This costs way less than you'd think

  • Published on Jan 12, 2019
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Comments • 14 375

    SPΞΞDУBOI 4 hours ago

    This is what i thought the price would be

  • Gazzy
    Gazzy 5 hours ago

    Just ordered mine!

  • Paul Baraka
    Paul Baraka 6 hours ago

    This is not 10k it is more than $29,999.00 (USD) check their website:

  • Yonatan Daniyel
    Yonatan Daniyel 10 hours ago

    Looks like Acer is jacking the price of this to $30,000.. Rip Off.. There are many companies now building as good or better motorized zero gravity workstations for less and you can buy your own monitors , computer and components and still be around $10,000 , if not less..
    BTW, why do you want this? As a software developer who has been working 60-80 hr work weeks for almost 17 years and now has degenerative discs and all type of nerve/joint issues, it is because it is the healthiest way to use a computer and these workstations will extend way beyond gaming. The zero gravity setup reduces stress off of your nerves and spine significantly and it aligns your body properly, as well as the monitor adjustment positions your head perfectly. To be honest, this is how computers should have been used from day one.. Take it from a disabled software guy who has suffered from sitting and even standing for too many hours at computer desks. There is a science behind this and a company named ErgoQuest actually invented the first of its kind workstation. It was originally used for people who were in car accidents, disabilities or had other type of health/joint issues to enable them to work longer hours again.

  • Spexta HD
    Spexta HD 10 hours ago

    Acer: it costs 10.000 dollars
    Me: thats way too expensive
    Acer its 60 dollars with 9.940 dollars shipping
    Me: jup, ill take it

  • Edmund W. Chan
    Edmund W. Chan 11 hours ago

    "Wi? Whi?"

  • Leon Wadii
    Leon Wadii 12 hours ago

    I wish it had wheels

  • Jiimy
    Jiimy 12 hours ago

    The sandals tho

  • Jiimy
    Jiimy 12 hours ago

    So how many kidneys will that be?

  • GalaxiesGallon
    GalaxiesGallon 13 hours ago

    Now its $29,999 what a bargan, also you cant just buy it oh no...You have to ask them to buy it and they'll get back to you. xD died when I found that out

  • Walter Willis
    Walter Willis 16 hours ago

    The chair is not made by Acer - it is made by Imperatorworks: - runs in the $3,000 range.

  • Lukáš Bauer
    Lukáš Bauer 20 hours ago

    What about power outage? How do you get out that ? :D

  • WarySuperBlox
    WarySuperBlox 20 hours ago

    WTF I just got an ad with linus in it

  • Hermann Abt
    Hermann Abt 20 hours ago

    Do they connect the plumbing as well, or do you have to do that yourself?

  • Random Pal
    Random Pal 21 hour ago

    Plays Terraria

  • enelysion
    enelysion 23 hours ago

    For $10K and they couldn't figure out how to keep the cup holder level? Hey, watch me Zero G and pour my Mega Size Slurpee all over the computer.

  • Cole M
    Cole M Day ago

    He just called me poor for 8:00 minutes straight. I can't even afford a 60 dollar gtx 760. *sad laugh*

    VITAL Day ago +1

    its like you have this gaming chair,
    there is a massive earthquake,
    but it takes 5:19 long just to get out of your gaming chair

  • Raiverns
    Raiverns Day ago

    This is a fucking deluxe arcade cab

  • ManCraft
    ManCraft Day ago

    How was Tranquility Lane?

  • Saturn 935
    Saturn 935 Day ago

    No ofense but if you go to there website it starting at $29,999. But i think its for the assembly which im pretty sure is just mandible

  • Andreas Kahle
    Andreas Kahle Day ago

    rename the title for "This costs WAYYY more than you'd think"

  • BearMalice
    BearMalice Day ago

    Just buy a car

  • Model RC
    Model RC Day ago


  • Massage The rapist

    Does the assemblly ship to finland too

  • Sqrootofbeetroot

    7:44 now that's the climax

  • TL1882
    TL1882 2 days ago

    5:02 a steering wheel

  • darkcraft mine
    darkcraft mine 2 days ago

    its like $30,000 now so rip my dreams

  • DashDestroyer
    DashDestroyer 2 days ago

    I can afford....1/100 of the chair

  • jack cough ben dover
    jack cough ben dover 2 days ago +1

    This is for the people to lazy to buy a rig and a setup

  • The Progress Report
    The Progress Report 2 days ago

    Now the starting price is 29,999$ so it actually is as expensive as you think.

  • Mirmisian
    Mirmisian 2 days ago

    I wish I was rich

  • MostlyRandom
    MostlyRandom 2 days ago +1

    "what more could you ask for"
    somewhere to clamp a racing wheel. that keyboard shelf doesn't look sturdy enough for that. (its also too close but I assume you can adjust that) is the foot shelf adjustable in relation to the seat? if not that's another con for racing setups
    I'd also want adjustable shelves on both arm wrests to mount your hotas.
    it seems a bit weird that they build a "gaming cockpit" and there doesn't appear to be any way to attach the most common cockpit peripherals (there's hardly room to hang a headset :)
    the whole thing just looks a little cramped unless all you plan to do is play with a console controller.

  • Cameron
    Cameron 2 days ago +1

    It comes with petals but not a steering wheel and shifter. Also seems like a fire hazard or just a hazard in general. Can you get out of it easily if the power were to go out? What if that computer caught on fired right next to you..?

  • Cazanjiu damian
    Cazanjiu damian 2 days ago

    How mache monye du yo meike

  • Reaper 007
    Reaper 007 3 days ago +2

    That’s more expensive than my house

  • The gaming Legend
    The gaming Legend 3 days ago

    Cost more than I thought

  • J.B.B. Entertainment

    This thing costs 30.000£ at Harrids

  • Andrew
    Andrew 3 days ago

    My Lay-Z-Boy and Laptop = $2000. Same effect. Saved Marriage.

  • SnUs MeAtBaLl HoMoSeX

    yoo my guy using sandals and socks

  • Firefox Julien
    Firefox Julien 4 days ago

    I want this.

  • Com Tlancy
    Com Tlancy 4 days ago +1

    "All this for just 10 thousand dollars"
    Hmm, I think I might buy one
    :Goes to website

  • Sievert
    Sievert 4 days ago

    I guessed 5k

    Guess I was wrong

  • Anime Wulf
    Anime Wulf 4 days ago

    It's only $29,999, I think I'll buy 2!

  • AKA R3IS
    AKA R3IS 4 days ago

    "very capable little gaming machine" wtf

  • JL23
    JL23 4 days ago

    i can definitely see me just watching youtube in that if i bought it

  • Rocky Shadow
    Rocky Shadow 4 days ago +1

    It is good...
    It is good...
    But far from perfection!
    It doesn't have a fridge !
    Also it should have a toilet built in!
    You can't pause the game in the middle of the action just because you have to pee.

  • z0zz81
    z0zz81 4 days ago

    30k for a chair?
    If I sold my apartment and my car I still wouldn't have enough money to buy it.

  • Samantha Gray
    Samantha Gray 4 days ago

    IWR1 IMPERATORWORKS Brand Gaming chair, Computer chair for office and home; For triple monitors or save 7 grand lol

  • lnevitabiIity
    lnevitabiIity 5 days ago

    It’s actually $30k on their website rn :/

  • RiksaBoi
    RiksaBoi 5 days ago

    2:00 10 grand but still froze lol

  • golden gameplay
    golden gameplay 6 days ago +1

    I want one

  • xSKOOBSx
    xSKOOBSx 6 days ago

    I can finally role play as the programmer from Grandma's Boy.

  • xBeyondWarx
    xBeyondWarx 6 days ago

    It's now $29,999 rip

  • Brian C
    Brian C 6 days ago

    I could move 600lbs you can't?

  • Corrupt
    Corrupt 6 days ago

    I tried that for free in virgin megastores while at Dubai I got LUCKY

  • MelodyBurst
    MelodyBurst 6 days ago

    I'd love to game in General Grevious' wheel bike but I think I'd become so immersed in the game I'd probably melt into the chair and die

  • Wh0isTh3D0ct0r
    Wh0isTh3D0ct0r 6 days ago +6

    "9-1-1, what's your emergency?"
    "Help! I'm stuck in my gaming PC chair and I have to go to the bathroom!"

  • Asurastrike
    Asurastrike 6 days ago

    Meanwhile, this set costs 2-3k USD in China.

  • Terence Person
    Terence Person 6 days ago

    More than i thought it costed 😅😢😭