LaMelo Ball hits the gym at 2 AM after his first triple double to continue working on his game

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    LaMelo Ball hits the gym at 2 AM after his first triple double to continue working on his game

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  • zachary pratzner
    zachary pratzner 3 months ago

    Too many haters in the RU-clip comments shit is toxic... respect these kids for grinding hope this kid makes it far

  • hyperdnk1
    hyperdnk1 3 months ago

    lamelo sucks. he will turn into shaun livingston AT BEST

  • Turtle B
    Turtle B 3 months ago

    So he could make a video and have people talkabout it lol

  • Lea Nelson
    Lea Nelson 3 months ago

    damnn 2am? you should be sleeping at 2AM. You should see some sleep doctor because you are going to lose muscles this way

  • blake ware
    blake ware 3 months ago

    Y melo got that set shot 13 base with Rudy gay release 😭

  • Austin Trummel
    Austin Trummel 3 months ago

    Lol hate that this is a new corny trend amongst athletes. Get a win and post good stats and then hit the gym but make sure someone is recording it so other people know. LaMelo is gonna be a great player in the NBA but go to sleep after a game rest and heal and train in the morning this isnt healthy lol

  • navi gation
    navi gation 3 months ago

    why do people think at a time when you should be recovering is a good thing ?? to me it seems to be unprofessinal i dont get it

    • navi gation
      navi gation 3 months ago

      @jerry case thats stupid recovering is part of professionalism working while you should be asleep is how you get injured not how you become great, just get your workout in regular hours this is just a publicity stunt

    • jerry case
      jerry case 3 months ago

      if you sayin it’s unprofessional to work while you should be recovering, you dont know what greatness is

  • Maddi Sinclair
    Maddi Sinclair 3 months ago

    it was the morning of his triple double

  • MisterBinx
    MisterBinx 3 months ago

    He's so garbage lol. Putting up numbers in a garbage league. That ugly jumper ain't gonna get him anywhere if he gets a shot in the NBA.

  • Marcus Wong
    Marcus Wong 3 months ago

    2am australian time?

  • Joe Fou
    Joe Fou 3 months ago

    Just to say it was 11 pm not 2 am

  • Big curt Numba9
    Big curt Numba9 3 months ago

    Imagine passing on melo in the draft niggas finna be sawtee

  • Mudasir
    Mudasir 3 months ago +2

    It’s honestly so true, no matter who are you are and where you are, if you put the hours in you’ll be great at anything. ~Muhammad Ali

  • Shawn Golmes
    Shawn Golmes 3 months ago


  • Cryptidian
    Cryptidian 3 months ago

    Why would you stay up at 2 AM when your body needs the much needed rest? I think this is just dumb. There's no benefit from doing this, or at least very little. Go to bed at a normal hour and work hard during the day. Don't deprive your body of your natural sleep cycle.

  • Jason Mason
    Jason Mason 3 months ago +3

    What is the point in training at 2:00am in the morning? Just wake up early and train

  • Robert S.
    Robert S. 3 months ago

    Maybe 2am USA time.

  • Blinks Stay fresh
    Blinks Stay fresh 3 months ago


  • HugeoT 118
    HugeoT 118 3 months ago

    that's not his son that's Sunday Dech one of melos teammates

  • Consistently Random
    Consistently Random 3 months ago

    Swish, swish, bish! I'd be saying that all the time if I were a BALLer.

  • Vincent Hgerty
    Vincent Hgerty 3 months ago

    Prob wasn’t 2 am where he is not sure the time zone difference but pretty sure all those ppl wouldn’t be there at 2 am if he worked out at 2 am he would prob be alone

    • Vincent Hgerty
      Vincent Hgerty 3 months ago

      Also it looks like there is a little kid there

  • Levon Grant
    Levon Grant 3 months ago

    He gonna be better then lonzo watch in see

  • savage97
    savage97 3 months ago

    I love him

  • Cody Warriner
    Cody Warriner 3 months ago

    Kid needs to hit the weight room that other big name in the aussie league is so much quicker and more explosive

  • Ricky Castillo
    Ricky Castillo 3 months ago


  • blabla 888
    blabla 888 3 months ago

    I think it is stupid to train at night...doesnt make sense. You have to get enough sleep and a good rythm

  • Mac
    Mac 3 months ago


  • PhoenixSuns NZ
    PhoenixSuns NZ 3 months ago

    How do we know this is 2am?? Could literally be 2pm lol

    • straight shootah
      straight shootah 3 months ago

      It's definitely not 2 am. Kids out there shooting.

      SPEEDIE LOKO 3 months ago

      PhoenixSuns NZ I mean don’t matter

  • O L
    O L 3 months ago

    This trainer seems good. I don’t like it when trainers make the players do 7 million moves on the way to the basket or before taking the shot. It’s just too unrealistic.

  • nice
    nice 3 months ago +1

    i dont get the go to the gym at 2am culture, theres really no advantage of going at a weird time like this, apart from health issues that can arise from lack of rest

  • Brent Williams
    Brent Williams 4 months ago

    That no jumping and lackadaisical balling isn’t going to work in the league

  • Devin Crenshaw
    Devin Crenshaw 4 months ago +31

    His jumper is kinda weird. Makes it look like he's about to jump and then he gets an inch off the ground

    • NC FIRE
      NC FIRE 3 months ago

      @zachary pratzner that shot will be blocked in the NBA. I'm not hating on him. You can't tell me he's got a good shot. Lol

    • zachary pratzner
      zachary pratzner 3 months ago

      NC FIRE people live hating on kids smh respect his game he just turned 18. And if it goes in why does it matter how it looks

    • NC FIRE
      NC FIRE 3 months ago

      @Jared Mitchell lol... yeah he shoots the same in games....his form is awful

    • Devin Crenshaw
      Devin Crenshaw 3 months ago +2

      @Jared Mitchell What reason is there to change your form just for games and practice or differently the other 90% of the time? You say it's obvious but it actually makes no sense.

    • Jared Mitchell
      Jared Mitchell 3 months ago

      Thats how some ppl shoot in practice. He doesn’t do that in a game. Obviously smh lol

  • Frank Udalor
    Frank Udalor 4 months ago +1

    Was that Sunday Dech???

    • Caelan Bennett
      Caelan Bennett 3 months ago

      yea him and melo been getting trained by jermaine jackson over here

  • Learn&teach2Learn
    Learn&teach2Learn 4 months ago


  • dadsa
    dadsa 4 months ago

    Nice potential, but he's extremely far from being able to shoot even a reasonable clip in the NBA with his form/habits. Do people see him shooting that spot up 3 with no arc/legs and think that's going to transfer? Okay...

  • Rafael Bryant
    Rafael Bryant 4 months ago

    Hes practicing with little kids, and it means that hes truly humble

  • Shamilah Thompson
    Shamilah Thompson 4 months ago

    All that fucking carrying the ball

  • Evo Waves
    Evo Waves 4 months ago

    He needs to continue gaining weight or he won’t make it at all in the NBA

      CHXPPA SLXPZ 3 months ago

      Allen Boi huge fan of melo but he “SHOULD” gain some weight

    • Allen Boi
      Allen Boi 3 months ago

      Are you stupid or are you trying to make a controversial statement

    • Allen Boi
      Allen Boi 3 months ago

      Evo Waves he could lose 20 pounds and still be the number 1 2020 draft pick

  • Luka Muren
    Luka Muren 4 months ago

    White kods wanna be black lol

  • David Steele
    David Steele 4 months ago

    When did mellow change his shot he's always been a high jumper hardly even jumps now can't do that in NBA you will get blocked every timeI'm not a hater I love the kid but he needs to jump

    • Offset _TM
      Offset _TM 3 months ago

      David Steele no wtf ,he is like 6,7 look at klay or steph they are barrely jumping and they are the best shooter in the league 🤷‍♂️

  • anodyne57
    anodyne57 4 months ago

    That Ball family shot,'s hard to look at. I know he's making a good number now, but just like Lonzo, as he moves up a level, I don't think they're going to be dropping.

  • M S10
    M S10 4 months ago

    ....aaaaand who cares

  • Diana Diana
    Diana Diana 4 months ago +6

    So he just magically erased his chest tattoos 🤔😂

    • Ni66a 1AM
      Ni66a 1AM 3 months ago

      howd he do that though?😂😂😂

  • JWB671
    JWB671 4 months ago

    I learned to play basketball in that gym. It has no air con and a metal roof so coming into the Australian summer practicing at 2am makes a lot of sense.

  • Kyrohnics
    Kyrohnics 4 months ago

    Foe this boy melo need to start jumping on them 3s lmao

    • Papi Champu
      Papi Champu 3 months ago +1

      Kyrohnics you realize that Curry, Klay, Lillard don’t jump high when they’d shoot either right. It’s not important.

  • MrWaffleBrainz
    MrWaffleBrainz 4 months ago

    And? he probably slept until 12 noon the next day. If he went to practice at 2am and woke up again at 7 to practice again that would be impressive.

  • Jay GoCrazy
    Jay GoCrazy 4 months ago +4

    Melo probably stayed up playing 2k waIting for this practice

  • M. Timmerbeil
    M. Timmerbeil 4 months ago +24

    Mans got his time zones messed up lol

    • M. Timmerbeil
      M. Timmerbeil 3 months ago

      DJustins Vlog I’m not talking about Lamelo bro. I’m talking about the dude who put the video up. There’s no way his coaches have him train at 2AM

    • DJz Vlog
      DJz Vlog 3 months ago +1

      not gonna think that if u wanna be the best player ever

  • salojan
    salojan 4 months ago +2

    OHhh wow such motivation much dedicaation

  • eye4lies
    eye4lies 4 months ago +2

    And then he slept untill 14h PM ...

  • FanASStik
    FanASStik 4 months ago

    And giannis be like awww that's cute.

    • Cnz43
      Cnz43 4 months ago

      FanASStik what you bring giannis into this for lol

  • Mr. Bozack
    Mr. Bozack 4 months ago +1

    Hongry..ready to eat in the nba!!

  • Joe Duckett
    Joe Duckett 4 months ago

    This boy ain't gonna be on the Lakers. Let's be clear. We don't need second rate players. Daddy fucked you and your brothers careers. It is that simple.

  • Nathan Colvin
    Nathan Colvin 4 months ago +2

    Who was the little kid

  • Belle Vi
    Belle Vi 4 months ago

    Stop keep recommending this to me goddmit

  • MyBrotherJudy
    MyBrotherJudy 4 months ago +20

    Melo kinda got that d Russ thing goin on... it’s like when he shoots his feet are glued to the ground lol

    • Gilmore Boxing
      Gilmore Boxing 4 months ago +3

      dadsa why u @ing at me

    • dadsa
      dadsa 4 months ago

      @Gilmore Boxing Come on bruh...D Russ thing? He ain't got it like that lol. D Russ has a fluid, arching shot...this dude looks like a Praying Mantis shooting jumpers. He's going to shoot 30% his rookie year.

    • Gilmore Boxing
      Gilmore Boxing 4 months ago +4

      My Brother Judy I think he doesn’t wanna elevate that much because he probably finds it hard to maintain his shot when he really jumps, Had the similar form when I was playing 14 years ago in senior high I struggled whenever I force my self to an elevated jump shot I just found it more comfortable to jump less, Regardless I still seen Melo jump but yeah I think its gonna be a working progress for him

  • Breon Boyd
    Breon Boyd 4 months ago

    Melo in the lab working 2am💪🏾. Other prospects are up studying for an exam worrying about School work. Going
    Over seas was the Perfect Scenario for him 💯

  • sbk
    sbk 4 months ago +3

    Lil guy should start holding the follow through

    • Nekaneka15
      Nekaneka15 3 months ago

      @AJ ON THE MIC helps with keeping that "robotic" stance and not fuck up the form. Creates better musle memory for shooting motion. I play in the hole and even I know this shit

      AJ ON THE MIC 3 months ago

      @Ghenkel 02 true basketball players know it does

    • Ghenkel 02
      Ghenkel 02 3 months ago

      holding your follow through dosent make a difference lol

  • Vishaal Venugopal
    Vishaal Venugopal 4 months ago +1

    as long as lavar stays out of the nba and basketball shit in the public eye and lets jermaine handle lamelo's basketball stuff.....melo gon be fine

    • Corey Reddick
      Corey Reddick 3 months ago

      Vishaal Venugopal but who helped him get that good in the first place?

  • Adonai Zedek
    Adonai Zedek 4 months ago +1

    He really needs one more year training like this playing with grown men to get where he needs to be. We will see maybe he got COndor Wings . Lets see Youngin FLY

    • Daygojit !
      Daygojit ! 4 months ago

      Adonai Zedek he’s ready you’re trippen

  • Adonai Zedek
    Adonai Zedek 4 months ago

    He turning into a man now. Get Money. #GymRat

  • mikatteba225
    mikatteba225 4 months ago +31

    Rest is also a part of the training.

  • Remart Youtube Channel
    Remart Youtube Channel 4 months ago


  • Ant Wilder
    Ant Wilder 4 months ago

    Lamelo gone ball tf out he the best out of the ball brothers

  • YAF : YourAnimeFix
    YAF : YourAnimeFix 4 months ago +59

    Damn how nice it must be to just call people out of bed to get the ball for you when you can't sleep at 2am 😂

    • E1jay
      E1jay 3 months ago +1

      I think they are trainers for the team or he pays them

    • Azharuz Zaman699
      Azharuz Zaman699 3 months ago +1

      Jay it’s funny cuz you talkin like you made it, but you in mommas basement with your insecure little Snapchat filters goin thru depression LMFAOOO!

    • iSuperEagle
      iSuperEagle 3 months ago +3

      Jay please Stfu, idk why your big ass head decided to be disrespectful no damn reason. He merely made a statement sheesh

    • Jay
      Jay 3 months ago

      YAF : YourAnimeFix obviously your dumbass dont know what the grind is to reach your dreams

  • Black Jedi
    Black Jedi 4 months ago

    Lil man rocking the mb1 hoodie

  • T G
    T G 4 months ago

    Hes overseas, it wasnt 2am

  • jballinforfood
    jballinforfood 4 months ago +1

    that lil nigga trynta act like he wet

  • Jay
    Jay 4 months ago

    I could’ve sworn not that long ago he used to jump on his jump shots now it looks like he doesn’t anymore?

    • Gilmore Boxing
      Gilmore Boxing 4 months ago +1

      Jay he probably finds more consistency when not jumping that much,

  • WeezyOD
    WeezyOD 4 months ago

    JJ son got the strap!

  • zaytovenerick
    zaytovenerick 4 months ago

    He gone be number 1 pick fr

  • Austin Gleason
    Austin Gleason 4 months ago +11

    is that jermaine jackson training them?

  • Damian
    Damian 4 months ago

    He’s even bumping 03 greedo

  • Cooking Section
    Cooking Section 4 months ago

    Worked so hard he changed shorts after shitting himself

  • Hugo Vergel
    Hugo Vergel 4 months ago

    His shot looks way better I always say don’t fix it if it’s not broken but look at his mechanics way better

  • Jason Akins
    Jason Akins 4 months ago +4

    Atl would be a perfect fit. Trae Young amd Lamelo would be a 🔥🔥🔥🔥 backcourt.

    • Scotty Chavan
      Scotty Chavan 4 months ago

      Jason Akins what a dumb comment. Defense will always win you a title.

    • Jason Akins
      Jason Akins 4 months ago

      @Ram boul Tbh defense is ovverated in the NBA now. Teams are dropping well over 110 ppg now!

    • Ram boul
      Ram boul 4 months ago

      It’s really hard to hide 2 guards on defense tho.

  • Paul Danisa
    Paul Danisa 4 months ago

    What song is at 0:45

    • Paul Danisa
      Paul Danisa 4 months ago

      lit papi thanks you a real one

    • lit papi
      lit papi 4 months ago

      Gunna - Pedestrian

  • ImVon
    ImVon 4 months ago +33

    This old we’re his chest tattoo

  • Daevon Crowder
    Daevon Crowder 4 months ago +1

    Dats a move I would make 💯 💪🏽😈

    Tarai WAQATAIREWA 4 months ago +1

    What an invaluable experience for Sunday !! 🤙🏽