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Zlatan scores in LA Galaxy's 2-1 win vs. Houston Dynamo | MLS Highlights

  • Published on Apr 20, 2019
  • In the LA Galaxy's 2-1 victory over the Houston Dynamo, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Diego Polenta each knock in goals. It's Zlatan's 6th goal on the season. Alberth Elis nets a goal for Houston in the loss.
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Comments • 258

  • Eddy Nunez
    Eddy Nunez 18 days ago

    We still played better #dynamo.

  • Edwin Miranda
    Edwin Miranda 19 days ago

    Falla demasiado y será que ya no puede pero no se le ve comprometido con el equipo.

  • jonathan salazar
    jonathan salazar 20 days ago

    PK!! really?? What's next? What a lazy commentator!!

  • Augusto muñoz
    Augusto muñoz 21 day ago

    Lo ciento pero vela sin tantos reflectores es el mejor de la mls sorry

  • CR7 Santista
    CR7 Santista 23 days ago

    Ibra já era !

  • Somalia Somalibaleh
    Somalia Somalibaleh 25 days ago

    Commentator saying “pk” wtf... mls please get European commentator

  • Stokesbury
    Stokesbury 25 days ago

    soccer= zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Aenean Calida
    Aenean Calida 26 days ago

    just look at the last few games, Zlatan is diving more and more.

  • Karl Johansson
    Karl Johansson 27 days ago

    Announcer changito oaxaqueno platanero.

  • GRiͥezͣmͫann᚜ -_-
    GRiͥezͣmͫann᚜ -_- 28 days ago +2

    Zlatan doenst play for la galaxy
    La galaxy plays for zlatan

  • houmanator
    houmanator 28 days ago

    Ibrahimovic looked his age a bit

  • marco
    marco 29 days ago

    1:16 blue jersey second to left, is that really a soccer player or an real athlete?

  • Fernando Rivera
    Fernando Rivera 29 days ago

    Alberth Ellis 🔥

  • TheGrouchDnD
    TheGrouchDnD 29 days ago

    That pitch looks like playing on hardwood

  • Samuel Valerio
    Samuel Valerio 29 days ago

    Lazy ass Zlatan don't even run

  • renato fernandez
    renato fernandez Month ago

    Pk? Can't you say penalty kick? Are you that lazy? Or are you a millennium?

  • 5115440
    5115440 Month ago

    Who the fuck calls it a “pk” please don’t call that:.. sooo cringe worthy

  • Brand Tzawala
    Brand Tzawala Month ago

    Zlatan, al fin alguien cuerdo es el verdadero capitan, ahi esta la papa, Zlatan is a model to follow (soccer speaking)

  • Ly
    Ly Month ago

    Im sorry but HOW in the WORLD did Houston get that Penalty kick? it was clearly from outside the box lmao ... MLS...

  • Napoleon IV
    Napoleon IV Month ago

    I'm from Houston, and I was cheering for Zlatan....smh

  • Tyrese jr Smith
    Tyrese jr Smith Month ago

    I rather listen Martin Tyler and Alan Smith on fifa!!!!!!

  • Abu_Sheikh 1
    Abu_Sheikh 1 Month ago

    Oh hell nah he said “PK”😂😂😂

  • chris zlatan
    chris zlatan Month ago +1

    This fool had me thinking pique joined the MLS

  • Uche Udedibor
    Uche Udedibor Month ago

    Oh my god, this commentator needs to shut up. Stop drooling over Zlatans balls. The king, a lion. Stop. He was just above average in the world class leagues

  • LEO TV
    LEO TV Month ago


    DEVARMONT7 Month ago

    I couldn't find that comment with the time stamp we all come for. So I'll be the one for once. The goal is 1:43 enjoy your day

  • vick07esco
    vick07esco Month ago

    The commentators are no bueno..

  • DCUnderdog3000
    DCUnderdog3000 Month ago

    bruh these commentators stroke zlatans dick too hard. i wanna see them when zlatan gets destroyed by mls's real good teams.

  • Chamberlain Achilihu

    I know coby brian, steve nash n odell becham will be there cause they three play soccer n understands it like they play futball n basketball too.

  • Chamberlain Achilihu

    He try tho cause he almost intersept it but a lot of home work for the keeper to catch it that far.

  • Garett Sparks
    Garett Sparks Month ago

    Nothing but crosses and breakaways

  • blah
    blah Month ago

    What does Zlatan say to the guy at 6:17? Probably something harsh..

  • Amy Bella
    Amy Bella Month ago

    Thats how you know when VAR is shit and the REF, the foul is committed outside the box, and gives a penalty LMAO. (If you call that a foul)

  • Champion Sword
    Champion Sword Month ago

    Better than penaldo

  • Metalpazallteway
    Metalpazallteway Month ago

    But Zlatan also had the player by the neck. It's a 50/50 call. I say a Goal kick..

  • bau bau
    bau bau Month ago

    Ita a pk it's a pk...only in USA it's a pk

  • JeppJepp
    JeppJepp Month ago

    Why do these weird commentators overpronounce all the foreign names all the time? Just annoying af.

  • Me have tacos
    Me have tacos Month ago

    All I hear


  • Lucky Luke
    Lucky Luke Month ago

    1:34 fútbol not football.

  • Cheezit
    Cheezit Month ago

    zlatan only scores penalties

  • D F
    D F Month ago

    Zlatan is a shit team player and these announcers are embarrassing themselves. I would hate playing with him on my team. He had multiple easy chances to set up a teammate for a sitter and instead went for goal himself. (00:14, 04:43 and 05:00 to name a few). He gets mad that a cross isn't inch perfect and kicks the goal post, then doesn't celebrate w the team when they score the winning goal. SMH at these announcers huffing Zlatan's gas, he's so selfish and overrated.
    Mark my words that his teammates are going to start to resent him and there will be infighting at LA before the midway point of the season. Zlatan has literally never been at a club where he didn't have personal conflicts with either teammates or coaches. He's even assaulted a few. Dude is a washed up diva and I don't understand how any LA fans would welcome his presence there.

  • shelton paulsen
    shelton paulsen Month ago

    Houston getting a penalty from outside the box. Gotta love the MLS

  • Slim Chadi
    Slim Chadi Month ago

    Pfff the American League is sooo bad

  • Peyton Dagenais
    Peyton Dagenais Month ago

    When you're over 6 foot, any flick or kick makes you look badass, but they're easy.

  • No Need
    No Need Month ago

    i recommend you to play rugby dude.

  • cooldude69
    cooldude69 Month ago


  • Fazal Habib
    Fazal Habib Month ago +1

    How about a trade deal you give us Zlatan we give you Jones smalling pogba rashford lingard young and martial

  • kenny cheeseman
    kenny cheeseman Month ago

    zlatan wants to be at the centre of everything. when he scores, he wants his team mates to chase, when his team mates score....hes pissed!

  • Lebogang Campbell
    Lebogang Campbell Month ago

    You can just hear by the commentary that soccer is not taken as seriously as in Europe

  • imranadams
    imranadams Month ago


  • LJ X
    LJ X Month ago

    Half of the reason the rest of the world thinks the MLS is a big joke is because of the announcers. Do something about it MLS.

  • xdennis 912
    xdennis 912 Month ago


    • LEO TV
      LEO TV Month ago

      xdennis 912 just a broke kid

    • LEO TV
      LEO TV Month ago

      xdennis 912 zlatan played for psg

  • Boris Johnson's letterbox

    Pk its a pk looool

  • Liam Mellor
    Liam Mellor Month ago

    It's a penalty not a pk dumb yankeys

  • Clayton Bigsby
    Clayton Bigsby Month ago +2

    This man could still be an impact sub for a top European team, or a starter for a mid-table or lower mid-table European club. 🤫👀

  • HJ GE
    HJ GE Month ago +2

    What's wrong with this commentator? It's like a poorly done amateur parody of a real commentator...

  • fearlesslegend
    fearlesslegend Month ago +1

    Shitty American league

  • Mr. Gil
    Mr. Gil Month ago

    You’re really hugging on him making it so obvious yet you feel the need to complain smh

  • Sam Love
    Sam Love Month ago

    bruh Zlatan dived.. but ok

    • s s
      s s Month ago

      finally, someone who uses their eyes bruh

  • Jack Tafe
    Jack Tafe Month ago +1

    how my guy gonna say pk one more time

  • Bangers Only
    Bangers Only Month ago +1

    PK, the most American thing ever

  • Senad Kadunic
    Senad Kadunic Month ago

    Galaxy goalkeeper was a great he saved the game

  • Alex Avramescu
    Alex Avramescu Month ago

    this american stupids they eat potatos beffore match? most stupid voices american bitches

  • ThePsalms
    ThePsalms Month ago

    Wow American stadiums are so full, soccer is growing

    • Pizza Shark
      Pizza Shark Month ago

      If only the quality of commentary would hurry up and grow too

  • E_M_E_T
    E_M_E_T Month ago

    His name is Ibrahimovic. His kit has the name Ibrahimovic written on it. Stop saying Zlatan like you're on a first name basis with god. Ibra is the player. Zlatan is the personality.

  • jose gainza
    jose gainza Month ago

    Polenta made in uruguay

  • John Hamilton
    John Hamilton Month ago

    Who say "LA " won this game , because they was playing with 12 men and that against the rules they had " Delagarza " on THEY SIDE .
    I ask Houston Coach what Delagarza is doing in the game , please ? !!

  • Shanu Zayn
    Shanu Zayn Month ago

    will la galaxy will be in champions league next season

    • LJ X
      LJ X Month ago

      oh you mean the EUROPEAN champions league? you tell me.

  • Sven-Bertil Tååbe
    Sven-Bertil Tååbe Month ago +15

    *Zlatan missed 10 changes.
    *His "pee-kay" was a bad one.
    *Houstons penalty was outside.
    *The "gooooooaaaaaal"-thing is stupid...
    *This league has a lot of work to do.

  • Ali Ali
    Ali Ali Month ago +1

    penalty comes out the mouth more fluidly and smoothly than pk.

  • Tabs T
    Tabs T Month ago

    this league sucks

  • Xolo Beats
    Xolo Beats Month ago

    Yo what's with these American commentators, some cringe worthy sayings

  • Obey Exzy
    Obey Exzy Month ago

    A policeman caught zlatan for speeding. Zlatan put him off with a warning. The policeman was never seen again.

  • Anand Vasudev Nandakumar

    commentary is cringe af

  • Grega P
    Grega P Month ago

    That's got to be a Pique! LOL Just say penalty, you muppet.

  • RTB
    RTB Month ago

    Zlatan come back home....come to AJAX......Godenzoon!!

  • Walter Parada
    Walter Parada Month ago

    Please never say PK again

  • Yosi Tadesse
    Yosi Tadesse Month ago

    Houston’s penalty looks clearly outside of the box ...

  • Beast Mode
    Beast Mode Month ago

    Zlatan sacrificed himself for our sins....

  • Daniel Alvarado-Angeles

    LA Galaxy have just one style of play and that is through Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

  • Blue Chief
    Blue Chief Month ago

    lol at this rate Zlatan will have 20 goals from just pks. MLS should rename to MPL - Major Penalty League.

  • Martinez Juan
    Martinez Juan Month ago

    Penalty... just say penalty..

  • Laadi Habinki
    Laadi Habinki Month ago

    When he yells goal, it seems so contrived

  • David Isaac
    David Isaac Month ago

    Who is the commentator?

  • DeAtHaToMiC
    DeAtHaToMiC Month ago

    MLS so i dont really care tbh.

    • DeAtHaToMiC
      DeAtHaToMiC Month ago

      +Helmut83 came for the man not the poor level football.

    • Helmut83
      Helmut83 Month ago

      Yet you are here commenting.

  • D A F T
    D A F T Month ago

    Elis 🇭🇳🇭🇳🇭🇳

  • Scorch Beatz
    Scorch Beatz Month ago

    MLS commentators suck

  • Sunny Gurung
    Sunny Gurung Month ago

    He lacks respect to his team mates.

  • David
    David Month ago

    hate univision commentary. The analyst guy wasn't bad but whoever is the main commentator makes me cringe

  • Rap Badly
    Rap Badly Month ago +5

    Zlatan doesn’t score
    The goal scores for zlatan

  • steven clark
    steven clark Month ago

    Who is the favourites to win the League..

  • Rajan Lama
    Rajan Lama Month ago +15

    Zlatan play's for MLS that's the reason it's highlights been broadcasted in espn💪😂.

  • Video TT
    Video TT Month ago

    Outside for sure.

  • MrBalzz
    MrBalzz Month ago

    Very poor goalkeeping for the penalty.

    • Helmut83
      Helmut83 Month ago

      Oh yes, because he didn't stop the penalty. Just like 80% of the times a penalty is shot.

  • Vishvapreet Dhillon
    Vishvapreet Dhillon Month ago +1

    2:44 just Zlataned

  • CheMysterious!
    CheMysterious! Month ago

    Commentators sucking zlatan's dick..

  • Blade
    Blade Month ago

    I hate it when commentators say 1 word for 1 minute straigth.. head ache material

  • Blade
    Blade Month ago

    He seems so bad lol

  • Matthew Baum
    Matthew Baum Month ago

    Ffs this commentary 😂😂

  • koby yung
    koby yung Month ago

    He seems off