• Published on Jul 28, 2019
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Comments • 348

  • Baby Azraa Here
    Baby Azraa Here Month ago

    I got all now

  • JackieJimin Lynch
    JackieJimin Lynch Month ago

    Wow this has so many comments already

  • animal lover707
    animal lover707 2 months ago


  • animal lover707
    animal lover707 2 months ago

    yup we are getting all of these

  • animal lover707
    animal lover707 2 months ago

    the meat on the did look wrong to me that was the first thing i saw

  • Kayla Fraser
    Kayla Fraser 2 months ago

    I only got 1 wrong.

  • Latray Family
    Latray Family 2 months ago

    Hi my friend told me to watch u I dont like u guys

  • Rare Unknown
    Rare Unknown 2 months ago

    I could have gotten one right, that I forgot about, but I'm confident I got all 10 wrong.

  • Jacquelyn Gomez
    Jacquelyn Gomez 2 months ago

    I got 8 out of 10

  • Martin Thomson-Jones
    Martin Thomson-Jones 2 months ago

    Sometimes unicorns swear but not too much!!!!!!!!!

  • Space Galaxy Person
    Space Galaxy Person 2 months ago

    I got 7 right

  • Syberyah
    Syberyah 2 months ago +2

    I GOT 7/10

  • hannah mccambridge
    hannah mccambridge 2 months ago

    Max is so cocky. I feel bad for Wengie

  • Brandon King
    Brandon King 2 months ago +2

    The cat has a signature by it's paw
    Btw... I got 100% correct

  • Julius Dexter Mallari
    Julius Dexter Mallari 2 months ago


  • The Judge
    The Judge 2 months ago


  • nioxnin aj
    nioxnin aj 2 months ago +4

    Let’s play a little game
    Girls keep it even
    Boys keep it odd
    I will be back tomorrow to see who won am starting with one like (Am a girl just saying)

    ITZ MIZI YT 2 months ago

    At 7:25 , it was obviously a drawing bc there was a signature at the bottom right corner 😅😅😅

  • Kasha Herbert-Scott
    Kasha Herbert-Scott 2 months ago

    In the one with the cat sort of in the right corner by the cat's paw, there was the name of the person who drawed it

  • mounin girl
    mounin girl 2 months ago

    Huh so confusing?

  • Loida Reinhart
    Loida Reinhart 2 months ago

    YOU SHALL NOT PASS~~~!!!!!!!!!

  • Mr. Floof
    Mr. Floof 2 months ago

    5:31 *definitely

  • Sali 45
    Sali 45 2 months ago

    I got 8/10

  • Sanadana Selva
    Sanadana Selva 2 months ago

    This is so funny

  • Choco Ammy
    Choco Ammy 2 months ago

    0:10 okay whaaaaat?

  • Bibi Kurrimboccus
    Bibi Kurrimboccus 2 months ago


  • nyancatrules32
    nyancatrules32 2 months ago

    I could tell the cat was drawn because there is a signature on the picture.

  • Joanne Vamplew
    Joanne Vamplew 2 months ago

    Are you Australian

  • Jessabelle
    Jessabelle 2 months ago

    An example of Fauvism! :)

  • Vipin Vipin
    Vipin Vipin 2 months ago

    I got every thing I won!!!!!

  • Isabel Sayers
    Isabel Sayers 2 months ago

    I got 9 and my friend got 7

  • morgan monster
    morgan monster 2 months ago

    Tbh I HATE max if he gets something wrong and wengie says something he doesn’t like it but if wengie gets something wrong he has a massive go at her and slags her off don’t treat someone how you wouldn’t want to be treated MAX

  • Ebony McAlister
    Ebony McAlister 2 months ago +3

    I could tell the cat was a drawing because it had someones name in grey lead!

  • Zoe Pisani
    Zoe Pisani 2 months ago +2

    are u seriously that dumb the cat drawing has a signature on the bottom right side

  • browniepeeps 5531
    browniepeeps 5531 2 months ago +1

    I got them all right😋😁

  • Mack the mermaid
    Mack the mermaid 2 months ago

    10/ 9

  • Gopro madness
    Gopro madness 2 months ago

    i got 10/10

  • Azzy Cohn
    Azzy Cohn 2 months ago


  • Melody Maker
    Melody Maker 2 months ago

    You know that two is the prosthetic as the colour they used to paint it is in the background

  • SallyCat
    SallyCat 2 months ago +6

    7:23 is it just me or is there a signature in the corner of the picture.

  • Mckayla Kim
    Mckayla Kim 2 months ago

    neon cat

  • Joanne Whitehall
    Joanne Whitehall 2 months ago +3

    Oh shut up, Wengie!

  • Sky_wolf Sings
    Sky_wolf Sings 2 months ago +2

    I saw the sloths in the backround there so cute 😁💖 There also my favorite animal.

  • Jasmine Ramsahai
    Jasmine Ramsahai 2 months ago

    I got 8 out of 10

  • kayla Santos
    kayla Santos 2 months ago


  • Smith Kids
    Smith Kids 2 months ago

    Weingie! Do more vids on your channel!

  • I is Pez
    I is Pez 2 months ago

    Was with Wengie all the way points were all the same

  • Au Rel - Gacha Life,Roblox And Fun!

    Reacticorns :3333

  • Dushana09
    Dushana09 2 months ago

    Got them all right!

  • Kaja Golińska
    Kaja Golińska 2 months ago +3

    Hi Wengie

  • Natalie Keele
    Natalie Keele 2 months ago

    plz no swearing :(

  • Sandra zhang
    Sandra zhang 2 months ago +7

    Wengie can u plz to more pranks but this time can u do ones into saying something and tricking people thnx

  • miral mir
    miral mir 2 months ago

    Can I sleep now

  • Graycy Powell
    Graycy Powell 2 months ago +1

    Who watches wengies d.i.y.'s and never dose them? just me?

  • Niranjana_ K
    Niranjana_ K 2 months ago

    I vote for wengie

    SKY RANGA 2 months ago

    Just sayin idk what's what

  • Cookie Chocolate chip
    Cookie Chocolate chip 2 months ago +2

    yasssss its been such a long time since u guys did this

  • Mahmoud Hosseini
    Mahmoud Hosseini 2 months ago

    9 out of 10

  • Debjani Mukherjee
    Debjani Mukherjee 2 months ago

    The fruits one I got wrong

  • Debjani Mukherjee
    Debjani Mukherjee 2 months ago

    9 out of 10