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  • Published on Sep 12, 2018
  • Looking for an easy Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe? Try my Easy Smoked Turkey Recipe:
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  • Leslie Allison
    Leslie Allison 9 months ago

    Can you share the recipe link??❤️

  • tyra nelson
    tyra nelson 10 months ago

    Rosie girl you gonna have cooking a thanksgiving dinner on a weekday...lol

  • Yoshina Bullock
    Yoshina Bullock Year ago

    Mouth watery💦💦💦 smoked turkey 🦃 I love all of your recipes...Thankyou for sharing💙

  • Precious Windley
    Precious Windley Year ago

    If you don't mind how did you start your own website? Please & Thank You

  • Erica10391
    Erica10391 Year ago

    Just what I was looking for!!

  • J J 4rom B.k
    J J 4rom B.k Year ago +1

    Omg I wished u had a catering business in New York . You have some blessed cooking hands


    I absolutely love smoked turkey , every Thanksgiving we buy one from our local BBQ spot, they have all flavors to choose from . My favorite is the jerk Turkey and honey siracha . That Turkey looks delicious !!!!

  • Dani Vargas
    Dani Vargas Year ago +1

    My favorite Turkey Day side? Roasted Brussel Sprouts with bacon and pecan pieces!! YUM...

  • MrSwaggah03
    MrSwaggah03 Year ago

    No...no...no...unsalted butter...noo

  • SuperHobbie1
    SuperHobbie1 Year ago

    Hi Rosie , a off the board question , How long to bake the sweet potato , instead of boil ? for pie

  • aleah sellars
    aleah sellars Year ago

    I want some lol

  • Adam Maderak
    Adam Maderak Year ago

    Love your recipe

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  • Nicole Davis
    Nicole Davis Year ago

    Omg!!!! That turkey looks sooooooo good!!!! My mouth is watering!!! Lol

  • Austin Stenger
    Austin Stenger Year ago

    DAMN! This is the third video that I have watched and commented on your channel. I watch RU-clip approximately for 4 hours a day and I am only subscribed to about 6 ppl, but you just added another one to my list! Keep it up 🙂

    • I Heart Recipes
      I Heart Recipes  Year ago

      Thanks so much for watching my videos luv! I appreciate you ❤️

  • ocballday
    ocballday Year ago

    Right on time for the holidays. Thank you 😊

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  • Violet Jazz
    Violet Jazz Year ago

    I want do this for the upcoming thanksgiving holiday.

  • galen stone
    galen stone Year ago

    I wanna come to your house for Thanksgiving, Rosie:)

  • Gloria Jackson
    Gloria Jackson Year ago

    Oh my my my😀. That looks so good 😋

  • Whisper Shout
    Whisper Shout Year ago

    My favorites greens, sweet potatoes or candied yams, mash potatoes or smashed potatoes green beans cabbage.

  • Classic With Misha
    Classic With Misha Year ago +1

    I like your recipes

  • Nana 08 Accord
    Nana 08 Accord Year ago +1

    Hey Rosie, this looks simply delicious! I usually just season the outside of my turkey. I’m going to try your butter rub on the inside next time. I’ll let you know how it turns out. My favorites are turkey and cornbread dressing with giblet gravy, cranberry sauce also collard greens.

  • jazzyjules2004
    jazzyjules2004 Year ago

    My fave side is YOUR CANDIED YAMS recipe! I'm ready for Thanksgiving..🍖😊

  • Alisa Wooten
    Alisa Wooten Year ago

    Omg! That Turkey is beautiful and I just know it tastes as good as it looks 😋

  • Donna Mcknight
    Donna Mcknight Year ago +1

    OMG! That looks fabulous! I am a good cook but your recipes are so well thought out and very easy to follow. It all looks so good! God Bless!

  • rachelmm05
    rachelmm05 Year ago

    You helping me to be a better cook tfs😊

  • Crowned Diva
    Crowned Diva Year ago

    I have made your turkey for thanksgiving . But can you do a fried turkey recipe this year 😋

  • bev gardner
    bev gardner Year ago +2

    Candied yams!

  • Jamie Haprer
    Jamie Haprer Year ago

    Omg I am glad you put this video up because me and my sister were talking about putting a turkey on the grill for Thanksgiving something different you know thanks for sharing love!!!

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    LovingMe_ Jan Year ago


  • Angela Wheeler
    Angela Wheeler Year ago

    I'm sorry, but I makes a bring for my turkey

  • No One
    No One Year ago

    Can you make fried Turkey 😍?

  • Ebony Nicole
    Ebony Nicole Year ago

    Perfect smoke ring❤

  • Orvillecarlk Foster
    Orvillecarlk Foster Year ago +2

    There is awesome would you did cause I love to cook I live alone and I cook my own dinner I love to eat healthy.. I would try to use your recipe.. Take good care of yourself and all of your family and friends too..God bless you and your family with love prayers and blessing always amen...

  • Benetta Boyd-Byrd
    Benetta Boyd-Byrd Year ago +1

    Absolutely amazing outcome looks so good 😍🦃🍗

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    juicy freak Year ago

    Beautiful I want a piece

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    Tis almost the season❤

  • Darryl Wilson
    Darryl Wilson Year ago

    Sister. Love it but where is my gravy?!

  • Teresa Aquamarine
    Teresa Aquamarine Year ago +9

    Rosie.Soul women use their hands! Would be delish,with some smoked mac n cheese too.🙂😋❤

  • Randy Johnson
    Randy Johnson Year ago

    Now that's a Thanksgiving turkey! Cornbread Dressing and mixed greens for me. Thanks for sharing❤❤.

  • Jazzy Star
    Jazzy Star Year ago

    Looks so durn good!!

  • Madame Gina Marie
    Madame Gina Marie Year ago +2

    I am learning to cook & ALL of these are my favorites!

  • Madame Gina Marie


  • Miranda Mcgriff
    Miranda Mcgriff Year ago

    Trying this! Looked so good!

  • Crystal Clear
    Crystal Clear Year ago

    Did you put this on a barbecue grill or smoker?

    • Crystal Clear
      Crystal Clear Year ago

      I Heart Recipes I’ll look for the video. Thanks!

    • I Heart Recipes
      I Heart Recipes  Year ago

      I used my Z Grills. I have a video on it ❤️

  • I Just Like To Cook

    I really have to learn how to make one of these. Very nice recipe. Love it!

  • Ree Smit
    Ree Smit Year ago +4

    Rosie, I tell ya, now I'll have to make this one too for the holidays 😃😂This turkey looks deeelish, no surprise hun. I always make your Cajun turkey and sometimes I switch up and make the other turkey(the one that you butter up real good)😊 Thanks a bunch for sharing! I 'll add to my turkey collection😄😃

  • Man O War
    Man O War Year ago

    Thank you for the content and this recipe.

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    I've already started rewatching your cooking videos for this time of year❤

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    This is one beautiful Turkey Rosie 😍

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    Looks delicious

  • Aretha Washington
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    So ready for the good recipes for the holidays.🖒

  • Ellen's Homemade Delights

    What a Gorgeous Smoked Turkey, Beautiful Color! I love my Grandmother’s Cornbread Dressing!!

    • Stephanie
      Stephanie Year ago +1

      Cornbread dressing is the only way to go!😊

    • I Heart Recipes
      I Heart Recipes  Year ago +1

      Thanks! Cornbread dressing is always a winner!

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  • T Lashai
    T Lashai Year ago

    Wow this is great for the holidays