Tee Tee Said She's Running Away... **We Got Into It**

  • Published on Mar 22, 2019
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Comments • 9 795

  • The DDG Family
    The DDG Family  7 months ago +2091


    • Rekhia Yoni
      Rekhia Yoni Month ago

      rocketman jeff it’s not if u watch all the videos dumb bitch u would know

    • Leighten Grenade
      Leighten Grenade Month ago

      All u do is care about your self

    • Leighten Grenade
      Leighten Grenade Month ago

      Fuck you dddick your a ass hole

  • Trash_ FNYT
    Trash_ FNYT Day ago

    Like nigga probably lost his virginity to some lotion

  • Trash_ FNYT
    Trash_ FNYT Day ago

    Hate this bitch DDG music not even all that

  • Jonny Bonny
    Jonny Bonny 2 days ago


  • Kayee and Dayquann Prank Videos

    This nigga ddg is a clown he putting his mom business out there he buy people shit and talk about it like oh I brought this person this like stfu nobody cares can’t be my brother if my brother ever put his hands on me it’s gonna be war like rs

  • Kayee and Dayquann Prank Videos

    A grown ass man jealous over a little ass boy 😂😂childish

  • Kris Harris
    Kris Harris 4 days ago

    Fuck you ddg you a bitch and yo music not cole nobody bump yo shit like that

  • Omani Hagerman
    Omani Hagerman 4 days ago

    Ion even support u no more lost all my respect for you

  • Omani Hagerman
    Omani Hagerman 4 days ago

    God don’t like ugly man, u better watch how you treat your lil sis man

  • Omani Hagerman
    Omani Hagerman 4 days ago

    Their is something really wrong with you Man👎🏾

  • Priscilla Green
    Priscilla Green 5 days ago

    If my brother even tried to talk to me like that or slap me, my mother would beat the shit out of him...Paying the bills or not, YOUR NOT HER PARENT

  • Priscilla Green
    Priscilla Green 5 days ago +1

    Now i see why Kennedy left him
    F...ing jerk

  • Priscilla Green
    Priscilla Green 5 days ago

    Their mother is fucked up in the head to let DDG talk to Tee Tee the way he do and put his hands on her. All the mama knows how to do is smile, when DDG abuses Tee Tee mentally and physically...He takes shit too far..for him to be a valedictorian he is really dumb.

  • samiya baaruud
    samiya baaruud 7 days ago +1

    I hope the police come & collect DDG HE TRASH

  • danii ella
    danii ella 7 days ago

    Broo if it was my brother who slapped me I was slipping the shitttt outta him

  • danii ella
    danii ella 7 days ago

    Ddg music suckkkk fr fr

  • Monica Smith
    Monica Smith 8 days ago

    Teetee start listinig

    JAYS CHANNEL 8 days ago

    Did you just say she’s not old enough to fly by herself. When I was six I have to fly to Florida to see my dad every summer and now I’m 13 and I still do it so I don’t know what he’s trying to say

    JAYS CHANNEL 8 days ago

    Tete was speaking facts

  • Johnny B
    Johnny B 8 days ago

    She should be grateful

  • toya8910
    toya8910 9 days ago

    Can you PLEASE stop taking things back you buy her in every video. Sooner or later she not going to want your gifts & will have her own money to buy her own. I just ask you stop because it's going to be on her mind or is already on her mind.ALSO when it come to your mom she needs to SPEAK UP, YOU ARE THE PARENT!!!

  • KayDay Squad
    KayDay Squad 9 days ago

    This my songgggg🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🔥

  • Naomi John
    Naomi John 9 days ago


  • Perky h
    Perky h 9 days ago

    You soo mean and so selfish ddg and really so full of yourself
    When you give you give bc kindness you not suppose to say it... you embarrassed her all the time how about when she goes to school did you think about that
    All that bc you got money
    And you don’t one nobody to be great that sad
    You gon see what goes around always comes back around

  • Sellout Z
    Sellout Z 9 days ago

    Y’all gotta understand from his side tho he did something inappropriate he calling a 14 year old thick thats not right and he need this to be posted so y’all can understand what’s going on but he did kinda barge in I ain even gonna kap to y’all

  • Rufina Lamothe
    Rufina Lamothe 10 days ago

    I disagree with the people in the comment saying everything bad about DDG because she is 14 by now and needs to get her act right I felt like this before but you have to learn think about it he does so much nice stuff for her honestly this isn’t bullying he’s just redirecting her in the right direction because James is an inappropriate influence On her

  • Chiquita Owens
    Chiquita Owens 10 days ago

    Stop cursing at that girl like you her daddy or are you fucking mama.

  • Shantel Evans
    Shantel Evans 10 days ago +2

    Honestly I despise him and his mother I swear🤦‍♀️

  • Gabrielle Laffette
    Gabrielle Laffette 11 days ago

    I'm soooooo proud of TT yall dead treat her crazy. TT not lying and her Mom get on my damn nerves with tht act like she scared of her own kid need to beat his ass. I'm telling you keep it up and when she get 18 she gonna go ghost speaking from experience I don't speak to my mom or sister because of bs like tht. TT keep your head up QUEEN. The worst feeling in the world is feeling like your family isn't for you smh do better DDG.

  • Annakay Thomas
    Annakay Thomas 13 days ago

    Your jealous of a 15 year old boy

  • Annakay Thomas
    Annakay Thomas 13 days ago

    You are so rude to her leave her alone

  • Shaderoom Teens
    Shaderoom Teens 14 days ago

    Being strict on a teenage girl is only going to make her wild

  • SISx FOX
    SISx FOX 14 days ago

    James seems like a fuck boy I don’t think she should be with him but it’s not my Business

  • Sonia Ali
    Sonia Ali 15 days ago

    if her default is being disrespected then it wont take much to please her u need to set the standard high as her brother

  • Sonia Ali
    Sonia Ali 15 days ago

    this is tough love gone too far even if u have foresight about certain things this is no way to convey it and there are more effective ways to get her to realize what u want her to

  • chelsy dova
    chelsy dova 16 days ago

    I feel like he jelous

    MASERATI 2 SHAKA 17 days ago +3

    Y’all probably gave her depression y’all treat her like a black sheep

  • minter roar
    minter roar 19 days ago +1

    i know they not playin but it always feel like they is cuz they stay arguing w smirks on they faces

  • Curly_.headmya 15
    Curly_.headmya 15 19 days ago

    Ddg ill beat yo ass yo mama ass bc she didn't do nun to yall fuck

  • Brandon George
    Brandon George 20 days ago

    your music is ass😂😂

  • Shae J
    Shae J 20 days ago

    “Im trying not to hit her because im recording rn” sir what?

  • Shae J
    Shae J 20 days ago

    Piece of shit horrible brother

  • Shae J
    Shae J 20 days ago +9

    When she older she’s not gonna come around y’all I wouldn’t either

  • ML_ PRANKS**
    ML_ PRANKS** 22 days ago

    Ddg bro u sound like a rapist dad

  • Lol you thought?
    Lol you thought? 23 days ago +2

    Did he really have to point out that he paid his mama's bill for the last 3years🤨

  • neighty dan-abia
    neighty dan-abia 23 days ago

    Their mum is such a freaking push over letting the RU-clip money get to her god damn head ,her son act like her father

  • Alyssa's World
    Alyssa's World 25 days ago

    Material things aren't shit niggas u need to be her brother not her father bc teetee can report u to dcf and boom ur career is gone and putting it on yt threating her hell nah bitch you have realize that you need help like mental help bc u are INSANE thinking you her dad if I was tt I would put ur ass in jail tbh and her mamma lame asf she ain't doing shi letting her daughter getting abused by and 20 year old pimp nigga nail I hope she run away watching this shit is just depressing I'm unsubscribing disliking and reporting you for abuse and imma skip ads and fuck ur dry ass song nigga that shit dry asf and lame😂😂😂 bitch bye Ken killas 4L and Frosty gang 🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽

  • corruptedcxmboz -
    corruptedcxmboz - 26 days ago +1

    @ddg bro I've been a fan for the longest since u was in college but fam yall niggas tripping. Like yall really got tht girl feeling like she is unwanted and I've been there bro keep playing and you gone lose ur sister forever and trust me it's not a great site at all

  • no1
    no1 28 days ago

    *James got fat as hell*
    TeeTee said: Ight Imma Head Out

  • Kori Thompson
    Kori Thompson 29 days ago

    Like I just don't like when he get mad over the little things all he said is that she thick that's a compilment a prop and you get mad over that even my daddy won't be mad if somebody say that I am thick

  • Cute Corde
    Cute Corde 29 days ago

    I have 4 bank accounts and I’m only nine

  • Leyley YT
    Leyley YT Month ago

    U dead wrong fo that and that “mama” she was doing way to much she cared so much abt her son that she lied to her mf face and as teetee said “was going to hit her” and just know if u beat that girl up u gon go to jail fo that.SHE IS 14 THIS NIGGA IS THREATENING TO BEAT HER UP AND ALMOST SLAPPING HER WTF IS WRONG WITH U DO U HAVE A MF BRAIN🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️smh

  • Mai Lee
    Mai Lee Month ago

    Wow this dude acts like a mad 5 year old. Why would you beat your sister because she is talking to a boy? Let the girl find out on her own if he bad. Right now the only bad person is whatever her brothers name is. She did nothing wrong for you take take her phone away. Keep acting like this and you won't have a sister when she moves out. She will drop you so fast. Maybe she will end up running off. Stop acting like her dad because you're acting 5 years old.

  • YaBoi Matteo
    YaBoi Matteo Month ago

    His music is shit. I wish I could rip my ears off when that shit playing

  • Charlesa Johnson
    Charlesa Johnson Month ago

    I just watched this video 🤦🏽‍♀️
    I feel really bad for tee tee he really be doing her bad.💯

  • Tatyana Coleman
    Tatyana Coleman Month ago

    Then the mom going to hit her...just cause he pay bills dont give him the right to treat her like that like i dont like her man looking ass mom shit sad she crying out for help and y’all ignoring the cry

  • Life As lay
    Life As lay Month ago

    Stop being mean to her because u are a bully and your mom need help because she scared if u ddg u really mean

  • Miya The goat
    Miya The goat Month ago +1

    I don’t care bout no ep u just mad cuz teetee can contain her relationship and she should run away so she won’t be with you you are abusive you talking bout beating her like no I hope you go to jail and your mom all your mother do is say nothing and agree she should break up with James you and your mother are low life’s like y’all should both go to jail and never come out teetee live your life give him back the phone and pay your own bill ddg u rude asf and how come you treat Kennedy better than your sister no offense but it’s the truth like ddg grow up u clearly always be thinking about teetee and James like that’s all you worry about is James like oh I gotta end teetee and James I got to do this do that like let her live her life let her my mistakes so she won’t do it again you just afraid that what you was doing to Kennedy and how your heart was broken teetees will

  • Alaysia King
    Alaysia King Month ago

    I know I'm late but this broke my heart 💔

  • Jeanine Loko
    Jeanine Loko Month ago

    Why do u care if she post u or not it’s not a big deal