How it FEELS to Play Sniper in TF2

  • Published on Mar 23, 2019
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    Songs used:
    0.00 Nocturne in E Flat Major - Chopin
    0.57 Gerudo Valley - Ocarina of Time
    1.30 Taurus Demon - Dark souls
    2.10 Fragrance of Dark Coffee - Turnabout Jazz Soul
    2.43 Rise of the Titan - Formantx
    2.50 Darude - Sandstorm
    3.25 You are Now Legally a Bird - A Hat in Time
    3.35 Fallen God
    3.50 Juggernaut March - Formantx
    4.46 Desert of Dijiridoos Lost Beats - Rayman Origins
    5.08 Pause - VVVVVV
    5.15 Tutorial - Cuphead
    5.20 Caramelldansen
    6.10 Unlimited Pressure - Ace Attorney
    7.24 Barbed Wire
    7.30 Nightless City - Wild Arms 4
    8.35 Pain - Three Days
    8.59 Gourmand Land Darktoon Chase - Rayman Origins
    10.05 Town Theme - Wild Arms
    10.21 Pursuit (from the first game) - Ace Attorney
    10.42 Trial - Ace Attorney
    11.06 Liligue City - Grandia 2
    11.26 Windfall Island - Zelda Wind Waker
    12.03 Minecraft Main Theme
    12.16 Peaceful Valley - Paper Mario Thousand Year Door
    Did you learn how it feels to play sniper in tf2? Well, that was the plan.
    The "anime lines" at 10.50 are by ChaoFanatic
    Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound (royalty free music website)
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  • LazyPurple
    LazyPurple  22 days ago +1209

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    • MrEnollx
      MrEnollx 3 days ago

      I subbed to support your dreams.

    • JätkäPvP
      JätkäPvP 4 days ago

      Very relatable

    • shayer 1
      shayer 1 4 days ago

      u can do it!

    • spacecloud
      spacecloud 5 days ago

      i shall !

    • Auston Medine
      Auston Medine 6 days ago

      hey lazypurple do you have a steam chat if yes plz tell me and no o well. P.S thanks

  • Joel Obando
    Joel Obando 3 minutes ago

    I fear no man but that thing it scares me

  • Ink Spider-Man
    Ink Spider-Man 19 minutes ago

    Clicking head simulator

  • Fasyon2
    Fasyon2 51 minute ago

    I love the Ace Attorney reference at 10:33

  • aopoop
    aopoop Hour ago

    I love meeting nice players. Not hoovies, just players that are really respectful.

  • A GH
    A GH Hour ago

    7:09 you didn't equip the weapon you were using but used the stall sniper. I blame sfm there always are ghost in the system

  • Ocean Honyar
    Ocean Honyar Hour ago


  • Filip Kuster
    Filip Kuster 4 hours ago

    Its funy when they playning minecraft. I saw you're all series how it feels and This scout play minecraft in how it feels to play enginer xd. I love you're films.

  • Jubayer Islam Tahsin
    Jubayer Islam Tahsin 5 hours ago

    You are pretty good at making video. Guys like you are keeping the community alive. Thanks for your work.

  • xMithril
    xMithril 8 hours ago

    Who is going places? The guy who makes up Boogeymen to protect his pride, or the one who gets his head blown off and proceeds to take notes?

  • SkEtChYdUdE808_Blonde_American S808BA

    The Internet on steroids basically

  • Mira Kim
    Mira Kim 9 hours ago

    5:13 little girls only

  • Mariner1712
    Mariner1712 10 hours ago +1

    Huntsman Sniper is basically the same concept except with indirect fire. With practice, you can actually get consistent blind headshots with elevation and timing/observation (so what normal Snipers should be doing anyway)

  • Piggyman Gaming
    Piggyman Gaming 12 hours ago

    You actually deserve more subs, such good content

  • Jake Albert
    Jake Albert 12 hours ago

    0:38 scout is B R O K E

  • Jamer Gamer
    Jamer Gamer 13 hours ago +1

    1:39 AW CRAP *IM DEAD*

  • Lindsey
    Lindsey 13 hours ago

    8:35 NICE

  • hope you like lots of spaghetti boi

    2:04 Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

  • Danielle Goodson
    Danielle Goodson 15 hours ago +2

    I'm a beginner at TF2 (and as much as I hate to admit) and I still play the Offline practice since I don't have much confidence in my skills. I perfer to play sniper tho since I'm not that big of a fan of just running out there and attacking, and I'll have to say,
    This is fairly accurate.
    Great video man! Keep up the amazing work :)

  • Topbra111
    Topbra111 16 hours ago

    Sooo, I followed his tip, and it worked. Like, really really worked. It’s helped me improve so much in so little time. I thank you, purple person, you’ve really helped me improve my aim.

  • LuigiLonLon
    LuigiLonLon 16 hours ago

    Sniper doesn't have his moustache

  • Archimedes Channel
    Archimedes Channel 17 hours ago

    2:09 is that the fragrance of dark coffee I hear?!??! I haven't heard anyone use that song in years! (I love this channel on how well the clips fit together!) Love your channel by the way, keep the tf2 community strong
    Edit: ah! At 10:33 are you using Miles Edgeworths animation on sniper? I'm impressed man

  • elihut sayter lopez rodriguez

    0:42 ist perfect!!

  • horsehe
    horsehe 20 hours ago

    Lol😂 5:20

  • Ctrl Alt Llama
    Ctrl Alt Llama 20 hours ago +1

    I was expecting the Soldier to equalizer taunt with the minecraft pickaxe

  • Mr Jelly
    Mr Jelly 21 hour ago

    Hey.. I remember that scout from your engineer vudeo

  • Rasmus Fisker
    Rasmus Fisker 21 hour ago

    I dont Think that anyof Them is going anywhere Cruz first u cant get anywhere with defending ur pride and u are dieing when ur head gets blown off

  • Legion pilot Midway
    Legion pilot Midway 21 hour ago +2

    I can’t stop watching this video.
    I’ve been watching this for a month’s too good lol

  • donghun1 kim
    donghun1 kim 21 hour ago

    Nexr Denman plzzzzz

  • Brother and Sister Gaming!


  • HEXI24
    HEXI24 22 hours ago

    Legendarny deafult dance fortnite

  • Alehandro Kiik
    Alehandro Kiik Day ago +1

    2:57 best frame of video

  • Pokemon Lore
    Pokemon Lore Day ago

    2:25 is that prossicutor godots music
    I love that coffee adict

  • Gabrielle Cohen
    Gabrielle Cohen Day ago

    Lazy, make that Minecraft thing an actual story, now.

  • Zer0 2
    Zer0 2 Day ago

    Lazy, your videos have gotten such a downgrade recently. First you have that Engineer gunslinger mistake, which I can forgive but then you have the seen where the scout was trying to make you miss not even shooting, where you were using the bazaar bargain but in the sfm you are using a sniper rifle. I cannot bare to watch your videos anymore.

  • Simon-Olivier Lapierre

    1:56 ur mom gey

  • Sayem Sher - Hazel McCallion Sr PS (1549)

    I still try and wait for enemies to walk into my crosshair. I cant time the shot, I CANT USE YOUR ADVICE!!!!! Your advice has gotten me 2 kills. I CANT PLAY SNIPER AND NOW I AM VERY SAD!

  • Mr reaper
    Mr reaper Day ago

    The editing is so good ur gonna get a mil by the end of this year

  • Cause Memes
    Cause Memes Day ago


  • Fabián Rochetti

    Wait wait and one cuestión, do you hacker or pro?

  • Fabián Rochetti

    Hey lazy how to update your sniper rifle? i like a sniper

  • Simbach Vazo
    Simbach Vazo Day ago

    Its a beautiful day outside, pootisbirds are flying, spycrabs are walking, and on days like these, snipers like you.... should be burning in Helltower.

  • mekman4
    mekman4 Day ago

    Making up boogie men to protect one’s pride is the Alt Right’s moto.
    Great video.

  • Corzana
    Corzana Day ago

    everytime minecraft is mentioned he always makes a behind the scenes.

  • Bacon monster
    Bacon monster Day ago +1


  • Happy Banana Duck

    THIS IS DISGUSTING!!!!!!!! “guitar hero aim” builds awful habits. DO NOT DO IT!!!! Learn to aim with your mouse and you’ll be much better. I HATE GUITAR HERO FAGS!!! It’s so easy -_-

  • Samuel Strong
    Samuel Strong Day ago

    thanks for the sniper advice lazy i have really improved at sniper in a really short amount of time thanks to you (still not great but now average)

  • Caleb Eibl
    Caleb Eibl Day ago

    At 7:19 your rifle is different

  • Sonic Cody
    Sonic Cody Day ago

    Sigh medic you should know the rule by now POP IT DON’T DROP IT!

  • Grace Glidden
    Grace Glidden Day ago

    Typical reaction when a player dies in tf2: "Oh I died, therefore the other player is cheating"

  • Robot
    Robot Day ago

    Minecraft's a neat game. 10/10

  • Thefranmaster
    Thefranmaster Day ago

    I'm a simple man, I see ace attorney, I click like

  • Majin Mist
    Majin Mist Day ago

    Either annoying good snipers that feels good or miss every shot.

  • Metalfanrog
    Metalfanrog Day ago

    Next make how it feels to play pyro.

    REDSHOTGUN 45 Day ago

    2:42 (shoots in comic sans)

  • Master Lavellan
    Master Lavellan Day ago

    the mouse shaking is such a beginner mood. I still panic and randomly spasm

  • Powel Aguelo
    Powel Aguelo Day ago

    im only good at bazaar BARGAIN

  • SKY_ Metrakce
    SKY_ Metrakce 2 days ago

    Heya lazy can you give me some tips too because it's been 2 or 3 years i played sniper and some times i lost my skill can you teatche me pls ( also i'm a french man )

  • Channel Czarovski
    Channel Czarovski 2 days ago

    this is so accurate it huts more than my enemies' headshots!

    me: *starts clearing heads off the server w/ bargain* I AM A WAR GODDESS!!! *gets sniped by a more veteran player* WHO GOT HER WIG SNATCHED

  • I really want to play minecraft but i dont know why

    Lazypurple using LmAoBoX

  • GameplaysBG
    GameplaysBG 2 days ago

    2:50 the least I was expecting was Megalovania lol nicely done

  • Leo Forsman
    Leo Forsman 2 days ago

    12:07 thats the same scout from the engineer video?

  • JustAnotherVideo / Gaming Vlogs Videos

    Ya got
    Pyro (like that would happen)
    And you'll be done!

  • Tyrone Jamal
    Tyrone Jamal 2 days ago

    The most overpowered and anti fun class

  • the new kid
    the new kid 2 days ago

    Can you do how it feels to play *pyro* please

  • spring bonnie
    spring bonnie 2 days ago +1

    sans meme at 2:50

  • connivent
    connivent 2 days ago

    I just realized the scout that plays mincraft is from how it feels to play engineer xD

  • Edison Lu
    Edison Lu 2 days ago

    bad lazypurple at 7:07 you have the defauly sniper even tho you have bazzar bargain in game

  • Agent Maine The meta



  • Gaz
    Gaz 2 days ago

    the megalovania part was awesome

  • Sock Puppet
    Sock Puppet 2 days ago +3

    I guess they're feeling pretty confident, but they weren't counting on one thing...
    *I slept nine hours last night*

  • K
    K 2 days ago +4

    replay button for the megalovania bit

    • ivan lau
      ivan lau 4 hours ago

      Peridot is secretly editing the clip

  • Mythological
    Mythological 2 days ago

    I’m so glad you decided to put in the Megalovania edit.

  • Koumori Chinpo
    Koumori Chinpo 2 days ago

    sniper can eat a dick
    worst designed class
    game would actually be 100x better if he didnt exist

  • sticky fingers
    sticky fingers 2 days ago

    The ace attorney part was gold

  • pyroman50
    pyroman50 2 days ago +4

    7:00 uses bazaar bargain
    7:08 shows stock rifle

  • Yonder Dubsiey
    Yonder Dubsiey 2 days ago

    I love this shit

  • Robotic Egg
    Robotic Egg 2 days ago

    12:03 It would be better if they were TF2 skins.

  • Mason Ryan
    Mason Ryan 2 days ago

    You’ve lost my respect for fortnite dancing lol

  • 22burnsie
    22burnsie 3 days ago

    I slept 9 hours last night... *Blink-Blink*

  • Im a fucking Libtard

    7:08 in the sfm he has the stock rifle but in game he’s using the bazar bargain

  • Invega
    Invega 3 days ago

    2:03 xd

  • DeathMatch 14
    DeathMatch 14 3 days ago

    12:00...That's the scout from the engineer video...GG Lazy, GG

  • 沈柏亨
    沈柏亨 3 days ago

    How to play sniper: BANG, WOW! I'm good at sniping.
    BANG, ..Wow I'm dead.

    Piss off.

  • SumDoodie
    SumDoodie 3 days ago

    Lazy deserves more subscribers than he has currently :T

  • this is a legit name

    How it feels to be a maniac that dates fire, and uses fire against people with the opposite color.

    Aka heavy, but lower health and has fire

  • lucy
    lucy 3 days ago

    Into song bio shock infinite

  • Toxic
    Toxic 3 days ago

    7:08 you had the bizarre bargain but in the sfm you have stock now that I have pointed out your flaws I now feel better about myself and can continue ignoring my own flaws...... *sobs*

  • Gideon Hankins
    Gideon Hankins 3 days ago

    I like that you use SFM as a visual aid and comic relief rather than the video itself.

  • ShotJon 2
    ShotJon 2 3 days ago

    Whose painted the hat combo white?

  • chayapol cha
    chayapol cha 3 days ago

    *Do you wanna have a Sniper time?*

  • Mr. Mew
    Mr. Mew 3 days ago

    how i play sniper and noscope everyone

  • Carter Dixon
    Carter Dixon 3 days ago

    I found a pattern to lazy choosing who’s leaving to play Minecraft he’s going from the beggining of the roster to the end

  • mark mark
    mark mark 3 days ago

    I just randomly crouch when fighting a sniper

  • Ace of spades
    Ace of spades 3 days ago


  • The thot Patrol
    The thot Patrol 3 days ago

    Can you do medic next

  • Headless Fedora
    Headless Fedora 3 days ago

    IM not good at sniper, Im not bad at sniper

  • Ian
    Ian 3 days ago

    Boi you gotta do How it Feels to Play Medic
    Nothing feels more stressful in your head

  • Waywardson oftheNight

    Please make how it feels to play medic…. I need motivation to get back into my main

  • Superbrohouse
    Superbrohouse 3 days ago