• Published on Dec 29, 2018
  • Heyyyyy babes welcome back to my channel
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  • Symein Pene
    Symein Pene 11 hours ago

    Is that how you’d dye your actual hair?

  • Japanese Shopoholic

    Them edges-

  • Nick with Ups Not with Downs

    !6:94/4/85:96;”7(“7;”6:96:@6;@6:96:@74”747@-:0 teams and nine last wgoals dulsoso dxxoddssss

  • Drea Vasquez
    Drea Vasquez Day ago

    Follow me on Instagram Josie Vasquez

  • Drea Vasquez
    Drea Vasquez Day ago

    If you all wanna see where shetole the look from

  • Her Majesty Starpip, the Witch of the Web

    I feel like such a nerd since I'm here for cosplay 😂😂😂 I love the color you chose!

    SAITAMA Day ago

    I want to make wig nowww. Damn.

  • Joao Silva
    Joao Silva 2 days ago

    lace way too visible

  • Carlos Roman
    Carlos Roman 2 days ago

    Hmmm. I don’t know about the baby hair. Made your face look different.

    EDWARD CHOE 2 days ago

    gurl what kinda hair mouse she usin? i gots to kno gurl,
    much love from seattle ya'll ✨✌✨🌈🌺🌟
    edit: oh wait nvrmind srry ya'll

  • carla oliveira
    carla oliveira 2 days ago

    Brasil aqui !!!!

  • Tai’ah Rodrick
    Tai’ah Rodrick 3 days ago

    That looks like Billie's hair in wtpo

  • domna panagiotidou
    domna panagiotidou 3 days ago


  • Kylie E
    Kylie E 3 days ago

    That wig on fleek

  • Anjali bhardwaj
    Anjali bhardwaj 3 days ago

    Dangg that intro though

  • domna panagiotidou
    domna panagiotidou 4 days ago


  • Bonjour Darlings
    Bonjour Darlings 4 days ago +4

    Yo this video was so informative thank you ❤️

  • Ella B
    Ella B 4 days ago

    that’s pure power

  • bao bao
    bao bao 5 days ago

    girl ur so pretty im gonna DIE

  • Jesse
    Jesse 5 days ago

    You should start a business I would buy your wigs and I think a lot of people will too

  • Izzy Addiction
    Izzy Addiction 5 days ago +4

    Her: Baby hair
    Me: Edges

  • Angela Angelova
    Angela Angelova 6 days ago

    You are so talented loooove your work👏😍❤️

  • Sam Kaiser
    Sam Kaiser 6 days ago


  • Alesia Muco
    Alesia Muco 6 days ago

    This is amazinnnnggggg

  • Emerson Chenalloy
    Emerson Chenalloy 7 days ago +4

    me: starts the video with the volume on 35
    video:*plays music*
    me:becomes def

  • Bts Army Fangirl27
    Bts Army Fangirl27 7 days ago +1

    Me: fell asleep from listening to previous video
    Auto play: *hI sIsTeRs*

  • Alejandra Vieira Holgado

    Omg what a queen

  • Christine Marie Zamets

    so complicatd byt yu dud gud

  • Cloe
    Cloe 7 days ago

    You look like a bad bitch version of Cleo patria

  • You could never
    You could never 7 days ago

    Periodt POOH

  • Bri Apple
    Bri Apple 8 days ago


  • rirri
    rirri 8 days ago

    Anything with this blue will look bomb, my fav colour

  • Pretty Pisces
    Pretty Pisces 8 days ago

    Omg yass I love It!!

  • Lo La
    Lo La 8 days ago

    Seriously Beautiful and Seriously Talented!!!

  • Gabbi Durham
    Gabbi Durham 8 days ago


  • Christian Capanelly
    Christian Capanelly 9 days ago

    guys check out jesters channel he exposes jaystation.

  • carley johnson
    carley johnson 9 days ago

    make me a wig

  • nice hobi
    nice hobi 9 days ago

    oh she bhad bhad😌👏🏼😎

  • --
    -- 9 days ago

    Looks nasty

  • Laserking 2031
    Laserking 2031 9 days ago +3

    Is it weird that this video is soothing to watch? Like dope hair style, but idk how I ended up hear and now I feel relaxed! 😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Maryama
    Maryama 9 days ago

    I want to try it but I’m gonna mess it up

  • Maryama
    Maryama 9 days ago

    One of my favourite videos on RU-clip I watch this like every few months

  • xR Qiny
    xR Qiny 9 days ago +2

    Me hair is almost longer than that wig and I don’t need one but I still wanna watch 😂

  • dani1741
    dani1741 9 days ago

    wooooow, killin it

  • InsaiyanQueen
    InsaiyanQueen 10 days ago +2

    holy shit that was amazing

  • Kaylee Sargent
    Kaylee Sargent 10 days ago +12

    I've NEVER seen someone look so amazing with blue!!💙💙

  • Lexie Vrieling
    Lexie Vrieling 10 days ago

    The blue looks gorgeous on you💕

  • Theepebble BTS
    Theepebble BTS 11 days ago

    imma gonna do this

  • Nadia Brewer
    Nadia Brewer 11 days ago

    Beyonce who?? jk. you are so beautiful

  • Nadia Brewer
    Nadia Brewer 11 days ago

    Beyonce who?? jk. you are so beautiful

  • Amurati
    Amurati 11 days ago

    ur beautiful
    queen keep it up

  • Amari Cater
    Amari Cater 11 days ago +1


  • Mrs. 1D
    Mrs. 1D 11 days ago

    First of all.... you took my breath away😱😱😭😭❤️
    Second... actually that’s it. Like I actually gasped because you’re so fucking beautiful

  • Jacqueline Hightower
    Jacqueline Hightower 12 days ago

    GORLLLL you are so pretty like the intro reminded me of like something from love and hip hop or Hollywood hit tea loved it I might do this !!!!😚😚😋

  • Unidentified Person
    Unidentified Person 13 days ago

    That intro was everything 💙

    PENNY HOLLAND 13 days ago

    *you are the wig queen* 👑

  • Yanna4608
    Yanna4608 13 days ago

    I can not believe this I've received $6314 you can use it daily
    through this press greatteammon.win/?LgCHKe

  • Holly Miller
    Holly Miller 13 days ago

    nice wig can u make me one plz

  • rachillntx
    rachillntx 13 days ago

    I seriously want one sooo bad!!

  • Mariana Lara
    Mariana Lara 13 days ago


  • Maddie MSP
    Maddie MSP 14 days ago


  • Singularity
    Singularity 15 days ago

    girl killin that color and makeup on point. yes!

  • Victoria.arrow
    Victoria.arrow 15 days ago

    So nicky minaj vibes

  • Cecilia Miller
    Cecilia Miller 15 days ago

    Have me wanting to make a damn wig lol 💙💙 so in love with this!! Omg

  • Sweetie Smith
    Sweetie Smith 15 days ago

    That is so clever, wow! Beautiful x

  • Marjolaine Dupont
    Marjolaine Dupont 15 days ago

    c'est super moche

  • JazzoRenee
    JazzoRenee 16 days ago

    It looked soooooooo much better and super natural before the "baby hairs" is 😩😩😩

  • Val Trujillo
    Val Trujillo 16 days ago +1

    This has have to be the most beautiful black woman ive ever seen and 2nd i love how u sowe the wig into a cap ive been wanting to make my own wig since im always wearing clips in or tracks i defently wanna step my game up and learn how to do my own lace fronts but it seems to intimidating

  • My broke gay ass
    My broke gay ass 17 days ago

    I dont wear wigs but this wig is SO PRETTY

  • Fredrick Jones
    Fredrick Jones 18 days ago

    Really beautiful.

  • Karina Belal
    Karina Belal 18 days ago

    Looks nice

  • Claudia Baltazar
    Claudia Baltazar 18 days ago

    I’m never gonna make a wig in my life but RU-clip kept recommending so I finally watched and I’m not disappointed

  • Simply Shaneake
    Simply Shaneake 18 days ago

    Is the thread just regular black thread?

  • XxDragon Slaya
    XxDragon Slaya 18 days ago

    Such vibrant colour 💙💜💙 I could never do this process but damn it looks good!!!

  • BTS is my shietu
    BTS is my shietu 18 days ago

    Who else is too lazy and too broke to do this?😂

  • Imani Renée
    Imani Renée 19 days ago

    You.. are BEAUTIFUL

  • Shay Washington
    Shay Washington 19 days ago

    U make it look so easy lol

  • Siah White
    Siah White 19 days ago

    Hello Ms.roshposh my name is Jasmin i am 16 years old I am from Baltimore MD. And I was wondering if you save your old bundles and or wigs and if so do you need them? If not do you think that you can mail them to me? If they are a lil messed up That’s fine I have no problem with washing them & fixing it. Its just that My birthday is coming up , June 9th and I want to look beautiful but I do not have any good quality weave. I have alopecia balding which leave my head with bald spots/patches & I need a protective hairstyle but I can not afford the hair. My mother is a single parent with 5 kids we are unfortunate & she has already done so much work for my upcoming birthday. No pressure though. If you do not have any or you can’t mail it to me that is absolutely fine❤️ thanks for taking time out of your day to read this.

  • abbi dabs
    abbi dabs 19 days ago +1

    Looked better without the baby hairs but still cute girl.

  • 10,000 subscribers with one video?

    You really should make more and sell them on your own website. You could make some serious cash 🤑

  • Lyssie Hart
    Lyssie Hart 20 days ago

    I don’t know why but this wig would look AMAZING as a bob cut❤️❤️

  • Tessie Wilson
    Tessie Wilson 20 days ago

    why do you pluck it??

  • Tessie Wilson
    Tessie Wilson 20 days ago

    What are knots?

  • Tessie Wilson
    Tessie Wilson 20 days ago

    Fine as wine

  • Blue
    Blue 20 days ago +4

    Thought the intro was Kill this Love- Blackpink
    I was likee.....And I oop-

    • Blue
      Blue 18 days ago

      @BTS is my shietu lollll bias is lisa

    • BTS is my shietu
      BTS is my shietu 18 days ago +1

      Same lmaooo bias is jennie

  • Ducked Bri
    Ducked Bri 21 day ago


  • Samantha Nicole
    Samantha Nicole 21 day ago

    I’m so scared to dye my own hair because it’s taken me nearly 5 years to grow it to its current length so wigs are my best option for fun colors w/o damaging my hair.

  • Paul Waterhouse
    Paul Waterhouse 21 day ago +1

    I'm on my mans account but I had to say you look absolutely gorgeous in that wig and you look like beyonce btw

  • Nat Nat
    Nat Nat 21 day ago

    Girl you look good in blue that’s all I’m saying damnnnnn 💙

  • Earthworm Sally
    Earthworm Sally 21 day ago +1

    Why Does she always look like a goddess after?!?!!?

  • Amanda Ndabeni
    Amanda Ndabeni 21 day ago

    This color 😭😍😍😍

  • TSS_Flyingpanther07
    TSS_Flyingpanther07 21 day ago

    Ur wig is amazing and if anyone wanna hate then square up

  • Pelin Tamam
    Pelin Tamam 22 days ago +6

    How are you so beautiful omg I literally held my breath when I opened the video

  • Yuri Plisetsky
    Yuri Plisetsky 22 days ago +1

    The intro be soundin like Kill This Love

  • Lauren Denmark
    Lauren Denmark 22 days ago +1

    Dang girl! Just grow blue hair.

  • jhope screaming
    jhope screaming 22 days ago

    how long does it take to make??

  • Ashlee Slavey
    Ashlee Slavey 23 days ago

    Damn bitch you is fine as hell

  • Jennifer Cuevas
    Jennifer Cuevas 23 days ago

    absolutely gorgeous!

  • Dreamy Gacha Gamer
    Dreamy Gacha Gamer 23 days ago

    I’m in love with that color!!!!🥰🥰

  • Dreamy Gacha Gamer
    Dreamy Gacha Gamer 23 days ago

    I’m in love with that color!!!!🥰🥰