2019 Club Style Street Bob Harley-Davidson

  • Published on Sep 19, 2018
  • 2019 Model Year Harley-Davidson Street Bob customized at Laidlaw's Harley-Davidson. Added parts include a Genuine H-D "Clam Shell" Fairing with Bung King Fairing Brackets. Bung King 10 Inch Risers (1 inch pull back). Dominion Collection Grips, axel nut covers, and Shift peg.
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Comments • 191

  • Isidro garcia
    Isidro garcia 4 days ago

    Can someone tell me what headlight extension block was used can’t seem to find one that raises the head light correctly. Thanks!!

  • T . T
    T . T 24 days ago

    Thats really clean bike

  • Professor GeorgeO
    Professor GeorgeO 27 days ago

    Is it just better to buy a new bike clubstyle ready or is it possible to make my sporty A club style will I need to change the belt drive to chain final drive and need info on a great looking ride and lots of math to prefection rake hight ratio stage 4 ofcourse can a sportster have all that for a 15 k job or will it be 25 k like this slim I would choose a softtail slim

  • Nehemiah Jonathan
    Nehemiah Jonathan Month ago

    Hi can you send me the link for the harley davidson fork clamp?

    • Nehemiah Jonathan
      Nehemiah Jonathan Month ago

      @Matt Laidlaw the fork clamp I try to find in harley davidson parts and accessories web page.

    • Matt Laidlaw
      Matt Laidlaw  Month ago

      Fork clamp? The triple tree?

  • Ammar Modieh
    Ammar Modieh Month ago

    how tall are you?? im 5'10 will i be able to see the speedo??

  • Isidro garcia
    Isidro garcia Month ago

    Did you need to raise the headlight 1 inch for it to fit correctly?

  • Del1000r
    Del1000r 2 months ago

    Are the bars the same height as stock?

  • David Elliott
    David Elliott 2 months ago

    This look is starting to grow on me, but I don’t think it would work with the bars I plan on getting. Not a fan of the T-bars

  • Danny
    Danny 3 months ago

    10 in bung king risers but What kind of handlebars are Those

    • Danny
      Danny 2 months ago +1

      George Hakeem thanks

    • George Hakeem
      George Hakeem 2 months ago

      Danny they look like luck Dave’s riser bars

  • jdurham1977
    jdurham1977 3 months ago

    ride dyna, or go home gay boys... street bob are dyna's.. hard, a mans bike ....

  • Bruce white
    Bruce white 3 months ago

    I like the new style valve covers

  • Ligma Bhalz
    Ligma Bhalz 4 months ago +9

    *"Low price of 14.5k"*
    Am I missing some kind of monthly check everyone else is getting wtf.

  • NBT 3
    NBT 3 4 months ago

    Matt I just put 9.5" risers on my 08 lowrider. We ordered a bracket that put the indicators on the center of the triple tree. Low but visible even for a stubby guy at 5'10.5". I guess most of the world is stubby to you. Also went with a Woods 222 cam just to even the torque out a little. I've got to dona fairing (I think) to finish it out. Memphis Shade (everybody is using them) so I'm looking for an alternative. East coast dyna club bike, I just did not like the look of mini apes. So i wanted a Tbar look which is not easy to do on a Lowrider. Love the videos btw! Keep them rolling. Ride safe!

  • Luis Miranda
    Luis Miranda 4 months ago

    Love the way this bike looks 👌🏽

  • blushy
    blushy 5 months ago

    my dream

  • John Davies
    John Davies 5 months ago

    Matt are the handlebars Bung King also?

  • John Davies
    John Davies 5 months ago

    How is the LCD wired Matt?

  • Bernard Lesperance
    Bernard Lesperance 6 months ago

    Any one know what bars were used?

  • DuhGreaT
    DuhGreaT 7 months ago

    How much a bike like that cost

    • Tom rebel
      Tom rebel 7 months ago

      It's literally in the 6 minute video. How lazy are you?

  • TrustNothing
    TrustNothing 7 months ago

    they need to make bigger bikes

  • Black Dog
    Black Dog 7 months ago

    Polishing a fucking turd.

  • iamstinkwee
    iamstinkwee 8 months ago +1

    My girl bought a Street Bob last year. The Milwaukee 8 is smooth and the Softail frame is great. It prompted me to trade my 05 Road King for an 18 Street Glide Special. The LCD is minimalist, highly functional and dope AF at night. I actually which the Street Glide had something similar instead of the analog gauges.
    Question about this build. I think I heard it in the video, but want to confirm. Were you able to use the existing clutch and brake cables or did you have to replace them. Asking for a friend. =)

  • Flying Dog
    Flying Dog 10 months ago

    Now that is the most Stupid looking thing I have seen and the bike is Fugly too. 1960s Buz Bike.

  • Walter Parada
    Walter Parada 10 months ago

    That speedo/led screen looks like such a piece of junk. Don't know how anyone could ever get any information off that thing.

  • Levi Heasley
    Levi Heasley 10 months ago

    Hey Matt! Looking at doing this setup myself.one thing you didn’t mention was if the gauge wire was long enough for the 10 inch risers or did they have to be spliced longer?

    • Levi Heasley
      Levi Heasley 10 months ago

      Thanks! And a plug in kit? I haven’t seen any for that. What’s the number?

    • Matt Laidlaw
      Matt Laidlaw  10 months ago

      Yea the gauge wires need to be extended. I believe we use a kit to do it. You can call robin at our shop if you want.

  • Tom Scialpi
    Tom Scialpi 10 months ago

    could you do a tank lift on this bike ??,, looking to do something like this when i purchase one, but i would want to lift the tank just to give it more of a bobber style.

    ENPHYMOZ 10 months ago

    Same motorcycle clay morrow has in sons of anarchy

  • Cat Kitten
    Cat Kitten 11 months ago

    your camera shots are all up the shit at the start of video , get it right . Nice bike

  • darnell rogers
    darnell rogers 11 months ago

    This club style is sickening... this look is what will bring younger riders to Harley

  • Richard Morley
    Richard Morley 11 months ago

    Don't like the Speedo it looks cheep

  • Hungerford Hogs
    Hungerford Hogs Year ago

    I am from England and i think this is a great idea, i have the new fat boy 114 and would love this style.

  • N N
    N N Year ago +1

    Club Style forever but....give me back the old dyna frame!! ✌🏻 however...great job as usual 👍🏻

  • Thomas Jost
    Thomas Jost Year ago

    Hi Matt,
    what are these handlebars? CR High bend 1" Dia handlebars? Also from Bung King? Greetings from europe!

  • Str88ch Arbuckle
    Str88ch Arbuckle Year ago +2

    killer look

  • oohknow
    oohknow Year ago

    Can you do a step by step build video?

  • LJM2stepspain
    LJM2stepspain Year ago

    Harley absolutely does not make a bike for me at the moment - which is fine. I understand I have pretty specific tastes.
    I love my '17 Fat Bob - test rode at least 7 '19 & '18 Harleys at Sturgis and wouldn't trade mine for the world. Thought I was going to fall in love with the sport glide but I was never so sure I hated a motorcycle so quickly in my life.
    This a Soft Bob done up as nicely as this one just does absolutely nothing for me. I want an M8 motor so badly, just don't actually see myself getting on one anytime soon.

  • Renz Cornejo
    Renz Cornejo Year ago

    What handlebar did you end up using with the risers?

  • pressendforspanish

    If I had a dog that ugly I would shave its ass and make it walk backward!

  • sadiq sarkhouh
    sadiq sarkhouh Year ago

    Im 6 feet tall, would u think i can read the LCD screen easily or would i need a 1inch pullback? Also does this installment need new wiring? Or the stock would do fine?

  • Nick Sinko
    Nick Sinko Year ago

    Beautiful build Matt ! Do they make these front turn signal brackets ? Or did you guys make them ? I have clearance issues with my low rider s and need lowers hanging signals

  • Scorp
    Scorp Year ago +2

    what a way to bring it to life.
    good looking bike.
    sounds great too.
    awsome video !!

  • Machine Man
    Machine Man Year ago

    Who cares about the screen

  • One Of Da Kind
    One Of Da Kind Year ago

    Zed handle bar would be awesome from my opinion.

  • David ReinholdII
    David ReinholdII Year ago

    Hay Matt. Your crew is amazing at your dealership. I live in Detroit. I called and asked about the first club build on the fxbb. The young lady that helped me was flipping awesome. Thanks for innovating. Your videos convinced me to go with my fxbb. Thank you . Dave

    • Matt Laidlaw
      Matt Laidlaw  Year ago

      That must have been robin. Yes, she is awesome

  • Skierxman
    Skierxman Year ago

    I am not sure where the term Club Style came from because the vast majority of riders in 1% and general riding Clubs don't go with this type of bar setup--most want function over form and opt for a bar setup or configuration that gives them the best control and/or long distance practicality. For some, this means taller bars, risers etc..but this setup is not in any way representative of general club bikes. A more accurate term for this style would be Hollywood or SOA style--because it appeals more to folks who watch a lot of TV and are more into looks and form over function.

  • Lucas Malfoy
    Lucas Malfoy Year ago

    Reminder me of sons of anarchy

  • Gabe Gomez
    Gabe Gomez Year ago

    I love those tbars

    BOMBER Year ago

    Dude, that's a great looking ride. Maybe black wheels would be my only change

  • Tao Wang
    Tao Wang Year ago


  • Rob Bonacic
    Rob Bonacic Year ago

    not a fan of that fairing, i prefer the Memphis shades or the Conley otherwise decent build.

  • Kevin Toole
    Kevin Toole Year ago

    That is one seriously fugly fairing.

  • gregg ferns
    gregg ferns Year ago

    How to look like SOA from 10 years ago😂😂

    • Nick Culver
      Nick Culver Year ago

      gregg ferns this style was around long before SOA. Where do you think the show came up with it? Just on it's own? The show just popularized a style that already existed.

  • Klaus Metall
    Klaus Metall Year ago

    1)Its not Street bob
    2)its not harley-davidson
    3)R.I.P DYNA.

    • Klaus Metall
      Klaus Metall Year ago

      @Nick Culver oh man, if i whant bike with monoshock & and radiator & sewing mashine sound im buying yamaha. I love harley because it was true & simplycity, air cooling, no electronic helper, it was a MOTORCYCLE! 2 wheel & engine , nothing more... whats now? Electronic ingection
      Electronic trottle
      Electronic exhaust
      Electronic brackes
      Big ugly radiator
      Cmon, its fckn yamazuki-dukatson....

    • Nick Culver
      Nick Culver Year ago +1

      Klaus Metall I agree, rip Dyna. Heavier, worse suspension geometry, noodle frame, less suspension travel, less lean angle clearance, less power. Let's let it rest in peace and ride something better.

  • Lord Humongous
    Lord Humongous Year ago

    still has that same limp shifter arm...prob the only thing I dont like about my Low Rider

  • Greg Milona
    Greg Milona Year ago

    Nice rig mate,good job

  • Calen
    Calen Year ago

    I liked these bars on that road glide. It looked like it handled well.

    • Matt Laidlaw
      Matt Laidlaw  Year ago

      Yea the handling is different. I like it.

  • Bobber16
    Bobber16 Year ago

    You guys always do great work, but I found this a little disappointing. This bike has so much more potential that a simple change of bar/risers and adding a fairing doesn't seem enough to call it a project bike. How about a cooler seat, suspension, paint job, some engine work, intake/exhaust mods. You've got some really talented mechanics working for you, and for a project bike to showcase like this, you should give them the freedom to show what they can do. Still respect everything you do. :)

    • Bobber16
      Bobber16 Year ago

      I think that for the great work and quality of your staff that even if you were let them go all out, it would sell fast. My favorite videos are those of your staff and clients showcasing their bikes. It's what makes me always look forward to the next one. :)

    • Matt Laidlaw
      Matt Laidlaw  Year ago +2

      I agree, and to be perfectly clear we didn’t build this bike as a “Project bike” to showcase the full capabilities of our shop and the bike potential. This is a very simple change to a Streetbob. This is just a start for someone who buys the bike. We aren’t going to try to win and shows or anything. We wanted to keep the price reasonable because a lot of the bikes I feature on my channel are for sale. This one actually sold 2 days ago.

  • Roberto Acosta
    Roberto Acosta Year ago +1

    A bike for the sons of agony wannabes. This is gheyer than ghey. Stupid looking bars.

  • Richard Smith
    Richard Smith Year ago

    Miss the Dyna’s!

  • Johnny Johnson
    Johnny Johnson Year ago

    Harley Davidson dropped the dyna's and all of a sudden made them soft tails still a dyna no matter what another bad move from HD

    • Nick Culver
      Nick Culver Year ago

      Johnny Johnson it's a good thing it's not a dyna. It has a stiffer frame, more powerful motor that runs substantially cooler, better suspension geometry, and it's lighter weight. The Dyna wishes it could be as good as the new Softail, but in reality it's not even as good as the FXR was.