Peugeot 508 2020 in-depth review | carwow Reviews

  • Published on Jan 11, 2019
  • This is the all-new Peugeot 508! There’s no denying that the new 508 is one of the best looking family hatchbacks available today... But as ever, good looks don’t always come cheap! With a starting price of £25,000 that can easily creep up by an extra £10k when you add options, is the 508 worth such a hit on your wallet? Join Mat for his latest in-depth review to find out!
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Comments • 2 829

  • Emi Ju
    Emi Ju 2 hours ago

    How is the driver seat ?..
    Is it comfy?

  • Alex Simon
    Alex Simon 4 hours ago

    Headroom in the back - as you said, it's a family car. Usually adults sit in the front 🤷‍♂️ just my opinion, though..I think that's plenty for kids

  • PRAJWAL Negi
    PRAJWAL Negi 7 hours ago +1

    Poor people version of Audi A7

  • Arif SelectSelect
    Arif SelectSelect 9 hours ago +1

    that cockpit design is the best I've ever seen..

  • fender2301
    fender2301 Day ago

    Renault talisman?

  • proton4ever
    proton4ever Day ago

    This car, even though it is French, the interior is designed for Asians which are mostly shorter so we would have no problem sitting on the backseat... Ha ha ha.
    Maybe Peugeot hired an Asian designer to design this car.
    Sorry to break this to you, Europeans... Ha ha.

  • MrSunnyBhoy
    MrSunnyBhoy 2 days ago

    He said its a hatch but thats a saloon....

  • Alec MácCnáimhín
    Alec MácCnáimhín 3 days ago

    That is absolutely beautiful, and I never thought I’d say that about a Peugeot

  • personface1
    personface1 3 days ago +1

    why don't you just move the steering wheel up or down if you cant see the display

  • xiaohui zhang
    xiaohui zhang 3 days ago


  • افهم جيم
    افهم جيم 3 days ago

    Biased against the car
    It's very good
    You have a lot of knee room and you said not enough
    Come on be fair

  • dudu rosca
    dudu rosca 4 days ago

    I am from Romania and I like German or Japanese cars but this Peugeot it is fantastic. But you are a dick head, if this will be ever a brithis car you will love more but you are British and you are a shitt

  • Salty der Regenmacher

    It kinda reminds me of the Peugeot in BR 2049

  • BlackS0l
    BlackS0l 5 days ago

    Looks like Dodge Charger's European cousin.

  • Will Thompson
    Will Thompson 5 days ago

    Do Europeans put child seats in the front??

  • Christian Stahl
    Christian Stahl 5 days ago

    Smallest steering wheel ever...!

  • Stoned Batman
    Stoned Batman 6 days ago

    Looks vile.

  • Daniel Sonn
    Daniel Sonn 7 days ago

    I wish I could get this in America fuck my life

  • dqwaszx
    dqwaszx 8 days ago

    2:08 that ass. . .

  • Maik Jansen
    Maik Jansen 8 days ago

    What an beautiful interior

  • Yassine Nimour
    Yassine Nimour 9 days ago

    La 508, 3008, 5008 sont toute les nouvelles voitures de chez Peugeot🇫🇷

  • Pierre Pinson
    Pierre Pinson 10 days ago


  • Pierre Pinson
    Pierre Pinson 10 days ago

    MATT WATSON, why are you put my 2 comments about your video down the others comments ? You scared that people read my comments. You didn't like the truth...... TRUTH HEART! That proove you are JEALOUS about FRENCH CARS. FRENCH CARS are in SOUTH-AMERICA, CHINA, EUROPE, RUSSIA, AFRICA, MIDDLE-EAST, AUSTRALIA. The OLD PEUGEOT BRAND (405) is always produced in IRAN!!! BRITISH BRANDS cars are sold to other countries like GERMANY, CHINA, MALAYSIA OR USA. UNPROFESSIONAL REWIEW! WITHOUT THOSE COUNTRIES YOUR BRITISH BRANDS cars DIDN'T EXIST any more, DISAPEARED!!!!

  • Pierre Pinson
    Pierre Pinson 11 days ago


  • Pierre Pinson
    Pierre Pinson 11 days ago

    🌹This PEUGEOT is beautiful. It is a FRENCH CAR. And this BRITISH dislike FRENCH. It is because his comments are negatives. I think he is JEALOUS.🚘🚘🚘🚘🚘🚘🚘🚘🚘🚘 I saw the same video in "TOP GEAR". They destroy 3 PEUGEOT and another day an old 2CV CITROËN and a RENAULT 4. French BASHING again!!!

  • Pierre Pinson
    Pierre Pinson 11 days ago

    🚘FRENCH CARS are sold in SOUTH-AMERICA, In EUROPE, in AFRICA, IN MIDDLE-EAST, CHINA, RUSSIA, AUSTRALIA, so i think, it is proove those cars are good.

  • Pierre Pinson
    Pierre Pinson 11 days ago

    🚘ASTON MARTIN are sold to USA (FORD)🇺🇸 BENTLEY are sold to GERMANY (VW)🇩🇪 JAGUAR are sold to INDIA (TATA) 🇮🇳LAND ROVER are sold to INDIA (TATA)🇮🇳 LOTUS are sold to MALAYSIA🇲🇾 (PROTON) MG are sold to CHINA🇨🇳MINI are sold to GERMANY (BMW)🇩🇪 ROLLS-ROYCE are sold to GERMANY (BMW)🇩🇪 VAUXHALL are sold to USA (GM)🇺🇸.

  • Pierre Pinson
    Pierre Pinson 11 days ago

    🚘ALPINE belong to FRANCE.🇫🇷 BUGATTI belong to FRANCE.🇫🇷 CITROËN belong to FRANCE.🇫🇷 DS belong to FRANCE.🇫🇷 LIGIER belong to FRANCE.🇫🇷 PEUGEOT belong to FRANCE.🇫🇷 RENAULT BELONG to FRANCE.🇫🇷

  • Xaris
    Xaris 11 days ago

    Cheap plastics in the places you can't see? How bad! Not much of a head room in a sporty saloon? How bad. This one is good BUT... that one is well made THOUGH... LOL! Matt... Matt, Matt, Matt... Had that car been wearing an Audi badge you would be masturbating over it but the Peugeot badge does make all the negative points real and imaginary ones radiate, isn't it?
    When you get that full spec it costs in the range of 40K euros, while the equivalent Audi one would cost what? 55K? 60K? Sure it is sporty but not a true sport car (hopefully Peugeot will get a 508 "Mi version" of it) but it is lovely daily rider and one that will remain a classic just like the 405. At last Peugeot remembered how to make great designs, so give it a break.

  • Alwan Tamalus
    Alwan Tamalus 12 days ago

    Why Peugeot has been sustainable and profitable without selling cars in US market , and other European brands disappeared despite they were selling cars in US market?!!

  • Wan Ahmad
    Wan Ahmad 13 days ago +3

    The best looking sedan so far apart from aging Mazda 6 facelift.

  • Kariem Abozyid
    Kariem Abozyid 13 days ago

    My short list is becoming pretty long because nearly every review tells me to shortlist the car

  • John Jibuly
    John Jibuly 13 days ago +1

    What a two faced review!!!!!!!!!!!!! Prejudice how are ya!!!!!

  • Punit S
    Punit S 14 days ago +9

    You're in such a bad mood during this review. Almost like you didn't want to like the car 😂. Typical Peugeot prejudice 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Christopher Smith
    Christopher Smith 14 days ago

    There’s no denying it’s a fantastic looking car, despite this I would never go near Peugeot again. I previously owned a 207 GT THP 150 and I had so many things go wrong, it put me off the brand for life. It’s sad to say in a way but I feel that anything that costs above £30,000 in this day and age that doesn’t have a German badge on the front will automatically get overlooked despite specifications. Entry level Audi/BMW/Mercedes or a spruced up Peugeot? The vast majority would take the German and I would be guilty of that.

  • Leonard Hofstadter
    Leonard Hofstadter 14 days ago

    Abe ne e loso ovoa masince u kocani ima ovaj so gi prae tie cokoladata roshen

    I LOVE NARWHALES 15 days ago +1

    It looks like a Honda Civic...

  • Patrick Henderson
    Patrick Henderson 15 days ago

    Beautiful car, shame about the badge

  • Chris Varghese
    Chris Varghese 15 days ago +1

    Just going to say, I am not familiar with the UK Automotive Industry. But why would you have a Diesel sedan?

    • Xanthuum Nihyr
      Xanthuum Nihyr Day ago

      Because those cars are made to be good on long distances, especially on highways. Diesels are more efficient (especially when cruising) and keep good acceleration at low rpms. Plus you get better range.

  • Chris Papachris
    Chris Papachris 15 days ago +1

    Peugeot one of the best car in the market!!!

  • Hello There
    Hello There 17 days ago

    Be careful who you call ugly in high school

  • 20sentryboy
    20sentryboy 17 days ago

    It’s french, no thanks. Need I say more.

  • Andy Jordan Male
    Andy Jordan Male 17 days ago +1

    Jesus bless. Only the blood of Jesus & his work at cross saves. Please read the Gospel 1Corint 15:1-4,Rom 3:25, 10:9-10 & Ephes 2:8-9.Amen

  • Wolf Tech
    Wolf Tech 17 days ago +2

    You've never reviewed the RCZ

  • R33C3
    R33C3 17 days ago

    A quad exhaust would make the rear end look better

  • Floris de Walvis
    Floris de Walvis 17 days ago +1


  • vibeuk2003
    vibeuk2003 19 days ago +2

    Peugeots don't exactly have a great reputation for reliability- in fact that goes for most French cars. They look great- but fail far too often.

    • Nemesis12345
      Nemesis12345 14 days ago

      77 faults per 100 and most reliable according to JD Powers UK.

    • The Truth
      The Truth 18 days ago

      Total BS. I've had a Peugeot 308 for 4 years and it's as reliable as a Swiss watch.

  • Kais Sal
    Kais Sal 19 days ago

    Very very good looking!

  • Tidgy
    Tidgy 20 days ago +2

    Good outside, but it's French 😐 no good otherwise practicality wise. Too many things wrong.

    • Pierre Pinson
      Pierre Pinson 8 days ago

      @Mohammad Yadiy Tigdy cannot reply To You because he haven't seen this PEUGEOT in real yet. He is just seen this FRENCH CAR on "RU-clip" and he is JEALOUS about FRENCHS can make good cars. FRENCH BASHING, like usual.

    • Pierre Pinson
      Pierre Pinson 8 days ago

      @Mohammad Yadiy Tidgy is a Guy who critizise FRENCH cars, because he doesn't like FRENCH. He is just JEALOUS.

    • Mohammad Yadiy
      Mohammad Yadiy 18 days ago

      @Tidgy thus? Is that your answer to my question?

    • Tidgy
      Tidgy 18 days ago

      @Mohammad Yadiy lol your name is statistically the most common name on the planet 😄

    • Mohammad Yadiy
      Mohammad Yadiy 18 days ago

      Too many things wrong? Example?

  • Saurabh Tripathi
    Saurabh Tripathi 20 days ago +2

    "I won't go really far in this car"... it's a GT Model.. ooh the irony

  • Mark Fox
    Mark Fox 20 days ago

    It's a Peugeot so everything will break and it'll be an unreliable piece of shit.

  • Mau Ja
    Mau Ja 21 day ago

    This is the most beautifull French car of the last centuries. Good looking, special, not common, but ofc looking like some others, and needs some improvments. Price is acceptable. No car in this range is perfect. 4,1/5

  • Henry Discipline
    Henry Discipline 21 day ago

    That dashboard is just shite, the position of the instruments looks irritating and that steering wheel is pathetic.

  • Mark Prior
    Mark Prior 21 day ago

    I think the Mazda 6 and the VW Passat are better looking externally, but i like the interior of the Peugeot 508

    • Nemesis12345
      Nemesis12345 14 days ago

      I can agree Mazda 6 looks almost as good as 508 but Passat? It looks like a box with four wheels.

  • Karim KAIEL
    Karim KAIEL 23 days ago +1

    I've watched dozens of reviews of this new 508, read dozens of articles and went to my local Peugeot dealer to try this car for myself. And I fully agree with the MAJORITY of reviewers : this 508 is the best blend of everything you can ask to a modern family sedan at this price point. Period. Matt, I'm a huge fan of yours, and I've been watching your videos for many many years now. But come on dude! What's wrong with you guys out there in Great Britain, when it comes to french cars??? The most UNFAIR comment you did in this video, to me, is about the driving. All the motoring journalists (as you like to call yourself) I've read, praise for this cars handling and comfort, especially with the adaptive suspension. Some have tested the 508 against the all new 3 Series, and have proved (by testing the cars like you should) that the 508 offers better handling than the BMW. Which is absolutely no surprise. You can blame Peugeot for many things, but for everything related to the chassis, come on, just admit that they're amongst the very best. Some honesty wouldn't hurt you, my dear Matt.

  • CoLoNeLC4
    CoLoNeLC4 24 days ago

    Typical french cars, they look good have few aesthetic issues and after 2-3 years you have so many problems you can't even sell the thing...I bought 15x french cars in my life Peugeot/Citreon and Renault, Peugeot is the less worst of the pack.

  • Keyboard Warrior
    Keyboard Warrior 26 days ago

    looks like a cadillac ct5

  • Tariro Coffee
    Tariro Coffee 26 days ago +8

    I dont fancy the practicality but the design is amazing. I love it.

  • MrCheesetastic
    MrCheesetastic 26 days ago

    I detest Peugeot's wanky steering wheels. Flat top and bottom is not nice to use. I find Peugeot is trying to win people over on styling. Tits on a bull to be honest. It's still shite.

  • TP
    TP 27 days ago

    What a beautiful car.

  • Bartosz Zdrojewski
    Bartosz Zdrojewski 27 days ago

    that's an aweful and tacky looking dashboard

    MICHAEL DAVIS 28 days ago

    Is Peugeot like Columbo's car?

  • Amri Hilal
    Amri Hilal 29 days ago

    I wonder why when a British does a French car reviews they are always negative!

  • Lemuel Breakfast
    Lemuel Breakfast Month ago

    Very good looks, but too many things that are just way below standard. Tacky, poorly thought out

  • chula
    chula Month ago


  • mrmp
    mrmp Month ago +6

    I test drove the same 2L 180PS diesel except with 18 inch wheels. And I have to say I never really liked Peugots but I've fallen in love with the 508 and if I could afford the high spec one I would get it. It's amazingly comfortable and it's genuinely really really quick it pushes you into the seat quite hard and you can push it through a corner more than you think, it raises your adrenaline, must be even better with 19 inch wheels. Genuinely an impressive car especially for the price. Oh and the Focal audio system POPS

  • James M
    James M Month ago

    Crikey! Fair play to the the frenchies

  • Daan van der Keur
    Daan van der Keur Month ago +3

    Why did not one journalist made a REAL test with this car??? I was so impressed by the electronic damping in the Sport-mode that I did the ultimate test on an asphalt speed bump. I started with 70 km/h -> 80-90-100 km/h and finally I just did it and drove with 150 km/h (no joke) over the asphalt speed bump and it was absolutely no problem for this car. Really GENIUS this electronic damping on this new Peugeot 508. The only other car I ever did this with this speed was a Ford Focus RS.............. This car is really great and can easily match with any similar German car.

  • RuiD
    RuiD Month ago

    this 1 or the giulia ? :c

  • thatboiipizza YT
    thatboiipizza YT Month ago

    This is going to be one of the first Peugeot to be sold in the us 😀😀😀😀😀

  • Mehdi S
    Mehdi S Month ago

    First time i saw this car in traffic i thought it was an American car, mustang or so... it looks interesting, but since its a Pug i´m not sure about its reliability, specially the electric French just cant seem to get them right.

  • Jitwar Singh
    Jitwar Singh Month ago

    Matt, this is not a family hatch- Peugeot's family hatch is the 308. This is in the BMW 3 series class, but with a hatch, which seems to have gone out of fashion in this class.

  • Jace Johnson
    Jace Johnson Month ago +1

    I'm interested to hear about the reliability. Both my parents work for Peugeot, mom has the 3008, Dad has the 5008. Both have had several issues in the first year of collection. Peugeot still aren't very reliable in comparison to the German brands

  • Jay Win
    Jay Win Month ago

    Cool car, love the design, but they don't sell these in the US.

  • Pasindu Pabasara
    Pasindu Pabasara Month ago

    It has the best looking interior design I have ever seen besides the german car companies like audi.

  • dimitris bastas
    dimitris bastas Month ago

    I saw it today outside of a dealer in Athens. I 'm not a French car enthusiast, but this think looks great!

  • AminShaikh Aminshaikh

    Toyota avalon? Review

  • Drmcx
    Drmcx Month ago

    That interior looks like it came from 2119

  • Furyswe1
    Furyswe1 Month ago

    Just wanted to check in on french car manufacturing, and yeah, they still suck! Avoid.

  • Soviet Tsars
    Soviet Tsars Month ago

    Ehh... if only Saab was alive

  • H S
    H S Month ago

    I think it looks really good but the only thing I could think is the front looks like a Volvo v 90 and the back like a Tesla model s

  • Dreamworld Exposed
    Dreamworld Exposed Month ago

    Your reviews are awesome.

  • Nick Papanikolaou
    Nick Papanikolaou Month ago +9

    Too much blah blah. You are so transparent in your effort to put the 508 down. I have driven bmws etc. They are not the best driving cars. Mechanically, Peugeots are much, much better. And so you know ever since Peugeot (PSA) started making BMW engines they improved dramatically in reliability. But in general, if you have nothing good to say dont say anything. You need not spend 10-15 minutes blubbering about an excellent car.

    • Danko Mrkonjić
      Danko Mrkonjić 8 days ago

      I drove a lot of cars, I mean a LOT and driving experience un BMW and Peugeot are not even a match, different league.

  • Andor Radnai
    Andor Radnai Month ago

    Away from SUVs?! Finally! I’m buying the whole range!! It’s really unbelievably beautiful!!! The French have really gotten their game on again, huh..?

  • naeema alkiyumi
    naeema alkiyumi Month ago

    The designer is soo classy and creative!! Well done !! BMW learn a thing or two from the god damn interior ok ????

  • שלמה שניידר


  • Jay Mac
    Jay Mac Month ago

    Peugeot’s looks so good. They have to be the best looking mainstream cars available. I honestly can’t think of more attractive cars. I wish we got Peugeot’s in the US. Though I will never care for frameless windows except on convertibles

  • Owen Simpson
    Owen Simpson Month ago

    Ok so this is a Peugeot that for once is actually quite stylish, but for me theres just a few too many things that are still 'classic French'

  • AlexPlatanakis
    AlexPlatanakis Month ago

    508 sw is even better cuz more room

  • anonym0336
    anonym0336 Month ago

    When I saw it I went "wow" but now I've seen this, I'm a bit dissappointed. It has so many minor weaknesses that add up to a big "it's good, *but* " and that is such a pity! It's the first peugeot you can actually look at since... the baby jesus was around

  • Housni Alami
    Housni Alami Month ago

    Shitty car from the french

  • komik olma
    komik olma Month ago

    German ergonomics is best

  • Slavisha Zvonar
    Slavisha Zvonar Month ago

    This guy really doesnt know shit about good cars.

  • Bartłomiej Top secret

    Why the video is so foggy?

  • Louis Siah
    Louis Siah Month ago

    For any Malaysians watching this video, do not, i repeat, DO NOT, even consider peugeot as long as they're under Nasim. The worse ever after-sales service i have experienced out of my 9-car garage. Check out Malaysia peugeot 508 facebook group to get to know the horror stories of this car and brand

  • Nicolas BLOT
    Nicolas BLOT Month ago +1

    I currently own a 308 and it's most likely the 508 will be the next :) Peugeot has dramatically improved the quality of their cars! My 308 has nearly 3 years and 85.000kms and no single rattle or issue which was not the case with older Peugeot.

  • MrOmsiFan
    MrOmsiFan Month ago

    That interieur just looks so stupid

  • David
    David Month ago

    We need this car in US

  • Nigel Frier
    Nigel Frier Month ago

    Try changing bulbs for front lights

  • Tamara Horvath
    Tamara Horvath Month ago