Resin Lava Bowl

  • Published on Mar 26, 2018
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    A while back I showed you a failure that we turned into a bottle stopper. You asked me to supersize that project.
    So, today we're going big time! A boiling resin lava bowl!
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    Canon T5i
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  • Sil ent
    Sil ent 4 months ago +171

    Peter can you tell me why the mixture boils by itself? Only Peter tells me!

    • nottacop
      nottacop 17 days ago

      +lilMcCoy Only weed smoke is safe to inhale.

    • tube71000
      tube71000 17 days ago

      ​+Peter BrownHey! A question I can answer! (A couple of months later, but still.)
      I work with polyurethanes daily, in a different scale and application, but the chemistry is still largely the same.
      CAUTION: Some of the "steam" can be vaporized isocyanate, and it's not the healthiest thing to inhale. (Though most chronic injuries are occupational.)
      BUT some people can be/become sensitivized to isocyanate, when inhaling it in larger amounts than what it can vaporize in the short period of being unenclosed at room temperature. The super fast reaction here will do just that in a hurry.
      (Our suppliers earlier account rep became sensitivized and she had to change careers just due to that.)
      Still only injured-in-a-car-crash levels of risk, but a risk neverthiless.

      It's not *only* boiling, the water reacts with the hardening agent and releases carbon dioxide (which is the initial bubbling).
      The heat comes from the polyurea chains forming, and as it accelerates the reaction, the mix reaches unintentionally high temperatures and its fibre-time quicker.
      Fibre-time is the point when the foam forms/the resin sets, the foam insulates the inside (which can reach multiple times the temperature of the outside) and any residual water and hardening agent will turn to vapor, forcing their way out of the foam -> boiling effects.
      Also you're creating an extremely rigid foam with ridiculously large cells. :D

      Additional chemistry:
      2-component urethanes are primarily a mix of isocyanate 'hardener', and a polyol 'reactant'. The isocyanate is pretty universal/standard, but the polyol is where the magic happens. Solid (casting) polyols don't have any blowing agents mixed in (I work with foams, not solids and this is the major difference between the two).
      If you add water - that is used as a blowing agent in some foams - the water reacts with the isocyanate before the polyol group can get to it, which leads to:

      water + isocyanate = an urea group + CO2

      And you get nice cells/bubbles in your polyurethane with insulating CO2 gas inside them.

    • Lil Pizzy
      Lil Pizzy Month ago

      "Only Peter tells me" I'm

    • lilMcCoy
      lilMcCoy Month ago

      is that safe to inhale ??

    • 316LVM
      316LVM Month ago

      +KDR Gaming
      Thanks for the explanation. Figured it was a chemical reaction.
      I've had this type of thing happen with epoxy resin except I mixed a huge batch on a very hot day and the 2 parts of resin was very warm.
      Mixed the 2 parts together, next thing I knew, the resin got extremely hot and started melting the cup. Dropped the dang cup before my gloves melted. Scared the ever loving life outta me. Now I just mix enough to do a layer at a time.

  • AJ Dienst
    AJ Dienst Day ago

    Wish I could afford resin for my bowls , please chaeck out my instagram page AJ Creative

  • Allen Sparks
    Allen Sparks 3 days ago

    I would LOVE to see this done then captured in clear resin so you can actually turn it to a nice clean bowl... the texture is super cool!

  • Jonathan Villarreal
    Jonathan Villarreal 9 days ago

    Looks like a Mortar for like making salsas

  • Lori Greene
    Lori Greene 10 days ago

    Could you make a silicone center plug so you can reuse it?

  • Erich Kaltenbrunner
    Erich Kaltenbrunner 11 days ago

    Idiot without skills

  • billie lockhart
    billie lockhart 12 days ago

    This would be the best asmr ever

  • Overload
    Overload 12 days ago

    Peter, will you revisit this video with the stabilizing resin? I bet it will awesome!

  • Mike Nunyabizness
    Mike Nunyabizness 12 days ago

    A shallow wooden bowl with a rubber lip around the rim would have held the bottom of the bowl while you hollowed it.

  • Blair McLaughlin
    Blair McLaughlin 12 days ago

    You should be wearing serious respirators. Chemical reaction smoke is something you should take VERY seriously.

  • Amber_YT
    Amber_YT 13 days ago

    1:15 Hey! That’s My Name!!! Amber!!!🥰🥰🥰

  • Button doddles
    Button doddles 15 days ago

    This is so cool

  • BachDevotee
    BachDevotee 15 days ago

    Sorry if someone already asked this. I read through as many of the >2,700 comments as I could! LOL I don't understand why you waited to pour the resin into the mold. Why not just mix the three ingredients and pour it right in? Great channel, Peter! :D

  • Kiera Kitten
    Kiera Kitten 16 days ago

    what if you did it with red and oranges and mixed them right after the other so they kinda mixed a bit, then added a layer of clear so... so fire lava bowl?

  • Richard Claymore
    Richard Claymore 16 days ago

    Peter: love your channel! Try putting a wood block on the bottom before you pour the first resin, then you can drill it out at the end. You can also take the lava bowl and dip it in resin to fill all the holes, which will give you a solid surface to hold onto with the chuck. Keep up the great work!

  • PoppaTom1948
    PoppaTom1948 16 days ago

    CUTE!!! What can you do with it?

  • nottacop
    nottacop 17 days ago

    So if it reacts that way to moisture I guess it would do the same if you got some into your eye or on your skin? Sounds fun!

  • Jarod Lengefeld
    Jarod Lengefeld 17 days ago

    Why is it boiling how’s that possible what’s in it why is it boiling?

  • Izabelson Potatoes
    Izabelson Potatoes 18 days ago

    *"you want to hold it"*
    well that's pretty stupid but also true

  • Jarrod Quinn
    Jarrod Quinn 20 days ago

    What if, once it was completely set, you used it as an insert for a clear resin bowl, and put clear resin inside (probably with its own insert, too.) Then you could lathe away the inside and outside (perhaps back down to the color) and have a smooth surface while the boiling, hollow effect is still visible

  • Xpert_ 72
    Xpert_ 72 20 days ago

    Is that a buttplug at the begging

  • Lizzie Liu
    Lizzie Liu 24 days ago

    I thought it said raisin

  • Allyson Hanson
    Allyson Hanson 24 days ago +1

    Him:"Every body raise there hand if u think this is a bad idea"
    Him:Yep me to🙏🏻

  • Carmen Mueller
    Carmen Mueller 29 days ago

    Ah it's the never ending bowl mold returns XD

  • lemguin
    lemguin 29 days ago

    Ever consider soaking another layer of clear resin over something like this? Or maybe get real weird and make the lava portion black, cover it in white resin then shape it to see what that looks like?

  • Aleena Garcia
    Aleena Garcia Month ago

    Wow did not expect it to actually BOIL 😂

  • Scotty Parchman
    Scotty Parchman Month ago

    It looks like lava rock

  • Clare Hughes
    Clare Hughes Month ago

    Might it have been better if you had sealed it in epoxy resin before mounting it on the lathe and turning it? Just a thought. I love the boiling effect it’s insane! Nice bowl though 👍🏼

  • Evie Belle
    Evie Belle Month ago


  • Stephen Schulz
    Stephen Schulz Month ago +1

    Nice Cousin Vinny bowl.

  • Darcy Maestu
    Darcy Maestu Month ago

    6:33 Oh, no, that isn't smoke, it's steam, steam from the steamed clams we are having... Mmmh... steamed clams

  • Kanu PUBG
    Kanu PUBG Month ago

    5:45 close your eyes and hear carefully

  • Tom Zborovsky
    Tom Zborovsky Month ago

    That is slightly disturbing

  • supergirl ?
    supergirl ? Month ago

    You sound like Brendon Urie

  • NotTheFBI
    NotTheFBI Month ago +2

    (Uses bowl for eating.) Liquid: UwU OwO goodbye

  • TheOfficialOreoTV
    TheOfficialOreoTV Month ago

    This triggers my trypophobia

  • Devinediva111
    Devinediva111 Month ago

    It might be helpful to make a silicon plug.

  • Muffin Pants
    Muffin Pants Month ago +1

    ooohhhh... I thought you called it a lava bowl because it had the same kind of look or texture of lava rock.
    I'm an idiot lol 😅😅

  • Pepe The vlog
    Pepe The vlog Month ago

    Idk why I watch this I have Trypophobia

  • Cudket
    Cudket Month ago

    How’d you measure how much volume needed to completely fill towards the top for the violet?

  • Julia Timotijevic
    Julia Timotijevic Month ago

    Please make an asmr out of that bubbling, it sounds amazing

  • Scott Trower
    Scott Trower Month ago


  • Taotao Msp
    Taotao Msp Month ago +2

    Me looking at the thumbnail: Is ThAt a SpoNgE?

  • randy ambrose
    randy ambrose Month ago +1

    "Holly lack of respirators Batman!" Did they really breathe all those fumes?

  • Alpha Mega Fire Folf The Guardian

    I hope he turned all that wood into something useful like mulch, instead of tossing it.

  • XxJust_ ZoeyxX
    XxJust_ ZoeyxX Month ago

    Woahhhhh triphobia (idk how to spell cause im dumb;-;) warning

  • mantizz
    mantizz Month ago


  • lorenzo damag
    lorenzo damag Month ago +1

    Was really hoping you were gonna try and fill it with water or something

  • teh_supar_hackr 0010101

    You look like Jack Black, I swear.

  • EnergeticWaves
    EnergeticWaves Month ago

    are u reusing the same cup?

  • Taylor Thompson
    Taylor Thompson Month ago

    13:28 "you wanna hold it" smh lmao

  • Scubacopter
    Scubacopter Month ago

    a lot of work and waste for an unattractive and impossible-to-keep-clean bowl that looks like a child's bath bomb...

  • matthew dalton
    matthew dalton Month ago

    Do more of this please

  • jeongin’s cute lil ouw

    *rip people who have Trypophobia*

  • AG Builds
    AG Builds Month ago

    Awesome work but watching this made me uncomfortable. Idk why lol

  • Miza Ge
    Miza Ge Month ago

    This stuff is scary!

  • Micheal Badtke
    Micheal Badtke Month ago

    If only he could go back and tell himself not to put that plug in... also love that his wife is a pyro.

  • Afton\comit👾
    Afton\comit👾 Month ago +1

    "I think I left it in there a little too long."

  • Lux0rd
    Lux0rd Month ago

    Would be cool to have a few colors mixed at once and sort of marble them together (even if you needed a few people to help due to setting so fast)

  • The Fakey Cake Maker

    It looks like a large sponge to me, I would put it in clear resin to add more "ooh" to it other than that, not for me...

  • ken tan
    ken tan Month ago

    Im f*cking tryphobhic

  • Life with Dolls
    Life with Dolls Month ago

    The entire video: it’s a nice color!

    Read more

  • mlg cow or dogo
    mlg cow or dogo Month ago


  • Christine Mitchell
    Christine Mitchell Month ago

    Pop rocks without the diabetic coma!!!!😆😆

  • Lukas Villarin
    Lukas Villarin Month ago

    Hey! Love your stuff. How do you (if u do) clean your mixing cups?

  • Kate FX
    Kate FX Month ago

    Maybe a little mold release?

  • crazy thing
    crazy thing Month ago

    “Those are big bubbles” “Yeah they are!” 😂😂

  • ModzNMara
    ModzNMara Month ago

    Whats the point of this?

  • Mike Fuchs
    Mike Fuchs Month ago

    Very pretty and interesting. But it looks fragile and likely to damage furniture. I wonder if you could put the lava bowl back in the mold, fill it with clear resin, vacuum chamber-ed it to get the resin into the voids in the resin and then pressure-pot it. It would be cool if the result was a lava-in-glass look with a traditionally smooth acrylic bowl. Just thinking'. Thanks for the experimenting.

  • Retardio yeas
    Retardio yeas Month ago

    This is totally me when I'm resin lava bowl

  • Amber Phan
    Amber Phan Month ago +3

    that looks so squishy buts not

  • Mystic
    Mystic Month ago

    80% of the video is them talking about how pretty the colors are

  • Lucas Braun
    Lucas Braun Month ago +3

    Fill the voids with clear resin

  • MakeupByEva
    MakeupByEva Month ago

    Make an asmr of this

  • Airah Trixzy Gabunas
    Airah Trixzy Gabunas Month ago +1

    Put water or any liquid in it

  • T Engen
    T Engen Month ago

    Very cool bowl.

  • hala hlo
    hala hlo Month ago

    That look like sponge 🧽
    But i like it

  • fortj3
    fortj3 Month ago +4

    That bowl is awesome.
    The colors make me hungry for Froot Loops

  • Monster Life
    Monster Life Month ago

    U should do something similar but with a coloured peice of wood and clear coloured resin

  • Rukmani Sindhu Thangam

    I accidentally did this a couple of years ago. I was so horrified and disappointed in myself. Now I’m disappointed that I threw them away...

  • Rukmani Sindhu Thangam

    What happens if you drop a bit of essential oil in it?

  • Audrey Jacobi
    Audrey Jacobi Month ago

    Ok I have one question. WHY?

  • Loliloveunicorns _
    Loliloveunicorns _ Month ago

    I would call it a bubble bowl

  • you're gAy
    you're gAy Month ago

    Such a boring video but I can't stop watching wtf

  • Blake Parsons
    Blake Parsons Month ago

    It sounds like pop rocks

  • Chris Bailey
    Chris Bailey Month ago

    ur gay

  • Alexa Jaber
    Alexa Jaber Month ago

    Anyone who watches fuller house this guys voice sounds like mat's

  • Nichole Diamond
    Nichole Diamond Month ago

    It would make it more durable/solid if you used resin to fill in the spots but added sparkes in the mix. It would be pretty and perfect for easter.

  • Dana Church
    Dana Church Month ago +10

    Now coat with a light translucent pink resin and make a really cool bowl

  • g mihalic
    g mihalic 2 months ago

    what would happen if you cover it with casting resin then put it on the lathe when hardened?

  • Patsyyy
    Patsyyy 2 months ago

    I'm sorry who tf is peter?

  • Your M8
    Your M8 2 months ago

    I wanna eat it

  • Syd Tha Kyd
    Syd Tha Kyd 2 months ago

    Can someone explain to me why he would use wood instead of something else if it sticks like that,

  • barbra williams
    barbra williams 2 months ago

    You should try and put the bowl in clear resin

  • Donald Brazzel
    Donald Brazzel 2 months ago

    Have you ever casted an ant hill?

    TREVOR THE BALD MINGE 2 months ago

    Almost like making Bakelite

  • Emotional Jams
    Emotional Jams 2 months ago

    This video is triggering my tryptophobia so bad but I still love it lol

  • Sebrina Cottey
    Sebrina Cottey 2 months ago

    I died when she said the bit about it catching on fire. That's so funny. I loved your reaction.

  • April Kross
    April Kross 2 months ago +42

    As a canadian i was freaking out for the first few layers like '120C? thats nuts" then i realised 100 for me is 200 ish for you and i was like "oh thats hot but not like ... Burn your flesh off hot"

  • ElegantParadox
    ElegantParadox 2 months ago

    I really want to know the chemical formula for this reaction