How to Get Your Brain to Focus | Chris Bailey | TEDxManchester

  • Published on Apr 5, 2019
  • The latest research is clear: the state of our attention determines the state of our lives. So how do we harness our attention to focus deeper, get distracted less, and even become more creative? Chris Bailey, author of the recent book Hyperfocus, talks about how our ability to focus is the key to productivity, creativity, and living a meaningful life.
    Follow Chris on @chris_bailey Chris Bailey was recently described by TED as possibly “the most productive man you’d ever hope to meet”. He is the international bestselling author of Hyperfocus and The Productivity Project, which have been published in sixteen languages. Chris works with organisations around the globe on how they can become more productive without hating the process.
    To date, Chris has written hundreds of articles on the subject of productivity, and has garnered coverage in media as diverse as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, New York magazine, The Huffington Post, Harvard Business Review, TED, Fortune, Fast Company, and Lifehacker. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  • jovin joseph
    jovin joseph 24 minutes ago +1

    It is very true 100% legitimately gonna work

  • Jay Koncepts
    Jay Koncepts 3 hours ago

    Is this a distraction ? 🙄

  • Денис Шеханин

    What about books? Are they overstimulate us?

  • Wawan Amelinda
    Wawan Amelinda 2 days ago

    sorry but i found this through my phone

  • SP
    SP 2 days ago

    Not sure what’s wrong with listening to podcast if driving or music on downtime when someone is taking a break

  • Ms Rire
    Ms Rire 2 days ago

    With effect from tomorrow, it is 37 minutes on phone daily.

  • Jessica Artau
    Jessica Artau 2 days ago

    Just meditate.

  • Fabrício Lugão
    Fabrício Lugão 3 days ago

    I'm having lunch and watching this.

  • IBito Eight
    IBito Eight 3 days ago

    Great suggestions and explanations.
    All of us knew this stuff deep down in our subconcious. We just didn't notice because we didn't take the time to notice.

  • Win Seri
    Win Seri 3 days ago +4

    How to focus when your niece is literally jumping over your head !!

  • Roger Ferrandis
    Roger Ferrandis 4 days ago

    This video leaves me with only 15 minutes more of use today

  • Reyo Funnyon
    Reyo Funnyon 4 days ago

    This video isn't accurate. You shouldn't blame technology for your laziness for focusing. I use my phone everyday to connect with my friends and family and music, and i work, i work out, i walk my dog, i hang out with friends, i write stories and poetry, i meditate, i read. And my phone is with me all the time. So no, i don't agree with him at all.

  • Suzanne Porter
    Suzanne Porter 5 days ago +1

    Practice make a man perfect and it is all about training. Anything you want to change can take place when you train it :)

  • Fared Dolpane
    Fared Dolpane 5 days ago

    Just drink alcohol and everything is gonna be fine.

  • sherlock barretto
    sherlock barretto 5 days ago

    me: *watches while doing something* hmmmmm nice

  • Vinh Thinh Nguyen
    Vinh Thinh Nguyen 5 days ago

    your mind is nor for focusing, for flying

  • Jonah Simpson
    Jonah Simpson 5 days ago

    speaking of wasted time....

  • Haozhe Liu
    Haozhe Liu 6 days ago

    Jokes on you, i dont have social media

    ESTRATOSFERA 7 days ago

    Não entendi quase nada,mais agora tenho mais um motivo para aprender inglês!

  • Md Shariful Islam
    Md Shariful Islam 7 days ago

    It was really helpful for me.
    Thank you so much ❤️💕

  • Jack
    Jack 7 days ago

    Stop walking left and right, I can't focus

  • Kasun Herath
    Kasun Herath 7 days ago +3

    If I stayed focused, if I didn't let my mind wander I could never play this video. I came RU-clip to in this morning ahead of a exam in the University. Then I saw this video and I clicked on it.

    Thanks. One of the best RU-clip recommendations I ever got.

  • Jay Kumar
    Jay Kumar 8 days ago +1

    Watching on my phone.

  • arpita1shrivas
    arpita1shrivas 8 days ago

    nice talk

  • Abhinav Singh
    Abhinav Singh 8 days ago

    if some white people is talking about focus, I don't trust him, these folks come to india to get focused

  • Olivia Guilbert
    Olivia Guilbert 8 days ago +3

    I obviously didn't take the advice because apparently I watched this video and I don't remember doing so

  • hadnt slept
    hadnt slept 9 days ago

    Anyone else click on this video after not paying attention to the last one?

  • Marty Gusto
    Marty Gusto 10 days ago

    What if our work has to involve screens and juggling?

  • maninsligo
    maninsligo 11 days ago

    The 'BRAIN' is not the Student.

  • Rohit kumar
    Rohit kumar 11 days ago

    i slept watching this

  • Roshen Akthar
    Roshen Akthar 11 days ago

    I think it is would be a life changing speech for me....if I implement

  • 삔쎄요
    삔쎄요 11 days ago

    I think this is also why so many people don’t have hobbies anymore. I don’t know about anyone else but I feel like I’m too overstimulated so I just don’t have the energy left to even consider taking on something new.

  • mouad bekka
    mouad bekka 11 days ago


  • chagew8966
    chagew8966 11 days ago


  • 삔쎄요
    삔쎄요 11 days ago +1

    Stop watching this and go study

  • Andre Ricardo
    Andre Ricardo 12 days ago

    Wait, what did he say?

  • Patrick C
    Patrick C 13 days ago

    I so love this ted talk!

  • iAmQTAL
    iAmQTAL 14 days ago

    Is anyone else watching this video to distract you from something else?

  • Clarissa Peyton
    Clarissa Peyton 14 days ago

    Chris Bailey: "Steven are you on your phone right now?! Your 30 minutes is up!!"
    Steven: "Ah come on dad I was just checking my Instagr-"
    Chris Bailey: *"Go get my computer"*

  • J5j5137
    J5j5137 15 days ago

    I find it so hard to focus when watching a video. i just stare at the screen but process barely anything :(

  • Emanuel - Game Designer

    Damn Pinkman fixed his life back

  • Sara Kate
    Sara Kate 15 days ago

    Im never on my phone and my attention still sucks

  • Zeeshan Ali
    Zeeshan Ali 15 days ago

    I couldn't even focus on this video, I watched 5 times to understand fully . Lolx

  • Ali Babi
    Ali Babi 16 days ago

    wish i could like this twice

  • Heng Yan
    Heng Yan 16 days ago

    He is too hot for me to concentrate.

    CHIRAG BOKOLIA 16 days ago

    You are basically saying don't use phone

  • pickutina
    pickutina 16 days ago

    SUM: Less is more. Computers bad.

  • Samridhi Kakkar
    Samridhi Kakkar 17 days ago

    this is just amazin!!

  • Dvclos ___
    Dvclos ___ 17 days ago +1

    nice video, i`ve started to heavily limit my screen time.

  • jahnavi 553
    jahnavi 553 17 days ago +2

    His accent is damn good.

  • Nene Flyn
    Nene Flyn 17 days ago

    Glad I clicked

    LIITEMIES 17 days ago

    . swich blades cocain kossu ficti ja piri pussi ''paha maa''... music

  • Life easy
    Life easy 18 days ago

    Hack this
    Just drink a coffee

  • sidhu shahbaj
    sidhu shahbaj 18 days ago +1

    Thank you 🌹

  • barraabus
    barraabus 19 days ago +1

    Easy... women, booze, parties, surfing, sailing,'s that for focus???

  • Hoài Thương Nguyễn

    i feel interesting

  • sutats
    sutats 19 days ago +2

    He sounds like Simon Sinek.

  • Tom Siem
    Tom Siem 20 days ago


  • Ru Na Ai
    Ru Na Ai 20 days ago +1

    This guys book is so good.

  • Dwayne k27ism
    Dwayne k27ism 20 days ago +3

    He's right too just so yo know.
    It's like the chiseler removing the unwanted scrapings until he is left with what he wants to mold into shape. Remove over-stimulation and get bored. Allow your mind to become less and less obsessed about things that you have more space to wander/wonder into deep thought.
    It's really interesting because sometimes I do this without intending to and you listen and feel these moments and it is like you are speaking with yourself in a language that isn't comprehended by words. Everything just makes sense and your awareness becomes laser-like focus.
    I lost my phone at the club and decided I wouldn't buy a new one. For the past two months I have been so productive, reading, writing, speaking and compiling ideas and really sorting out efficient methods to do things that make sense for me.
    The only complaint I have is not doing this more often because when I am really into it I just keep on going experiencing more and more "ah-ha" moments. And you discover yourself well too that way.