Logo Design with Mark Winn

  • Published on Dec 28, 2016
  • "A logo usually communicates all the essence of something in a very short amount of time. But, I believe, the more abstract and unique it is, the better chance it has of communicating." -- Mark Winn
    Get an inside look into the iterative process of logo design with graphic designer, Mark Winn! In this Art School video, Mark takes us through the process of conceptualizing a logo theme and executing the design from pencil to pixel while providing some serious time-saving techniques in Illustrator along the way. Check out the entire collection of KQED Art School videos:

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  • P4ND4M4N
    P4ND4M4N 9 months ago +1

    Like that Dalek in the background. Thanks for the vid!

  • Laser Leo
    Laser Leo Year ago

    you can design draw,then mark by laser machine

  • Exciting Marmot
    Exciting Marmot Year ago

    I made a logo from tailorbrands.com and still unsatisfied with the result. Stumble on your channel just to check out how to make logo manually. I didn't get anything here and I can only use microsoft word though :(

    • Sterne
      Sterne Year ago

      try canva.com if you're not familiar with Adobe products or similar

  • kuusteist
    kuusteist Year ago +3

    Great design video, but spelled aesthetics wrong in the logo.

    • hyacinthdibley2
      hyacinthdibley2 3 months ago

      Yeah. I'm sure he figured it out eventually. :-)

  • sonali aggarwal
    sonali aggarwal Year ago

    Hello can you design a logo for me..?

  • juan francisco galvez

    Usted me diseñaría un logo para mi empresa en España.

  • zippodeng
    zippodeng Year ago +1

    great video, thank you.

  • Dylan Mackie
    Dylan Mackie 2 years ago

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  • Nizar Amous
    Nizar Amous 2 years ago

    excellent video, thank you both :D

  • Amo Gbr
    Amo Gbr 2 years ago

    Thanks for all )))

  • life is art school
    life is art school 2 years ago +14


    • Koezy
      Koezy 2 months ago

      lol agreed.

    • Russell Navin
      Russell Navin Year ago

      I was thinking the exact same thing!