Every death I switch from PC to CONSOLE in Fortnite...

  • Published on Sep 20, 2019
  • Every death I switch from PC to CONSOLE in Fortnite...
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    Guys I hope you enjoyed this video in which we took on the Every death I switch from PC to CONSOLE in Fortnite Challenge
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  • PatrickAj27
    PatrickAj27 26 days ago +417


    • Early Playz
      Early Playz 16 days ago

      PatrickAj27 coming from the head ass who has a code already. Self promotor.

    • GD Wolf
      GD Wolf 22 days ago

      Bukage right

    • Fallen_Devils
      Fallen_Devils 24 days ago

      my second name is mahmood 😐🤨

    • ECP Mystic
      ECP Mystic 24 days ago

      Huh I’m using code yung-chip now McDonald’s is decent mr Mahmoud’s stinks 😷

    • Reflex King
      Reflex King 26 days ago

      Chip can you hook up one of your biggest fan with a month live gold

  • Lil Stick
    Lil Stick Hour ago

    How many times did this man say let’s go

  • Sonnyツ
    Sonnyツ 2 hours ago +1

    This is how many times he said let’s goooo

  • Zd Abrar
    Zd Abrar 3 hours ago +1

    Just flexing at everybody at the beginnings

  • Abo A
    Abo A 3 hours ago

    Chip when will you do a face reavel

  • Ali Hamad
    Ali Hamad 3 hours ago

    I won my Mach on solo moblie

  • Neon Ninja2289
    Neon Ninja2289 19 hours ago

    Leya jggggjnbvf


  • Benjamin Escamilla

    Cary bandis man the pertect u from evry thing and u caan cary 15 of em

  • Rockstar
    Rockstar 2 days ago +1

    Use code young-chip or you will never have some chicken nuggets

  • xKitty YouTube
    xKitty YouTube 3 days ago

    I’m already bald

  • Agus Tam
    Agus Tam 3 days ago

    Wtff i didnt clik the like button and u know wut happens i become bald. So u guys need to hit that like button

  • Klayton Slusher
    Klayton Slusher 4 days ago

    Nintendo plays on 30 fps

  • Avery
    Avery 5 days ago

    My ps4 is broken but 60% fixed as from today

  • OpSaucY _
    OpSaucY _ 6 days ago +1

    Chip we know what u look like

  • Juzt Amazing
    Juzt Amazing 6 days ago

    have KFC

  • Madison64 MN
    Madison64 MN 7 days ago

    You’re going to overheat your PS4 if you put your Xbox on top of it

  • dae real jimmy
    dae real jimmy 7 days ago

    Dude the ps4 was in front of you

  • Wyatt Allen
    Wyatt Allen 7 days ago +1

    What’s better Xbox or PC4

  • Pro Folkish
    Pro Folkish 8 days ago

    1 like=pinky 2likes=Jarvis 3likes=nick eh 30 4likes =pinky 5likes =formula

    WILLIAM SEE 9 days ago

    Is this what u do in your spear time?.... Do u even work

    MICHAEL PRYCE 10 days ago +2

    I am a console boy cause I always play on ps4

  • Choppa the Beast
    Choppa the Beast 11 days ago

    Xbox sqaud

  • Nikola Narić
    Nikola Narić 11 days ago

    I watch you when you play with w2s

  • Oscar
    Oscar 12 days ago

    Stooooop zoomiiiiing

  • Stefon Aburto
    Stefon Aburto 15 days ago

    At 9:34 he sounds like mario

  • xiaochun zhu
    xiaochun zhu 15 days ago

    Nani? A little yung-chip gaming setup

  • Matthew Arguelles
    Matthew Arguelles 15 days ago +1

    Xbox gang

  • Nitro
    Nitro 17 days ago

    RIP RIP rip to chip, tried to try, but seriously slipped
    Baldness baldness go away, no going near chip any other day.

  • 3421 crew
    3421 crew 17 days ago

    i saw a vid is the same minutes ten minutes and 5 seconds why

  • Kaleb Dalton
    Kaleb Dalton 17 days ago

    I like content

  • Julie Reed
    Julie Reed 18 days ago

    If anyone here has tiktok you would probably think this sounds like the guys who sings badly on tiktok. I’m not saying he sings bad cause I don’t really know what he sings like but still there’s a resemblance

  • Hay Sui
    Hay Sui 19 days ago +1

    Tom Holland?

  • laura re kereny
    laura re kereny 19 days ago

    are we going tognore that fact that he was supposed to play on ps4

  • The Pokemans
    The Pokemans 19 days ago

    chip you should 1v1 mrfreshasian

  • Savage Gamer
    Savage Gamer 20 days ago

    You dident do ps4

  • Future32611 Ace
    Future32611 Ace 20 days ago

    Nooo thank you

  • FaZe_ hughskye
    FaZe_ hughskye 21 day ago +2


  • Amira Hawila
    Amira Hawila 21 day ago


  • Oliver McMullan
    Oliver McMullan 22 days ago

    Only xbox players can like this

  • Conor O'Reilly
    Conor O'Reilly 22 days ago

    Like = pc
    Comment = console

  • 〽 ObnoxiousFloxious
    〽 ObnoxiousFloxious 22 days ago


  • Vidar Westerlund
    Vidar Westerlund 22 days ago

    Reverse card on Bald

  • Havokk
    Havokk 22 days ago

    The only reason he gave it back damaged because he gotta ps4 lol

  • LoiiuFN
    LoiiuFN 22 days ago

    Outro song?

  • Samuel Dyson
    Samuel Dyson 23 days ago

    I think us consuls players should have the option to choose our graphics .

  • InstinctGod
    InstinctGod 23 days ago

    Skeppy bald

  • phumelela sokopo
    phumelela sokopo 23 days ago +1

    This is how many times chip said LET'S GO!👇

  • Fate_AJ 1409
    Fate_AJ 1409 23 days ago

    Code yung-chip

  • Hershie ,
    Hershie , 23 days ago

    No one:
    Young Chip:LeTs gO

  • Team Royale
    Team Royale 23 days ago

    you are awesome
    go to 1000000 subs

  • Lit toe Taker
    Lit toe Taker 23 days ago


  • Renegade rahmat
    Renegade rahmat 23 days ago

    Why didnt you ise ps4

  • Marc Richardson
    Marc Richardson 23 days ago +1

    If this is blue Ying chip will be in lobby

  • Voxcy Editz12
    Voxcy Editz12 23 days ago

    He said might

  • HiTacos
    HiTacos 23 days ago


  • Miles W
    Miles W 23 days ago

    I love when you say “lil kit kat” lmao 😂

  • MARTS Clips
    MARTS Clips 23 days ago

    Your not even bold

  • Jake Pauken
    Jake Pauken 23 days ago

    He should of done ps4 pro it's better😢😢😢😢

    SM BEAST 23 days ago

    Crap I’m bald now

  • H4 Skril0
    H4 Skril0 24 days ago

    Whats ur keyboard called?