VAYDOR G35 Based Exotic Kit Car Build

  • Published on Mar 28, 2018
  • The Vaydor is a kit car that is designed to be built onto a 2003-2007 Infiniti G35 coupe donor car. It is built by Vaydor Bodykits LLC, which is based out of Pinellas Park, Florida. The Vaydor appeared in the 2013 SEMA auto show.
    Vaydor Bodykits sells the Vaydor kit, but the customer must provide their own Infiniti G35. Once Vaydor Bodykits completes the kit, the customer has to assemble it onto the G35.
    The Vaydor was featured as the Joker's car in the 2016 film Suicide Squad, and was also featured on Fox News.
    Vaydor Bodykits LLC plans to release an all new Vaydor model to be built onto a sixth generation Chevrolet Corvette. Design for the new kit was scheduled to start in January 2017. The C6 Corvette has a top speed of 190 mph;[6] 35 mph more than the Infiniti G35 coupe (155 mph).
    Vaydor Bodykits sells around one kit per week.
    The Vaydor was designed by entrepreneur Matt McEntegart, who had previous experience making custom hod-rod interiors. It features scissor doors, a front air splitter, aftermarket headlights, and optional AMANI Forged Wheels. Two side air vents are added behind the doors, and three are installed in the rear near the tail lights.To support the new body, a custom roll cage is installed. The Vaydor has a 52% front 48% rear weight distribution.
    The Infiniti G35 coupe comes with the Nissan VQ 3.5L V-6 engine. The engine produces 280 hp and 268 lb-ft of torque. Versions of this engine appear in the Nissan 350Z, Nissan Skyline, Renault Laguna, and others. Due to the versatility of the Infiniti's chassis, a number of different engines can be installed into the Vaydor kit, such as the GM LT4, GM LS3, or GM LT1. Up to 1,000 hp can be achieved. The Vaydor can also be converted to have an electric motor.
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  • Land Rover
    Land Rover Day ago

    Where did he get the tail lights and headlights??? Is this also custom fabricated?

  • bad boys do asfalto injeção

    Eu gostaria que um pelo menos um dos que não gostaram dissessem o que não gostou nessa nave

  • Nick Baker
    Nick Baker 2 days ago

    Putty everywhere. 😂

  • Chin Tracey
    Chin Tracey 4 days ago +2

    How’s the insurance for that car coming on

  • Jose Luis Tejeda Rodríguez

    Le falta los retrovisores

  • madhuram bayad
    madhuram bayad 6 days ago


  • Mackeul Leandre
    Mackeul Leandre 7 days ago

    Elle est très belle la voiture infinity vert en tuning

  • Cesar Sanchez
    Cesar Sanchez 8 days ago


  • pablyn08
    pablyn08 9 days ago

    Las puertas están desalineadas

  • 笑ZiXterY
    笑ZiXterY 9 days ago

    *The only thing that makes this car ugly is its taillight.*

  • Caleb Toyo
    Caleb Toyo 12 days ago

    How much is this go for

  • Altaïr ibn -la'ahad
    Altaïr ibn -la'ahad 13 days ago

    One-way ticket to fool every single person

  • baby tot
    baby tot 14 days ago +1

    it's the reason why city attract young people for work lol

  • Plan B Smoothie
    Plan B Smoothie 15 days ago

    this car ugly asf idc what anyone says

  • joe joee
    joe joee 16 days ago +1

    This shows you how overpriced lambos and all exotic cars really are

  • Touyia Chang
    Touyia Chang 16 days ago

    Matt the owner got vaydor #1 I got the #2.

  • Stefan Johansson
    Stefan Johansson 17 days ago


  • Gabriel F
    Gabriel F 17 days ago

    Porquería prefiero un original bochito

  • HomeOf laughterz
    HomeOf laughterz 17 days ago

    Wow your great brov

  • Deeeye66
    Deeeye66 17 days ago +1

    How do you know it’s Fugazzi design, are you just guessing ?

  • N H P
    N H P 17 days ago

    Prezzo finale

  • Aaron Dashkevich
    Aaron Dashkevich 17 days ago

    We get the point by u saying fugazzi design the whole freakin time

  • Adilson Nascimento
    Adilson Nascimento 22 days ago

    o carro esta lindo

  • Ramy Tube
    Ramy Tube 23 days ago +2


  • Nizen
    Nizen 23 days ago

    leaving engine at front and making air vents on the back GJ u fucked up
    its trash show car it cant be called car anymore if somene crash in u only wheels will survive cuz car will break in half

  • 168 Lao white charcoal 168w


  • MrSquiggy123
    MrSquiggy123 26 days ago

    This will fall apart quickly! Foam and Bondo! Looks cool though!

  • x TARGET
    x TARGET Month ago

    is that solid material?

  • Ryan Kevin Bandiola

    Can you transform my car into a Lamborghini ? :D

    GURU TECH 8D MUSIC Month ago

    awesome making you car pls make the video car body ...pls pls pls pls

    GURU TECH 8D MUSIC Month ago

    Body making pls

  • Ferhat Yalcin
    Ferhat Yalcin Month ago

    İs there any problem with traffic polices?

  • roberto duran
    roberto duran Month ago

    Stock upside down g35 tail light 🤣 smart!

  • Alfredo Cajica
    Alfredo Cajica Month ago

    Job A+ 👍👽

  • Racer 67
    Racer 67 Month ago

    I like it! Very interesting and unique design!

  • RamSLade On WoTB
    RamSLade On WoTB Month ago

    *fugazzi design all over again*

    VIP_DEF Month ago


  • Best Vids
    Best Vids Month ago

    This is actually amazing

  • Jose Gaspar
    Jose Gaspar Month ago

    Amazing jod 👍👍👍

  • Jimmy Culbreath
    Jimmy Culbreath Month ago

    what year is it

  • Banana Mango
    Banana Mango Month ago

    Truffade adder

  • Gavin1130
    Gavin1130 Month ago

    Love it, Looks amazing, and the best part, you can actually use the car as your daily driver!

    SMAX JHON Month ago


  • Ancha Zelalu
    Ancha Zelalu Month ago

    Nice job. 👍 Subscribe back bro

  • Lazspartann
    Lazspartann Month ago

    any one know the name of the song?

  • Ahmed Tariq
    Ahmed Tariq Month ago

    Name of the aong plz ?

  • Brandon Durant
    Brandon Durant Month ago

    This is the car from suicide squad. That joke was driving with Harley Quinn

  • Amigos da HP /plotter/router/latex/uv

    Prefiro original !!! Mas parabéns

  • Steve Thomas
    Steve Thomas Month ago +1

    This was built with some talented hands!! I can't imagine how many hours this took....

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith Month ago

    Terrible final color choice

  • In Seok Seo
    In Seok Seo Month ago

    god hands, god talent

  • Gary Haber
    Gary Haber Month ago

    Awesome look, awesome job
    Respect to all the hard work.
    When is it going to be available as a turn key?

  • Cauan Franca
    Cauan Franca Month ago +1

    Se ele tivesse dinheiro bastante pra colocar um motor V8 na traseira ia ficar sem duvidas muito lindo

  • maw748
    maw748 Month ago +1

    "Sees a scratch" I need to rebuild my car !

  • Renato Andrade
    Renato Andrade Month ago

    I want to buy a project like that !!!
    how much does it cost $ ?

  • nicko roberts
    nicko roberts Month ago


    Vaydor: fugazzi design

  • Danny H
    Danny H Month ago

    Do you really need to call it "fugazzi" design? I feel like you can find a better name.

  • Александр Сивков

    Да... Вот это "ШЕДЕВР")))...

  • All Things M3
    All Things M3 2 months ago

    I wouldn’t want to have a accident in this car. A fiberglass shell to protect you. No thanks.

  • None Ya
    None Ya 2 months ago

    Looks better than 2020 vette