17 DIY Woodworking Projects

  • Published on Dec 31, 2017
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    1. Wall mounted desk ru-clip.com/video/ppwiETfbuFM/video.html
    2. DIY Concrete Lamp ru-clip.com/video/Kb9vXZfTYoA/video.html
    3. $7 DIY Floating Shelf ru-clip.com/video/-PFr7DkvMGM/video.html
    4. DIY Platform Bed ru-clip.com/video/CmBzCnCj2XY/video.html
    5. DIY Chair with secret compartment ru-clip.com/video/1_H2Hgsty1w/video.html
    6. key Holder ru-clip.com/video/mLhMdAszG9I/video.html
    7. Planter ru-clip.com/video/mLhMdAszG9I/video.html
    8. Sunglass Holder ru-clip.com/video/mLhMdAszG9I/video.html
    9. Crosscut Jig ru-clip.com/video/USGLDKy78_Y/video.html
    10. Diy Make-up Vanity ru-clip.com/video/KonWbqoeMQ0/video.html
    11. My Sliding Barn Door ru-clip.com/video/eQEPQEE-RlM/video.html
    12. Concrete and Wood Bench ru-clip.com/video/zD-lSfDSKn0/video.html
    13. Table Top Firepit ru-clip.com/video/DwJpy48GZF0/video.html
    14. DIY Contour LED ru-clip.com/video/UWhHA9J1FXU/video.html
    16. Modern Desk Gaming Desk ru-clip.com/video/t9l9OGmlzCg/video.html
    17. DIY Headphone Stand ru-clip.com/video/Js3xKwcuCp8/video.html

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  • DIY Creators
    DIY Creators  Year ago +113

    I want to say thanks to every one of you who watch my videos. There is no way I’d be able to do this without you. It’s been a great year. With excitement, I look forward to the New Year. Happy Holidays ☺

    • joshua rivera-gonzalez
      joshua rivera-gonzalez 6 months ago

      Just found your channel, awesome content.

    • Coffee Lover
      Coffee Lover Year ago

      You are creativity freak ....

    • Libra-Lorissa Love
      Libra-Lorissa Love Year ago

      Your are so smart & u make really great stuff, not to mention u look really sexy while doin it...this is what a female wants in her man!

    • John Lewis
      John Lewis Year ago +2

      I really like your projects and how modern they are!

  • Thomasina Wiggins
    Thomasina Wiggins 17 days ago

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  • Octavia Boone
    Octavia Boone 28 days ago

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  • Cory Lang
    Cory Lang Month ago

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  • Jean Potter
    Jean Potter Month ago

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  • Thomasina Wiggins
    Thomasina Wiggins Month ago

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  • Davey656
    Davey656 4 months ago

    Incredible content, just came across your channel by chance! VERY impressed, will definitely be taking some of these design ideas!!

  • Nicole Smith
    Nicole Smith 5 months ago +5

    Great woodworking plans..... WoodPlanner.xyz

  • Randy derochie
    Randy derochie 6 months ago

    Great builds!

  • naresh kumar
    naresh kumar 7 months ago

    Thanks to you bro for such a nice video

  • Виктория Шестакова

    You should try that page , it's absolutely amazing and can help everyone to start with carpentry OPEN *WO OD STA RT . ML* !

  • kevin kronember
    kevin kronember 8 months ago

    Este negro llena todo de leds jja

  • John 44070
    John 44070 8 months ago

    You need a Patreon link on your videos.

  • Rukmani Sindhu Thangam
    Rukmani Sindhu Thangam 8 months ago +1

    Wow. You don’t have anything to be disappointed about! These are amazing!

  • klatau barad
    klatau barad 8 months ago

    Awesome stuff! Love the bed! Oh and you CAN'T game on a Mac...

  • Mike Daugherty
    Mike Daugherty 9 months ago

    I really like this. VERY COOL PROJECTS.

  • Muhammad Zulkifli

    may I know, what kind of wood you used in every projects ?

  • Young ck
    Young ck Year ago

    Diy creators ✅ most welcome

  • Woodworking Plans

    I love all your projects, nice job, keep it up! My favorite was the gaming desk!

  • x__opfor__x Schroeder

    fuck man you do some good work. im not really a fan of modern stuff, but you really bring it to a new light with a touch of rustic. i cant wait till i can make some of these for my own home.

  • Ali TJK 02r
    Ali TJK 02r Year ago

    Брат ты крутой все твои робота класс

  • Random G
    Random G Year ago

    Please make a video on DIY Bed with drawer

  • Tarantababu
    Tarantababu Year ago

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  • Marcos Antonio Pereira Moya

    Parabéns pelo trabalho

  • Jan Jedynak
    Jan Jedynak Year ago

    This guy is a god

  • Gigi Barnette
    Gigi Barnette Year ago

    Good videos, thanks. :)

  • Wesile Oliveira
    Wesile Oliveira Year ago

    here for us in brazil it would be nice if you put the measurements of the pieces. Your project was very good.

  • Shweta Patel
    Shweta Patel Year ago

    Wow really cool projects. Saw this video first and checked out the other individual videos. Had to come back and say you are a great instructor and have great ideas. Can't wait to do every project and see what else you come up with. Thanks!!

  • Mel Town
    Mel Town Year ago

    Так, кто пустил его в столярку? Тростник сахарный кто будет заготавливать?

  • Patrick Hutchison

    Hey Glen...love your content and creativeness. Would like to buy a plan or two, but CANNOT find any way to do that...

  • George Frattarelli

    I'm glad I just found your channel tonight! 2018 will be my year to learn and I'm starting with your tool lost and jigs. I got your plans for the multiple tool table and will build that this weekend. I can't wait to see what you have coming soon! Keep on keeping on!!



  • ابو حمود المطيري

    I hope to do this
    Thanks for working

  • Thabo Seema
    Thabo Seema Year ago

    You've just scored yourself a new subscriber all the way from South Africa.........you are the best

  • Daniel Reis
    Daniel Reis Year ago

    I’m loving all these projects,.. I’m buying a house soon and after that I’m going to start making some of these. Thank you for all the videos

  • daniel ramirez
    daniel ramirez Year ago

    Awesome work, dude!

  • Mauricio Millar Ortega

    why do not you try to do a loft bed there are not many videos about that since you give them a special touch and better explained, keep it that way

  • Saba bebiashvili13

    my personal favourite video of 2017 was the one make key holder planter and something waiting for simillar videos in 2018!!


    What can't this guy build??

  • Дмитрий хобби

    Hi Glen! I wish you successful projects in the new year! Your channel is watched in Russia;)

  • Neil Jean-Louis
    Neil Jean-Louis Year ago

    Hi. Thanls for share what you realized last year. My favoite is the platform Bed

  • ab bii
    ab bii Year ago

    thank you for showing me how simple tools can make beautiful things, myself.

  • Mobi
    Mobi Year ago

    Love the bed project. I still want to make that. Cant wait to see what you come up with in 2018.

  • BTDarters Channel

    Glenn, don't feel bad about not getting out as much content as you wanted to in 2017. I enjoyed all of your videos that you did put out and I thought they were great! Thanks!

  • Cha oW
    Cha oW Year ago

    You make such nice furniture.

  • hgtydjdjdgh67889
    hgtydjdjdgh67889 Year ago

    That's a fair amount of projects. More so if you're not doing this full time

  • Душан Палалић

    Definitly the BED was great.
    What do you think about "Tiny Houses" that type of using space in multiple appliances?
    I'm planning to do Raised bed, and beneath, some sitting area, with lots of book shelves, work area, for studying, for electronics, and all random stuff.
    So KEY question is: What do you think about room that you use for someother stuff, and when someone comes to your home to stay a few days or weeks, you can transforme it, into beautiful sleeping room, with no signs that that room is used for nothing else but that.
    Love the content, and keep the good work.
    (Mostly, small wookstation with multiple inserts, that is my favorite, i'm planning to build that in Spring)

  • Lack4aname
    Lack4aname Year ago

    I really wanna make the bed but im moving to a new state in a couple months id rather do it when i move since i dont want to carry that heavy wood but i wanna make ALL OF THESE.top 3 for me are the bed gaming dest and the bench

  • rodmark valencia
    rodmark valencia Year ago

    More diy, your the best man 😉

  • Ivan Huynh
    Ivan Huynh Year ago

    You, your vblog and the ideas are just amazing. Thank you!

  • Eric Orolpo
    Eric Orolpo Year ago

    Can you make how to build pigeon loft hehe just asking thank you

  • Ahmed mohammed
    Ahmed mohammed Year ago

    I subsecribed in your channel recently and honstly your channel is the best and I hate myself for not knowning you earlyer. I like your work so so much. I hope you make some simple easy projects for the beginners, also I would like you make a video of how to make bookshelves
    Thank you for all what you doing
    your frined from Saudi Arabia

  • Golfer 113
    Golfer 113 Year ago

    Hey... me and my friends in germany watched every video from you and realy liked it...Very good work!!! Maybe you can build a two person Sofa???? =)
    For Q&A:
    Where you live?
    How old are you?
    You ever have a projekt and it goes wrong and cant complete it?

  • Chris Purser
    Chris Purser Year ago

    Great work. And a great idea, too. I didn't realize how many I missed. Now I need to go back and watch some more. Congrats on the success and I hope your 2018 is awesome!

  • J. Gary
    J. Gary Year ago

    I love all your projects. Plan to make a few! Keep up he great work👌

  • Martín Federico Mucci

    Very nice work, great ideas! Congrats 👍

  • 999rawr
    999rawr Year ago

    hey im new to all this stuff, ive been a tank mechanic in the army for roughly 3 years and was doing construction work before that (deck building, siding, window/door installation) so i know a good amount of tools and how to use them, but all the jigs and such is very new to me, your videos are awesome, and i cant wait to get my own space and start my own workshop. keep it up! you got yourself a new sub!

  • Luigi Volpiano
    Luigi Volpiano Year ago

    I'm italian and you are the best of youtube

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    Mark Lee & Jamey Year ago

    This is so dope! Instant subscriber off of the first video. Keep it up

    JABS PROJECTS Year ago

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