, our shrimps, our codfish, our pork meat à alentejana...

    • STR3AKPT
      STR3AKPT 23 days ago

      +Miguel Rodrigues I dont aprecciate much the food in lisbon , but the pastry is godlike amazing

    • Miguel Rodrigues
      Miguel Rodrigues 23 days ago

      +STR3AKPT not in lisbon, that is a crime ahaha

    • STR3AKPT
      STR3AKPT Month ago

      +Álvaro González Herrera Francesinha

    • Álvaro González Herrera
      Álvaro González Herrera Month ago +1

      I'm going to go to Lisbon soon, what do you recommend me to eat ?

  • Ricardo Resende
    Ricardo Resende 3 months ago +24


    • Dio Slayer
      Dio Slayer 3 months ago

      Não não!! Se cheira a BACALHAU NÃO COMAS! 😜

  • John Tan
    John Tan 3 months ago

    Eat seafood @ Ramiro .... went there twice in 3 days

  • Mariusz
    Mariusz 3 months ago

    Lack of Fabrica Coffee Roasters in this video confuses me. ;)