The Credibility Gap: How Sexism Shapes Human Knowledge | Soraya Chemaly | TEDxBarcelonaWomen

  • Published on Jul 28, 2015
  • It's a man's world...but what does that mean? Today, when you Google "Are Women...?" the most likely suggested answer you'll get is "Evil." What does the suppression of women's experiences and knowledge in culture and media mean in terms of human understanding? How does a global suppression of women's experiences, perspectives and storytelling result in injustice and inequality? This talk dives into the question of what male-centered culture really means.
    Soraya Chemaly is an award winning writer and media critic whose work focuses on the role that gender plays in culture and human rights.
    This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  • Costantino Cito
    Costantino Cito 11 days ago

    it's a man world? are man more numerous? do woman cannot vote their leader? Are them under rappresented as school teachers?

  • Marcia Osullivan
    Marcia Osullivan 15 days ago

    Why would straight matter

  • Rob M
    Rob M 19 days ago

    It's a male conspiracy to keep women in line. Pardon the pun.

  • Marisa LearningCoach
    Marisa LearningCoach 23 days ago

    This talk clearly resonates with women. Men, please back off. It's not all about you and you do not have a monopoly on truth. Move on if you don't agree with it or at least, back up vapid claims with facts.

  • yerowww666
    yerowww666 28 days ago

    1. ive attended an IT college. even with a presentation program that had a part specifically aimed at women, 90% of the class was male. college is free in my country and anyone with a finished highschool education could attend my college. therefore i feel like the lack of women in tech is simply a consequence of lack of interest of women. 2. she said women r seen as dominating if they speak 30% of the time while also implying that women r far less represented in those areas. if women represent 10% of the people in the room yet do 30% of the talking on a panel that is comprised of supposed equals...yes, that literally means they r dominating.

  • Jerry Donohue
    Jerry Donohue Month ago

    Actor and actress are French so gendered... Mankind means the species man not specifically males.. This is all total self serving rubbish.

  • lequitasch
    lequitasch Month ago

    So often relationships aren't about enjoying the company, it's about power. This is why we can't sort it all out. We each of us, want to establish the rules, so we are King of the hill. And don't give me baloney about,"not women" because it is definitely women. If we truly want to change things we need to change how we view "love your neighbor". CS Lewis spells it out best. However, if I'm pleasant to everyone I meet, some will assume that what I really want is for them to take all my time. And men can be worse about this, add in their greater strength and a smart women gets cautious fast. I've had male friends scoff at me about this, he's over 6 feet tall.

  • Amanda D
    Amanda D Month ago

    I generally agree with what she’s saying but I do want to point out that the example she used about how artificial hearts fit men more than women as a basis for giving credibility to her point doesn’t work because men are more likely to suffer from heart attacks than women and that is the reason why that has come out the way it has. It’s not that women shouldn’t have access to it as equally as men it’s just the circumstances of men more likely to suffer from heart attacks.

  • Joe P
    Joe P Month ago

    Google searches will show you your biases based on what you viewed prior.

  • GGR TheMostGodless
    GGR TheMostGodless Month ago

    IF society need to meet women's ned for bathrooms so they can do all the things she says;
    I need society to meet the needs of men too.... more whorehouses!!

  • HappySwedishPancake

    I still get perplexed when a man repeats something I just said minutes ago without batting an eye (and sometimes gets awknowledgement/response which I did not). I'm always surprised and start thinking is it deliberate? Is it not consciously? And then then my moment of saying "I just said that" is gone.

    • kenji214245
      kenji214245 Month ago

      i have noticed in some groups that when Women speak they usually don't speak in a "convincing" manner. A lot of guys speak in a very pushy convincing tone that quickly gets their ideas and opinions to take space even if they aren't correct or the idea isn't very good. Guys talk over each other all the time and say the same thing someone else already said all the time due to this as well.
      But the moment that type of conversation changes more towards the content of what is being said instead rather than how it is being said a lot of the issue disappears and everyone get their voices heard. And the fun detail is that guys are a lot about falling in line with the groups methodology so once it is done they will follow it pretty quickly without much fuss.

  • Russ Gurpa
    Russ Gurpa Month ago

    If you say that you have periods, kids and society needs to meet these special women's needs, you are acknowledging that men and women ARE different and, therefore, NOT equal. If we were equal, then equal bathroom size would be enough for men and women. So, you don't want equality, you want preferential treatment.
    2. Preferential treatment in certain areas is perfectly fine if you openly acknowledge that men and women ARE different and therefore need different rights, responsibilities and priviliges. Giving preferences to women over men in certain areas, and men over women in other areas is natural, logical and rational. But that would be called discrimination. Or patriarchy.
    3. If you contend that you can be different but equal, I would suggest we all start our fight for equality from sports. Let's get rid of male and female sports and have unisex sports: men and women equally competing against each other in the same equal play field. I wonder how many women would make it to the top in running, swimming, football, wrestling etc.? Let me tell you: none! There would be no Serena Williams, Sharapova or Kurnikova if we were treated equally and women were not given preferences in sports.
    4. If you say we are different but we want equal rights, I will ask you: in the West, what are legal rights that men have and women don't? Name one right, that any law prefers men over women.

    • Russ Gurpa
      Russ Gurpa Month ago

      @kenji214245 No problem there. Agreed.

    • kenji214245
      kenji214245 Month ago

      To be fair mens bathrooms are designed to be fast and easy to use due to the whole "Stand up and pee" culture and yes it is fast and easy "Also increases problems with leakage at an older age" And then the women get most of the time the same amount of bathroom stalls. Which is usually where it begins to become weird. It would be more pragmatic to give the women side a few more stalls since they don't have the option of "just standing and peeing" like men do so it takes longer which means higher risk of lines building up.
      Women on average also go to the bathroom more often so that is another reason to give them more bathroom space in that regard. This is toiletry logistics rather than "sexism" really though. The main reason most bathrooms are same size is because the designers wanted symmetry in the design XD

  • Lance Walker
    Lance Walker Month ago

    I can't help but suspect the cropping of that screenshot was deliberate, use an incognito window if you are honestly curious about the representative suggestions.

  • _ _
    _ _ Month ago

    translation: waaaahhhhhhh

  • Religious Reasoning
    Religious Reasoning Month ago +1

    you gals need to be women and not men please

  • hoibsh
    hoibsh Month ago +1

    Her isms give me jisms.

  • Florian Hörle
    Florian Hörle 2 months ago

    Where? When? How?

  • Krzysztof Prostak
    Krzysztof Prostak 2 months ago

    Yaasss special treatment for women.... that's not how equality works

  • Madeleine Mortimore
    Madeleine Mortimore 2 months ago

    I just hate watching videos like this...very discouraging ...

    • kenji214245
      kenji214245 Month ago

      @Madeleine Mortimore That is a interesting observation. society might indeed be more focused on pointing out who is at fault and who is the victim rather than pointing out that problem and how to solve it. - Keep going down that thinking it's good and creates more solution based thoughts which we need.

    • Madeleine Mortimore
      Madeleine Mortimore Month ago

      @Lin Bin Every day I hear messages on how sexism and racism is rampant. It's discouraging to keep seeing and hearing those messaging.

      I think there are more solutions oriented ways to approach it. That doesn't constantly broadcast "you're at a huge disadvantage, might not succeed even if you try"

      That's how I feel.

    • Lin Bin
      Lin Bin 2 months ago

      Madeleine Mortimore : But also necessary if we are to address the problem.
      Breaking up with someone is painful and hard but it’s necessary.

  • johnny joestar
    johnny joestar 2 months ago +1

    9:29 All these biases damage both genders, girls are usually pushed to help because they are deemed more responsable, boys are left to play and that is also reflected in the fact that families invest less in boy's education. Parents are more concerned with boys' intelligence because they will be on their own pretty soon

  • Gina Vallone
    Gina Vallone 2 months ago +3

    I own 3 houses I bought and paid for myself. You would not believe how many people men and woman alike assume I got them in a divorce or inherited them.

  • Religious Reasoning
    Religious Reasoning 2 months ago +1

    this is nonsense

  • Religious Reasoning
    Religious Reasoning 2 months ago

    women should not use men's bathroom

    • kenji214245
      kenji214245 Month ago

      mm if the womens bathroom is full and there is hardly any men in the mens bathroom i think it would be fair to arrange so that a few groups of women can use that while the men wait for a little while just to speed up the process if there is a big line. Just a pragmatic solution for the situation.

  • Tatiana Sampaio
    Tatiana Sampaio 2 months ago


  • Timmy Corbitt
    Timmy Corbitt 2 months ago

    Good tits

  • wendy guadalupe
    wendy guadalupe 2 months ago +2

    I have all the facts to my own existence, therefore I OWN my right to choice over everything I make

  • SkyLight Gameuse
    SkyLight Gameuse 2 months ago +2

    Wow, amazing! All so true and well explained!

  • Bear- Chan
    Bear- Chan 2 months ago +4

    I really know what she meant when she said "women are taught to be pleasers." I tried a dating app for the first time and over 40 different messages from men who have seen my profile either only comment on my appearance, ask for explicit photos, never ask me any questions, try and convince me why I'd like their children, or talk to me for a few lines before suggesting I come to them or call them now.
    It doesn't matter that my profile is FILLED with information. That it says I want to move slowly, don't want children, and prefer online conversation to a meetup, and has lists of my interests and the type of partner I'm looking for.
    Back to back to back, men talk to me like I am there as a service to them. And if I disagree they try and get me to bend to what they want.

  • Sophia Neilsson
    Sophia Neilsson 2 months ago +1

    When people tell me that the sexism I have experienced is not real, I ask them to share their secrets of astral projecting into my life experiences and living through the same things I have. They tend to shut up, and if they don't, I narrow my eyes, say nothing, stare at them an uncomfortable amount of time, raise an eyebrow and walk away.

  • Ganon Productions
    Ganon Productions 2 months ago +1

    Why TF can't men and women get along seriously chill everyone

  • Jillian Michelle
    Jillian Michelle 2 months ago

    The first time I experienced sexism I was 7 years old, when I was sitting in church and I asked my parents if I could be the Altar Boy (the kid who carries the cross in and out at the beginning and end of mass) and my parents had to inform me that I could not because only boys were allowed to do that. Altar BOY, it’s even in the name.

    • Coco Baby
      Coco Baby Month ago

      @Jillian Michelle realsexism(dot)com

    • Lance Walker
      Lance Walker Month ago

      @Jillian Michelle I just wish people would stop with this team like attitude. For the record religion is a cancer and I certainly agree that it sends a dehumanizing message to humans (in most modern cases, to women).

    • Jillian Michelle
      Jillian Michelle Month ago

      Lance Walker at the time I was 7 the whole molestation story wasn’t out there, and also I’m not catholic anymore.

    • Lance Walker
      Lance Walker Month ago

      Like most religious fanatics, priests prefer a target rich environment; sorry you can't be included in his selection. :(

    • Coco Baby
      Coco Baby 2 months ago


  • Bálint Török
    Bálint Török 2 months ago

    Just an other thing, a bit off topic.
    Why do people thing that it's possible to save our society with a word that ends with "-ism"?

  • Judith Bellantoni
    Judith Bellantoni 2 months ago +3

    My favorite thing right now is how there are more positive comments on the top and we’ve like buried the bad ones. We did good

    • Beast Mode
      Beast Mode 2 months ago +1

      The problem is that the bad dudes have commented bad comments on the good ones.

  • Brad F
    Brad F 2 months ago +2

    As long as humans accept to follow a Man made God who is Male, then we are going to keep dealing with this for a long time. Without a mother, nobody exists.

    • Lance Walker
      Lance Walker 2 months ago

      That's actually a pretty interested perspective.

  • aisha sahin
    aisha sahin 2 months ago +5

    It feels so good when someone speaks what you've been thinking for so long. It feels amazing that someone has this platform.

  • mudpuddlestruck bylightning

    I remember when RU-clip culture was bottom-up and was dominated by people who mocked this kind of paranoid and whiney drivel. Most of history is dominated by elites - and minorities dictate our morality. The internet once promised a different outcome - where the organic growth of opinions would become the driving forces of our culture. Sadly, people who endlessly prattle on about 'bottom-up' morality and history, got their big bucks friends to bankroll a 'counter-revolution' to re-impose the familiar top-down pattern - in the name of 'bottom-up' and alleged endless tolerance.
    Why have the charlatans been allowed to get away with this? How and why are humans so able to believe such obvious untruths?

  • Failed at making a sandwich

    My parents let me pick my chores.

  • Cyan Diaz
    Cyan Diaz 2 months ago

    it may be just as bad that i think men CANNOT value a freaking thing I say because they fail to multi-task over my beauty.. dumbassets...i turn them all into dumbassetts...but yeah you speak the truth my dad said NO GIRL IS GONNA BE A LAWYER IN THIS FAMILY AND signed my brothers college loan and never mine. so i guess i the dummy with my community college .edu ...i worked for 30 years to put cash down in full for my house to i never could get credit..I'm 48 and retired now and never owned a credidiot card

  • Helen Rowlett-Barbu
    Helen Rowlett-Barbu 2 months ago +1

    i have the problem that when i try to speak about anything men tend to think i am interrupting them and i learned to just not debate this as long as i get my say eventually(which usually has to come second), even though it's exterminate annoying.

  • Helen Rowlett-Barbu
    Helen Rowlett-Barbu 2 months ago

    interesting how the internet is apparently the most gender equal place for voices to be heard. i also noticed a lot of people assume i am a man online. could be why?

  • Mark Hall
    Mark Hall 2 months ago +7

    Man or woman, why can't we just accept each other as human beings and just help and love one another. Videos like these are needed. Smart lady

  • Nina Brandt
    Nina Brandt 2 months ago +2

    Where is she getting her numbers? I need studies.

  • a cats
    a cats 2 months ago +8

    I think it will get increasingly hard to find people who aren't misogynists or misandrists. Modern feminists are becoming extremists and the people standing against this extremism forget that they are fighting against sexism and become sexist themselves

    • sweet bunny
      sweet bunny 2 months ago +3

      Really? That's like saying police become criminals themselves. How are anti-feminists sexists? Do they advocate to forcibly redistribute money from women to men? Do they want to reverse affirmative action which favors women, into favoring men? Do they try to inverse the Duluth model into making the woman the perpetrator by default, and the man the victim by default? Are anti-feminists trying to give men extra rights that come at the expense of women, similar to how women right now have about 70 rights more then men, at men's expense?

  • satsumamoon
    satsumamoon 2 months ago +3

    Im a woman and I have to say that none of this has been part of my life experience of over fifty years....if people have behaved in this way towards me, then I just havent noticed. I live in a foreign country and have experienced racism because Im English and that felt very disturbing and surreal , so Im very sad for women who have been treated badly for no other reason except that they are women.

    • mad max
      mad max 2 months ago

      Check out realsexism(dot)com

  • Kaira Allen
    Kaira Allen 2 months ago

    This is so interesting, especially for me as a trans woman. At 12 years old i was made to mow my family's lawn, and our back lawn is at least 3-4x bigger in square feet than our 5 bedroom house. Personality wise i was feminine and soft and sensitive, and i was not at all suited to that sort of chore. But i was made to do it anyway just because i was a boy. I dont mow anymore because it's a sore spot for me. I would have been so much better at cleaning indoors.

  • Space Invador
    Space Invador 2 months ago +3

    Maybe the reason why women have to wait for the bathroom more than men is because women take longer to use the bathroom.

    • Saige Ryan
      Saige Ryan Month ago +1

      Space Invador you didn’t listen to the whole video did you.....

  • nuagebleu88
    nuagebleu88 2 months ago

    She's amazing!

  • Ajit Krishna
    Ajit Krishna 2 months ago +5

    I have just been a mere listener to these stories, as a fortunate man, but even I can't help but be shaken and in tears over these experiences. Wish more people will watch this.

  • Robin Chuu
    Robin Chuu 2 months ago

    Please stop saying "yes?" and just speak. gosh

  • StreamEnterer
    StreamEnterer 3 months ago +4

    citations needed

    • Julie Masterson
      Julie Masterson Month ago

      mad max bulletproof argument, 10/10

    • Julie Masterson
      Julie Masterson Month ago

      Big Incel Energy detected

    • StreamEnterer
      StreamEnterer 2 months ago

      @Julie Masterson
      1) my, my, aren't we sly.
      2) in my personal experience, citations/evidence/bases ≫ personal experience. not a novel phenomenon.

    • mad max
      mad max 2 months ago +2

      Ignore Julie she's a frigger and a misandrist

    • Julie Masterson
      Julie Masterson 2 months ago

      StreamEnterer 1. I expressed doubt, didn't make a claim. 2. Personal experience. It's not a novel phenomenon.

  • Rachel Daniels
    Rachel Daniels 3 months ago +8

    The problem with this talk is: google changes its algoritm depending on your searchhistory.

    • Halloffame P
      Halloffame P 2 months ago

      That’s the internet and cookies

  • Sharwari Gangawate
    Sharwari Gangawate 3 months ago +1

    I searched for women are and I am watching this in 2019 & the results are
    women are form venus
    Born with pain in built
    What the heck is Venus what are women from Venus what is it is it????

    • a cats
      a cats 2 months ago

      venus is a country iirc

  • Dale Burgess
    Dale Burgess 3 months ago

    I made it about halfway through before I had to stop. The rhetoric here is high and the scholarship is low. She assumes so much with nothing but her opinion backing her up. The topic is worthwhile, but not this particular video.

    • Halloffame P
      Halloffame P 2 months ago

      You’re one of the very few who refused to grasp the content

  • Beloved Fairy
    Beloved Fairy 3 months ago +9

    Funny how sẹxism, racism and misgoyny are addressed, but not misandry.
    Seems legit /s

    • Beloved Fairy
      Beloved Fairy 22 days ago

      @Ayanokoji No big deal am I right? Anyway I did a background check and she's a huge misandrist.. a true feminism I mean

    • Ayanokoji
      Ayanokoji 23 days ago +1

      Yeah misandry only ruins innocent people's lives by throwing them in jail

  • K.D. Rolls
    K.D. Rolls 3 months ago

    Must mens bathrooms dont even have toilets yet they bearly have lines. You're basically saying both genders need to be treated equal oh but women need a bigger bathroom.

  • Elena Torium
    Elena Torium 3 months ago +2

    Nobody will know the struggle of the opposite gender, yet they make judgements about how they will react to a certain subject. These predictions are based on how most of that side has previously reacted to an argument like this one. Both sides have sexism and inequality, but the two different sides can’t come to an agreement. Women don’t think men have any inequality problems in society, because they don’t know what it’s like to be a man. Same goes for men. Most Men think that people should start talking about men’s rights, because they are often disregarded unlike women’s rights, because they don’t what it’s like to be a woman. The reason women talk about their rights is because they feel like they are disregarded. Women express their opinion about how they feel about their rights, because they want equality. Not because they want to be empowered over men. Some men say that women should stop trying to be equal, because they are already equal and just complain. But they don’t understand the struggles of a woman in today’s society. Vise Versa, women who want to make a change in today’s society’s thoughts about equality, depend on mostly men to fix them. But, to be fair, the whole reason that women have to speak out against this, is because it is disregarded by lots of men because they don’t think there is an issue. I’m not trying to criticize anyone specifically, and I think we have to change as a society. But the problem is that people think that the opposite gender is guilty of doing that. It’s a team effort. In the end, we are all people who deserve basic human rights. I don’t know what men inequality feels like, but feel free to share your struggles. If you are a woman who wants to share your struggles too, feel free to. I don’t blame certain genders for what has happened today, but inequality has two sides. We can’t fix inequality by ourselves, so take a stand. Nobody’s perfect, but don’t instigate, it won’t solve any problems.

    • mad max
      mad max 2 months ago

      We know based on many statistics such as realsexism(dot)com

  • Dooter Snooter
    Dooter Snooter 3 months ago

    Yeah all my life I've literally been told to be quiet, especially at home. So now I barely speak and am having to work really hard to get over that.

  • Theodor Dimov
    Theodor Dimov 3 months ago

    and here I was thinking this might be worth watching. The second she mentioned 'unconscious bias' this entered the domain of fiction.

  • By Kuş
    By Kuş 3 months ago

    WOW, 05:43 'teki grafik durumu çok güzel özetlemiş...

  • Anna Fre
    Anna Fre 3 months ago

    Oh my goodness, if I had a dollar for everytime I have to say "I just said that" and "don't interrupt me" to the boys in my class