How to Get Your Brain to Focus | Chris Bailey | TEDxManchester

  • Published on Apr 5, 2019
  • The latest research is clear: the state of our attention determines the state of our lives. So how do we harness our attention to focus deeper, get distracted less, and even become more creative? Chris Bailey, author of the recent book Hyperfocus, talks about how our ability to focus is the key to productivity, creativity, and living a meaningful life.
    Follow Chris on @chris_bailey Chris Bailey was recently described by TED as possibly “the most productive man you’d ever hope to meet”. He is the international bestselling author of Hyperfocus and The Productivity Project, which have been published in sixteen languages. Chris works with organisations around the globe on how they can become more productive without hating the process.
    To date, Chris has written hundreds of articles on the subject of productivity, and has garnered coverage in media as diverse as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, New York magazine, The Huffington Post, Harvard Business Review, TED, Fortune, Fast Company, and Lifehacker. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  • llucass
    llucass 2 hours ago +1

    *90% Of The People Watching This Video Are On Their Phones*

    • llucass
      llucass 2 hours ago

      All jokes aside, this is a great video! Just imagine how much time is wasted on your phone. RU-clip have a feature telling you your total amount of time watched. Comment your time from the past week!

  • Irina Palatai
    Irina Palatai 3 hours ago

    Very well put! Thank you

  • Uyen Nguyen
    Uyen Nguyen 17 hours ago

    Thanks for your speech. New words for me: over stimulation, scatter focus, limit screen time, disconnection day, rediscover boredom. I will try the 2 weeks challenge. After all, I can live without the devices.

  • Ashish Kumar
    Ashish Kumar 19 hours ago

    And the irony is. We all are watching this video and his research on mobile only.

  • Abida Mehnaz N.
    Abida Mehnaz N. 22 hours ago


  • Yama Wardak
    Yama Wardak Day ago +1

    Struggled to watch whole video. Make it shorter we were losing focus with the fillers

  • Azhar Gafoor
    Azhar Gafoor Day ago

    Ironically this video is distracting me from work

  • Artemis L
    Artemis L Day ago

    So that's why I get a lot of ideas when I decide to walk home from school

  • Venkata Rama Mohan Nadella

    8:15 Not all who wander are lost.
    - J. R. R. Tolkien
    distracted =over-stimulated.
    10:23 Scatter Focus. 48% time planning Future
    13:42 Over-Stimulation is the enemy of focus. Limit Screen Time. Disconnect the Internet 8 pm - 8 am.

  • Abdul Sattar Abro
    Abdul Sattar Abro 2 days ago

    loved it.

  • Himanshu Deval
    Himanshu Deval 2 days ago +1

    Even during watching this talk,
    My mind was like distracted... more than 20 times😕

  • Kashif Iqbal
    Kashif Iqbal 3 days ago


    FROMNOW 4 days ago

    He talks about the ego and the subconscious mind.

  • Michou Machmoucha
    Michou Machmoucha 4 days ago

    How to get rid of the phone when it became literally part our lives we even need it to study and to get our work done so basically if you don't use it you won't be able to do anything..

  • Ali Saab
    Ali Saab 4 days ago

    Im supposed to be studying right now lol, writing this as the video plays ill have to go back

  • 任志恒
    任志恒 4 days ago +1

    I paused this video 4 times to check different apps

  • Adi Yacobi
    Adi Yacobi 4 days ago

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  • The GOAT
    The GOAT 5 days ago

    It takes alot to get my attention cos i get bored easily.

  • Chandi Patah
    Chandi Patah 6 days ago


  • KnowWhatIsTrue
    KnowWhatIsTrue 6 days ago

    I’m so sad for this generation really very sad very sad only

  • Ivan Ho
    Ivan Ho 7 days ago

    What commitment still had a phone for 30 minutes!
    I gave up my phone for 8 months! No phone!

  • Sudhashen Naicker
    Sudhashen Naicker 7 days ago

    I'm curious as to why he did not mention meditation as a means to calm the mind and as a tool to have the mind wander - no mind wanders more than those of the initiates of meditation!

  • Martin Aleksandrov
    Martin Aleksandrov 8 days ago +1

    Couldn't focus because I waited him to leave the red area

  • yeeshy I
    yeeshy I 9 days ago

    So In conclusion what should I do?
    Quit phone and focus on clock?
    Or just quit phone? Will it increase my focus.?
    I have my entrance test in 3 months and I can't really focus☹️

  • Krissy M
    Krissy M 10 days ago

    I love that he knits!!!

  • wofjj difnek
    wofjj difnek 10 days ago

    Did he said doing boring thinks gives you the same benefits?

  • Aish Mohd
    Aish Mohd 10 days ago

    Pls help me my mind frequently diverse.. I cannot focus...

    I LOVE CHANGE 11 days ago +1

    I posted a video about how to focus too!

  • Sarayu Teju
    Sarayu Teju 12 days ago

    In a simple manner he revieled secret of succes n life, this is great video. All VIPs they don't reveal these things

  • evelyn amaralgarcia
    evelyn amaralgarcia 12 days ago

    i totally love your book,great work!

  • Shaun Brabant
    Shaun Brabant 12 days ago

    Dam I only have 14:04 seconds left

  • Robin Rose
    Robin Rose 13 days ago

    He is so enthusiastic and positive about free thoughts. When I stop distracting myself, my brain envisions my mom's dead body. She died 3 and a half years ago. Still happens. Also, it makes me remember to hate myself. I'm sure many ppl experience trauma and negative thoughts and feel this as well.

  • Stephen Diego Martin
    Stephen Diego Martin 14 days ago +3

    Non competitive running particularly in the countryside has this effect on me,slowing my mind and shifting it to a problem solving mode.

  • Marcus StaAna
    Marcus StaAna 15 days ago

    *Focus* Don't watch any of these, focus. Turn it off right now.
    Focus on your work now!

  • Talk to Inspire BerBro


  • Vitya Loh
    Vitya Loh 16 days ago

    13:45 challenge of disconnection for an hour at least daily for two weeks

  • Leon Ineke
    Leon Ineke 17 days ago

    Ehmmmm, what's new?!

  • Space is the place
    Space is the place 18 days ago +1

    i got adhd😒. The video just started and am here 😂

  • Nikhil Gupta
    Nikhil Gupta 18 days ago +1

    This explains why I get all the best preparation strategy ideas only during the last phase of exam preparation, as this is the time when I'm most focused on studies and the usage of smartphone hits a low.

  • Blaze
    Blaze 19 days ago +1

    The thing is I’m sure that this overwhelming distraction is the reason most teenagers these days including me feel sad and depressed because they’re overwhelming their minds so much that it needs a break we’re using technology wrong people please tell others

  • Clinton Nyamongo
    Clinton Nyamongo 20 days ago

    I needed this.

  • Jeremiah Coromandel
    Jeremiah Coromandel 21 day ago

    I was reading a book for 40 seconds before watching this video.

  • Nobody You Know
    Nobody You Know 22 days ago +2

    What did he *tell* Air Canada?
    "Oh, I was just bored"?

  • Barrington Soares
    Barrington Soares 22 days ago +3

    Who else needed this video?

  • Stanley Pines
    Stanley Pines 23 days ago

    In the 2 weeks am I allowed to use my phone for 30 minutes or I am not allowed to use my phone at all

  • king554
    king554 23 days ago

    This video is not doing a good job on me focusing

  • Subzero Arctics
    Subzero Arctics 24 days ago +30

    If I wasn’t on my phone all the time, I never would’ve found this video

    • Riyaan Ukaiye
      Riyaan Ukaiye 15 days ago +3

      @Patrick weren't*

    • Patrick
      Patrick 15 days ago +9

      If you weren't on the phone all the time, you would not need this video.

  • Acquire Job Skills Karthikeyan Sugavanam

    I urge everyone who needs to focus to watch this video completely. Instead of doing a boring thing, you can actually do meditation, that is close your eyes and chant a single god's name (your favorite one as per your belief system(s)) for 15 minutes to 1 hour. This will help your mind wander and later stay focused at the same time. Good video.

  • Ramandeep Kaur
    Ramandeep Kaur 24 days ago


  • Gopi Mullapudi
    Gopi Mullapudi 25 days ago

    To watch this video It took me few weeks. I still can't focus

  • asfaf asdad
    asfaf asdad 29 days ago

    Nobel please award TEDx Talks for Educational impact.

  • asfaf asdad
    asfaf asdad 29 days ago +4

    Genius content. Million thanks

  • Jolene D'silva
    Jolene D'silva Month ago +1


    • Edarabia
      Edarabia Month ago

      Great Video! Thanks Chris.

  • Younggi서
    Younggi서 Month ago

    Who’s he? I was Really bored to focus he’s saying. He knows most people lost just in 2min.?

  • Chrismel Santos
    Chrismel Santos Month ago

    electronic devices / social media if not use on what is only necessary are time killers. social media platforms are addictive, been there.. wasted a lot of time, now i have learned to use them only on what i think “necessary” like studying, research, important messages to contacts... i’m happier, i have a lot of time to meditate thus focus on important things only.

  • Chamanlal Bhorania
    Chamanlal Bhorania Month ago

    Going in deep silence by meditation will enhance our creativity enormously 🌹👍

  • Kingsley Gardner
    Kingsley Gardner Month ago +1

    Well said. All about self awareness and being one with self .

  • Bushra S
    Bushra S Month ago

    Is it normal that my brain hurt me the minute I clicked on this video

  • Ash A
    Ash A Month ago +4

    He has this understandable,soft n soothing accent

  • Tiberius shatner
    Tiberius shatner Month ago

    Couldn’t watch for more than minute !