The Secret Behind ITZY’s Incredibly In Sync Dancing Is 0ut

  • Published on Mar 14, 2019
  • #KpopNews #ABIZ #ITZY
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Comments • 237

  • Jungkook vs. Kookie
    Jungkook vs. Kookie 7 months ago

    Jyp can be soft as pillow but when it comes to business it's business you guys!😂

  • LiSoo Chaeng
    LiSoo Chaeng 7 months ago

    It is nothing compared to Blackpink's first song Whistle dance practice video. Surely, I can memorize DALLA dance practice within 1 day or even a half but for Whistle? Oh my gosh give me 3 days and I'm done!

  • Potato Snacc
    Potato Snacc 7 months ago

    Oh yasss I forgot this ep

  • Potato Snacc
    Potato Snacc 7 months ago

    Isn’t it bcuz practice ?

  • oke K
    oke K 7 months ago

    So coach does that too..screenshots our dances...but I find it annoying 😂..

  • nobody
    nobody 7 months ago

    Meanwhile got7's rehearsals...

  • Ronaldz Sanchez
    Ronaldz Sanchez 7 months ago

    *I thought ☆momo choreograph the itzy dance*

  • Vibrantjames
    Vibrantjames 7 months ago

    Thank God or whoever your diety is for the non-formulaic "Loona" they have raised the bar in so many ways. It's time for the big 3 labels to play catch-up. Also, shame on Kocowa, and Mnet for their part in the Loona sabotage.
    Loona is the best girl group out right now, and most likely for years to come.
    Peace from the Loonaverse

  • Noriel Sangcap
    Noriel Sangcap 7 months ago

    click baited because of momo lul

  • ra_ju
    ra_ju 7 months ago

    Wherei s momo??? I knew whats bout to come but i just clicked for momo### clickbait shit

  • Twice RedShoulder
    Twice RedShoulder 7 months ago

    Momo bait

  • acciowatercolor
    acciowatercolor 7 months ago

    Since Sister's Slam Dunk it was pretty obvious how much attention he puts on details

  • man of cultured after all

    Can other group that got bad ceo turns to jyp

  • Sana Is Life
    Sana Is Life 7 months ago +1

    Jyp is the living legend..

  • Nothing here
    Nothing here 7 months ago


  • Kehsihba Arseb
    Kehsihba Arseb 7 months ago +2

    For a moment I thought momo taught them the steps... 😅👍

  • v ship tae
    v ship tae 7 months ago

    Everyone in jyp is so Sync

  • EXPecTED
    EXPecTED 7 months ago

    Ammmm great synchronization
    But there is a indian group who can beat them
    but they are pure dancer
    U can check their channel mj5 official just check latest video u will come to know and watch full

  • khxxxa.k alm
    khxxxa.k alm 7 months ago

    It’s 0ut lol

  • Julia Ioanis
    Julia Ioanis 7 months ago +1

    JYP artist are a little bit of everything except for criminals (if ya know what I mean) JYP is a real family💚💚🌎💙💙💞💙🤩😭🧡

    JYP STAN 7 months ago +11

    Not only ITZY and TWICE even GOT7 and STRAY KIDS is so sync😻💕 JYP The Best Ent. Ever💕

  • chaejae tzukook
    chaejae tzukook 7 months ago

    For all ONCEU^_^ like me please can you stan ITZY without leaving TWICE please:-)
    Wait for twice comeback this april!!!!!im so excited!!!!

  • cringe kween
    cringe kween 7 months ago

    jyp can actually find the most talented people, they’re amazing.

  • song dun gun
    song dun gun 7 months ago

    and why People say blackpink is better in dancing than itzy?

    • Felix Chan
      Felix Chan 7 months ago

      itzy is better than bp's dancing. my friend says only lisa is the best in dancing and others are just meh.

    BERLISTA LOVES KPOP 7 months ago


  • Ken Michael Perez
    Ken Michael Perez 7 months ago +1

    You know the secret why twice and itzy are so synchronize when performing? Lipsyncing. Hahaha. so basically they're just dancing. Duh

  • TWpenguICE zf
    TWpenguICE zf 7 months ago +1

    *JYP is the BEST*

  • PatrickAlloy
    PatrickAlloy 7 months ago

    i remembered sowon did the same thing with gfriend as jyp. showed in idol school

  • Moonstar
    Moonstar 7 months ago +1

    nothing can beat Gfriend sync.

    • Felix Chan
      Felix Chan 7 months ago

      too bad they don't rap tho :(

    • Zen
      Zen 7 months ago

      Gfriend has been doing the same strategy since 2015, watching their practice video again and again so they can be synced and also practice 21 times a day . That's why they can sing while dancing because they already build there stamina since they practice alot in a day..

  • Darin Saysay
    Darin Saysay 7 months ago

    Why on 0: 40 they post with a hand crown are they the queen?
    (I though it's blacpink or 2ne1)
    No offended

    • Felix Chan
      Felix Chan 7 months ago

      it's part of the choreography, go watch the mv or music show so you'll see. 😂

  • Nurin Insyirah
    Nurin Insyirah 7 months ago +1

    Jyp loyal fans where you at 😅😂

  • Cyril Barliso cute kaau taga aloguinsan cebu

    I've already seen this

  • JaeRinneGOT7
    JaeRinneGOT7 7 months ago

    This family will always be the best. Supporting/ stanning each other and all. 😍
    *whispers JYP

  • Ms. Yerbua
    Ms. Yerbua 7 months ago +2

    1:38 is that yeji, not in ponytail
    Wow she looks totally stunning

  • Shannon Gabriella
    Shannon Gabriella 7 months ago +1

    I know all to well that in the end JYP will be the 1 company. Not only professionalism in training their trainees, creating the best talented idols out there, the best way in managing their company by listening and searching for critics to improve, but also, he believes manners are everything. It’s useless/ equals to nothing if a group is popular but have no manners towards others. or at least that’s what I believe. Anyways, JYPNATION FIGHTING!! 👊🏻👏🏻💖

  • Gerald Dao
    Gerald Dao 7 months ago

    Daddy Park never lets fans down! Show me your hands, JYP's supporters. 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️

  • No Face Jeong
    No Face Jeong 7 months ago

    I can say JYP raises Most if not All of the artists under his company well.❤

  • UFO:Unidentified Fandom Orb of JYPBigHitSMYG

    I watched that and I'm really amazed how JYP managed to think that way.

  • Shinmen
    Shinmen 7 months ago +1

    Cause they from Jyp.
    They are one of the best companies in dancing.

  • Momo's Hoe
    Momo's Hoe 7 months ago +5

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I saw ITZY
    Then I saw Momo too.

  • Blackpink Indiafc
    Blackpink Indiafc 7 months ago +1

    Syn is mandatory to every kpop group I like itzy syn or I very much impressed to itzy it's just a great group it's give me good vibe... after gfriend gidle I liked itzy ... fighting girls 😍

  • JoloThe PVP
    JoloThe PVP 7 months ago

    1:45 the music is messed up

  • Rafael Veloso
    Rafael Veloso 7 months ago

    Wang ye ji ❤

  • atzroty
    atzroty 7 months ago

    I’m a simple girl. I see Momo. I click.

  • wut. idk.
    wut. idk. 7 months ago

    That's why they kept on snatching my wigs...

  • Mike Goguen
    Mike Goguen 7 months ago +1

    wow i wonder what people think of gfriend if they think these 2 gg are so in sync

    • Mike Goguen
      Mike Goguen 7 months ago

      not to knock any gg but most of these comments about how great jyps gg are have probably never seen acts like boa early aoa snsd ect and think that jyp invented dancing insync, boa and her back up dancers performing no 1 or only one "live" is really far better than any of this generations live dance, any aoa dance practice is far better then any of this generation, all jyp has done is re hash from the smaller companies from 5-10 years ago (when he was performing) and thats ok, the envelope can only be pushed so far, you have to like gfriend who aren't very popular to be original , bp is just more of 2nt1, bts more of big bang, twice more of snsd almost every popular group of this generation is a copy of something before, so please stop with the uneducated comments about how jyp gg are so great there just photocopies of a couple years ago when it was original, juniel i drink alone will never be in the top 10, such is kpop

  • Germanium
    Germanium 7 months ago

    they remind me of gfriend way back before theyre very sync like this group

  • anpanv
    anpanv 7 months ago


  • Tenzin Sherpa
    Tenzin Sherpa 7 months ago

    Only good vibes from JYP

  • Chiara Montalbetti
    Chiara Montalbetti 7 months ago +4

    JYP focusing on quality is really showing its results 😍 JYP 2.0 is doing great

  • Rochanaa Mekala
    Rochanaa Mekala 7 months ago

    The secret to all of them dancing to sync is the screenshots. ..

  • Gucci with Luv
    Gucci with Luv 7 months ago +10

    Honestly, JYP is by far the only company from the big3 that I like. Their idols are amazing dancers! ❤️

  • Renia Unbothered
    Renia Unbothered 7 months ago

    *No one:*
    Me: *MY LIFE*

  • preksha revankar
    preksha revankar 7 months ago

    By the thumbnail.. I thought Momo helped them 😅

  • Ooguro Ryuura
    Ooguro Ryuura 7 months ago

    And yet all their vocals are such a mess. JYP needs to work on that as well. Twice is known as the queen of lipsyncing for years because of their dance routine.

  • Haura
    Haura 7 months ago


  • XanXus -sama
    XanXus -sama 7 months ago

    Well even offcam Twice are in sync especially MiTzu 👍😍😍

  • Name Jeff
    Name Jeff 7 months ago

    ITZY sucks... Momo sucks

  • justine love
    justine love 7 months ago

    Twice is always in sync no wonder

  • Her voice in 다라다라 is to high

    Yeji without pony tail just wow
    Sorry bag english