Top 17 Coolest Places to Visit in Mexico 🇲🇽| Can't Believe They Exist!

  • Published on Feb 11, 2019
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  • Jacob Laukaitis
    Jacob Laukaitis  11 months ago +219

    Yooo! Super sorry for having to re-upload this video, guys, but the first one had some stabilization issues haha 🙈🙈 let me know what you thought about this video, your feedback means the world! #WeAreExploriors

    • Celina Chavez
      Celina Chavez 16 days ago +1

      How did you rent your car to do the road trip? I am always want to do a road trip in south of Mexico

    • Salus Mundus
      Salus Mundus Month ago

      Great video, you seem to like and respect *putting the drone incident aside* the people and the country. I recommend you to do this also 1- Pronounce the names CORRECTLY as mexicans do (You pronounced in correctly: Words mispronounced in your video are: Allende, Coloradas, Heroica, México, Holbox, Chiquilá, Cráter and Honda, it´s NOT the car, dude, Xilitla, Potosí, . The X in Mayan names is pronounced Sh, i.e. Holbosh) because you´re giving the wrong information here. 2- Write the name in SPANISH as it´s the real name (below you can translate it in english)("Fuerte Veracruz", The Cenote Pet Cemetery has a sign with that name but its real name is "Cenote Sac Antún" and most people know it by the real name, "Sima de las Cotorras" NOT Cave of Swallows). You also give wrong information if you name the place in english. 3- Talk about PRICES to get in. If we travel to a foreign country we should at least learn the basic words and sentences to communicate and pronounce the name of the places and people correctly as a matter of respect. Most of mexicans think U.S. citizens are lazy because they expect locals to speak spanish instead of them learning basic spanish, specially if
      it´s a place they visit often. P.S. Not on this video but the word tamale is incorrect. It´s Tamal (singular) and Tamales (plural). Also your video tells a different story about México. You can see it´s not dangerous if you don´t mess with the wrong people or if you´re not into illegal things.

    • Sierra Green
      Sierra Green 2 months ago

      I’m about to travel around the world for missionary work for six months. I need to have a hiking backpack for my trip. Do you have any recommendations?

    • VELER MX
      VELER MX 2 months ago

  • Sanjay M Ranavaya

    Your videos are awesome....... Keep posting more and more videos fast.....

  • MYdodgeCharger
    MYdodgeCharger 4 days ago

    Omg las Pozas looks like Rivendell. Beautiful.

  • MYdodgeCharger
    MYdodgeCharger 4 days ago

    Aw I miss going to Mexico. We went every summer to my dads village in Durango. I’m so jealous u know Mexico better than I do.

  • Tom White
    Tom White 5 days ago +1

    THIS is the video that i wanted to see for my travels to mexico! Much better and informative than a cancun vlog

  • arri214ado
    arri214ado 5 days ago

    I’m glad to see 4 of those places are of my homeland SLP, including the top 3. 😊

    xXXSLK200AMGXXx 5 days ago +1

    Bro im amazed u didnt die there,respect bro u risk your life for others to see beautifull places

  • Venusia Venus
    Venusia Venus 6 days ago


  • TheEndTrend
    TheEndTrend 7 days ago

    My wife and I went to Cenotes Sac Actún (aka Pet Sematary Cenote) in Nov. 2018 when we were staying in Tulum. Absolutely LOVED it!!

    • TheEndTrend
      TheEndTrend 7 days ago

      ...and YES, rent the wet-suit! The water is pretty cold, though not unbearable IMO. Also advisable to rent an extra flashlight (your guide will have one, but it can be a bit creepy and dark at points if you don't have your own, lol).

  • sonia taylor
    sonia taylor 8 days ago

    Have you beer in Bacalar?

  • sonia taylor
    sonia taylor 8 days ago

    I love love your video! Thanks

  • voyageurization
    voyageurization 8 days ago

    Cool man. Idk if you really like my country or just do videos to sympathize with Mexicans. My comment is 'cus you North Americans sound kind of fake some times narrating the real feeling. No offense is just my point of view. Anyway I liked the way you see it and I subscribed. Good luck.

  • Alan Balvin
    Alan Balvin 8 days ago

    Amazing places, i have visited some of them, i have lived in Mazatlán for 5 years, i was born in Mexico City but still much left to visit and learn from my own country

  • George B
    George B 9 days ago

    What happens to you, when you accidentally venture into a poppy field, or perhaps marijuana farm?

  • George B
    George B 9 days ago

    I am not sure I would suggest driving in Mexico, the numerous Drug Cartels might object.

  • Mucica llegadora
    Mucica llegadora 9 days ago

    The only thing I don't like is migrations from Asia, south America, and Caribbean people,I don't know if this is good or bad but I don't like it, Mexico must be for Mexicans ,oh sorry, Russian are very welcome to my country ;)

    • Jeanette Adame M.
      Jeanette Adame M. 7 days ago

      Why does it bother you if they stay there forever? Thats a good thing

    • Mucica llegadora
      Mucica llegadora 7 days ago

      @Jeanette Adame M. Ofcourse they can visit our country but only for a couple weeks ,Chinese people go to Mexico and stay there forever ,as a tourist everybody is welcome but not for a living...

    • Jeanette Adame M.
      Jeanette Adame M. 7 days ago

      Why not that's rude of u to say. U should be glad they want to visit our country

  • Vicente Govea
    Vicente Govea 10 days ago

    There are more place's to visit in San Luis Potosi and close from tamul water falls are micos wáter Falls and ecoturisc center EL MECO and LA MEDIA LUNA they are just some recommendations I'm planning to go to Puerto Escondido this summer with my family

  • Jose Ayala
    Jose Ayala 11 days ago


  • Jose Ayala
    Jose Ayala 11 days ago +1

    Man, this is awesome, I'm from Mexico, and I wish to know a list, one of those places, in live in Phoenix Az, USA, you're lucky to go all those beautiful places, saludos !!!!!

  • John Morelli
    John Morelli 11 days ago

    Very nice
    I listened to the whole video from beginning to end. Thank you!

  • Arturo Chacon
    Arturo Chacon 11 days ago

    The train is chepe

  • Arturo Chacon
    Arturo Chacon 11 days ago

    In chihuahua state where I am from we have the canion de cobre (copper canyon ) you can take a train ride from the city of chihuahua to Los mochis Sinaloa. It has a lot of great views and there is the waterfall of basasiachic

  • Mayab Gonzalez
    Mayab Gonzalez 12 days ago

    You certanily missed a lot of places in occident Mexico, like Tequila, Mazamitla and Chapala Lake in Jalisco state.

  • Ruth in da City
    Ruth in da City 12 days ago

    Mexico lindo!!!! It was a great experience visiting Mexico 🇲🇽

  • Jc #1
    Jc #1 13 days ago

    If you wanna be kidnapped or shot go to mexico

  • Rome
    Rome 15 days ago

    How safe is Mexico? You did a great job! Thank you.

  • Juan Saldierna
    Juan Saldierna 17 days ago +1


  • jBird
    jBird 18 days ago

    Mexicans seem to like you EUROS……Always challenging traveling in Mexico as a Gringo 20 years ago….I look more Italian then most Italians so Ive been called a Euro the last 10 year in the ares you’ve traveled….A lot different 26 years ago…like Chiapas was in a civil war.

  • viveka borkland
    viveka borkland 18 days ago

    Yall need to plant trees like that white guy in Zimbabwe who talks about reversing DESERTIFICATION.
    I know the pope and julius ceasar created jesus christ and they sprinkled a little truth to confuse us enough to make it compelling, like school , which is godamn lie of social engineering.....but it says the holy spirit will lead you into all truth, well when I was a child as all new eternal soul incarnated knew there was a creator , look around, and I knew he it was an awesome scientist, and soooo ofcourse he wants to give us understanding , knowledge is exciting!!!!! Eduacation brain masterbating is boring, but anyway.....I knew without ruminant animals chewing grasses and shitting, that is the only way to make soil and sure enough about a month later I see this guys video about new years. We need to stop being fooled, we are indeed intelligent souls in bodies, we've been here before, wether they mine the earth or blown it up before I know it is a huge garden . Our job is literally to take care of the garden NOT WORK STUPID JOBS FOR MONEY TO BUY WORTHLESS SHIT LIKE THE FOOD AND SUBSTANDARD HOUSING.

  • Carolyn Murphy
    Carolyn Murphy 20 days ago

    Don't tell the Satanists about all these natural, beautiful habitats, they might burn them down

  • Edgar el takuache
    Edgar el takuache 21 day ago

    i'm from mexico too, but you need to be careful from states like colima or jalisco, there is a lot of crime there

  • Xsive19
    Xsive19 21 day ago

    Mexico is nice place, people fear the violence and I dont blame them. But like my brother who lives there says if you look for problems you'll find them. Mexico has alot of beautiful places to visit and I hope to visit more of them.

  • La Zu
    La Zu 21 day ago

    What about the north of México? Chihuahua, Baja California, Sonora are stunning, you'll love them

  • Nadia El-Sharkawy
    Nadia El-Sharkawy 25 days ago

    Awesome compilation, thanks for the tips!!! Highly suggest visiting Puente de Dios, also in San Luis Potosí!! 😉

  • Jill Shippy
    Jill Shippy 26 days ago

    I just watched a video on Holbox Island and I understand the pronunciation is “HolboSH” 😊

  • baddmabbajabba
    baddmabbajabba 26 days ago

    How long did this trip take you?

  • Francisco Iturbe
    Francisco Iturbe 27 days ago

    You need visit, the bigger tree in oaxaca,,mx

  • Baltazar Abad
    Baltazar Abad 28 days ago

    Me brother I really like to thank you , I'm a mexican I born in 1982 in veracruz I grou up in amatlan veracruz , I was only 19 years old when I emigrate to US country, now I'm 49 years old I'm back in me country , and i never know me country has that much places I been travel all over in US but I never did travel in me on country, but thanks to you now I have so many places I need to visit in mexico before I get to old for that challenge, GOD BLESS YOU GUYS , GOD BLESS THE WORLD.

  • Alison
    Alison 28 days ago

    Awesome video, thanks for sharing.

  • Amazing Mexico
    Amazing Mexico 29 days ago esto es la escencia de la cultura mexicana

  • Mohammad Tibi
    Mohammad Tibi 29 days ago

    wonderful video, check this video too

  • Regio de Mty
    Regio de Mty Month ago

    Awesome places Tnx for sharing the beauties from my country,

  • javier gonzalez
    javier gonzalez Month ago

    The title is so white fron USA cant believe this exist in mexico are u serious

  • Duane Wolgast
    Duane Wolgast Month ago

    Nice video. I like how you show where they are on the map and with a lot of personality! I am in San Luis Potosi right now just back from San Miguel Allendi and 12-26 headed for Ciudad Valles. I enjoy to explore away from the tourist traps....

  • ohitdoesmatter
    ohitdoesmatter Month ago

    It's pronounced "Ajende". Not so difficult actually. How about learning the proper name before giving other people advice? It has to do with respect as well.

  • Rafael Ortiz Balmaseda

    Hell Man "como México no hay dos " there's nothing like Mexico

  • Stein Gold
    Stein Gold Month ago

    Very Very Good video...!
    Very Nice....
    Thank You!!!

  • Stein Gold
    Stein Gold Month ago

    Wunderfull Beauty Mexico Postage stamps....

  • nicolasagna
    nicolasagna Month ago

    yo dude you got scomassed, there is no fine

  • Cinthia Lopez Palacios

    Have you ever been to "La Media Luna"?

  • Perro Chucho
    Perro Chucho Month ago

    Un abrazo a toda la gente de Tlacotalpan especialmente a mi maestro don Cirilo Promotor Decena

  • stat pisorena
    stat pisorena Month ago

    How safe it is to go there?

  • Paulina Stewart
    Paulina Stewart Month ago

    Did you rent a car while doing this or did you drive into Mexico with your own? I'm about to do a light roadtrip of Mexico for 8 days and we rented a car (with Mexican TPL). Curious how you handled it. Great sites you listed!!!

  • Ilovdance
    Ilovdance Month ago

    My Mexico is amazing thank you for this video

  • Juan Silva
    Juan Silva Month ago

    San Luis Potosi is #1! Yes!

  • real. krazzy.Lukman.madridy.7

    my frnd uh alive after traveling mexico? "" 😂🇲🇽

    • Idaly Aleman
      Idaly Aleman 9 days ago

      Mexico is not how you see it in the media. I mean danger happens everywhere!. Look at the the US, Killings and shootings in schools almost every day, police brutality, people being kidnapped. It happens everywhere you just have to be aware of your surroundings and let the adventure take you. You can't be living in fear all the time and once you realize that, you will have do much fun enjoying what life has to offer like Mexico

  • Ruben López
    Ruben López Month ago

    South part of Mexico only

  • Jagger Contreras
    Jagger Contreras Month ago

    A cosmic country.

  • Rebeca De Leon
    Rebeca De Leon Month ago

    Xilitla is beautiful!!

  • Rebeca De Leon
    Rebeca De Leon Month ago

    Holbox is my happy place