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  • Published on Jul 25, 2021
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    what’s your ethnicity? Half English, Half Egyptian
    how tall are you? 5'6"
    where do you live? Cardiff, Wales
    what equipment do you use to film?
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    ➭ main tripod: benro travel tripod ( amzn.to/39nyJiV )
    ➭ lights: godox SL-60W ( amzn.to/2QIWnjf )
    ➭ beauty softbox: selens 105cm beauty dish ( amzn.to/2JfF0m1 )
    ➭ editing software: final cut pro
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Comments • 161

  • kfie
    kfie 9 months ago +12

    Dina I came to your channel after years. I used to watch in highschool and now I am a post graduate student. I remember Hannah was a baby and now mashallah she is a big girl 😍💓 you mean so much to me (learning makeup and fashion from you in my teen years), and you and sidbused to be so chaotic 😂💞 ah memories 💓💓 Sending love and lots of prayers to you and your family 💜💜💜💜💜💜💕🖤💜💜💕
    From Pakistan

  • M D
    M D 10 months ago +31

    Such a nice afghan dress ! Love it !

  • Ally Sun
    Ally Sun 10 months ago +49

    Lol, I watch y’all’s vlogs, when I have time to just chill out. But… Sid should post some Bitcoin & Stock videos, because I watch financial videos sometimes too, especially trying to figure out crypto & keep up on my own stocks as well. That conversation was basically one I’ve had with my hubs too. Cracked me up! 😆 I hope you all had a fun Eid!

    • Sugar Rose
      Sugar Rose 10 months ago +4

      I totally agree with ya! He has his own channel! Idk why he doesn't use it to vent. He's such a character he's a great guy and talented in many ways. I'd love to see his creativity back on his old Narky channel. Com'on Sid be like Nike. JUST DO IT! Could u imagine how fun! Cooking with sid, chitchat with sid, his music, basketball topics! Topics are endless 🤗🤗✌🏽❤

  • fr3agy
    fr3agy 10 months ago

    And love you soooo much dina, wish you the utmost best on your health and food journey ❤️❤️

  • fr3agy
    fr3agy 10 months ago

    And love you soooo much dina, wish you the utmost best on your health and food journey ❤️❤️

  • JΛY
    JΛY 10 months ago +2

    Must be fun to be in the same car as Dina! Love you!

  • Shirin Gaouir
    Shirin Gaouir 10 months ago

    Eid Mubarak to you and your family !

  • sabah firdous
    sabah firdous 10 months ago +40

    "Hassan doesn't want to be on the internet because he secret now" LOL. That kid, I miss him!
    Meanwhile Yusuf getting over his camera shyness

    • Saraa xx
      Saraa xx 9 months ago +1

      the way Dina showed his hands cracked me up, LOL

  • Biks
    Biks 10 months ago +3

    I dread going places with my twins, so I know how Sid feels.

  • Artax Octarine
    Artax Octarine 10 months ago +67

    Can ya guys bring back Sid and Dina advice please please please?

    • Sugar Rose
      Sugar Rose 10 months ago +4

      Yes please! That and Sid's channel so he can vent about whatever!🤣🤣🤣

  • Ellen K
    Ellen K 10 months ago +73

    I understand Sid's sentiment about not being excited for Eid when you have kids. It's not so much the kids. It's feeling that all energy has been drained since they came and the marriage that also suffers from it. It sounds like you're a bit burnt out perhaps (Covid year) or have low key depression. I'd recommend to take some time out and contemplate a bit. You will need to find sometime/something you feel excited about and do it a few times a month. Something which energizes you. Good luck.

    • Dont be a secret wife!!!
      Dont be a secret wife!!! 10 months ago


    • Mehjabeen Umer
      Mehjabeen Umer 10 months ago

      I'm sorry Eid is all about kids the excitement..New clothes ..Gifts.

    • Sadia Baig
      Sadia Baig 10 months ago +7

      Usually when you feel depressed it's because your low in deen or chasing worldly desires...this crypto is good but can be very time consuming and depressing...I'm talking from experience my husband does crypto but as calmed down....he would miss his prays because you can all day study and stare at the charts or watch you tube videos to follow the latest update...you can even follow others do training it can run into thousands....my husband was feeling so low and frustrated he didn't realise he was making himself ill and missing prays ...give it a break Sid! Like we all need food and water for our stomach, our souls need spirituality and Allah!

    • Sugar Rose
      Sugar Rose 10 months ago +11

      Been watching this fam for years now and all of their channels. We cant possibly know life outside of what they show us. What I do see over the years. Just pretaining to Sid. I feel he is going through some things. I hope he finds his outlet of creativity. He has his own channel but he stopped😔
      He cooks, cleans, sick editing skills, he makes music, hes funny af, great dad and can b-ball the shite out of anyone I have ever known.😎😎
      I say these things because I want him to know if he reads this. Hes one cool ass dude. Hope he knows that. Peace of mind to you brother. ✌🏽❤

    • baz786
      baz786 10 months ago

      @Im Trying good point

  • Kylie Crawford
    Kylie Crawford 10 months ago +3

    Beautiful Eid outfit 👍🏻☺️😍

  • Sadia Baig
    Sadia Baig 10 months ago +17

    That Afghani dress looked bomb on you maa shaa Allah, and that green abaya was beautiful....I really miss the old Dina in hijab you looked more stunning honestly no lie....I known you before Hanna was born I was pregnant the same time....may Allah protect us and keep us upon the sirat ul mustaqeen and we never go astray, may Allah be pleased with us and our last actions Aameen

  • i
    i 10 months ago

    Eid Mubarak and thank you for the vlog :)

  • Zareena Paker Mohd
    Zareena Paker Mohd 9 months ago

    Love how Mika repeats everything u said ☺️😀

  • Surfer Rosa
    Surfer Rosa 10 months ago +4

    The turquoise and gold dress is BEAUTIFUL 💙💛💙💛

  • faiza amjid
    faiza amjid 10 months ago +1

    Great vlog! Love from Dubai ❤️

  • Artax Octarine
    Artax Octarine 10 months ago +18

    Also Dina you have a lovely singing voice - is there anything you can’t do ?

  • fr3agy
    fr3agy 10 months ago +4

    Sid is so me during this hot weather HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA sooo moody AHAHAHAHAH

  • Tom
    Tom 10 months ago +22

    Dina dresses up for Eid and Sid wears a T-shirt 🤣🤣🤣

  • Valerie Ellis
    Valerie Ellis 10 months ago +1


  • Abir Benamara
    Abir Benamara 10 months ago +15

    You can tell that Sid is in desperate need for a break !

  • Sun Shine
    Sun Shine 10 months ago +3

    Dina love the outfits and the hair.

  • Jaxbak
    Jaxbak 10 months ago

    You Know I adore you, 8 years of watching you as I married a Pakistani-South Africa named Sadiq. So a warm hello from Australia, How hot was it as I laugh and laugh and laugh, my family is in England and they have said its hot. Anyhow thankyou for being you. and introducing me to your in laws. Ciao Bella . May Allah send his love like sunshine and fill your life with happiness Eid Mubarak.

  • aphra
    aphra 10 months ago +11

    I actually look forward to your vlogs, even if you’re just doing random stuff and I’m not getting any valuable knowledge bc it’s relaxing

  • Obsession Beauté
    Obsession Beauté 9 months ago

    Masha'Allah I really like your nose piercing. Love from France 😍😘💗

  • Ziah
    Ziah 10 months ago +5

    21.00 in Mauritius 🇲🇺 Thanks for the vlog 😉🍿🥤

  • SyedFamily05
    SyedFamily05 10 months ago +2

    Yasss Eid Mubarak I'm excited 🥰

  • Nadia Dansani
    Nadia Dansani 10 months ago +12

    That blue outfit was stunning

    • AF-P Queen
      AF-P Queen 6 months ago +1

      @Nadia Dansani you should totally get one ! Looks so beautiful on african women😍😍😍

    • Nadia Dansani
      Nadia Dansani 9 months ago +1

      @AF-P Queen Thanks!!!!

    • AF-P Queen
      AF-P Queen 9 months ago +3

      Its an afghan dress babe

  • Taylor Burdette
    Taylor Burdette 10 months ago +1

    Dina I’m with you I can’t escape the crypto and stock talk at home either😭🤣

  • G K
    G K 10 months ago +1

    @dina you look so much like an Afghan and Princess Jasmine its unreal 😍

  • LK
    LK 10 months ago +2

    It might just be tiredness and hunger combined, but the bag with Choji’s fur in looked like shawarma for a sec 😂

  • Oumme Sakina
    Oumme Sakina 10 months ago

    Eid ul adha Mubarak :)

  • Zahra Qauomi
    Zahra Qauomi 10 months ago +3

    Can you please give me the website for the beautiful blue color dress sweetheart? It’s so beautiful. Lots of love from Afghanistan 🇦🇫🇦🇫🇦🇫❤️❤️❤️

  • Layla K
    Layla K 6 months ago

    Lmao 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 you guys are the shit!!

  • serin aygan
    serin aygan 10 months ago

    Yes another vlog😍

  • 7654
    7654 4 months ago


  • Samar S
    Samar S 10 months ago +6

    SID WE WANNA KNOW!! We miss youuuuu

    MADINA 9 months ago

    Ohmygod I love Parle G biscuits too! 😭

  • Mina_moo
    Mina_moo 10 months ago

    Happy Eid - Yes please, about crypto-it all sounds slightly cryptic 😄

  • I like Me
    I like Me 10 months ago +1

    Uhibbuke Dina. 🥰❤
    Unzur alaa maza Qaala ummu Sid fee Eid video. Heya kaanath thabhas alayki fee urdu wa engreezee. Ma hababthu kayfa heya kallama ankum. Arju kulla bekhayr insha Allah

  • The Blushing Giraffe
    The Blushing Giraffe 10 months ago +4

    You suit a perm so much 😍😍😍

  • A Graham
    A Graham 10 months ago +2

    Poor kitty! Lol. He’s a cutie.

  • Nes
    Nes 10 months ago

    Hey dina,your hair looks so naturally. I like it in you. It just looks like my curles..i would be interested if you still like it, any regrets and so on:)

  • Ariana Magazine
    Ariana Magazine 10 months ago +1

    Beautiful Afghan clothing

  • Nadia Dansani
    Nadia Dansani 10 months ago

    Try ovaltine biscuits you can find them in international/African stores I’ve never had Parle G sooooo idk

  • HD Malakhra Tv
    HD Malakhra Tv 10 months ago

    Eid Mubarak

  • Umme Zakariya
    Umme Zakariya 10 months ago

    Eid Mubarak

  • unforgettable 1122
    unforgettable 1122 10 months ago

    Eid Mubarak

  • Tasnia Miah
    Tasnia Miah 10 months ago

    YES to Sid crypto content

  • nadiamnwr
    nadiamnwr 6 months ago


    ASMA AL BASIS 8 months ago

    Really really I like ur vids I follow u for aloooooooooong time... hijab is much nice on u .. Especially when you get the green Abaya

  • laffietaffie
    laffietaffie 10 months ago +4

    goshhhh watching my faves to escape from life's problems, including the money i've lost in stocks, then sid triggers me by talking about losing money in stocks 😭😭😭
    i'm sad i'm sick 😭😭

  • Jackie Ejaz
    Jackie Ejaz 10 months ago +1

    YoU Do iT (Dina imitating Sid) Looooool

  • SamSam
    SamSam 9 months ago

    Why don't you do Sid's talk on crypto on Sid's chanel, so everyone's happy :-)

  • Naheema Akhtar
    Naheema Akhtar 10 months ago


  • Elaine D
    Elaine D 10 months ago +13

    How the flip was the cat ok casually, being shorn by Sid... Not a bother...

  • Suzy
    Suzy 4 months ago

    Dina you look a lot like soheir el-bably when she was young!!

  • Mohammed
    Mohammed 10 months ago +1

    I’m here for the crypto and stocks chat Syd 🙋‍♂️

  • fr3agy
    fr3agy 10 months ago +10

    Since you mentioned that Sid said that your nails look like as if poop is stuck under your nails, I can‘t unthink it 🥲🥲🥲

  • Sara
    Sara 9 months ago


  • Jackie beans
    Jackie beans 7 months ago


  • de gh
    de gh 10 months ago +3

    Like before even starting the vlog!

  • Mehjabeen Umer
    Mehjabeen Umer 10 months ago +6

    Sid stop being a grouch on Eid.your spoiling it for everyone else.You have a beautiful wife and kids enjoy your time with them.

  • Zahra H
    Zahra H 10 months ago +2

    Nooooo! Please don't pronounce Pho like that!! 😬

  • London UK
    London UK 10 months ago +1

    I want to know about stocks!!!! It’s good to hear about it from a person who’s not a expert in it like me so I can actually put it in practice

  • L. M.
    L. M. 10 months ago +1

    Afghan clothessssss❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • AF-P Queen
    AF-P Queen 9 months ago

    The dress is afghan, not tradtional but more modern

  • Aimee Roisin
    Aimee Roisin 10 months ago

    Esmerelda vibes ✨

  • Nadia Dansani
    Nadia Dansani 10 months ago +9

    I lost it all in stocks 😂😂😂😂

    • A B
      A B 10 months ago

      100% should be investing. Just in a safe, consistent, no FOMOing manner

    • Potato
      Potato 10 months ago

      @A B so u guys don’t recommend it? I’m intrigued lol

    • A B
      A B 10 months ago


  • Qwerty Qwert
    Qwerty Qwert 10 months ago +4

    I wanna hear it Sid.

  • Hizbullah Khan
    Hizbullah Khan 7 months ago

    Waoo! Khurkai pa da dress k kho sama pakhtana khkaaray!!!

  • Nadia Dansani
    Nadia Dansani 10 months ago +2

    I enjoy the random 💩in a vlog

  • By Grace
    By Grace 10 months ago +3

    Oh my goodness that poor cat 😅🤭

  • House Of Tristina
    House Of Tristina 10 months ago

    Lol tell Sid howwww about he just starts a channel on it 💁🏽‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️ ( bitcoin ).

  • Gamer Station
    Gamer Station 10 months ago +2

    Sshhhhhh Dina. I want SIDS opinion on crypto.

  • HD Malakhra Tv
    HD Malakhra Tv 10 months ago

    0:46 WOW 😊

  • ♈️Aries girl ♈️
    ♈️Aries girl ♈️ 10 months ago +1

    Why do you guys do it late eid ukthar umbaraksha

  • Umme Aasiyah
    Umme Aasiyah 9 months ago

    Wow a chaiwhala in Cardiff??

  • hina junaid
    hina junaid 10 months ago +1

    Yes please share investment info

  • Lauren Thurley
    Lauren Thurley 5 months ago

    That's a Afghan outfit

  • Robin Cloete
    Robin Cloete 10 months ago +56

    No crypto stuff please. I'd much rather watch someone do random stuff than listen to that schmuck

  • Just Commenting
    Just Commenting 10 months ago +1

    Dinas right …nobody cares lol

  • Muna mahamed
    Muna mahamed 10 months ago +31

    Omg I wanna hear about crypto stuff

    • superwoman321
      superwoman321 9 months ago

      I think sid should use his own channel and talk about all this

    • Sugar Rose
      Sugar Rose 10 months ago +2

      Me too but on Sids own channel. He has one, idk why hes not utilizing it. He would gave topics thst could be endless cooking with Sid, basketball topics, his music....hes great and shouldn't be on the back burner. Com'on Sid you have our attention!😁✌🏽❤

  • ePfizer Doolittle
    ePfizer Doolittle 8 months ago

    TRIGGER WARNING! Potential PTSD trigger at 4:03 for anyone who got hit with slippers x

  • Ayoosh J
    Ayoosh J 10 months ago

    Hi, where is that green abaya at the beginning video from?

  • Rose Rose
    Rose Rose 10 months ago

    I always thought she was stunning but this is the first video of her that I’ve seen in the pink top with no makeup errrrrrrr high maintenance

  • Sabah A
    Sabah A 10 months ago +1

    I’d love to hear about crypto

  • Leora k
    Leora k 10 months ago +31

    Just being honest - I don't really want to hear abt crypto currency lolll

  • Ayanna
    Ayanna 10 months ago +30

    Yeah Sid, share your crypto opinions, I’m interested. Reckon Ethereum will hit 10k by December?

  • Nelly Lah
    Nelly Lah 10 months ago

    Omg I'm early

  • Alz Tube
    Alz Tube 10 months ago +1

    Gang gang

  • Nadia Dansani
    Nadia Dansani 10 months ago

    Zimbabwe dollars right?

  • Axa
    Axa 10 months ago +1

    I want to know about stocks and crypto. Sid and dina both of ur perspective, where to start and how much to invest for a passive income. Help me out here 👀

  • Mira Mira
    Mira Mira 10 months ago

    Where is the kitchen ?

  • M M
    M M 10 months ago

    Sid, talk about crypto.

  • Roy Sen
    Roy Sen 9 months ago +1

    Hey you are the same girl with Hijab 🧕 right what happened now !!!

  • Ihsaanul Haque
    Ihsaanul Haque 10 months ago

    Sid talk about crypto

  • S Bing
    S Bing 9 months ago

    Yesss to the Bitcoin/cryptocurrency vids I really wanna learn but have no idea where to start

  • Lipstick Nista
    Lipstick Nista 10 months ago +1

    Allergic reaction to your eyes?