Reviewing Cheap Amazon Wigs For Halloween | Kelsey Impicciche

  • Published on Oct 15, 2018
  • It's that BuzzFeed girl again, this time I'm reviewing green wigs from Amazon for my Dark Knight Joker halloween costume! Which cheap wig is your favorite?
    Wig 1: Mildiso Short Bob Wavy Curly Green Hair M004G
    Wig 2: Kalyss Women's Cosplay Party Kanekalon Short Straight Dark Green Bob
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Comments • 213

  • Kelsey Impicciche
    Kelsey Impicciche  Year ago +68

    Wig 1 or 2?

  • Rebecca Mayo
    Rebecca Mayo 25 days ago

    wig 1

  • Donnie Darko
    Donnie Darko Month ago

    Man, she's gorgeous...
    She's that hot blonde you always hoped you'd encounter while being in New York for the first time in the 90's.
    Damn, she could be in Friends, that's how hot she is.

  • Emily Zahasky
    Emily Zahasky Month ago

    Wig 1, more manic!

  • Jon Oeschger
    Jon Oeschger 2 months ago

    Wig one, but needs to be shortened maybe.

  • Miranda2Marvels
    Miranda2Marvels 4 months ago

    Does she remind anyone else of reese witherspoon ? Lol

  • Rose Meadowgoat
    Rose Meadowgoat 5 months ago

    The first one looks beautiful and more like the jocker

  • Zondra Staggs
    Zondra Staggs 6 months ago


  • Achelre
    Achelre 6 months ago

    number 1

  • Kimberlin Cleophas
    Kimberlin Cleophas 6 months ago


  • chloe littlewood
    chloe littlewood 6 months ago

    Number 2 you look like sia with green hair lol

  • Catrina Cornwell
    Catrina Cornwell 7 months ago

    Honestly, the first one reminded me of Jeffrey Star

  • SiriGull
    SiriGull 7 months ago

    yes this video is the first one of yours that I saw! and now i have seen dem all moahaha

  • Addison Olson
    Addison Olson 7 months ago

    Number two was the best because number one it was bumpy in the back

  • aaron morris
    aaron morris 7 months ago

    Wig one

  • Tanisha Vostrikov
    Tanisha Vostrikov 8 months ago


  • Noel time!
    Noel time! 8 months ago

    I love the first one.

  • watermelon_n seeds
    watermelon_n seeds 8 months ago

    The bangs make her look like Emma stone

  • Alan Zavala
    Alan Zavala 9 months ago

    Cut your hair that short like wig 1 bc you look so good and pretty

  • David Friedman
    David Friedman 9 months ago

    Wish we could have seen the full costume!

  • Emma Kilbane
    Emma Kilbane 9 months ago

    How dose Kelsey only have 771 likes the whole world should love her ♥️♥️

  • Ally Rouse
    Ally Rouse 9 months ago

    The second one kinda looks like a stripper wig

  • Noah'sgotgames
    Noah'sgotgames 10 months ago


  • OlivethePugs
    OlivethePugs 10 months ago

    I think I was debating buying the second one at one point for a Saria cosplay.

  • All Sweetness and Life
    All Sweetness and Life 10 months ago

    Y look like lily reinhart

  • Adamplaysgamer
    Adamplaysgamer 10 months ago

    Doesn’t anybody think she looks like Emma in once upon a time

  • Kyle Lidster
    Kyle Lidster 10 months ago +1


  • Carmina Roque
    Carmina Roque 10 months ago +4

    Am I the only one that Kelsey look like Melissa Benoist from Supergirl? 💕

  • deknaruk G
    deknaruk G 10 months ago +1

    Your eyes color so pretty

  • Bridget Binks
    Bridget Binks 10 months ago +1

    Any one ever told you you look like Betty from Riverdale

  • Katie Topaz
    Katie Topaz 10 months ago +3

    Anyone else think she looks a LOT like Beatty Cooper???

  • s t a r
    s t a r 10 months ago +2

    Can She do a 24 hours in a tent challenge? Ik I'm late lol love ya ❤️I'm new by the way and I don't regret coming here. By the way the end song for ur intro is sick.😁

  • lxnatic
    lxnatic 10 months ago +1

    with the green bob you look like dark betty but christmas version

  • iClone Animations
    iClone Animations 10 months ago +1

    With that wig, you literally look like the main character for my channel ^_^

  • unknown sub
    unknown sub 11 months ago +1

    She looks like Betty from Riverdale

  • silver33
    silver33 Year ago

    Love your gaming set up.

  • Rose Knoz
    Rose Knoz Year ago +1

    I found your channel because I just wanted to share...I was thinking the whole time during your Until Dawn gameplay with Wolfie... BARRICADE THE DOOR! DON'T CHOOSE ESCAPE! Because I knew the Wendigos would get him in the room because the door wasn't barricaded 😰
    And good job not investigating the voice. That would have killed Ashley.

  • Frank Lee
    Frank Lee Year ago

    Late post holiday. Both look awesome!

  • Gill Adrienne
    Gill Adrienne Year ago

    Nxt video "Why I leave Buzz feed"

  • Akhil Aki
    Akhil Aki Year ago +1

    #2 jst looks too darn cute 😍

  • kurtdc 30
    kurtdc 30 Year ago +1

    Kelsey should go as Dark Betty next year. She literally looks like Lili’s Sister

  • J.W. Zagst
    J.W. Zagst Year ago +1

    Baha I need to find someone to cosplay Lady Joker to go with my Male Biker Harley Quinn. I want to dye half my beard blue and the other half pink and wear a red and black leather biker getup and walk around calling Lady Joker "Missus Jay!"

  • Ng Hanwei
    Ng Hanwei Year ago

    Second one has lady gaga vibe 😂

  • Mill Burray
    Mill Burray Year ago

    Wig 1 for Joker
    Wig 2 for St. Patty's

  • UsagiBunny
    UsagiBunny Year ago +1

    Speaking of One Punch Man, wig one looks more like Tatsumaki's hair. All you need to add is a black silhouette dress to match.
    Just throwing a random cosplay idea for Kelsey, I think she'll be a perfect Toga Himiko from Boku no Hero Academia.

  • devilwolf4
    devilwolf4 Year ago +1

    Wig 1 for TDK joker. Wig 2 for Flashpoint /Martha Wayne Joker

  • Dro
    Dro Year ago

    I need a wig.
    Honestly, I need hair 🙃

  • Lolita Dolfo
    Lolita Dolfo Year ago

    first one. 😍

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr Year ago +1

    The First One!

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr Year ago +1


  • ShiSha Rainbow
    ShiSha Rainbow Year ago +1

    Thanks for the upload because I'm doing tutorials myself for wigstyling and may you could be interested in as well ⚡

  • Daniele Main
    Daniele Main Year ago +1

    Both super cute! Wig 1 is more Joker though.

  • JAWMovies
    JAWMovies Year ago +1

    The first wig remind me so much of the Martha Joker from Flashpoint

  • Brandonio Granger
    Brandonio Granger Year ago +1

    #1 obviously

  • Sam Spoon
    Sam Spoon Year ago +1

    I love the first one!!

  • lovelylinds
    lovelylinds Year ago +12

    The second wig reminds me of a green Dark Betty wig. I like the first one, but both would work. 😂

  • thishan kularatne

    Damn Kelsey you look amazing in both girl! 🔥🔥❤️

  • Reena Dixit
    Reena Dixit Year ago +1

    I like the first wig because it seems more joker like then the second one. Both are good wigs tho. I have no idea what I’ll go for Halloween so hopefully I figure that out soon lol

  • Haley HB Pencil
    Haley HB Pencil Year ago

    Wig 1 definitely has the more crazed look you are going for with that particular Joker. I agree with other people saying dress up Chewie as Harley, one ear Red, one ear blue (pet-friendly dye obviously).

  • Elamangai P
    Elamangai P Year ago +1