Stephen Colbert's Ultimate Christmas Sweater Can Be Yours!

  • Опубликовано: 21 дек 2018
  • Bid now on the Late Show's ugly holiday sweater decorated by guests like John Oliver, Lil Wayne, Bernie Sanders, and more! All proceeds go to charity:
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Комментарии • 170

  • aspookyfox
    aspookyfox 8 дней назад

    Casual John hahahaha

  • Do My Nails
    Do My Nails 15 дней назад

    I will wear it for as long as it takes in exchange for free legal aid. Is that non-creepy enuf?

  • OneironauticalOne
    OneironauticalOne 16 дней назад

    Wheres the holiday Dickbutt?

  • dwarfie24
    dwarfie24 18 дней назад

    Wonder what B. Sanders added.

  • Sunny Rivero
    Sunny Rivero 21 день назад +1

    It’s a wearable cat toy.

  • Alar Lill
    Alar Lill 21 день назад

    Whoa... 3 days to go and already price tag is at: US $16,051

  • liberty Ann
    liberty Ann 22 дня назад

    The charity is a fine thing but the whole sweater thing is stupid.

  • Senam Lawson
    Senam Lawson 22 дня назад

    That's not even original, at this point. It's just an ugly sweater with feathers & other kinds of ornaments... It's just bizarre, at this point.

  • U Pipe
    U Pipe 22 дня назад

    its US $16,051.00 Now

  • Emily Lui
    Emily Lui 24 дня назад

    I want it so bad but I don’t got the money. 😭

  • youssef zinddine
    youssef zinddine 24 дня назад

    It’s reached more than 16000 now lmao

  • Rainbow Potato
    Rainbow Potato 24 дня назад

    Omg it looks bOOooTifuLL

  • ForeverMe543
    ForeverMe543 25 дней назад

    I love you Colbert and JO

  • Angry Kittens
    Angry Kittens 25 дней назад

    Touch it more, Stephen, so it increases in value.

  • Martin Poulter
    Martin Poulter 25 дней назад

    I'm trying to think of someone who has a home in New York - maybe owns a tower in Manhattan - who could do with free legal advice right now... Wait, is this Colbert taking pity on Trump?

  • LackeysLack
    LackeysLack 26 дней назад

    Hah, I wanted to know who added the dinosaur. It was John Oliver.

  • Bodragon
    Bodragon 27 дней назад

    There's stupid.
    Then there's stoopid.
    Then there's this.
    Happy xmas.

  • Priscilla Jimenez
    Priscilla Jimenez 27 дней назад

    Dang it's $16,051.00 and it's only been a few hrs. December 22, 4:15am EST.

  • Mares Fillies
    Mares Fillies 27 дней назад

    Coco Pommel from Manehatten would be proud.

  • Stacy Cecil
    Stacy Cecil 27 дней назад +1

    Charity for those in NY who need legal aid? Tell me it's not going to help Trump, please....

  • Mimi Ebisuya
    Mimi Ebisuya 27 дней назад

    No thanks !!! Keep your hideous sweater !!! :(

  • nickrich56
    nickrich56 27 дней назад

    Don't forget this charity is legit... it's not the Trump Foundation( or any other?).

  • Randy Erickson
    Randy Erickson 27 дней назад +1

    That’s not hideous. That’s just something my aunt would wear.

  • Dr. M. Hfuhruhurr
    Dr. M. Hfuhruhurr 27 дней назад

    Hideous sweater for Vegas perhaps but some winning lottery ticket purchaser out there somewhere may get to ebay with the speed of their uncle who owns verizon's accountancy department perfectly legal-like as
    07:40 and on fromвидео.html or even better?

  • Armin Kleinemas
    Armin Kleinemas 27 дней назад

    u just have given me targets to shoot on

  • Armin Kleinemas
    Armin Kleinemas 27 дней назад

    i am starsign cancer .... try to fight cancer
    i shouldnt laugh at my own jokes ....

  • Armin Kleinemas
    Armin Kleinemas 27 дней назад +1

    happy xmas Stephen Colbert u sweet little clown
    xxxminibierxxx at
    TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP !!!!@STEPHEN COLBERT remember halle berry the troll who had nothing??? what about now??? u throw the first stone .... but plz continue speaking truth to power as a Clown

  • Eric Koontz
    Eric Koontz 27 дней назад +1

    Stephen, take heed! A fine suggestion has been made to open this to ALL the public (not only the wealthy) by making this a raffle at $10 a pop. Idea offered by Mat Broomfield, and it's a good one at that. Also: thanks for all you do each and every day to alleviate the stress we are all living with under the T45 regime!

  • Eric Koontz
    Eric Koontz 27 дней назад

    OMG, have you seen the Late Show Ultimate Christmas Sweater bidding on ebay??????
    Up to $16,051 at this moment, 21'34 on 21 December 2018!! Whoa! Way to go, Stephen and team!!!

  • Lollie da lush
    Lollie da lush 27 дней назад

    As of 00:45GMT Dec 22nd bidding stands at $16,051!!!

  • Don b
    Don b 27 дней назад

    a charity that helps people get free legal aid? I imagine Trump will be contacting them soon.

  • oogachaka
    oogachaka 27 дней назад

    Why is the weather in San Luis Obispo, California?

  • Maxmartin
    Maxmartin 27 дней назад

    Spanky wanted to bid on that sweater but his Trump Foundation has been shut down. The big negative is that his Foundation money bid would have gone to an ACTUAL CHARITY instead of HIM. Oh wait...It would benefit HIM since the money goes to those in NEED OF LEGAL HELP!

  • ThE DuCk
    ThE DuCk 27 дней назад

    Update :
    Supreme Court upholds block on Trump's asylum ban !! Suck on that Trump !

  • ThatAverageJoe1000
    ThatAverageJoe1000 27 дней назад

    Nice of Stephen to auction off the sweater to help the president

  • Manish Patel
    Manish Patel 27 дней назад

    Free legal aid? Der Fuhrer will be calling them soon.

  • Nick Thomas
    Nick Thomas 27 дней назад +1

    They should have let Trump have a (tiny) hand in decorating it. He can always make something worse.

  • Nina Kupchenko
    Nina Kupchenko 27 дней назад

    What a beauty 😂

  • aguy654
    aguy654 27 дней назад

    It looks like Santa vomited on that sweater. So good job.

  • Mr. H
    Mr. H 27 дней назад

    I remember fondly a Christmas sweater from 40 yrs ago- good but I prefer screamers

  • gnarlin
    gnarlin 27 дней назад +7

    It's a living monstrosity. Congratulations?

  • G K
    G K 27 дней назад +7

    That sweater would be perfect for the ugly president. Something Bonespurs could wear while golfing. He might even be able to wear it instead of the orange jumpsuit.

    • Maxwell Romeo *Subscribe Now*
      Maxwell Romeo *Subscribe Now* 27 дней назад

      Shhh, I'd be careful if I were you. He is one oompah loompah to insane for even willy wonka and his crazy factory.

  • Dave F
    Dave F 27 дней назад +1

    It's up to $16,051! Holy moley that's a lot of money for a lot of crap. But good that it's going to charity.

  • j steez
    j steez 27 дней назад +1

    The best time to wear a striped sweater is all the time

  • Kathleen Parker
    Kathleen Parker 27 дней назад

    I just want the Dino ornament

  • Mat Broomfield
    Mat Broomfield 27 дней назад +139

    An auction was totally the wrong way to do this. In an auction, only the wealthy get a chance (as usual). You should have made it a $10 per ticket raffle. That way we all get a chance and every entry donates to charity, not just the one wealthiest.

    • OneironauticalOne
      OneironauticalOne 16 дней назад +1

      Thats a perfect idea they would have raise WAAAY more money that way.

    • Olli Casey
      Olli Casey 19 дней назад +3

      +Matthew Chin Haven't followed what happened with it, but knowing him John Oliver will find a way to get his hands on it and put it on one of the wax presidents.

    • BrookeInProgress
      BrookeInProgress 22 дня назад +1

      For real. This is what sucks about Omaze contests.

    • Mat Broomfield
      Mat Broomfield 25 дней назад +2

      +Kevin Roberg-Perez Yeah, that was exactly what I was going to say Kevin! :-)

    • Kevin Roberg-Perez
      Kevin Roberg-Perez 25 дней назад +1

      And there is what Dan says above.

  • DingoAteMyBaby
    DingoAteMyBaby 27 дней назад

    Anyone else here a guy in the crowd chuckle when he announced the charity was for free legal advice at 1:38? Tf? Haha

  • playerkingawesome
    playerkingawesome 27 дней назад +3

    I knew John would wear something like as casual clothing.

  • Don keyman
    Don keyman 27 дней назад +2

    Why did someone laugh when he said free legal aid

    • colleen Pederson
      colleen Pederson 22 дня назад

      Because no attorney gives anything for free...see even " free legal " is costing someone.

    • Sherri Zeno
      Sherri Zeno 27 дней назад

      Yep... I heard it too.

    • chez moi
      chez moi 27 дней назад

      Maybe because of the idea that Trump - or one of his henchmen - might be looking for it. Just popped into my mind when he said it. Of course it's a great cause, but the joke is there.

  • lillallelillalle
    lillallelillalle 27 дней назад +2

    I want the ugly Christmas sweater!!

  • Mark Adderley
    Mark Adderley 27 дней назад +1

    ... I thought it looked lovely.

  • today it is acceptable that we fear the Lord

    I'm not giving you my address if you want to give me that sweater,you will have to do your research. I will give 0 dollars to this charity. Lol.

  • ursaltydog
    ursaltydog 27 дней назад +4

    Raise money to "end" the wall.. instead of raising it..

  • Kuanhung Chen
    Kuanhung Chen 27 дней назад

    Speaking of which, ever find out which charity that Tucker was referring to?

  • Igor Schmidlapp
    Igor Schmidlapp 27 дней назад +3

    Fallon's "12 Days Of Christmas Sweaters", ALL IN ONE!

  • Antoine Fauconneau
    Antoine Fauconneau 27 дней назад

    Doesn't matter if it's legal. It's not cool to give AIDS to poor people Stephen.

  • Kasper Joonatan
    Kasper Joonatan 27 дней назад

    Had it been touched by Emily Blunt, I could offer my savings.

  • George Hawley
    George Hawley 27 дней назад +1

    Where's the reindeer? Was it eaten by the dinosaur?

  • Capri Mikey
    Capri Mikey 27 дней назад


  • Sarah
    Sarah 27 дней назад +6

    Someone has actually bid $16.000 dollars

  • saultube44
    saultube44 27 дней назад +1

    Not bad, but I'd change the light for christmax LEDs

  • Inglorious Basterd
    Inglorious Basterd 27 дней назад

    I almost spit out my coffee!

  • Pratim Chakraborty
    Pratim Chakraborty 27 дней назад +3

    Colbert is funnier than all other current late night comedians but he should also concentrate on other things than trump. It's becoming The Trump show . #overkill

    • T Electronix
      T Electronix 27 дней назад +3

      "should" he?
      That doesn't at all sound like you just don't like attention being put on Trump.

  • NeonsStyle
    NeonsStyle 27 дней назад +1

    OMG Some moron has bid $16,051 for that???? WOW!!! More money than sense!

    • Behabtwa
      Behabtwa 9 дней назад

      you dont really believe they desperately wanted the sweater do you 😂

    • Terri Kukla
      Terri Kukla 20 дней назад

      Some kind person donated that money for charity.

    • Olli Casey
      Olli Casey 27 дней назад +3

      It's a way to say "hey look at me donating 16+$ to charity" without being braggy about it.

  • Nhurm
    Nhurm 27 дней назад +1

    Just a Vivienne Westwood knock off

    • orion lleyessa
      orion lleyessa 22 дня назад

      Hahahahaha😂 during the andreas era.

  • Deborah Freedman
    Deborah Freedman 27 дней назад +7

    One look at that sweater, and I said "Good g_d, I'm glad I'm not a christian."

  • Iamsteezze
    Iamsteezze 27 дней назад

    Sure Lil Wayne added weed pocket to that sweater

  • The SuperHeart . Org Foundation
    The SuperHeart . Org Foundation 27 дней назад +10

    $1,000,000 to ANYONE who LIKEs or COMMENTs by no later than 12:00 midnight EST on Christmas 2018!

    • Jeffrey Birman
      Jeffrey Birman 23 дня назад

      Phew, I got my like in with just seven minutes to go. I'll take my $1,000,000 now, thank you.

    • Sherri Zeno
      Sherri Zeno 27 дней назад

      I'll take at least $500,000, Christmas missed is this year! We sure could use it!

    • Satopi3104
      Satopi3104 27 дней назад +2

      I hereby accept your offer.
      You do realize we just established offer and acceptance and this is now legally binding, right?

    • megatunnage1
      megatunnage1 27 дней назад

      +Mountaga Tall My thought exactly...

    • Jamie Cobb
      Jamie Cobb 27 дней назад


  • The SuperHeart . Org Foundation
    The SuperHeart . Org Foundation 27 дней назад +6

    $1,000,000 to EVERYONE if you LIKE this COMMENT by no later than 12:00 midnight EST on Christmas 2018!

    • oogachaka
      oogachaka 27 дней назад

      Show me the money first.

    • Mountaga Tall
      Mountaga Tall 27 дней назад +2

      +Nico Enerlan can't there be both?

    • Nico Enerlan
      Nico Enerlan 27 дней назад +3

      I’d rather have everyone set aside their differences and unite together as humans than take your offer.

  • mdudegamer
    mdudegamer 27 дней назад +23

    Oh man, I haven't thought about eBay in years.

  • CynAnne1
    CynAnne1 27 дней назад +8

    What an awesome way to do a good deed...and own the ultimate in 'ugly Xmas sweaters'. 🎄😁🎄

    • CynAnne1
      CynAnne1 27 дней назад

      +Jess Stuart - The "Colbert Christmas Collection, with 'Lord of the Rings' and 'Captain America' themed sweaters", among others...he probably wouldn't have too much trouble with licensing, especially since it'll be for charities. That's 'good publicity' for everyone involved... 😎

    • Jess Stuart
      Jess Stuart 27 дней назад +1

      The late show could start their own line of ugly holiday apparel with all the proceeds going to charity.

  • solrart
    solrart 27 дней назад +1

    I can of like the sweater... let's see more in that style, it will make the world more fun to look at.

  • icterio1
    icterio1 27 дней назад

    Free legal aid? Trump will benefit from that?!!!

    • Olli Casey
      Olli Casey 27 дней назад

      "Those in need."

  • Flat Earth Preacher
    Flat Earth Preacher 27 дней назад

    research flat earth the truth is waiting for you oh ps not responding to stupid comments or questions any more

    • chez moi
      chez moi 27 дней назад

      Then don't post stupid comments yourself.

  • A Florida Son
    A Florida Son 27 дней назад +1

    I wonder how many times *Trump calls "Good Call,* each day, looking for *_free_* legal advice? His paid advisor JulieNaughty, only proves Trump's guilt.

  • krishna kishor bhat
    krishna kishor bhat 27 дней назад

    Sorry can't afford the shipping ☹️

    • Patrick Fu
      Patrick Fu 27 дней назад +1

      krishna kishor bhat it’s free shipping Krishna. Maybe you can reconsider. :-)

  • MusicBankTv
    MusicBankTv 27 дней назад +14


    • Jiminy Cricket
      Jiminy Cricket 27 дней назад

      🎅🤶🏾🤶🎅🏾 Merry Christmas!

    • retnavybrat
      retnavybrat 27 дней назад

      Merry Christmas from Florida, USA!

    • AJ T
      AJ T 27 дней назад

      MERRY CHRISTMAS from Pennsylvania AMERICA

  • edward brand
    edward brand 28 дней назад +2

    Just checked ebay, the latest bid on this monstrosity is $13,406,78.... wow!.

  • fibreoptik
    fibreoptik 28 дней назад

    Oh it will still be creepy. Because the fat, Cheeto dust covered, dot com, new money, virgin incel that’s going to win the auction will be watching Speed in slomo while wearing it as they rub one out to Sandra Bullock with a twinky on their dinky.

    • pink toes
      pink toes 28 дней назад

      u betta use moisturiser for yo ashy hands

  • Матильда X
    Матильда X 28 дней назад +10

    I like this Christmas sweater:))))), but John Oliver sweater the best one:)))))

    • Brawlin Harry
      Brawlin Harry 21 день назад +1

      i love john oliver so much!
      everything ge does.
      if he took a dump on his desk i would defend it. 😂😂😂

    • Isabel Bell
      Isabel Bell 25 дней назад

      Матильда X n

  • Rara Zap
    Rara Zap 28 дней назад +18


    • Gauss24
      Gauss24 28 дней назад +3

      i love you phillip morris

    T.BONE/SIDE OF LIFE 28 дней назад +66

    If a cat's play toy could be worn, well, this is a winner!

    • Dr. M. Hfuhruhurr
      Dr. M. Hfuhruhurr 27 дней назад

      ikr must be some marketing geniuses around Madison Ave. coming up with this under no pressure from sponsors supposing there's money that's really involved and important there somewhere/how see also 06:24 to 07:47 roughly fromвидео.html

    • lillallelillalle
      lillallelillalle 27 дней назад +3

      T.BONE/SIDE OF LIFE my cats would shred the sweater so bad lol

  • Big Boss
    Big Boss 28 дней назад +1

    A sweater fit for ... Any .... Season?

  • TheReal008Zulu
    TheReal008Zulu 28 дней назад +59

    Trump: Melania said she was looking for her next fashion disaster, I think this will do just fine.

    • dwarfie24
      dwarfie24 18 дней назад +1

      He cant now that his "charity" is being shut down.

    • fisher king
      fisher king 27 дней назад


    • Mountaga Tall
      Mountaga Tall 27 дней назад +3

      Trump: *Melanie

  • Blak
    Blak 28 дней назад +79

    I'm sorry, but that truly is, The One UGLY Sweater to Rule Them All.
    The one sweater to unite them, to bind them.
    ... sum sum throw it in Mordor, after everything.

    • Trollface Killa
      Trollface Killa 22 дня назад

      +Nina Rothke 16 grand for an ugly sweater?! Some people just have money to burn over an open fire 😒😒😒

    • Blak
      Blak 26 дней назад

      +Erin Reynolds ._. You're making me blush :> Almost like I was a smaller than average human-like being in the forest, being confronted by an Elf Queen that can read minds O.O heheheheh.

    • Erin Reynolds
      Erin Reynolds 26 дней назад +2

      I love the Lord of the Rings reference. You have made Steven Colbert proud. You're awesome!😃

    • Nina Rothke
      Nina Rothke 27 дней назад

      And someone's willing to pay over 16k for it

  • New Message
    New Message 28 дней назад +38

    Man.. I wore that same thing to work today.

    • azuman7
      azuman7 27 дней назад

      Congrats! You have the same tastes as celebrities!

    • AJ T
      AJ T 27 дней назад +2


    • Матильда X
      Матильда X 28 дней назад +2

      Stunning just🎅

  • KrisTheMuss
    KrisTheMuss 28 дней назад +77

    Lol it's up to $13,406 now

    • Clay Loomis
      Clay Loomis 9 дней назад

      OK, final sale was $15,451.00. I'm not sure why it went down from $16,000. Maybe someone had eyes bigger than their wallet.

    • Clay Loomis
      Clay Loomis 23 дня назад

      +Alicia Morton Yeah, I'd go with the car. This auction stuff is kind of a game for the rich.

    • Alicia Morton
      Alicia Morton 24 дня назад

      Hmm... should I get myself a new sweater or a new car for the holidays...? 🤔

    • jenbdiamond
      jenbdiamond 27 дней назад +1

      $16,051.00 as of 9:28am PST 12/21.

    • Clay Loomis
      Clay Loomis 27 дней назад +7

      $16,000 now. Not bad.

  • blackswan1983
    blackswan1983 28 дней назад +34

    That dino is the icing on the cake.

    • blackswan1983
      blackswan1983 28 дней назад +3

      +Adrian Duran It really brings the whole thing together :)

    • Adrian Duran
      Adrian Duran 28 дней назад +9

      it was John Oliver that added the dino as the first ornament

  • Nick Short
    Nick Short 28 дней назад

    Can I get that beaut!

    • edward brand
      edward brand 28 дней назад

      You can, but be warned, the latest bid on ebay for this sweater is $13,406.. So sure, just bid higher than that, and it could be yours.

  • jezeremyhubert
    jezeremyhubert 28 дней назад +2

    First, maybe?

    • AJ T
      AJ T 27 дней назад


    • wesley rodgers
      wesley rodgers 28 дней назад +2

      First comment on your first comment commenting first comment on your first comment. Congratulations..
      And Merry Christmas :-)