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Colin Cowherd thinks LeBron James' injury is causing 'real tension' with the Lakers | NBA | THE HERD

  • Published on Jan 17, 2019
  • Colin Cowherd gives his thoughts on LeBron James' agent Rich Paul's reaction about the superstar's groin injury and Colin believes the injury's possibly affecting the relationship with the Los Angeles Lakers. Colin also breaks down Kyrie Irving and the NBA's leadership problem.
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    The Herd with Colin Cowherd is a three-hour sports television and radio show on FS1 and iHeartRadio. Every day, Colin will give you his authentic, unfiltered opinion on the day’s biggest sports topics.
    Colin Cowherd thinks LeBron James' injury is causing 'real tension' with the Lakers | NBA | THE HERD
    The Herd with Colin Cowherd
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  • The Herd with Colin Cowherd

    Can the Lakers keep their playoff hopes alive with LeBron still on the sidelines?

    • mike caldwell
      mike caldwell 4 months ago

      like Durant say it's a clown show where lebron goes

    • Johnny Jones
      Johnny Jones 4 months ago

      No they'd drop to 11 or 12th seed

    • Jay Frm DaAk!
      Jay Frm DaAk! 4 months ago

      Yea.. cause they all transgender people... Playing scripted league. . Just like Tomm bradya.. Mj.. 6 rings! Lol

    • We Are The 99
      We Are The 99 4 months ago

      They need Lebron if they are going to make the playoffs, and if he plays before he is ready he can get injured again and you can flush this season down the toilet. Lakers need to be careful. I agree about the lack of leaders. But leadership is something either you are born with it or not.

    • Montorius Woodard
      Montorius Woodard 4 months ago

      You reaching. Stop trying to create hate.You're like Donald Trump, garbage.

  • Cletus VanDamme
    Cletus VanDamme 4 months ago

    L39ron may not have grown up with his father but at least he got to play in the NBA with his step daddy.

  • James Bowser
    James Bowser 4 months ago

    The Cavs owner never had a team to get back.
    Colin, the ills of the history of the US have effected the socioeconomics of many players which are headed to the NBA. As long as playing games are valued more than other economic opportunities and are a more true meritocracy. People will continue to make conscience economic decisions to get to a glamorous high income job in the shortest possible manner. Also, I loved college and I think it is a great life experience. But, everyone is not cut out to go to college nor gets the proper guidance to go to a university. Thus, people will find ways to get to the NBA after high school or go to a one and done college experience.

  • RIFICA777
    RIFICA777 4 months ago

    You sound like a Narrator

  • RIFICA777
    RIFICA777 4 months ago

    Well he back now right?

  • My Life's Playlist
    My Life's Playlist 4 months ago

    The most important show for not only players but our generation. College is necessary.

    BPDMF 4 months ago

    Us who grew up poor had to get a job and take care of ourselves in middle school and high school. We did our own bed and clothes and shopping because our single parent worked 2 jobs and was still broke. Some of these players with sick family members or want to be able to move their parents/siblings out of a dangerous neighborhood don't have the same "mom made me pancakes on Saturday morning" life you had Colin. Shocker here Colin, but the NBA is a job and if paving sidewalks paid better than the NBA then there would be a large percent of players paving sidewalks, every foreman knows a big 6 and a half foot giant of a man is a blessing on almost any site. I just really get the vibe from Colin that his hardships were all really just speed bumps and dealing with a bit of real life after growing up sheltered in the suburbs. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong, but that's just how he comes off.

  • matrix
    matrix 4 months ago

    Colin is saying all these things like, "Lebron's not the best scorer" "Lebron's not the best two-way player" "He's not the best this and that...", but he's not acknowledging that he's still elite in every single one of those categories! The fact that we are able to even have Lebron James in the same DISCUSSION as James Harden for best scorer and turn right around and call him one of the league best defenders is nothing short of amazing. Colin fails to acknowledge that Lebron's value comes from his versatility and ability to be so damn good at almost every category imaginable. Best all-around superstar our game has ever seen.

  • King Reo
    King Reo 4 months ago

    Arguably the 6th-9th best player ever 😂

  • Stephen B. Smith
    Stephen B. Smith 4 months ago

    Lebron sitting out on purpose so he can win MVP

  • Gil Mota
    Gil Mota 4 months ago

    Did the Celtics care about Iseah Thomas?

  • Fernando Leon
    Fernando Leon 4 months ago

    let's be honest, we all know he is pumping the roids.

  • Steve McDougald
    Steve McDougald 4 months ago

    “...Father time is undefeated...”
    -Rocky Balboa

  • 88smjls
    88smjls 4 months ago

    LeBrons PED’s got lost in the mail so it’ll be a few more days lol He couldn’t jump the same then came back from Miami and Wade and was jumping threw the gym again🤔🤔🤔

  • chae fugate
    chae fugate 4 months ago

    LeBron was never the best scorer

  • King Beef
    King Beef 4 months ago

    He needs his steroids

  • King Beef
    King Beef 4 months ago

    Arrogant, smh

  • Mikeman Jordan
    Mikeman Jordan 4 months ago

    Arguably not the goat

  • David Toomalatai
    David Toomalatai 4 months ago

    He was never the best 2 way player

  • Bill Davis
    Bill Davis 4 months ago

    Lebron taking a long rest

  • tommywright3rd
    tommywright3rd 4 months ago

    Whether u like Colin or not he's made some serious points Backed up with receipts

  • We Are The 99
    We Are The 99 4 months ago

    college should pay their players at least 1000$ a month , so players wouldn't go to the nba when they are not ready yet.

  • TravailNoir
    TravailNoir 4 months ago +1

    "Lebron's empire is based on his body" really?? as opposed to other NBA players who depend on their face or fingers....right?

  • Gabriel Campbell
    Gabriel Campbell 4 months ago

    What is he saying @ 9:11 ?

  • Vision L
    Vision L 4 months ago

    You clown Dan Gilbert never said that! Quit making up stuff.

  • william alderman
    william alderman 4 months ago

    Best BODY of NBA all time! REALLY!

  • romero grady
    romero grady 4 months ago

    Which individual has been in the finals the last 7 years ? LB..... hater

  • romero grady
    romero grady 4 months ago

    Dude he's 6'9 250 lbs, and he hears a pop ! You're crazy, just say it you don't like Lebron James ! Now you're throwing all untrue scenario... lol / What sport did you play ? What did LB do to you, are who told you bash LB ? Lol

  • Kenneth 100
    Kenneth 100 4 months ago

    SO HOW IS HE POSSIBLY THE GOAT IF HE ISN'T THE BEST , 5:00 Shooter, ball handler, scorer, foot work.....come on... you said it.. he's the best build....with a mix of great skill, speed and talent.... Jordan and Kobe had that without their size being their advantage.. they were the best shooters, fastest, great dribblers and had great footwork...and both averaged around 5 assist..only 2 less than lebron...

  • Corey Bryant
    Corey Bryant 4 months ago

    Colin this was the stupidest segment you have ever done, I know it's been slow since Lebron been hurt but he will be back and the college thing stop the BS. Without all of these so called talent you say you would not have a job or career that has paid or paying you so much money. Ok for you to leave prior employers but the players in sports need college.

  • Jay
    Jay 4 months ago

    Lebron smart why rush a comback get reinjured.. this the first time he can rest...I'm sure he can go

  • Brandon Williams
    Brandon Williams 4 months ago

    I agree with rich Paul , lakers are weak right now anyway

  • Jason
    Jason 4 months ago +1

    Nah he just doesnt see the point going to the playoffs with this team. He trying to sit this one out, he will get tons of criticism if he doesnt make it to the finals or conference finals.

  • garial marsh
    garial marsh 4 months ago

    Steph curry is know leader

  • garial marsh
    garial marsh 4 months ago

    lies!..... lebron has never been and never will be the best closer in the league!

  • garial marsh
    garial marsh 4 months ago

    That's what lebron told him to say!

  • garial marsh
    garial marsh 4 months ago

    Yes...when he is ready

  • Majik_58
    Majik_58 4 months ago

    Come back when you're one hundred percent no ifs or buts the league knows that the world knows. LeBron doesn't owe nobody nothing

  • Mrbiggestboss
    Mrbiggestboss 4 months ago

    I don't buy it, college is a rip off for players, they don't get paid and the colleges get super rich off of the players. Besides, in the NHL almost no one goes to college and they have amazing leaders. This Sounds like pro college propaganda to me

  • Epiph Da 1
    Epiph Da 1 4 months ago

    Bro cut the BS COLON COWSHI* when LEBRON returned to Cleveland (skinny) & took a couple weeks off then randomly took a trip to MIAMI he wasn't injured he went to re-up on his meds (PED'S)🤔

  • Tevin Garrett
    Tevin Garrett 4 months ago

    Players in college CAN NOT HAVE A JOB!!!!!!!!!! And be on scholarship

  • Ange Nzassi
    Ange Nzassi 4 months ago

    Just get off the man's thing you're too smart for that

  • kickflipking06
    kickflipking06 4 months ago

    Stop it, he’s clearly stalling to force rob pelenkas hand. He wants these young guys traded and Luke fired. Get real Lebron is probably throwing down 360 tomahawks down in his private facility and pretending his groin is still hurt. He’s prob going to come back and have an all time run, next thing we know it’s May he’s top 3 in the mvp race and getting ready for the western conference showdown with the warriors. He’s fine.


    What’s really going on in Laker land? 🤔🤔

  • Asylum11
    Asylum11 4 months ago

    It’s obvious it was worse then it was led to be!! But this is a reach 😂😂 curry had the same injury this season and came Back fine! He was out 4-5 weeks

  • Loso Luciano
    Loso Luciano 4 months ago

    I agree 100%

  • Michael Mwelwa Muyambango

    And that colin is how you serve a hard, nucle,bolts, bones and rock dish.... Daaayyyyym!!! 🙆🙆🙆

  • Mico Banayad
    Mico Banayad 4 months ago

    When was lebron the best two way player?

  • David Davies
    David Davies 4 months ago

    Stop! come on man , you trying to get some controversy going !!??? he's hurt , ,,you are older man🤕 you know you don't bounce back from thumbs injuries let alone a growing injury 😁😎

  • Michael Luis
    Michael Luis 4 months ago

    You sound racist with the father remark I read between the Line your not the next skip bailyless

  • djdred3000
    djdred3000 4 months ago

    Not true but a valid point about Brons teammates.. What players on the lakers have college backgrounds.?? None!!!

  • jack jack
    jack jack 4 months ago

    Guarantee he got caught doping. LeBrick nation 💩.

  • alanlancer008
    alanlancer008 4 months ago

    lebron just don’t want to play for lakers. the team trash he might as well chill home and if lakers can’t get some
    good player. don’t come back

  • Three Wise-Men
    Three Wise-Men 4 months ago

    Does Colin's opinion on NBA players spending as less time in college as possible have a tinge of subliminal white privilege? Hey Colin why would a poor Black kid in the U.S. be excited to play for free in college making college executives wealthy and risk their one time chance to gain financially? White kids don't have the inevitable probability that they will be exploited with no other options to make that kind of money. Is it a coincidence that all the examples of players who lack leadership and had minimal to no college experience was BLACK PLAYERS? Hey Colin, the college sports system is a racist plantation assembly line organization! Why should these poor kids risk their opportunity just to make college officials(White Men) wealthy? Colin your argument makes no logical sense to a poor Black family who in all probability has been subjected to social discrimination and all that it comes with. Colin open up your mind bro! Or do you represent the people who take advantage and exploit these economically disadvantaged kids and their families?

  • Sonja Hill
    Sonja Hill 4 months ago

    I think you forgot that KyrieIrving talks to Kobe Bryant after every game...your speeches are such trash, why do you have your own show? Who decided that was a good idea? You sound like a bad church pastor

  • Debra Redwine
    Debra Redwine 4 months ago

    LeBron's little agent/rep sounds a bit arrogant. He didn't need to respond in the media like that, he could have spoke directly to Lakers management. Perhaps LeBron's inflated ego has extended to his "Posse"!

  • EwwKareem Tv
    EwwKareem Tv 4 months ago

    Through all the talk he does have a point on kyrie tryna be a “ leader “ too soon ! 💯

  • There Goes Simon
    There Goes Simon 4 months ago

    You’re such a clown for making a hypothetical situation surrounding Lebron pulling his grown again in March will make AD not want to come to LA..
    Bron got hurt, relax. He’s had little bumps and bruises before. The guy is 16 years in and you start trying to make an argument that he’s injury prone now?! AD isn’t even a free agent and your show is trash.
    Reaching on another level...

  • Emanuel Frederick
    Emanuel Frederick 4 months ago

    THUMBS UP👌👍, to this entire video is she be heard. It goes the same with entertainment and other feels like singing, and as they call it rapping. What you see here is an opportunity to become financially secure it without getting an College education. The country we live in the opportunities. Unfortunately the reality is everyone regardless of race as your whole I'm not always fortunate to have parents or opportunities to get scholarships for college lifestyles living it's not easy for all that's why they called the land of opportunities so if the bottom line if I can get a dollar to secure feed my family this is what the generations sometime I doing. The country itself after every war open the door for every other nationality to come in this country making it harder for the minority's that's already here. At the end I have a dream this message is not for haters as for realist one who understands opportunity it's not always there but when it does you take it from a financial standpoint. In the 60s and the 70s in the metropolitan cities New York Philadelphia Baltimore Etc there were hundreds and thousands of volleyball players that were just as good or better than those who made it, and I'd like to know who is the first high school player to go from there to Pro avoiding and escaping the red tape as a say of college which is needed regardless

  • Emanuel Frederick
    Emanuel Frederick 4 months ago

    Not sure we've actually spoken but Happy New Year to you. However I have always enjoyed listening to you and every sport and Analysis. You're extremely knowledgeable very intelligent and you for moose if not all you tell the truth. In connection directly and indirectly with professional players give you a leg up, but this issue about professional players and their roots. I agree with you 100%. As a child, teenager growing up you pick up a particular sport and you become better. I believe perhaps there is some hereditary involve especially if your parents play the same Sports, but the basics of being a great person all around going through the process I think is a must it doesn't hurt going to college, learning about life growing up with sharan developing the basic fundamentals of that particular sport. On the other hand there are hundreds and thousands of young people that want to be professionals and the number one stoppage back in the 60s and even now more so, is finances. Everyone cannot afford to go to college could not then and even more so now with the outrageous tuitions, SATs may not be high enough. What pass individual players did from going to high school to Pro it open the door for that opportunity for someone that is great with intentions of going back and getting an education. In college you learn leadership along with other attributes lean towards greatness. But the reality is there is exceptions to the rule for as a whole we can all see the damage is done a lot of talents that no leadership

  • Marc Anthony
    Marc Anthony 4 months ago

    Colin going full max kellerman /Tom Brady .. overreaction

  • Tree Brown
    Tree Brown 4 months ago +1

    Lebron is faking this injury. Just like he fake one after he loss to GSW.
    I hope he tear his ( A.C.L ).

  • #Cavs #Nation
    #Cavs #Nation 4 months ago

    😂😂😂😂😂 👎👎👎👎👎🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • blacktech101
    blacktech101 4 months ago

    Did Colin say Lebron is arguably the goat? Gees really? He's the best body of all time? What grown man says that about another? I get it but seriously even tho he is speaking against lebron. He through shade at Jordan with that goat comment. Wasn't Jordan 36 when done his last championship? Just say in.....

  • Javonah Henderson
    Javonah Henderson 4 months ago

    I think LeBron is jus getting rest in top of the injury it may be more serious nobody knows but him everybody's going in panic mode simply bcuz he's never been really hurt imo he's saving what's left of his prime and why not especially if he feels he has another championship run in him you see more and more players doing this when injured but I do agree with Colin on one thing rich Paul's response us kinda weird sounds real unprofessional and leads me to believe something more maybe wrong

  • Damion Biggs
    Damion Biggs 4 months ago

    Magic Johnson blundered when he signed the grandpa of the NBA. Magic Johnson shouldn't have touched him with the longest stick. Magic Johnson you ruined our beloved LAKERS. So sad.

  • Grim Kreaper
    Grim Kreaper 4 months ago

    Colin, Lebron was never the best scorer 4-5 years ago. He didn’t win any scoring titles.

  • Robert Williams I
    Robert Williams I 4 months ago

    You dont play pro ball stick to analyzing...these guys have alot of people to take of care of help...most of them dont come from money

  • bluboy
    bluboy 4 months ago

    Save yourself 10 minutes of life.
    This sounds like preaching he is not making any since. Completely pointless.

  • Final Luminary
    Final Luminary 4 months ago

    Lebron is just a super scottie pippen. He was never the best at any aspect of the game, he was just good at everything. He took up possessions on his team to pad his stats. He was never the best passer that was CP3, Deron, Rondo, and real point guards not named lebron, the best scorer was Kobe, then Durant, now Harden, then curry. The best defenders were tony allen, Kawhi, Duncan, Gasol. He could never guard 5 possessions that is a lie. The great thing about a lebron is he can do several things for you, but none of them as the best. That's why his teams lose to teams with great teamwork because those teams give everyone a chance to play their role but lebron has and wants to play multiple roles at once thus limiting your team. 9 finals trips, and 3 wins, it's officially the smart bet to bet against him as he will lose double the amount of times he wins.

  • 23Jpro
    23Jpro 4 months ago

    What Colin said about leadership is true. You guys are too naive to see it but he’s right. College shows you responsibility and personal accountability.

  • Westcoast Native
    Westcoast Native 4 months ago

    Let him sit out until after the all star break. This is a good opportunity to see who stays and who goes. That's (after the All-Star break) is when the Lakers need to be at their best anyways.

  • Thomas Family
    Thomas Family 4 months ago

    Just to get this straight: Kyrie had a chance to learn from a real leader in LeBron...who didn't go to college AT ALL? He's been in the league 7 years now. How long did it take LeBron to become a leader? Leadership isn't really learned in college. It's more of a personality thing. Either you have it or you don't.

  • Thomas Family
    Thomas Family 4 months ago +1

    Rich Paul needs to watch those double negatives: "We don't owe nothing to nobody" = "We owe everything to everyone".

  • MO TV
    MO TV 4 months ago

    SMH dis topic is horrible

  • The Ladies Man
    The Ladies Man 4 months ago

    Best thing for the Lakers to see what the young ones can do. I would sit lebron till all star

  • True Truth
    True Truth 4 months ago

    He needs his HGH and he will be ok

  • Michael Orbon
    Michael Orbon 4 months ago

    Colin before LeBron signing with Lakers: Bron will retire for this comming season

  • Rich Dollars
    Rich Dollars 4 months ago

    LeBron won't play at OKC, Houston, Golden State. Then the schedule gets easy for after that starting with Minnesota. Bet money he will rejoin the Lakers then... That's your king not mine🤮

  • Michael Hunt
    Michael Hunt 4 months ago

    Colin turning on LeBron already??? Colin you are full of it! I've lost a lot of respect for Colin Cowherd on this one. He flip flops crazy then acts like he is objective or he is out in front on things. I'm not even a LeBron fan, but I recognize he is full of it!

  • S K
    S K 4 months ago +1

    Once he went to LA, he slowed down his dosage of GH and testosterone. His recovery is obviously going to not be superhuman anymore. So yeah, more injuries to come. Like serious ones because his training regime and ideology is absolute garbage for an "elite athlete."

  • Liquid Mix
    Liquid Mix 4 months ago

    Settle down big guy!

  • ray32g
    ray32g 4 months ago


  • wandell Dell
    wandell Dell 4 months ago

    Lebron the best of all time.. don't argue

  • Militarize
    Militarize 4 months ago

    It is LeBron way to say he doesn't want to play and doesn't believe in this team.

  • DeAndre Page
    DeAndre Page 4 months ago

    Lies about Lebron James's injury, now lies about the seriousness of Lonzo Ball's injury

  • Marc Rover
    Marc Rover 4 months ago

    How does he know Paul Rich's (or whatever his name was) comment was in rebuttal to the Laker's press release? This seems like an awful lot of words & effort for a non-existent story.

  • Retro_87
    Retro_87 4 months ago

    DAAAAAMN!!! Never thought I see Colin hop off the Bron bandwagon 😳

  • Jonnie5 Bgood
    Jonnie5 Bgood 4 months ago +1

    His nuts hurt. Give him a break

  • Ronnie Clayton
    Ronnie Clayton 4 months ago

    the media is making me hate professional sports now. It is so easy to get a groin injury lol. It is also not wise to let that injury linger. Look at Chris Paul. He rushed getting back and whaddya know. He's hurt yet again. You see examples all over the league of taking extended time to heal, even Kawhi who he references lmao missed an entire year for a hamstring. At the end of the day he DOES NOT owe anybody anything except himself and if he's taking the time to make sure he's 110% so he can remain playing for 4, or more, years. Also Cowherd's show is a pedestrian thing too lmao just cause you get 200k views on RU-clip don't mean you're the voice of the NBA and all the drama you can scramble to find every single day to make your show relevant just gets stupid.

  • Tothineown Selfbetrue
    Tothineown Selfbetrue 4 months ago

    You didn't make your own bed and wash your on clothes until college??? Damn!!!

  • LJ Moore
    LJ Moore 4 months ago

    Heard is boring

  • Salsabor Boricua
    Salsabor Boricua 4 months ago

    just one word for you, stupid that's what you are LeBron the GOAT? they better start drug testing your behind

  • Taje Ware
    Taje Ware 4 months ago

    Lebron has a groin injury. Obviously he not coming back sooner than at least a month. As a competitor wouldn't you act like your key attribute is always almost 100. Show no weakness

  • Arlington Wallace
    Arlington Wallace 4 months ago

    It has been credibly reported that Lebron has a sports hernia. The Lakers are concealing the true extent of his injury.

  • Tyler Viette
    Tyler Viette 4 months ago


  • Rick Curtis
    Rick Curtis 4 months ago

    Why does rich Paul need to swear and sound ignorant what happened to some sort of professionalism

  • deezportz
    deezportz 4 months ago

    I normally agree with you in most cases..but college is the answer..the damn college coaches get paid millions while the star players has to sneak money just to have everything they what world that is right?..those kids should make at least 50k a year..don't even talk about the players who's parents barely making ends meet..colleges are greedy..ok students get scholarships..what about endorsements..the star players number/Jersey..TV deals..if that player wasn't at your school you wouldn't see known of that money. .everything is based on a dollar..student stay broke..make the college millions of dollars..oh your mother lost her job..that's ok. You'll be rich in 3 more years..if you don't get hurt..

  • Ox 860
    Ox 860 4 months ago

    This resonated

  • Hello122061
    Hello122061 4 months ago +3

    Ive heard enough at 4:35. This is a classic case of the media trying to stir controversy. 1. Collin said "LeBron isn't all in with Lakers." LeBron signed a 4 year contract, 3 years guaranteed he's there with a player option the 4th year....Yes Collin, that's being all in, it's the longest contract he's signed in years and he legally has to play with the Lakers the next three years if he wants to play in the NBA. 2. Collin said, "He's not the best two way player, scorer, closer." Collin, have you seen the Lakers without him? They have dropped from the 4 spot in the west to out of the playoffs without I need to say anymore? Look, again, this is the media trying to create a story/controversy out of an injury of all things. Stop Collin, you're a drama queen.