Top 17 Coolest Places to Visit in Mexico 🇲🇽| Can't Believe They Exist!

  • Published on Feb 11, 2019
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  • Jacob Laukaitis
    Jacob Laukaitis  3 months ago +146

    Yooo! Super sorry for having to re-upload this video, guys, but the first one had some stabilization issues haha 🙈🙈 let me know what you thought about this video, your feedback means the world! #WeAreExploriors

    • Galleria Store
      Galleria Store Day ago

      You are only half right. When the Spanish built that Fort in Vera Cruz they actually used African Slaves not so much natives slaves where Thousands died.

    • Elena Inurreta
      Elena Inurreta 3 days ago

      Yes, best place ever...

    • Ricardo No
      Ricardo No 10 days ago

      thank you for sharing your video, loved it. there is so much to see in mexico, a plethora of hidden jems that are rarely mentioned anywhere. really hope you can make the trip again. suerte amigo 👍👍😭😊

    • edwardaly gonzalezmanzanero
      edwardaly gonzalezmanzanero 19 days ago

      Hola yo soy orgullosamente mexicano del estado de Yucatán y espero que hallas tenido una buena experiencia in the México, Es un buen video 😋😉

    • Amda Donkey
      Amda Donkey Month ago


  • Enrique Monsiváis
    Enrique Monsiváis 7 hours ago

    Top 3 are in my state San Luis Potosí, COOL

  • Zelda
    Zelda 10 hours ago

    I lived in Oaxaca for over 10 years, and after watching this video, I can't wait to go back. I love your enthusiasm and joyful personality. Thanks for a great video.

  • Issac Harrison
    Issac Harrison 15 hours ago

    Im mexican, and as much as i love my country, you can clearly see that all the "atractions" are natural sites, old places, old buildings, everything poorly maintained, poorly developed, and even the roads to go to this places have a very poor infraestructure.
    Mexico, cashing in old glory, while the country is falling apart.


    I want to know is how the fuk do fish get down there and in other small bodies of water.😛💦

  • Margarita Rodriguez

    Thank you for taking me there ( so beautifull

  • Hugo Tress
    Hugo Tress 2 days ago

    Hey! a really beautiful video!! next time you travel to Mexico, don’t forget to visit Roca Partida is 4 hours driving from Veracruz port!!

  • le th
    le th 3 days ago

    WOW...what were you thinking? Right in the name, it tells you it is a cave of swallows, yet somehow you thought it was logical or acceptable to fly a drone with hundreds or thousands of birds flying around and swooping down into the cave?
    Are you a psychopath who's so myopic all you care about is getting what you want by any means necessary?
    Are you a sociopath who doesn't think before he acts on impulse and doesn't care about the safety of others (like the birds or your "friend")?
    Are you a narcissist who thinks the rules and laws of society apply to everyone else BUT him? Where is your empathy for others?
    Do you ever consider the consequences of your actions BEFORE you act them out...and how they might harm others?
    Something is SERIOUSLY wrong with you if you still don't recognize (or did not care about) the danger for the birds BEFORE you put a drone into the air.
    That fine should've been jail...for reckless endangerment of animals...not $45 USD (and you learned NOTHING because you shrugged your shoulders about how that's supposed to be a lot of money for Mexicans).
    Man, you are damn near pathological. You STILL didn't comprehend the importance of this because you say "this tip will definitely save you some money".
    You dumbass, it's not about saving money...unless you're a's about not harming the birds.
    It was bad enough watching you laugh callously about your friend whose bicycle broke, but this just confirms what a complete CONSCIENCELESS and entitled asshole you really are.
    Being from the US, I'm well versed in entitled behavior because the US is damn near the capital for entitled assholes, maybe after Dubai. Maybe you should move to the US/Dubai where you'll fit right in with the other entitled males.
    (...and anyone who recognizes insincerity can easily see your apology was were not remorseful, just sorry you got caught and had to pay a fine and didn't get any more drone footage)
    Hopefully, you are still young enough that you can learn some empathy for others. The wisest of psychopaths learn about cognitive empathy, so you should at the least be able to develop some cognitive empathy even if you're incapable of feeling most emotions.

  • Carlos Cli
    Carlos Cli 3 days ago

    Congratulations on this awesome video. I am a Mexican who always encourages globe trotters to explore my beloved country. Your video is a great tool to tease my boy who is living in LA to come explore wit me. Thank you and hope if you ever come visit Mexico city, you'll be always welcome. Cheers. Carlos Cli

  • Wonder Riviera Tours

    If you are planning to come to Riviera Maya México go to will find the best options for you and your family.

  • Maria Barajas
    Maria Barajas 3 days ago

    I am Thinking to move to Mexico but I'm looking for 1 of the best places and not too expensive

  • Marco Solari
    Marco Solari 4 days ago

    By the way,are you Coutinho? The Barca's player...

  • Hot 88s
    Hot 88s 4 days ago

    Miles. Not kilometers. MILES.

  • Alejandra Elizalde
    Alejandra Elizalde 4 days ago

    Centainly if you enjoy Tlacotlalpan, you will love the first magic town in Puebla México = Cuetzalan.

  • Alejandra Elizalde
    Alejandra Elizalde 4 days ago

    If you return yo México the best cenote is Samula. Search it

  • Alejandra Elizalde
    Alejandra Elizalde 4 days ago

    Cenote suytun is the most ugly cenote that i ever knew.

  • Ralph Smith
    Ralph Smith 4 days ago

    *Mexico is 8 times bigger than the United Kingdom. Mexico is 7 times bigger than Italy. Mexico is 4 times bigger than France.*

  • City Rider
    City Rider 4 days ago

    Basically you just visited about 8 states and is beautiful but theres lots more undiscovered michoacan guerrero.jalisco Imagine if you film the jewls of every mexican state 😍
    Mexico is the most beautiful country on planet 🌎

  • alain0323
    alain0323 5 days ago

    You did a great job. Excellent and dynamic presentation. .kudos all the way. .

  • Allen Mapes
    Allen Mapes 5 days ago

    This is the first time to see a video from you.
    Lol, I watched every second of it and as soon as I can, I will share it with my wife and watch it again. Mexico is our favorite country to visit. It’s conveniently located to the USA where we live.
    I loved every place on your list and loved that it was not easy to get to, making those places even more special.
    The waterfalls were crazy huge and beautiful. I liked your tip to stay there a long time.
    I loved the small island but with all of the mosquitoes....
    No thanks.
    Amazing story teller you are.
    Thank You

  • Praying Gray
    Praying Gray 6 days ago

    Los mexicanos son los que no conocen su país

  • chunks Infante
    chunks Infante 6 days ago


  • Soy Mexicano
    Soy Mexicano 7 days ago

    La Sierra Madre in Sinaloa they have beautiful marijuana feilds

  • Michael Robert
    Michael Robert 7 days ago

    Mexico is a vast and awesome country.

  • miequipoatlas01
    miequipoatlas01 7 days ago

    Well in Queretaro , nearby is another big cave or hole , is called sótano del barro , and much deeper and bigger , there are not swallows there , is the habitat for thousand , maybe hundreds of thousand of colorful and noisy macayos( parrots )
    The cove is called
    Sótano del Barro

  • Emmanuel Negrete
    Emmanuel Negrete 8 days ago

    You miss Puente de Dios, also on the Huasteca Potosina, same region of Xilitla and Tamul.

  • Juan Jose Gonzalez
    Juan Jose Gonzalez 8 days ago

    You know a lot more about my country than I do, lol ...congrats on your channel and great vid!

  • Juan Pablo Garcia Montiel

    The boat tour in the sumidero canyon is the best dude!! And did you visited San Cristobal de las Casas? It is awesome!!

  • luther in Vung Tau
    luther in Vung Tau 9 days ago

    I would only have about 2-3 places that you list. haha

  • Marco Martinez
    Marco Martinez 9 days ago

    Mexico its magical

    THE ICE TURTLE 187 10 days ago

    SAN MIGUEL DE AYENDE village , located in the south jungle of PUEBLA ' Mexico 🌽🍐🍌🥑🥭☕☕🌄🌌☔🌧⚡⛈ is a rainy place to visit , bout so chill vibe and peaceful place , since it rains alot espect mosquitos

    THE ICE TURTLE 187 10 days ago

    There is this other place call Acatlan de mas manazanas = Acatlan of the Aplees 🍎🍎🍎 is located near a by a fores🏞t🏕 close to the Volcan Popocatepelth 🌋🌋

    THE ICE TURTLE 187 10 days ago

    There is some other San miguel de ayende , in the south jungle of puebla , Mexico it's a small village with alot culture I belive they speak Spanish and Nahuatl , there plans of coffe , rich in fruits like bananas , La Sierra madre de Puebla you should visit is peaceful at nights and people is humble

    THE ICE TURTLE 187 10 days ago

    The pet cementary is nice tho 🔥

    THE ICE TURTLE 187 10 days ago

    Tamul is beautiful 😍🔥🕊

    THE ICE TURTLE 187 10 days ago

    I think that cave is more a bird neast 🕊🕊🕊

    THE ICE TURTLE 187 10 days ago

    Las pozas was my favorite place 🔥

  • Leon I. Guerrero
    Leon I. Guerrero 11 days ago

    I'm a mexican and I felt ashamed for not knowing about some of these. Personally, I was the most interested in "Villa Benito Juárez" (The Fifth place), but I'm having a hard time finding info, since Benito Juárez was a very famous mexican president and plenty of little towns and villages carry his name.
    Thank you so much for your kind words at all times, I can see you had a great time. Hope a lot of people come visit: Mexico is not as awful and dangerous as the news paint it, you guys. And the food. Believe me. Once you taste REAL, local, original flavors, it will blow your mind in a way you won't expect, and I'm not saying it because I'm a mexican (or maybe I am, a little), but it will absolutely blow you away, I'm sure.

  • Nelly Martinez
    Nelly Martinez 11 days ago

    Amo a mi país 🇲🇽 💞

  • VCR
    VCR 11 days ago

    Wtf I'm from Mexico and I didn't even know most of this astonishing places

  • HotCheeto Killer
    HotCheeto Killer 11 days ago

    I’m from San Luis Potosí and I’m happy you showed off my state. Thank you

  • Ricardo Vázquez
    Ricardo Vázquez 12 days ago

    Next time you come to Mexico you must visit “Santuario de las Luciérnagas” in Tlaxcala State! You must walk through the woods and at night you can see many fireflies!! The fireflies can be seen from June to August, so consider it the next time you come 👀

    • Ricardo Vázquez
      Ricardo Vázquez 12 days ago

      And by the way, there are just 2 official fireflies sanctuaries in the world, this is one of them :)

  • Travel With Ambar
    Travel With Ambar 13 days ago

    good picks, but after all that time in Mexico you did not learn any Spanish? haha is ALLENDE NOT ALENDE

  • Leonardo Lopez
    Leonardo Lopez 13 days ago

    What do you mean you can’t believe “THIS” is in Mexico? Mexico is rich in culture and has a colorful history.

  • C
    C 13 days ago

    damn this was dope bro... thanks for showing the side of Mexico the media wont share with us, also u kinda look like pewdiepie lmfao

  • jose gr
    jose gr 14 days ago

    My friend, you have to travel much more around my country before you can make a video (list) like this. Most of the places you mention are located within 4 or 5 Mexican states. We have many more states and incredible places to visit. With love, José.

  • Luis Ilich Vladimir Guerrero Linares

    Welcom to México. We are People of the World.

  • Victor Juarez
    Victor Juarez 14 days ago

    Ey guero, eres de los mios.. te gustan mas las bellezas naturales que las ciudades, perfecto!°

  • Lenin Figueroa
    Lenin Figueroa 14 days ago

    Great video man, thank you so much for showing how beautiful my country is just one comment, you should really clarify that you did not knew the whole country, you knew like the south part, there s a lot more to see on the other half which is very different from what you knew trust me you will feel like you re in a different country, I know Mexico is really big so you need a lot of time to know it all but thats the beauty of it I guess, it encourages you to come back, next time you come you should really look into "las barrancas del cobre", the town of "tequila", the port of "mazatlan", the town of "San Carlos" and I can go on and on, anyways you re super cool, I love your vibe don't ever lose your sense of wonder.

  • sofi sosa
    sofi sosa 15 days ago

    I am from mexico and I didn’t know half the things from the videos

  • Jose Marañon
    Jose Marañon 15 days ago

    Go visit "san carlos sonora"!!!

  • Nalle Quezada
    Nalle Quezada 16 days ago

    Omg i can’t believe I life and Mexico and I haven’t had the time to go and travel to all does wonderful places.

  • Alexis Martye
    Alexis Martye 16 days ago +1

    I didn’t even knew some of this existed and I’m Mexican lol

  • anghelusz1
    anghelusz1 16 days ago

    I haven't visited all of them, even tho' I've lived my entire life here.
    All of you guys that come to Mexico, enjoy it. It's such an experience.

  • kingq444
    kingq444 16 days ago

    You did a lot of driving there. Did you have any issues with crooked cops pulling you over demanding money?

    • Ben
      Ben 3 days ago

      kingq444 is this a thing?

  • Nacho J MBga
    Nacho J MBga 17 days ago +1

    No puedo creer que un extranjero haya visitado más lugares de México que yo mismo, un mexicano...😂💔

  • Shenzhan Liao
    Shenzhan Liao 17 days ago

    Thanks Jacob for sharing your experience and tips. The video is super fun to watch. I am planning my trip to Oaxaca in 2 weeks so will check out perhaps one of the two places mentioned nearby! The list of your equipment is helpful too (I was just wondering where to get a drone...). Keep going and sharing!

  • Ger B
    Ger B 17 days ago

    I miss you know the north of Mexico

  • Rogelio Reyes
    Rogelio Reyes 18 days ago

    very great video. i live in Mexico, like to travel around a lot whit my wife, im sure i didnt know of a few of this pleaces, glad i came here. peace.

  • Tobe Doss
    Tobe Doss 18 days ago

    5. There are so many municipios y throughout the country named Benito Juárez that is good you specified wich one was it

  • Rivides _
    Rivides _ 18 days ago

    Woah, I'm from Playa del Carmen and I have actually been to all of these places by car on a family roadtrip. These places are BEAUTIFUL, your cinematography certainly gave honor to every single one of these places and I'm so happy to see that foreign people actually enjoy and love these destinations. LOVE THIS VIDEOOO

  • Anna
    Anna 19 days ago +1

    Tamul Waterfall dry up!😭😭😭

  • Julieta Navarro
    Julieta Navarro 19 days ago

    I feel so proud that the top 3 is from my beautiful Huasteca Potosina, I'm so happy that a lot of people can know about this paradise, and I feel sad because even when I live so close to these wonderful places I barely can go, anyways thanks for the love for México!

  • Marifer Mendez
    Marifer Mendez 19 days ago +1

    Proud to be Mexican 🇲🇽🇲🇽

  • Melany Garcia
    Melany Garcia 19 days ago

    Great! It's really nice to watch your video. I'm from Mexico and I'm thankful that you showed more incredible places. :) If anytime you want to come to Gdl I can guide you to beautiful little towns, like Tlaquepaque.

  • Melany Garcia
    Melany Garcia 19 days ago

    Tamul waterfall, Huasteca Potosina it's great!!! 😍 I've been there and it's so nice!

  • EnriquEsteban C-Inc.
    EnriquEsteban C-Inc. 20 days ago

    if you ever came back to México a word of adviced try to contact local people before no somos tan dificiles de encontrar

  • Daniel Correa
    Daniel Correa 20 days ago

    Top 3 spots went to San Luis Potosi state

  • Sergio A. Sotomayor Esquinca

    Yeah! I'm from Chiapas! Viva el Sureste Mexicano!

  • Adrian Alvarado Varela

    My favorite fall is second largest fall in Mexico Basaseachic fall and in case you are wondering the largest fall in Mexico is called Piedra Volada very remote to access and it is down stream from basaseachic both in the state of chihuahua

  • Fenrir Mx
    Fenrir Mx 20 days ago

    With the New Maya Train the travel for Yucatan its gonna be more easy, just 3 years of hard work and we made it

  • Andres Segura
    Andres Segura 20 days ago

    My home state San Luis Potosi is incredible!

  • Emiliano Bernal Fuentes

    As Mexican I can tell you that they might have fool you with the ticket :(

  • Enna Noverola
    Enna Noverola 20 days ago

    You missed BACALAR!!! Es la Laguna más hermosa de México!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Erick Monter
    Erick Monter 20 days ago

    You need to visit the Grutas de Tolantongo in Hidalgo 🐌

  • Artemisa Uchija
    Artemisa Uchija 20 days ago

    This is so amazing.... I love you love my country, you are so welcome anytime 💜

  • richye rich
    richye rich 20 days ago

    I'm from the best country in the world..Mexico!! Follow me on Instagram: richye_1

  • Dámaris
    Dámaris 21 day ago

    OMG, I'm from San Luis Potosí and I was really happy to see the top 3

  • ana VM
    ana VM 21 day ago +1

    OMG, I'm from Mexico and I loved iiiiiiiiiit!!!!!!!
    The best video

  • Josue Alcalino
    Josue Alcalino 21 day ago

    San Luis Potosì has the coolest places!

  • Danny Ahedo
    Danny Ahedo 21 day ago

    go to chiapas you gonna love it!

  • Leslie Molina
    Leslie Molina 21 day ago

    MEXICO LINDOOOO, SLP está hermosísimo🧡

  • Ana Maria Gomez Arias

    I love the video and I love that you show the beautiful things of my country, just a little advice for the future either you or other backpackers, cave of Swallows in the early morning before the sunrise its way more beautiful, in the afternoon they come little by little but in the morning it will be thousands of birds going out at the same time. Certainly something that I will never forget in my life

  • Tatiana Martinez
    Tatiana Martinez 21 day ago

    how many days you were there? did you rent car for the entire trip? and can you give places to sleep

  • Faisa M
    Faisa M 21 day ago

    I love traveling 🧳 I wanna see more places In Sha Allah

  • Renée TM
    Renée TM 21 day ago

    Omg, this is wonderful! I'm from Mexico and some places I didn't know they existed, I'm really happy that someone extern from Mexico is promoting our beautiful country. Really good job in this amazing video, loved it

  • B Mendez
    B Mendez 21 day ago

    Im so proud you gave the cave of swollows credit. Many travelers don't know it exists and its a hidden treasure for me. I've been to over 30 countries and I never forget to mention that place to new people I meet along the way. People used to actually used bunje jump but there was a few accidents. Well my family has land there and we have a smaller cave and before jumping in that big one, they used to practice on ours. of course they were trespassing but it was at their own risk. As more travelers have been wanting to go and our roads have been FIXED!!! My dream is to build a hostel there one day. thanks for checking t out. next time I recommend you go to LA MEDIA LUNA (WARM WATER), EL PUENTE DE DIOS,TAMASOPO.

    TAKEme TOtheMORGUE 21 day ago

    Las coloradas = the coloured / the coloured ones (feminine plural)

  • Relatable Latinos
    Relatable Latinos 21 day ago

    as long as you don't run into narcs!

  • Unai Freire
    Unai Freire 22 days ago

    what brand is that backpack in the back of you?

  • Fer Núñez
    Fer Núñez 22 days ago

    Buen vídeo bro, México ofrece lugares increíbles e inigualables

  • Amaya blosom
    Amaya blosom 22 days ago

    I live in Mexico and it’s so beautifulll and go exploring when I cann and these ideas are great

  • Elio Rocha
    Elio Rocha 23 days ago

    #8 San Luis Potosi also #3,#2#1 in San Luis Potosi (area known as Huasteca Potosina) Very diverse state from semi desert to woody to tropical rain forest.

  • Andrea Cantú
    Andrea Cantú 23 days ago

    Beautiful video! Thanks for sharing beautiful things about my country! ♥️

  • Andres Calderon
    Andres Calderon 23 days ago

    If you ever come back to Veracruz you should visit Salto de Eyipantla, Montepio and Roca Partida (the 3 of theam are really close one of each other)...and of course if you're in Veracruz eat "antojitos" such as picadas o empanadas. Great video welcome México whenever you want ;)

  • Jasmine The Great
    Jasmine The Great 23 days ago

    I don't know why, but you remind me of Mexican Pewdiepie

  • Carlos Vera Zequera
    Carlos Vera Zequera 23 days ago

    Very good video, I loved it, I just need to make little a correction, "Heroica Veracruz" is not actually the capital of the state, it's Xalapa.
    Keep up the good work, I'm certainly subscribing 👍🏻😁

  • Phillip Towers
    Phillip Towers 24 days ago

    I didn't had realized than Jason Bourne had a younger brother!

  • Nubia Sanchez
    Nubia Sanchez 25 days ago

    La Huasteca Potosina Is the best. Truly paradise. My favorite place to travel to. ❤ Great video!

  • EnuelZ
    EnuelZ 25 days ago

    Chale mencionaron a mi rancho magico, algún día lo van a cerrar por los turistas XD