• Published on Aug 19, 2018
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    This episode features the following College Kids:
    Sabrina D.
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    Do They Know It #151 - DO COLLEGE KIDS KNOW 80s MUSIC? #13 (REACT: Do They Know It?)
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    REACT  Year ago +105

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    • Takumi Fujiwara HD
      Takumi Fujiwara HD Year ago +1

      *React to Initial D Eurobeat Soundtrack*

    • Rich De La Cruz
      Rich De La Cruz Year ago

      Should do Whodini, five minutes of funk

    • Steve Patterson
      Steve Patterson Year ago

      Suggestions: Terence Trent D’Arby; the original 1980 Preppy Handbook; shows like Dallas - do they know who shot JR?

    • Itz_Rokieh_ofc 1
      Itz_Rokieh_ofc 1 Year ago

      REACT can I get a shout out I love u and everybody and ur channel REACT is my fav show plzzzzzzzzz

    • Itz_Rokieh_ofc 1
      Itz_Rokieh_ofc 1 Year ago


  • El Escualido
    El Escualido Year ago

    react to eric b and rakim or bone thugs & harmony

  • eatem nsmile
    eatem nsmile Year ago

    Toss in a boy George and you have a hat trick

  • Loralei Lee
    Loralei Lee Year ago +2

    i heard the first song in a david dobrik vlog😂

  • Takumi Fujiwara HD
    Takumi Fujiwara HD Year ago +4

    *React to Initial D Eurobeat soundtrack*

  • E Ron
    E Ron Year ago

    I don't think I've seen any Boston in any of these, or Deep Purple!

  • Daniel Solorzano
    Daniel Solorzano Year ago +2

    I believe I haven’t heard The Smiths on the Guess the 80’s song

    • Daniel Solorzano
      Daniel Solorzano Year ago

      Eric Homewood but I was 15-16 when I heard them

    • Eric Homewood
      Eric Homewood Year ago

      Probably haven't included the smiths because they're not very well known with younger people

  • Ryan Reyes
    Ryan Reyes Year ago +1

    Do Teena marie

    • Ryan Reyes
      Ryan Reyes Year ago

      The FinesseFamily that's a good one to though but I was thinking more like it must be magic or oohhh la la la

    • TomBigDripBrady
      TomBigDripBrady Year ago

      Ryan Reyes preferably Portuguese Love

  • Whitney Dereschuk
    Whitney Dereschuk Year ago +4

    You should put 'Never Gonna Give You Up' by Rick Astley on there!

  • Jason Roman
    Jason Roman Year ago +1

    Do College Kids Reacting to Van Halen

  • Jason Roman
    Jason Roman Year ago +3


  • Brian Huerta
    Brian Huerta Year ago +1

    College Kids React to A$AP Rocky

  • Bradley Steele
    Bradley Steele Year ago


  • Jonathan Amalidosan
    Jonathan Amalidosan Year ago +2

    Yo we need a reaction to NWA for the 30th anniversary of Straight Outta Compton

  • Lisa Vaupel
    Lisa Vaupel Year ago +1

    Adam always does so good on these

  • David C
    David C Year ago +5

    Adam would know the first one 😂😂

  • Matt Parsons
    Matt Parsons Year ago +342

    "I love listening to early rap because you can listen to it evolve"
    And then listen to it devolve with whatever the hell they're mumbling now.

  • Ryozuku
    Ryozuku Year ago

    i know jump from Ready for player one Movie. such a best movie

  • Ryan Woodard Rocks

    6 songs?

  • Stefan Eriksson
    Stefan Eriksson Year ago +4

    I don't, obviously, know where Sabrina's family historically is from, but if anyone asked me to picture the most Irish woman I could imagine, it would be someone looking like her, I think.

  • Liam Case
    Liam Case Year ago +1

    Add some Dokken or Skid Row

  • ReignsGirl 85
    ReignsGirl 85 Year ago +1

    That south park shirt thoughhh

  • danucciguzman
    danucciguzman Year ago +1

    That was a good selection! =)

  • Paddy
    Paddy Year ago +1

    WOW...impressed she got Flock of Seagulls !!

  • Anthony.
    Anthony. Year ago +3

    N N WWW W A A A A

  • Gromit801
    Gromit801 Year ago +1

    How about Atomic Dog by George Clinton

  • J Sowders
    J Sowders Year ago +7

    React to ELO (ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA), 70's or 80's

  • imaginepeace63
    imaginepeace63 Year ago +4

    Sabina is hot

  • barbara wissinger
    barbara wissinger Year ago +29

    Hats off to Sabrina D. for knowing A Flock of Seagulls. Their Space Age Love Song is my absolute favorite 80s song.

  • Kyle Leatherman
    Kyle Leatherman Year ago +2

    React to New Edition

  • swdist68
    swdist68 Year ago +2

    Sansa is pretty

  • Grace Danielson
    Grace Danielson Year ago +7

    Plays Van Halen’s most famous and recognizable song, “this is Van Halen?! Really?!” Acts like it sounds nothing like Van Halen. Good grief kids.

  • mjtubeme
    mjtubeme Year ago +3

    React to "Life Is Fun"

  • Joe Ohms
    Joe Ohms Year ago +46

    i wish i was on some of these music challenges. i would dominate

  • Ren .JV.
    Ren .JV. Year ago +1

    The Final Countdown- Europe

  • Gustavo Renteria
    Gustavo Renteria Year ago +1

    React to the odd ones out life is fun !!!!!

  • edgar rubenstein
    edgar rubenstein Year ago

    Please React to 3D printer gun

  • meme
    meme Year ago +8

    Should react to boston- more than a feeling:)

  • Fotini Karatasiou
    Fotini Karatasiou Year ago +6

    I love tom❤️ so cute😍

  • Sant OG Hellyeah
    Sant OG Hellyeah Year ago +4

    Depeche mode

  • Aaron Moberly
    Aaron Moberly Year ago

    Do they know country music?

  • Busternutt69
    Busternutt69 Year ago +22

    "I Ran(So far away)" was my go to getaway jam on Vice City.

  • DJ Picklz
    DJ Picklz Year ago

    React to logic

  • Diddy hooley
    Diddy hooley Year ago +1

    Do 70s

  • King Bakes
    King Bakes Year ago +2

    15 second to realize it was van Halen ashamed of myself lol

  • King Bakes
    King Bakes Year ago

    A flock of seagulls, "I ran" thanks Sirius xm for assist

  • ekstadropsen
    ekstadropsen Year ago +4

    How have they not heard Bette Davies Eyes?😱

  • Jessica Carter
    Jessica Carter Year ago +3

    I miss Brooklyn

  • Katiya Tovar
    Katiya Tovar Year ago

    Can you guys do a classic rock or like oldies?

  • Sheena McCullough
    Sheena McCullough Year ago +1

    a lot of them dress like they're in the 80's lol


    Straight outta Compton dope album

  • Max 1.0
    Max 1.0 Year ago +3

    Can you make a react of depeche mode songs?

  • Victoria Kuestermeyer
    Victoria Kuestermeyer Year ago +10

    BROOKLINS BACK!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • PumpJack McGee
    PumpJack McGee Year ago

    4:08 Off by two years to qualify for 80s music. "Who are you" was released in '78.

    • Tomas Martin
      Tomas Martin Year ago

      @PumpJack McGee yeah by The Who but I didnt understand at that moment

    • PumpJack McGee
      PumpJack McGee Year ago

      @Tomas Martin I was making a joke. He said "Who are you", which also happens to be a song.

    • Tomas Martin
      Tomas Martin Year ago


  • Jason Carrasco
    Jason Carrasco Year ago +3

    Generations react to Deftones

  • Quackery Freeman
    Quackery Freeman Year ago +7

    When Brandon Has Led Zeppelin in the same boat as Black Sabbath makes me so mad

    • Wevena
      Wevena Year ago +6

      He never knows anything, I really wonder why they still have him on almost every single 70s music or 80s music react..

  • J B
    J B Year ago +6

    Love how Adam Lusk always has his facts right in most of these videos.

    • Wevena
      Wevena Year ago +1

      He clearly loves and appreciates music and that's very admirable.

  • Keksdose808
    Keksdose808 Year ago +5

    react to the rolling stones, or paint in black lyric breakdown

  • Maestro
    Maestro Year ago

    Please react to tool

  • Kitty Forman
    Kitty Forman Year ago +11

    how dare ya'll not know bette davis eyes, sheesh