My first phone was CRAZY!

  • Published on Jan 5, 2019
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Comments • 9 614

  • ZahnKobra 2332
    ZahnKobra 2332 9 hours ago +1

    V bucks

  • That shark Gamer
    That shark Gamer 18 hours ago

    I just got my first phone in 2019 a SUMSUNG NOTE 2 GREAT look am ten

  • Cristobal Rendon
    Cristobal Rendon 19 hours ago

    These are the best kind of linus videos!!!

  • PTUA Microscopic
    PTUA Microscopic 22 hours ago

    You do not look anything like your in your 30's


    Own this back in 2004. Doesn't last long. The screen not functioning in just few months.

  • The Awesome Minecraft
    The Awesome Minecraft 2 days ago +1

    When I first saw this I did not think that it was a phone

  • R04DKILL
    R04DKILL 2 days ago

    When i saw the thumbnail (before reading the title), I thought you were looking at a DS fat

  • Junior Gabe
    Junior Gabe 2 days ago

    You're 30 - 33?

  • Skap
    Skap 3 days ago

    How many times did you drop it.

  • alex Tutoriale
    alex Tutoriale 4 days ago

    0:30 the V-BUCKS

  • trumpton
    trumpton 5 days ago

    i had this phone

  • 4 revenge
    4 revenge 5 days ago

    Apparently this man doesn’t know about transparent backs.

  • E A
    E A 6 days ago +2

    “Buy anything on eBay...” What about cars?

  • Kash And Jaden Cotton

    Your first phone was this

  • Mike Horvath
    Mike Horvath 6 days ago

    Honestly this video kind of makes me wanna find my first phone that I got when I was about 13, It was absolutely horrible, but I loved it at the time.

  • Rain227
    Rain227 6 days ago +1

    and to think that this was only 5 years away from the iphone

  • Bat92
    Bat92 6 days ago

    Guys you do realise there is only a small advertise meant start but there’s no RU-clip advertise meant meaning in theory you could skip it but why so nice😱😱😱😱

  • Stefan Bleoju
    Stefan Bleoju 6 days ago

    0:30 V-BUCKS? *Fortnite was predicted!*

  • Never salty boii
    Never salty boii 7 days ago

    This phone is better than iPhone x XD

  • Kasparas Patackas
    Kasparas Patackas 9 days ago

    1:10 2018 WUT??

  • tgalaxy gaming
    tgalaxy gaming 10 days ago

    Drugs on ebay

  • Curt Saku Chan
    Curt Saku Chan 10 days ago


  • Alex Girgies
    Alex Girgies 10 days ago

    Who else fast forward as soon as he started talk about fresh books?😂

  • Carsyn Green-Sillers
    Carsyn Green-Sillers 11 days ago

    looks at phone ands like yeah yu can only get audio out of it with headphones or the dongle, 5 seconds later audios playing outloud from the phone

  • scrambler bricks
    scrambler bricks 11 days ago

    4:14 that's hot, that's hot.

  • N26
    N26 12 days ago +3

    I thought you where going to say: "About two thousand threehundred years ago"

  • mnemennth
    mnemennth 12 days ago

    Xmas 1997: pre-release "Test Market: NYC" Qualcomm QCP-850 (Later released as the QCP-860): the first CDMA phone ever. A svelte 13mm thick (compared to the StarTac's 19mm), because ALL-DIGITAL COMMS, baybee!!! Damn, I wish I still had it. Probably highly collectible now. :-/

  • Natan Stanek
    Natan Stanek 12 days ago

    Year 3000: when I was a kid, I had a Samsung S250 with a disgusting 400k display

  • Braylon
    Braylon 13 days ago

    “You can buy or sell anything on eBay”
    Can’t sell Shane Dawson’s underwear though

  • hamza al telawi
    hamza al telawi 13 days ago

    It's 2019 bro

  • George the creator
    George the creator 14 days ago

    I still have a limited amount of mins!!!😂

  • George the creator
    George the creator 14 days ago

    It’s locked to Orange UK!!!! That died out like 6 years ago! It’s EE now

  • John Owen
    John Owen 16 days ago

    The UK network orange is LOOOONNNG dead.

  • Funyt574
    Funyt574 17 days ago

  • adews
    adews 17 days ago

    Next do your first smart phone

  • Pjotr de graaf
    Pjotr de graaf 17 days ago

    2019 btw

  • Stephanie Lucero
    Stephanie Lucero 17 days ago

    It looks like a Gameboy to me

  • Bar Davshi
    Bar Davshi 18 days ago

    How your eyes shined when you showed it at first was fucking adorable

  • lucas handekyn
    lucas handekyn 18 days ago

    WoW i was just borned when you bought that 😂🙃

  • Gustavs
    Gustavs 18 days ago

    Motorla pee

  • PRONITE 108
    PRONITE 108 18 days ago

    a see thru phone would be cool

  • Chill Gamer
    Chill Gamer 20 days ago

    Huh. That’s cute. You’re first phone had a screen that put more than just numbers?

  • Namu Cuddles
    Namu Cuddles 20 days ago

    this video made me realize exactly how OLD linus is,,,, cuz like wow i was 3 when he was doing that plastic phone

  • Николай Новицкий

    I've two of these somewhere. In Russia. Along with Ericsson R520m. (Yep, not Sony Ericsson, just Ericsson). Also, I never heard of any additional speaker\mike sets, just replace my earpiece twice a year.

  • roland cannon
    roland cannon 22 days ago

    16 in 2003? only 6 years older than me. Also my first cell phone was like in 2007-2008 which was a nokia with the 2-3inch display. then a Motorola razr a few months later. into a motorola sidekick, and finally into an iphone 3 (in late 2009-early 2010) up to a broken iphone 5S as of the moment which... is 5 years old now jesus.

  • Gavin Zanella
    Gavin Zanella 22 days ago

    can it run crisis?

  • Kevin Tai Creates K.T.C
    Kevin Tai Creates K.T.C 23 days ago +1

    Its ios 15 wow i want it now

  • Black Creeper
    Black Creeper 24 days ago

    Maybe not standard mobile changing is dead. But it's still common on some big name appliances. Tool, speakers, vacuum and a few other things

  • Maya green
    Maya green 24 days ago

    Does this ancient brick even have a back light? 😆

  • Brookfeild
    Brookfeild 25 days ago

    Linus is having PTSD

  • Manchedepelle
    Manchedepelle 25 days ago

    the vbux fortnight

  • Lord Baguette
    Lord Baguette 26 days ago

    Watching from limberwisk born in bandia-terra

  • 2Legit The Gamer
    2Legit The Gamer 26 days ago

    If you try to send over 60 characters it counts as another message. xD

    • Areso2012
      Areso2012 22 days ago

      If u use non-English Alphabet.

  • 2Legit The Gamer
    2Legit The Gamer 26 days ago

    V Box. The jokes get better and better.

  • Mr Clean
    Mr Clean 26 days ago

    im the 1 566 669 viewer

  • Eric Bell
    Eric Bell 27 days ago

    Im not gonna lie... when he said 70$ i was like "your buggin" but i remember my first Ericson/ATT phone that i racked an 800$ SMS bill... the flashback nostalgia alone, the look on his face... as close to time traveling as *most of us will ever experience. The fact that Linus's 1st phone had full Qwerty-keyboatd makes me wild jealous.

  • Lulle’s Gaming
    Lulle’s Gaming 27 days ago +1

    btw fairphone has the platic backside
    i have one

  • Stefan Jud
    Stefan Jud 27 days ago

    This phone is high-tech compared with the one we had as juveniles. As kids, there were simply no affordable mobile phones available.
    So we got with like 14 a very modern Nokia 3210.
    Features: Greenlit-LCD, 4 Lines of Text, a game - snake, sms, telephone and ypu vould save up to 150 messages and 500 contacts!
    Even worse, a single sms costed like .20 cents and there were either none or like 30 at maximum included.
    I knew people nearly getting bankrupt by their children massivly sending to sms out.
    .. so Linus, enjoy! 😂

  • Alok Krishna
    Alok Krishna 27 days ago

    I was born in 2003

  • Shamindra Hewavithana
    Shamindra Hewavithana 27 days ago

    A 15 year old phone has a headphone jack.
    *apple has left the chat*

  • RayplayzRGG
    RayplayzRGG 28 days ago

    Back in the day, I used to have a PDA

  • Layne Smith
    Layne Smith 29 days ago

    ye 360p

  • shaybob1711
    shaybob1711 29 days ago

    You are Iron age, not stone age. Stone age would be the original Motorola cell phone.
    Myself, Im Bronze age. My first cell phone was a prepaid NEC G9. No ring tones, only display showed the number you were dialing (dont think it had caller id) and it couldn't text at all.

  • Nicula Andrei
    Nicula Andrei 29 days ago

    my first phone was a brick ericson

  • lazy lawn kid
    lazy lawn kid Month ago

    fairphone has a clair case and its repairible

  • Manuel Freez
    Manuel Freez Month ago

    Oh man! i had the same cell phone! and all u say is totally right! big thumbs up!!!

  • raju melwani
    raju melwani Month ago

    12:13 blackberry has this game but with levels

  • Tin ALTS
    Tin ALTS Month ago +1

    as it was called in north america:

    MILKBONE Month ago

    Whoever made the switch to an ultrawide resolution is a ****ing legend

  • Feeded
    Feeded Month ago

    0:31 The V Bucks

  • Dartrix The Dark Knight

    i uas chiding my first phone uas an iphon se and i have it too dis dey and den i hade my samsung 4j plus

  • Dartrix The Dark Knight

    my firs selfon uas or is now my samsung j4 plus but iu can sey it uas my lenovo tablet

  • duckyy toshkov
    duckyy toshkov Month ago

    0:44 fuck you

  • Thrashifice
    Thrashifice Month ago

    Burh... I'm younger than you and had a phone that played mp3's... lol

    • Andre
      Andre Month ago

      But phones still play MP3s now?

  • Dan Ludvigsen
    Dan Ludvigsen Month ago

    my first phone was Nokia 6310i

  • Nedzza Gaming
    Nedzza Gaming Month ago

    Atleast it has a backlit

  • Jhan Saytum
    Jhan Saytum Month ago

    i wonder after 25years from now what is your daily driver linus 🤞🤷‍♂️

  • vorca ne
    vorca ne Month ago

    He said rogers he must be from Canada

    SETEKH Month ago

    I thought mine was the last alive :) well semi-alive as the battery is dead and I was unable to find a replacement. BTW you can only talk with the headphones plugged in so breaking the headphones is not a good thing too, at least I was able to find a replacement headphones, but that was like 10+ years ago when i was still rocking it, cuz it was and still is a very cool phone :)

  • Dariel77
    Dariel77 Month ago

    is this phone from time of building of pyramids?

  • Seismic Squirrel
    Seismic Squirrel Month ago

    Damn thing looks like a freakin toy laptop straight outta the early 2000s

  • Shiroski O'charos
    Shiroski O'charos Month ago

    Looks like a Gameboy to me haha!

    Oh shit... How relatable....

  • Santiago Finamore
    Santiago Finamore Month ago +1

    Ok pretty cool but... Can it run Crysis?

  • IsaacTheHero 113
    IsaacTheHero 113 Month ago

    still like austan evins more

  • Elijah Lloyd
    Elijah Lloyd Month ago

    Wow I was Born that year

  • Daniil
    Daniil Month ago

    HTC Exodus smartphone has a transparent plastic body
    It is pretty. In a way.

    BIDSID Month ago

    I thought you were 21 yrs old

  • Alrighty Then
    Alrighty Then Month ago +1

    Remember the days when phone companies valued... Transparency?

  • Thomas Kings
    Thomas Kings Month ago

    I grew up with a Nokia 3310 and not with crap like this.

  • Nikka Lugod
    Nikka Lugod Month ago

    720 gang

  • Yeokage
    Yeokage Month ago

    Linus got 2160p!

  • major cinnamon sweet

    imagine sending nudes on that XD

    COOKIE GOODNESS Month ago +1

    VBox = Vbucks
    VBox= Bad bUt I’ll take it.

  • DRK Execusioner
    DRK Execusioner Month ago +12

    This looks like a 2Ds XL

  • Rose Juliette
    Rose Juliette Month ago

    Can we see this modded with modern parts. I feel like you could fit a laptop graphics card in there.

  • MCatwar
    MCatwar Month ago

    my first cellphone: galaxy s7. true story

  • Nikki Hamilton
    Nikki Hamilton Month ago

    I had moto razer when I was teenager

  • - ChaosStar-
    - ChaosStar- Month ago

    V bucks

  • memememe
    memememe Month ago

    Looks like a UK Orange model. Orange is a carrier, now EE.

  • Muilisx
    Muilisx Month ago

    its like a canadian side kick