• Published on May 2, 2019
  • Upgrade your apartment with these easy DIY ideas
    Does your room seems boring to you? Don't worry, we've got it covered! Here are some crazy cool crafts and DIYs that will definitely leave you inspired. Just prepare some cement and polymer clay.
    DIY lamp stand
    If even Ikea lamp stands look boring to you, it is time to create something unique. Take 10-12 old books that you won't read anymore and mix a bowl of cement. Put the books in the cement mixture one by one and then place them one on another randomly to create a column. Let dry. Well done! Now you can put your lamp on this unique handmade lamp stand that makes your room look so cozy :)
    Easy planters
    Do you like plants and flowers in your house? So do we! However, common planters may look boring. Here is a simple DIY idea for you. Take a pair of rubber gloves for cleaning and fill them in with some cement. Put both gloves in a big bowl to create a round shape and let dry. Carefully cut off and remove the gloves. Fill the cement hands with ground ans plant your favorite flowers. By the way, it can be a really nice gift idea for your family and friends.
    Watch the video for more DIY cement home decor ideas.
    00:47 DIY lamp stand from old books
    02:38 An easy and lovely way to reuse old light bulbs
    05:25 Cute little candle holders
    07:10 Amazing garden decor from old toys
    10:29 Handmade polymer clay ideas
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  • 5-Minute Crafts
    5-Minute Crafts  7 months ago +376

    Did you know that cement is so good for arts and crafts
    Give these ideas a try:
    00:47 DIY lamp stand from old books
    02:38 An easy and lovely way to reuse old light bulbs
    05:25 Cute little candle holders
    07:10 Amazing garden decor from old toys
    10:29 Handmade polymer clay ideas
    More smart ideas for you ru-clip.com/video/bR3Jdpv2Qco/video.html

    • Jim Smith
      Jim Smith 5 days ago

      Just use the books without cement. Omg! Yard gnomes? What’s next....smurfs?

    • Melody Gao
      Melody Gao Month ago

      Where do u get cement plus ppl r lazy xD y u wasting books

    • Shawn Mccafferty
      Shawn Mccafferty 2 months ago


    • Pablo Quezada
      Pablo Quezada 2 months ago

      And the ingredients are...???

  • smash vegas
    smash vegas 13 hours ago

    Just made the hands cement plant holder! Absolutely genius 🙏🏽😬

  • Ted Stefan
    Ted Stefan Day ago

    Give me dem crab pringles.

  • Grażyna Kuc
    Grażyna Kuc 2 days ago

    Taki ładny był lisek a teraz brzydki 😥😖😭😩😟😭😩😧😦😞😟😲😡

  • Sally Carroll
    Sally Carroll 3 days ago +1

    Well I don't understand why all of you who have negative comments to make watched the video or do you just like running people down. You are all pretty sad. I enjoyed the video, thanks for posting it some really great ideas there.

  • ijon net
    ijon net 3 days ago

    Waoww amazing my video thanks you so much

  • William Parson
    William Parson 4 days ago

    The gloves gives a whole new meaning to smacking some since into somebody....great ideas to have decorative weapons around the house just in case.

  • bobby123
    bobby123 4 days ago

    Awesome! U r very creative and classy too!! 👍😀

  • Sean Dickman
    Sean Dickman 4 days ago

    Most of your crafts are wasteful. We have a planet to protect.

  • Jim Smith
    Jim Smith 5 days ago

    Show of hands: how many have wives who would agree to these?

  • Tomas Cerven
    Tomas Cerven 5 days ago


  • Tomas Cerven
    Tomas Cerven 5 days ago

    kde mam svojich 35 cementovych lifehackov. chodte dopice so silikonom a podobnymi kokotinami. clovek si chce pozret video s cementom a najebete mu tam bohvie jake latky.

  • Dave Pickering
    Dave Pickering 5 days ago

    I would spray or paint the finished objects with clear or satin varnish

  • GameInPeace
    GameInPeace 6 days ago

    Why r u buying that useless information books?

  • Raagam Taalam Pallavi Natyam


  • Drew Kalcsics
    Drew Kalcsics 7 days ago

    is all of that cement or are some of them plaster?

  • ted rebel
    ted rebel 7 days ago

    I make concrete countertops. I feel like the guy in better call Saul when the mercenary's like "oh, your gonna take my gun?"
    35 easy concrete ideas?
    Me with my water polisher:" you can make it not so easy."

  • Eric Brasseur
    Eric Brasseur 8 days ago

    Nicely done! If I may, cement does not "dry", rather it "sets" or "hardens". This is important because the water is essential to the hardening process of the cement. A mix of cement that would dry out before it sets, would be fragile. Especially for tiny objects that are not enclosed during the hardening process, they need to be kept in a moist environment. Maybe just place a plastic bag lousily around them. Concrete pillars inside rivers are the hardest because they stay in water for years. They never dry out.

  • Kenneth Murphy
    Kenneth Murphy 8 days ago

    Imagine all of the sinks ruined by millions of kids trying to clean up after trying this cra(p)ft.

  • Truthis Theway
    Truthis Theway 10 days ago +1

    Are you seeking the truth? Google "Global Truth Project". As they say, he not busy being born is busy dying.

  • dana thombs
    dana thombs 10 days ago

    You know is there really a point into wasting cement when you could just go to Walmart and buy a candle holder

    • billyman
      billyman 7 days ago

      It's called having fun and being creative, genius.

  • ross widdison
    ross widdison 12 days ago

    wow, all the negativity, these are very creative, thinking outside the square. Well done

  • AMK
    AMK 12 days ago

    Most of them are useless

  • Maribeja Intel
    Maribeja Intel 13 days ago

    I gasped as ALOT of those items went in the cement.

  • inkyblinky
    inkyblinky 14 days ago

    when you dipped that book in my heart actually hurt, I'm in _pain_

  • Charla Kahler
    Charla Kahler 14 days ago +1

    I hope you read those books already, or maybe they're terrible destroyed books. I hope so because I love to read! Also, I've seen Googleplex amount of candle DIYs and Googleplex amount of plant DIYs. This makes me wonder how much space you have in your house because I can only imagine you have a ritual with all your DIY candles surrounding you. Oh, another thing, under your video you put "Upgrade your apartment with these easy DIY ideas" but now that I think of it, not many apartments have room for these things? Oh well. I have a lot of things to ask so get ready. who will go and buy cement to pour onto your precious toilet paper for no reason whatsoever? I don't know a single soul who would want to wipe themselves with cement. Although, I do know a couple weirdos who would love to have a plumpy gnome staring at them in the backyard with a fox ready to eat it... totally... Also, I noticed there was no movement with the grey coat you hung at 5:23, and it looks like you could've made it with cement. Now THAT is what I wanna figure out how to do. Nevertheless, I love your creativity and style. None of these I would've figured out how to do it on my own. Keep up the good work! Love ya! :D

  • Happy TV Patna
    Happy TV Patna 15 days ago


  • Zoey Loveheart
    Zoey Loveheart 15 days ago +1


    5 minute crafts: *LET DRY*

    • Edas Sabas
      Edas Sabas 9 days ago

      What do you mean that's what you do with cement

  • srper2
    srper2 16 days ago

    No...Just no......

  • Dr.B Mirza
    Dr.B Mirza 16 days ago

    7:05 was about to put my dog in cement.

  • Julie Martin
    Julie Martin 16 days ago

    These are very cool ideas! Why are people so critical? I tried the hands in gloves for succulent planters, candle holders, and coin holders....they turned out great! You buy concrete at any Home Depot or other home improvement stores, home made gifts are so much better than store bought items. Thank you for the great ideas!

  • Royally Smart
    Royally Smart 16 days ago

    The doorstop was the Only thing that interested me. Other than that. This is perfect for tweekers who want to cement everything

  • Shana Gordon
    Shana Gordon 19 days ago

    Why is some of it normal grey cement what’s the white stuff this is a good creative video

  • hel1 de bouwvrouw
    hel1 de bouwvrouw 19 days ago +1

    35 ways to use paperclips #17: have them picked up with magnetic cement eggs

  • Baby Juls
    Baby Juls 20 days ago

    #challenge #eating ❤

  • 여어레
    여어레 21 day ago

    It will look better If they paint it a gold paint

  • sean dodds
    sean dodds 22 days ago

    Why use eggs for the mold, why not use the tealights for a perfect fit????

  • Entropy Edits
    Entropy Edits 23 days ago


  • Trev Sedgwick
    Trev Sedgwick 24 days ago +3

    Why not paint them instead of leaving everything dull cement colour!

  • RIP Spidey
    RIP Spidey 25 days ago

    The video of useless information

  • Briana Hammond-Morris
    Briana Hammond-Morris 26 days ago

    To be fair it might take 5 minutes to set them up and their CRAFTS not HACKS so it's mainly for the experience and feeling of doing it yourself and creating things. These things aren't suppose to be laying around your house because they're crafts not hacks.

  • Coco Gacha
    Coco Gacha 26 days ago

    Am I the only swimmer who doesn’t use that kind a swim cap

  • •Felix Tears•
    •Felix Tears• 27 days ago


  • LMN
    LMN Month ago

    The book of useless information:)

  • - Fluffie Clouds -
    - Fluffie Clouds - Month ago

    I wonder if anyone noticed that the book at 0:56 says that the title is The Book of Useless Information

    LV LEWIS Month ago

    oh yeah lemme just grab my cement I got laying around I will definitely create these 24h crafts

  • افكار فادينا fadina Thoughts


  • Zaytunah Salman
    Zaytunah Salman Month ago

    Why did they do that to the books. :( 1:01

  • Zaytunah Salman
    Zaytunah Salman Month ago

    Half of these hacks, i have already seen before in their previous videos.

  • Zaytunah Salman
    Zaytunah Salman Month ago

    The only thing i learned from this video is that Crab pringles exist.

    GUI KJRL Month ago

    Most if not all of them wont work. Fake video.

  • Shah Naaz
    Shah Naaz Month ago

    Fox: some one help me .....🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Derek Gratton
    Derek Gratton Month ago

    The second one is a history book

  • tarek tariq
    tarek tariq Month ago

    i like it.verry good ideas TNKS

  • Dhanika Karunarathna


    SMOKEY Month ago +1

    What's the point of making a flower design, just to lay it face down?

  • SuLTaN Æ
    SuLTaN Æ Month ago


  • broadway garbage
    broadway garbage Month ago

    ok but the resin ones and the majority of the clay ones? hella cute

  • Njlaa Julia Aldrwbi
    Njlaa Julia Aldrwbi Month ago +2

    My heart broke when they drowned that fix in cement...

    • Metsasusi
      Metsasusi Month ago

      Fix or fox, whatever. But it looked tasteless.

    • Rob P
      Rob P Month ago


  • Mo. Abrar Abbasi
    Mo. Abrar Abbasi Month ago

    Wow. 👌👌👌👌👌