Water music. I sing when I swim

  • Published on Sep 25, 2018
  • If you are like me, you probably sing when you swim. In fact singing has probably become a part of your swimming. So in my drawing (The front of the t-shirt) I wanted to explore the relationship between the water and music. Or maybe you are a synchro swimmer and you already know that relationship! Either way I hope you like it and if you do buy it thank you for supporting us.

    Water music t-shirts:

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  • Brandon Lee
    Brandon Lee 11 months ago

    Me too

  • Only in Miami
    Only in Miami Year ago

    I like this vid and would like to use it up to the 1:43 mark is that cool?

  • KorvenDallasMultipas

    Still trying to find that one song...who knows? Maybe more than will pop up.

  • Lee李이Sang相상 Hwa和화

    What a great artist you are! Awesome!

  • Liliana Cajas
    Liliana Cajas Year ago

    Yo no canto, pero te cuento que hasta en tres oportunidades mientras nadaba me dormí !!! Extraño no ??🙂

  • FlyBoy Mic
    FlyBoy Mic Year ago

    Just want to ask a question❓ I know Olympics is a big deal,,,, what about Paralympics ❓

    • FlyBoy Mic
      FlyBoy Mic Year ago

      Skills NT Swimming for sure I'll let you know, pls keep making vids, I tried the three point touch for free style, lol my arm rotation I never noticed is so fast,,,,, feels uncomfortable that style, is there another example to slow my speed down to increase distance❓ Also right now my coach is talking to swim Ontario to set a time to grade me to give me an E level, my impairment is minimal in the water so I'll prob be an E13 or E14, so for breast stroke its EB13 or 14, then I can start competing this year to see who gets fastest time to represent Canada‼️

    • Skills NT Swimming
      Skills NT Swimming  Year ago

      Shaner Macmillan that's great to hear! Thank you for sharing your story. Keep us updated on your swimming career!

    • FlyBoy Mic
      FlyBoy Mic Year ago

      Well the last year and half I've been watching your vids amongst others, and got back my swim skills, now I'm able to do a 25meter free pushing off wall in 18sec, I have multiple sclerosis , and believe a year and a half more practice I might and hopefully represent Canada in Tokyo 2020 Paralympics, thank you for great jobs on vids you've done in helping me,,,,,✌🏼️🙏🏻

    • Skills NT Swimming
      Skills NT Swimming  Year ago +1

      We need to make it a bigger deal. Paralympic athletes are amazing, I don’t know any of them personally but I respect every one of them.

  • Smile Of Dreem
    Smile Of Dreem Year ago +3

    that's mean continue , really good👍

  • Wheel333
    Wheel333 Year ago +6

    So do I :)

  • Charleenmae Arevalo
    Charleenmae Arevalo Year ago +1

    I like the t shirt no cash on delivery?

  • 何岳諺
    何岳諺 Year ago +1


  • Andrew Couto
    Andrew Couto Year ago +2