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  • Published on Jun 20, 2018
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Comments • 50

  • Kim K
    Kim K 9 months ago

    Her Comfort is what is important, it is ultimately her choice. If she is not comfortable she will not be confident and will not have fun.

  • 4-n
    4-n 10 months ago

    You've kind of given me an idea for your fresh start but I need to think on it a little. Great idea by the way.

  • Adam Nevue
    Adam Nevue 10 months ago +3

    Great placement on that patch boss🇺🇸
    -Adam N.

  • Maximilian Rockefeller
    Maximilian Rockefeller 10 months ago

    Dude, she got a Grom 🤣

  • Freddy4life08
    Freddy4life08 10 months ago

    Sportster 48! I'm calling it! Bird, set up another ride. I'm dying to ride over from Houston to do one with ya'll!

  • JustAdam83
    JustAdam83 10 months ago

    Either an iron 883 or the 48?

  • Chris D.
    Chris D. 10 months ago

    Honda Shadow

  • Chad D
    Chad D 10 months ago

    Vstar 650

  • Stinky Pete
    Stinky Pete 10 months ago

    a rebel 500

  • K. MaC
    K. MaC 10 months ago

    Grom nation..

  • Jerry Hawkins
    Jerry Hawkins 10 months ago

    Soft tail slim

  • Keith JJ
    Keith JJ 10 months ago

    Kawasaki vulcan s. 👀

  • El Mojado
    El Mojado 10 months ago

    I know some short girls that ride, and they love the HD Heritage because it's low and balanced.

  • Anthony C
    Anthony C 10 months ago

    Off topic what phone mount r u using

    • Anthony C
      Anthony C 10 months ago

      Bike N' Bird 👍🏼

    • Bike N' Bird
      Bike N' Bird  10 months ago

      Rokform. Got a full review coming out next week

  • Pam Perea
    Pam Perea 10 months ago

    Suzuki s40, (650cc), Superlow 883, Honda Rebel 500.

  • Motorcycle brothers
    Motorcycle brothers 10 months ago


  • Spectre223
    Spectre223 10 months ago

    As much as you say height isn't too much of a factor in the new bike, after seeing Miss Bird twinkle-toesing that 300 I'll try my original guess again of a mid-size cruiser, Virago 535, Shadow 750, little Harley like an 883, something like that. The weight really shouldn't be a factor with the low centre of gravity. Failing that, small capacity naked, something like a Duke 390?

    • Spectre223
      Spectre223 10 months ago

      Looking forward to it whatever it is though, and the other content too

  • nale gtx
    nale gtx 10 months ago

    Yamaha Bolt

    RYD-ER-DIE 10 months ago

    Rebel 500? Please dont say grom though (everyone is getting one of those)

  • Westifer 9
    Westifer 9 10 months ago

    Softail for soon as o be mrs bird?

  • Lost in Iowa
    Lost in Iowa 10 months ago

    Sportster or Honda Rebel 500

  • D S
    D S 10 months ago +1

    please tell me you got her a grom lol

  • Tripp_HPjunkie
    Tripp_HPjunkie 10 months ago

    Street 500/750???

  • Shane l
    Shane l 10 months ago +1

    a streched and slamed busa with a 140 shot of nos!!! jk rebel 500???for the wife? this build talk got me hyped up! bike build for vet would be awsome !!

  • Ethan Wallace
    Ethan Wallace 10 months ago

    Street 500??

  • Roger Wachal
    Roger Wachal 10 months ago +1

    the fresh start bike is a Awesome idea .
    I think a lot of people take it for granted when it comes to our freedom ,and the sacrifice of all of the Vets

  • Jason Goldberg
    Jason Goldberg 10 months ago

    BnB, you should get together with ASR and see if he’s got any tips or leads for your vet bike build.

  • Jessica Hansen
    Jessica Hansen 10 months ago

    Triumph Bonneville Bobber? I'm just really throwing out a random answer.

  • Spooky Tuesday
    Spooky Tuesday 10 months ago

    Rebel 250

  • James Mineau
    James Mineau 10 months ago

    softail slim

  • 2Yeahs
    2Yeahs 10 months ago

    i feel like itll be a super low, a shadow or rebel, or something like a 650. (dont those have lower seats?)
    Real stretch? Dyna Low Rider or Grom,those would be dope.

  • Troy Duncan
    Troy Duncan 10 months ago

    Indian Scour Sixty

  • Zachary Fett
    Zachary Fett 10 months ago


  • Mr. Free
    Mr. Free 10 months ago +1

    Thanks for doing something like this for us vets God bless

  • Metric Maverick
    Metric Maverick 10 months ago

    oe perhaps indian ?

  • Metric Maverick
    Metric Maverick 10 months ago


  • Allen White
    Allen White 10 months ago +3

    The 883 super-low

  • Steve Worley
    Steve Worley 10 months ago

    Honda Grom? Perfect size...lol

  • Team Bradley
    Team Bradley 10 months ago


  • Mayheezy592
    Mayheezy592 10 months ago +2

    I’m a vet who could use a bike 😉

  • Mark Smith
    Mark Smith 10 months ago +2

    Honda Rebel 300

  • Dan Bailey
    Dan Bailey 10 months ago +2


    • Lost in Iowa
      Lost in Iowa 10 months ago

      they are fairly tall. My wife is 4'11" and can barely tiptoe when touching.

  • Ante Zrnich
    Ante Zrnich 10 months ago

    Street series maybe the 750

  • FEARY888
    FEARY888 10 months ago

    Isn't a fat boy a military thribute bike ? That may be a good bike to start with, obviously depending on if you can get one. Peace, from Ireland 🤙☘

  • Gregory Doan
    Gregory Doan 10 months ago

    Sportster 1200 low T

  • DiG LiFE
    DiG LiFE 10 months ago