The Credibility Gap: How Sexism Shapes Human Knowledge | Soraya Chemaly | TEDxBarcelonaWomen

  • Published on Jul 28, 2015
  • It's a man's world...but what does that mean? Today, when you Google "Are Women...?" the most likely suggested answer you'll get is "Evil." What does the suppression of women's experiences and knowledge in culture and media mean in terms of human understanding? How does a global suppression of women's experiences, perspectives and storytelling result in injustice and inequality? This talk dives into the question of what male-centered culture really means.
    Soraya Chemaly is an award winning writer and media critic whose work focuses on the role that gender plays in culture and human rights.
    This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  • I'll Be Myself
    I'll Be Myself 20 hours ago

    What are the popular apps that makes you pay for a female avatar?

  • Tau Noctua
    Tau Noctua 23 hours ago

    Just a note, single use restrooms at places like Subway. I have watched the men's room door for ladies when they have a line and we don't.
    Honestly, if this is a big deal, you women made it so. My fairly liberal city brought conservative and liberal women together to keep the transgenders out of their restroom. Biggest political mobilization I seen and it was a month before Trump was elected.

  • Konscious Kat
    Konscious Kat Day ago

    So on point! Revealed some deep childhood events that i recognize with new eyes. I see why i am the way i am in a new way

  • Bianca Durante
    Bianca Durante 2 days ago

    Funny thing. Here I am, to watch a video about sexism, and RU-clip shows me an ad about "how to win his heart" and "a question you must never ask a man if you want to win his heart" 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • Krisanthi Aivaliotis


  • isabella aragon
    isabella aragon 4 days ago

    I'm sure it's again only women listening...

  • Arlene Schag
    Arlene Schag 5 days ago

    Her facts are FIRE!

  • WillDaBeast
    WillDaBeast 6 days ago +1

    in my school, the girls get the larger locker room, while in the boy's we have the everyone gets four tiles to ourself rule

  • Adam Weiss
    Adam Weiss 6 days ago +1

    Someone should inform Ms. Chemaly that the apparently sexist Google suggestions she shows about women's brains being smaller are based on her browsing history of seeking out evidence and examples of sexism -- It's not, as she believes, demonstrative of common search queries. When I type the same things, I get, "are women required to register for the draft" and "are women born with eggs". Curious what funny stuff other folks get when typing "are women" into Google?

  • AdmiringObserverR
    AdmiringObserverR 7 days ago +1

    In addition, home designers and landlords should consider using elongated toilets and urinals in homes more often. The home is not exclusive to women, just like the public isn’t exclusive to men.

  • Anna Rehbinder
    Anna Rehbinder 9 days ago +1

    In Scandinavia there are normally tables to care for infants in both genders bathrooms, if there are gender differences or its put in the disabled toilets which are normally extremely big and roomy to be able to cope with children and electric wheelchair or both ( you dont have to choose between being disabled or having a child)

  • Fabeldier
    Fabeldier 11 days ago +5

    Thank you for saying what I could never put into words!

  • Jasmine Jeanine
    Jasmine Jeanine 12 days ago

    OMG that explains my boyfriend SO much! He's always saying I'm dominating the conversation when he's by FAR done most the talking. I'm a introvert who can literally not say a word a entire month. LITERALLY not figuratively as in done it more then once. Lol While he sings to his coffee. Needless to say my African Grey almost says nothing in my voice and he speaks over a 1,000 words.
    Plus interrupting is one of his biggest issues, He can do it to me but not the other way. That and he struggles to hear what I say CONSTANTLY.

  • Susu Moniz
    Susu Moniz 12 days ago +1

    Thank you so much 😌
    The point about dads doing cross gender roles is so true, my father actually stayed at home for a while while my mom worked and it honestly gave me confidence because I was able to see the a woman could be powerful and that a man could be gentle and that I could trust him.
    Now I'm enrolled in a STEM academy.

  • africkso
    africkso 14 days ago +3

    It's so annoying to me whenever I hear people say that sexism is dead and that feminism is no longer needed. We live in a culture where women are continually criticized for speaking their minds while men are praised for it. We have a president who came into power by belittling his female opponents. That couldn't happen if we didn't already live in a society where men are seen as competent and women are seen as "too emotional" to hold positions of power. News flash: sexism is not dead, and feminism IS needed.

    Also this was a brilliant ted talk and Soraya was very articulate.

    • WillDaBeast
      WillDaBeast 6 days ago +1

      both men and women have injustices
      femenists don't realize that
      rise up menemists!

  • Nocturnalux
    Nocturnalux 15 days ago

    It is truly absolutely vital how parents behave around children. My mother was a district attorney so I never had the idea that women should 'please' or anything like that. The idea of not getting a university degree was unheard of in my family and 'stay at home mothers' had not been a thing since the 19th century.

    School is also crucial in this, she is very right. I again lucked out in this, while my Catholic school was horrible in several ways, this was not one of them. It was one of those university prep schools where the goal is to get every single student to excel academically so as to keep the national ranking high and uphold the reputation.

    Also, priests only dropped by for mass and who had the actual power were the nuns. They were women- although very odd in all regards- and had no qualms putting boys and girls in their proper place. Everyone was treated horribly all around, come to think of it.

  • leányka kicsi
    leányka kicsi 15 days ago

    I usually don't talk or think about sexism because it doesn't affect me personally. (I am a woman, but I think people behave around me somehow/badly because they don't like me. Yes, I have very low elfesteem. I feel like I would have become more confident if I were a boy but that is only because of the way I am. If I were an insecure boy I would probably think the opposite.)
    My point is that even though I don't think sexism affects my life, the one thing I am surely experiencing is this: The credibility gap. My family often doesn't believes me or belittles me and I feel like they trust my younger brothers more. They are more strict with me because I am a girl and I can get in danger easily (which is true but the problem is not with me in this one case). When I try to organise anything in my class, noone listens to me. The "silent girl gets loud"-thing only works once or twice, after that people get used to it and don't listen to you anymore. I feel like if one of my male friends or popular guys tried to do this, they would had succeded more easily.
    I have a male friend and I always feel shittier after I talked to him. Maybe he does this to everyone but I only talked to him personally or in groups where he was the only guy. He is very confident in himself (which is a positive trait) but it feels like he looks down on people who disagree with him. He is just talks too passionately when he debates someone. I might have some minority-complex, I don't know...
    I am sensitive which is stereotipically a girly trait (I still appreciate sensitive guys). On the flip side if I try to talk about something that upsets me, I get shut down by my family members and sometimes even my friends don't understand it and look weirdly at me. My younger brother is totally unsensitive and I feel like he hates me even though he is just hot-tempered and he would be the same in a girl's body.
    Thank you for reading my comment, I feel better after writing it down even though I couldn't really explain why I feel this credibility gap affecting me.

    Edit to make it easier to read.

    • WillDaBeast
      WillDaBeast 6 days ago

      welcome to a mans life
      we are raised to express no emotion as it is a sign of weakness while girls are expected to cry

  • Daniel Laszlo
    Daniel Laszlo 15 days ago

    I don't doubt there are unnecessary biases remnant from society being cobbled together as humanity moved out of their cave dwellings. Though from anecdotal experience, being a middle male child growing up with three sisters, I've always had the last say, had last pick in virtually everything, and was the only one not financially aided by parents for college. I'm the only one who consistently stuck to my career of study for over a decade now, while all three of my sisters have continued to dip into different education/careers every few years. If one of them happens to pursue my career in the future, does it automatically become systematic oppression that I'd be getting the higher income gained through my lengthier experience? Eventually, I'll become one of those old white men, that even I've grown to unconsciously despise through the current social climate; would my commitment to my career become invalid solely for being a white male that holds some authority?

  • Berenice Saquet
    Berenice Saquet 15 days ago

    Made me cru , how it Shows the crude truth of pure world

  • Donald Lancon Jr
    Donald Lancon Jr 17 days ago +2

    According to the chart text at 7:08 and the corresponding verbal statement at 14:35, in mixed groups "men talk 75% more than women", which means they speak about 64% of the time and women about 36% (since 0.64 is about 75% larger than 0.36). So, if women are perceived as "dominating" the conversation when they speak "30% of the time" (and thus, presumably, when men speak 70% of the time), this means that women are perceived as dominating when they speak *less* often than they typically do. (Or, in other words, they are seen as dominating in the *average* comversation, or in *most* conversations.) Something seems off about this, since the implication would not merely be that women are expected to talk less *than men* (her apparent conclusion at 15:04), but that they are expected to talk less *than they currently do* -- which is an even stronger statement.

  • Elise Wong
    Elise Wong 17 days ago

    This is so true. I wish we can instantly change this culture. But I still see even in today's household where the man makes more than the woman, and the woman decides to quit her job to care for her children - that the man still holds the power because he holds the purse strings. I see older women having to use their feminine wiles to do and get the things that she wants. It's not an ideal situation because the daughter can sense that the man has the power. But - for the time being, the feminine wile will have to do as the culture changes slowly. It stems from women getting significantly less pay for same amount of work as men, and this trickles into family life and in other areas.

  • Valentina Hallefors
    Valentina Hallefors 17 days ago


  • L H
    L H 19 days ago

    I think accusing ppl of doing something wrong will always make them defensive. It would probably help to phrase these things less agressively to open dialogue, which is what is needed to change things for the better. Plus we must always be prepared to meet the other person in the middle if we want them to change.

  • Claudio Azeredo Coutinho

    women should pee standy up the same as mens...equality...great ideaTED ;)

  • 21st Centurion
    21st Centurion 20 days ago +1

    Someone needs to tell her that your Google search results are tailored to your search history.

  • Sashka Peterson
    Sashka Peterson 20 days ago +2

    When I was in primary school I remember I used to get so upset when the teachers told me to sit down, when I was carrying things for them, and let a strong boy do it. When I was 9! What kind of a message does that send to children. And it was a constant thing.
    I remember I desperately wanted to play soccer at breaks and I was told I wasn't allowed to and threatened with detention. Only boys were allowed. I wasn't even given a reason, I think they said i would get hurt. And let me tell you, I wasn't some fragile skinny kid in primary school either, I would of definitely survived.
    This really messed me up for a while, I was angry and bitter about being a girl and I even resented boys for a while. It installed a kind of desire in me to want to prove myself just as strong as boys and I still like to today. Beating a boy at arm wrestling is such a good feeling because I want to show I'm not weak and fragile and i don't need anyone to look out for me but me. And the fact that I feel the need to prove that, that's the problem with society

  • Tackle the Infant
    Tackle the Infant 21 day ago

    When you forgive this man that assaulted you you will stop your ranting. Make yourself male already, will ya?

  • Neon Peon
    Neon Peon 22 days ago +1

    Ah... the sad life of the perpetual victims.

  • p bh
    p bh 23 days ago +2

    you can tell by her voice how much this means to her, as it should to everybody

  • Corno di Bassetto
    Corno di Bassetto 23 days ago

    I stopped viewing after she appeared in a short skirt and heels. That is SEXISM. That is the start of SEXISM. I have written extensively on this issue to cable and network stations that I do not wish women to have sumptuary privileges that men lack. If men don't paint their faces or wear short skirts and heels, THEN NEITHER SHOULD WOMEN. This should be a uniform dress code in the workplace.

  • Kirsty Collins
    Kirsty Collins 23 days ago +2

    Incredible talk!

  • Tanya Medukha
    Tanya Medukha 23 days ago +1

    When we say 'men' and 'women' we say that men are primary and women are something different.

  • VЄ Macrinnon
    VЄ Macrinnon 23 days ago

    If 80% of replacement heart patients are male, you'd expect them to be designed to fit a male thoracic cavity.

  • Kill it with fire
    Kill it with fire 24 days ago +4

    are women differently tight
    are women equal
    are women satisfied with 15 cm

  • Ruth Dever
    Ruth Dever 24 days ago

    Apparently it doesn't matter now because gender doesn't exist anyway. Lol

  • Paulina Palian
    Paulina Palian 25 days ago +9

    this is GOLDEN! I can't believe I just found it NOW - thank you so much!!!

  • Jay Taylor
    Jay Taylor 25 days ago

    Hysteria is strong.

  • Revyn Crowley
    Revyn Crowley 25 days ago

    A note about style: I like to trot out, "I don't have clothes for my body; I have a body for my clothes". Silly as it is, this ethos has definitely helped pull me out of a malignant eating disorder in the odyssey for /beauty/, but I do feel guilty and frivolous. Rather than modifying my body, I have built personal identity through consumption (especially of shoes). The problem then becomes not having consumed enough and being vulnerable to the whims and the pressures of ads, magazines, instagram commenters, and then being driven to consume more to the detriment of closet space, laborers, and my own paycheck. Trying to be pretty is eternally exhausting.

  • BookChan
    BookChan 25 days ago

    Queues are sexist!

  • Catch N Release
    Catch N Release 26 days ago

    No thanks. Sell this tripe to someone else.

  • aterack833
    aterack833 26 days ago

    D-did she just blame technology's inability to make a small enough artificial heart on sexism? I mean simply put, I think if we could it would be as small as half the space the heart already took up

  • Charlotte Tony
    Charlotte Tony 27 days ago

    I got "are women allowed on submarines?"

  • HardWarUK
    HardWarUK 27 days ago

    I'll beleive in equality when 50% of teachers and nurses are male, and 50% of firefighter, police, building site workers and the armed forces deaths are female

    • Jasmine Brett
      Jasmine Brett 24 days ago

      19:09 look, if you actually watch the video and think critically, you can see that she agrees with you on this!

  • freeyoga
    freeyoga 27 days ago

    Thank goodness l just googles venerable women and did not get what you got. I actually got amazing women this how l want my female off springs to stand up and stop this horrible male stuff. Then too my grand son l hate that he is exposed to this horrible culture

  • Victor Blake
    Victor Blake 27 days ago +1

    The True-True. This a great Crime against humanity. Women take the bullet for it, but it’s a crime against us all.

  • Dorothy Majors
    Dorothy Majors 28 days ago +3

    Soraya you are spot on. Unfortunately your message is too deep, most are not capable of seeing it, or being receptive to it. The first pan of the audience showed a girl distracted by her phone. If you can't get women to believe or care then.... well buckle in for another several hundred years of second class status. Btw, most people find this message to be too extreme and this problem to have been solved in the 70's. I admire your advanced perspective and knowledge of these realities.

  • seraphilight
    seraphilight Month ago

    I googled "Venerable women" did not get the same result. I wonder if Google is different via location.
    Good talk still.

    • seraphilight
      seraphilight Month ago

      First result for women was if they were paid less. Last was if they were colder than men. I wonder if that's the actual temperature rumor and not whether they're terrible or not.

  • J Bouchard
    J Bouchard Month ago

    all of you are suffering from brain damage if you think what she is saying is relevant. You are suggesting we spend billions/trillions of dollars resizing every washroom around the country/ world? end of conversation

    • J Bouchard
      J Bouchard 24 days ago

      @Jasmine Brett buddy she is complaining that washrooms should fit the needs of each gender and argues women need more space and that we need to make changes as a society? so yeah she does lol plus this is complete femanazi propaganda. Shes clearly anti-male and anti-masculinity. I presume you are a beta male if you think what she is saying is relevant lol

    • Jasmine Brett
      Jasmine Brett 24 days ago +1

      nope, nowhere did she suggest that. If you watch the video and think critically, you'll notice that at 16:28 the 3 suggestions that she DOES make all cost no money at all.

  • Muryum Muhmoodullah
    Muryum Muhmoodullah Month ago +1

    I wish there were way more men in that Ted talk...

  • Sionnach Meaney
    Sionnach Meaney Month ago

    This goes both ways

  • S Regan
    S Regan Month ago +1

    I can hear how nervous she is so clearly. This is really courageous and pioneering stuff. So many gems here. Also backed up by most male -> female trans people. They are shocked when suddenly their blanket statements go from being taken as fact to being viewed with suspicion.

    • GeneralErica
      GeneralErica 11 days ago

      Im a man, and nothing I ever say is taken as fact merely because I said it. Now, I may cater to this by telling people beforehand that they better look up what I cite lest they get conned, but still...

  • Sachin Ganpat
    Sachin Ganpat Month ago +1

    Her Google search results and hints are more a reflection of her own searching habits rather than us all. Google tailor results based on your own search history. She has an obvious bias.

    That's not to discount her message, but it shows how internal bias shows up in everyone and we should know that.

  • Vampfan 75
    Vampfan 75 Month ago

    I am a man, it is important to make that clear so you understand what follows.
    Firstly, I do agree with you that women do have different bathroom needs and should have more bathroom space. Although I do think that women entering men's bathrooms is wrong, imagine the kick off if a man walked into women's bathrooms because the man's was full.
    Secondly, I have to disagree that implicit bias begins in the home. My mother made sure, starting at age 10, that me and my twin brother learned how to cook, clean the house, do washing, sew and look after a baby, including preparing bottles, feeding and burping, bathing and dressing babies. Surprisingly, most women I know are quite taken aback when I reveal I have these female skills.
    Finally, me and my brothers were raised never to hit women or children, my sisters were raised that it is okay to slap a man if he offends you, but he can't hit you back.
    So you are correct in general, sexism does exist, however it comes from both genders.

    • Vampfan 75
      Vampfan 75 7 days ago

      @LilithFilth I am sorry that you believe I missed the point of the video, but I only comment on parts of videos I have some knowledge of. I have seen the lines at bathrooms, I have knowledge of them. I know nothing about hearts or this lady's family history, so why would I comment on them. Being a labourer, I have never worked with women so can't comment on that. Finally I commented on the family bias portion because I have experience of that too.
      Finally, I refuse to pander to her victimhood of being an oppressed woman because she doesn't feel represented enough.
      Please enlighten me as too what else I missed.

    • LilithFilth
      LilithFilth 7 days ago

      Vampfan 75, I think your comment alone clarified your gender. A pat on the back and congratulations for being raised a human being, perhaps?
      If toilet space is what you took from this talk: you weren’t listening.

  • Jade Damboise Rail
    Jade Damboise Rail Month ago +22

    Man I wish I was courageous enough to say "I just said that" during design class!

  • EbtsOby
    EbtsOby Month ago

    9:13 so it's wrong to segregate chores based on gender because that's sexism, but it's also wrong to give men and women the same bathroom facilities because everyone is not being catered to? Sooooooo, do we need to treat men and women the same or not? It's like one minute you're saying "we're the same, so treat us that way", then the next you're saying "well women have different needs than men".

    • EbtsOby
      EbtsOby 25 days ago

      @Melissa Key You're right, I am 19 and I love cooking, I hate it when grown men have no idea how to cook. I'm also studying Physics and I hate that so few girls study Physics.

    • Melissa Key
      Melissa Key 25 days ago +1

      @EbtsOby Well, here's the thing: to some degree, men will always be stronger than women. But one reason that women aren't stronger than they are is that from early on, they don't do anything to build strength. Women don't even try to do certain things because we're trained to believe we can't or shouldn't. It doesn't serve either men or women for women to never do any "heavy lifting." In our work, my husband and I carry heavy furniture and building materials. We've never had to call in another man to help, because my female self can help him carry furniture up three flights of stairs. (The curses may fly thick and fast, but I figure that's just a natural part of moving furniture.😂) Why can I do this? Because I *DO* do it. And boys need to learn how to do housework, for their own good. Being helpless and clueless in various areas isn't particularly beneficial for anyone. I wish they'd teach all kids in school a class that included how to wire an outlet AND sew on a button. I would have appreciated that class!

    • EbtsOby
      EbtsOby 26 days ago

      @Mel Key I guess not, I don't see the harm in saying the boys can do the heavy lifting jobs due to boys generally being stronger, but I'm not trying to say women can't do the same jobs as men

    • Mel Key
      Mel Key 27 days ago +1

      Women's "different needs" do not include doing only housework-type chores. There is no logical or necessary reason to hand out gendered chores.

  • Anusha Thothathri
    Anusha Thothathri Month ago +11

    I believe most jobs are men-populated because women do not apply as much for those jobs as they do for the jobs they have been led to believe from childhood were meant for women - nursing, etc. Women themselves are taught from childhood to be gender-biased into thinking of themselves as fitting into only certain job roles. This applies at least to my workplace - I am a software developer and the company I work for find it difficult to hire women for software development because of the simple reason - less number of women apply for these posts.

    • Mary Bell
      Mary Bell 14 days ago +1

      Congrats on your job! It's true a lot of women don't apply for traditionally male jobs. Unfortunately I've noticed that when women do have these jobs a lot end up playing this motherly role where they do the work for the men. Kind of like when you're a kid at school and you had group assignments where the girls end up doing all the work and the boys get the same grade.

  • Kate Sun
    Kate Sun Month ago +2

    No explanation needed....loved that.

  • Daniel Hernández
    Daniel Hernández Month ago

    just one side of the coin, feminism isn´t equality it is in fact a dividing tool, equality is equality, she is the equivalent of a firefighter spraying water over a burned down house, yes the house was burned, and he-she is spraying water all over it, but it doesen´t seem like she-he is planing to build a new house. and about the inequality in lenguage, that is due to human nature, lenguage has developed throughout the years, chainging that is not going to solve the problem, don´t teach children that they are equal, teach them to understand their differences, for inequality comes from a lack understanding, such as many problems in these world.

  • whitney barone
    whitney barone Month ago

    This sh*t is 💯. I'm accomplished in the corporate environment BECAUSE I know things and I can communicate with anyone in a polite and effecient way WITHOUT being a Doormat. I was constantly in trouble for being bored or curious (talking in school). Being Adopted probably kept me more sane, already knowing I didn't belong...😁

  • Austin Kennedy
    Austin Kennedy Month ago +1

    They did the gender neutral bathroom thing at Hillary's convention in 2016. There were no urinals just stalls. It was a complete disaster. The lines were even longer, because men who would have walked into the bathroom and used the urinal instead waited in line alongside women who needed to use the bathroom. The outcome was longer wait times for everyone. Everyone involved was materially worse off, but feminists still celebrated the decision.

  • Snehal Bhayani
    Snehal Bhayani Month ago +1

    People need to study more biology, physiology and evolution. Unimpressive talk. It could drive no point home!

  • miss pantsuitsortofthing

    "Be knowers not pleasers". Exactly

  • skyler114
    skyler114 Month ago +2

    The credibility deficit, if there is one, starts from childhood, but for the opposite reason you think. Authority gives little girls more credibility, it believes them over boys in almost any case and as your peers see this they come to realize how much that unfair treatment of credibility warps people. I remember vaguely how some of the girls at my elementary school completely and utterly were given complete benefit of the doubt in a two-sided conflict, and once authority came in and made me go through the motions of apologizing after ignoring my side of the story, the girl would get their victory lap. Essentially you either prove yourself credible to the group through work or wield authority to get your way as a shortcut, and if you take the shortcut then everybody else who didn't sees that. Since credibility is earned among your peers you lose it.

    Ironically enough, most of the people complaining about the credibility gap are now trying to go through authority to force their peers to bow to their oh credible selves. Disagree and you're attacking them, hold them to the same standard of proof and you are perpetuating inequality. The irony is unsettling.

  • Emily Durkee
    Emily Durkee Month ago +44

    "I just said that, no explanation needed, don't interrupt me" thank you

  • Csilla Molnár
    Csilla Molnár Month ago

    How any "ism" makes you feel empty and fragmented...

  • Hiverstone
    Hiverstone Month ago +3

    The secret for credibility is dressing as a man and screaming “FaCTs” a lot, even if your arguments make no sense.

  • James Purcer
    James Purcer Month ago +1

    She seems to be very nervous. It's breaking my Empath heart.

  • Nelle June Anderson

    It'd be great if TED (tech, entertainment, design) could've come up with an acronym that's a gender-neutral or even a female(!) name

  • Ashara Mayim
    Ashara Mayim Month ago +2

    Yeah... teaching may have more women in it but make no mistake. It is also male dominated.

  • Nufarella
    Nufarella Month ago

    My google search results were completely different. Maybe google search results and google autocomplete for one person at once in an ongoing timeline, is not the best of evidence

    • Aruna
      Aruna Month ago

      btw, this talk was 2015, either things have changed or Google has changed its algorithm in response to this.

  • Raymond Kent
    Raymond Kent Month ago +1

    She needs to stop blaming "society" and start being successful with her life. You accomplish more by working hard and actually being credible than simply complaining about not being credible.
    Do feminists think their problems will be solved by convincing people that women are competent? Life is about proving competency by being competent. It's not about preaching. You want more female CEO's, then be the CEO of the company you started. You want more female Nobel Prizes, you discover something important. Giving a Nobel Prize to a woman simply out of pity invalidates the honor of receiving one.

    • MinK
      MinK Month ago +1

      @Raymond Kent more than that, I fully agree there are biological differences. But I struggle to understand why that would explain why "there are fewer women entrepreneurs." There is no connection between biological differences and the lack of women in most of the workplaces, most of all entrepreneurship. Yes, we can't "force women into being successful," and that's not what I was suggesting. What I mean is that the little and big obstacles that society inherently presents to women essentially conditions women and even other people into NOT having/giving equal opportunity. Of course, mant brilliant and strong women still break through these strong walls and are successful in their fields, but that doesn't disprove the fact that society presents extra challenges for women. Often, these challenges are so subtle and indirect that most women can't even tell that they are unique to the female experience, yet they contribute to the less equal opportunity that is presented to women. Just to be clear, "equal" opportunity doesn't just regard the legal aspect. Just because women are free to apply for schools/jobs/etc. doesn't mean that the opportunity is truly "equal." To find a reason for this, please back to my argument in this exact comment, since I have already explained my logic. If you have any questions/misgivings I'm open to a good discussion.

    • Raymond Kent
      Raymond Kent Month ago

      But there really are biological differences. Why are hardly any women entrepreneurs? And what do you want guys to do about it? Every time I go on a date with a woman, I suppose I should try to convince her to be an entrepreneur? There is only so much that men can do. We can't force women into being successful. So lets stop focusing on trying for equal results. That is wrong. Just focus on having equal opportunity. My argument is more complicated but I can't get into the other stuff now.

    • MinK
      MinK Month ago

      I agree to the sentiment, I actually believed that for a long time, thinking, "why are these crazy feminists always blaming the system, and not the women who aren't working hard enough?" But that sentiment itself is slightly biased. The reason more and more women are speaking up about systemic sexism is because society itself is always based around men and the men's authority, in very little AND big ways. Yes, some women who work extremely hard get the recognition and reward they so deserve, but following that argument, it would just mean that women just inherently aren't as hardworking as men, since, as shown in the data of authoritative jobs or awards in the video, men dominate all categories that are perceived to be authoritative and rewarding (not teaching, cooking, etc. which are traditionally women's jobs). Of course I don't agree to just rewarding women just because they are a woman, but it is sadly true that society is just sexist in little and small ways they treat women. This is why feminists are trying to change the system and fight for equal opportunities and equal rewards.

  • Crixus Mauperthuis
    Crixus Mauperthuis Month ago

    This woman is hysterical. The pay gap doe not exist. It's an utter lie.
    Women are inherently less intelligent than men, she proves it.
    Sexism is not a faith, or a construct: when men realised they were physically stronger and intellectually superior to women, they automatically considered as inferiors.
    Now, women have all the rights they asked for and more, however they are more lonely and miserable than ever, simply because their hypergamy as well as many other factors led them to a trap.
    The truth is, women need a dominant man, they need to be told what to do, they age quickly, and they need a home to raise kids. Feminists have destroyed all this, as well as real, masculine men.
    Deal with it.

  • Beth .Garfinkel
    Beth .Garfinkel Month ago +39

    I googled "Venerable Women," and under related searches, this speaker's name came up.

  • Ki-van-ott;
    Ki-van-ott; Month ago

    Mi az a "szexizmus"??
    Ezt az nyugat-európai gyüttment izlamszaroknak is elmondod? Úgy megnézném!

  • Fandoom
    Fandoom Month ago +218

    it's kinda funny how people get upset at women wanting some accommodations in their bathrooms yet urinals are right there. urinals are explicitly meant for men and not actually strictly necessary. they can use a normal toilet just fine, after all most only have a normal toilet at home too. but for various reasons of practicality in public restrooms they get urinals. the only reason it's not called an accommodation is because people are so used for it they take it as given and it's for men.
    it's not that they just want to give everyone the same's that they don't even consider what they give men accommodations but view everything women ask for as asking for special treatment

    • trekteam
      trekteam 11 days ago

      OK, put urinals in women's bathrooms too. Fixed!

    • Teresa Baptista
      Teresa Baptista 14 days ago

      Oh! You're pissed off... LOL... Honey, please let men have their urinals and their own restrooms... Have you noticed how bad men's bathrooms smell?

    • Nocturnalux
      Nocturnalux 14 days ago +2

      That's a very interesting point. I had never thought of it myself but you're spot-on.

    • T Clark
      T Clark 17 days ago +1

      @Rebecca Hughes women in the West are the most privelege people in the history of mankind. They are so priveleged, some now feel it necessary to complain about public toilets being 'unfair'. Incredible.

  • RubyBird
    RubyBird Month ago +3

    This is the most important 20 minutes of information I will hear all year. Unfortunately I only saw two men in the audience, one was listening, the other was on his phone/tablet. Show this to the men in your life. They need to hear this.

  • Fayz Jibril
    Fayz Jibril Month ago +3

    honk hoonk honkity honk honk honkittty honkittty honk ....this is my anthem

  • Elitsa Hadzhiivanova

    When I was working for the education program of a science museum we were told that girls take longer to raise their hands and answer therefore we should wait a few seconds so we don’t get just boys answering all the questions, when we were working with groups of children.
    That was one of the museum’s ways to improve gender equality. It was a topic we discussed for about an hour. Then a young woman who had just started working there finally snapped and told everyone how when she was looking for a new job every potential employer asked her if she can balance work and taking care of her baby at the same time, including when she applied for the job at the museum. Meanwhile her husband was also looking for a job and no one ever asked him that question.

    • Tilly •
      Tilly • 24 days ago

      Endoptic and do you think that there is something perhaps wrong with that assumption?

    • Endoptic
      Endoptic Month ago

      Fathers tend to work longer than non-fathers. Mothers tend to work less than non-mothers. Fathers are more likely to focus on his career to materially provide for family. Mothers are less likely to focus on career with a family. Fathers are much less likely to leave their job since they're the material provider. Mothers are more likely to leave their job because of family. Their behaviors are generally asymmetric. Surprised people noticed significant behavior patterns that impact business?

  • Dan Drummond
    Dan Drummond Month ago +4

    How is this BS even a TED talk

  • paul hedron
    paul hedron Month ago +2

    Google is the accumulated wisdom of the world? Hilarious.

    • Endoptic
      Endoptic Month ago

      Results have massive biases. Bubbling, regionalism, arbitrary inputs from a minority of prolific users, etc. Also, she's intentionally trying to get people to intentionally misread anything to fit her assumed narrative. You progressively get a few words that don't complete a search; then, you intentionally read them in the worst way, for instance. You can change the entire apparent result with another word or more.

    • Magone Felca
      Magone Felca Month ago +3

      no, but a good representation of data on the basic 21st century population part that does use internet

  • pH7oslo
    pH7oslo Month ago +1

    Depending on how you measure it there's indeed a "credibility gap", and it's tied to "the male version" being generic and women's tendency to focus on their own "story" and "lived experience". Anecdotes are less credible, simple as that.
    Most of the TEDx talks by women are long monologues about one woman's life, her particular hardships etc. This is applauded, even celebrated. Men talking at length about their lives - which certainly does happen - are more likely to be told to shut up, that no one cares. That is, unless they somehow make it about women and women's lived experiences. See for yourself. Or, if you prefer, think about how much you know about the men and women around you, what they've communicated to you about themselves.
    What kind of knowledge do women offer to those around them compared to what men offer? Measuring it in number of words, time spent talking etc, is just laughable - in its digitized form the entire bible takes less space than a selfie on your cellphone; which one contains the most information? The most accurate information? The most relevant information? Etc. When your contribution is stats like the ones used in this talk, your gender doesn't matter much - you won't come across as very credible. The subject of the talk, however, is more likely to swing the perceived level of credibility to either direction.
    "This talk dives into the question of what male-centered culture really means."
    And it misses. Yes, women's lived experiences are not important in the so-called male-centred culture. Neither is men's lived experience. In the "male-centered culture" men are interchangeable, only what they can do matters, not who they are. Women are measured according to what they can do, not who they are - just like the men. That's the main reason men dominate so many areas, in particular the areas where doing is more important than being. Being there for someone vs doing something for someone.
    Do we want to change this? And if we do, what do we want to change? Should focus be changed from ability to lived experience, where the workplace becomes just another arena for navel-gazing? Certain parts of academia have been going in that direction for some time now, like gender studies etc that produces paper after paper on what a small handful of women feel about this or that, extrapolated to say something vague - but damning - about society as a whole. And they wonder why women appear less credible than men..

  • Raisin Robsi
    Raisin Robsi Month ago +2

    My friend was trying to deny that male privilege exists by pointing out that the women's bathroom at our job was larger, had more stalls and sinks, and had decorations up. I couldn't think of how to explain to him that women spend more time in the bathroom for things like periods and caring for children, that the larger bathroom is needed to meet basic needs of women, and that the decorations were probably put there by a woman that uses the bathroom (a man could just as easily decorate his own bathroom space, duh.) Where I live, I personally believe things are pretty fair between men and women, so I'm not complaining about that. I'm just saying that the fact that **SOMETIMES women's bathrooms are nicer is literally not female-privilege. I guess that's the kind of thing that someone with male privilege isn't able to see from their view point. I do think that men's bathrooms are lacking in changing tables and spaces to care for children - there are just as many single dad's that need a private space for that.

    • Red Panda
      Red Panda Month ago

      @Raisin Robsi I don't really think that the draft is unfair. I mean from a biological point of view women are more valuable than men. Men are expendable in that way. But the requirement that all men in the US are required to sign up is a bit of a debuff for the concept of male privilege.
      It isn't that I think male privilege doesn't exist, it's just that I enjoy playing devils advocate.

    • Raisin Robsi
      Raisin Robsi Month ago

      @Red Panda I know the war draft (USA) is unfair to men. However, I'm not sure how to get around the problem that someone needs to stay behind and care for the children and elderly. How do you pick, when the generic traits looked at are physical strength or nurturing? That aside, many women are in the army and choose to do that, even though they aren't drafted. It's not like women refuse to fight as a whole. The war draft is pretty outdated, personally. Forgive my ignorance, but when was the last time they drafted?

    • Red Panda
      Red Panda Month ago +1

      i usually go with the war draft...

  • sah bear
    sah bear Month ago

    Thank you!

  • Radek Zadek Hegi
    Radek Zadek Hegi Month ago

    Am I the only one, who noticed the notes on her hand?? 1:11

  • learn and grow
    learn and grow Month ago +3

    J k rowling used her initials to sound like a men because "boys wont read a book by woman" its in her official video.

  • Mia Becerra
    Mia Becerra Month ago

    Miranda Fricker's (I think in the video Soraya says Flicker, but its Fricker) Epistemic Injustice is AMAZING! I have the first chapter of the book as a PDF and I'd be happy to email it to anyone who's interested!! It will come with notes on it though, lol.

  • fabian michelsson
    fabian michelsson Month ago

    Feminists are so in love with their self victimization is getting pathetic, go worry about real issues, work harder and make clever choices, if women would do that instead of crying about the size of the bathrooms, we would already have a majority of women in the high positions of power, or you think men got there by a quota?

  • Mugiwara no Negro
    Mugiwara no Negro Month ago

    I watched this entire video and disagreed with most of it and used solid facts and evidence to back my thoughts up. Even though I disagree with most of this video there are some points that I will concede to her and I am happy that my viewpoints were able to be challenged and a sort of debate could happen. I’m not saying I’m right and you are wrong, like some of the comments. All I am trying to say is that I listened to this argument and respectfully disagree with it. If you disagree with me and favor her point of view that is perfectly fine. I would like it if some of the people in this comment section would stop treating their opinion in a manner to which it cannot be challenged and misrepresenting the opposing opinion (which is my opinion).Have a good day😁

  • Артём on the Метро

    How about non-binary people like me?

  • April Behnke
    April Behnke Month ago +139

    The saddest aspect of this for me is how it permeates your perception of yourself. It’s taken me years to begin to undo these messages internally.

    • Rosemary Norton
      Rosemary Norton 23 days ago +2

      Ceru_lean but then also what I find difficult is to keep it simple: not to speak just for the sake of speaking. I feel sometimes like I force myself to not be myself In order to make things fair: I don’t help cleaning, I don’t offer to my family to make the coffee, I say that I want to start the bbq, ...

    • Ceru_lean
      Ceru_lean 25 days ago +6

      T Clark well, yes it is. It’s years of being directly or indirectly told not to speak up and take space in groups with men and women. Um, did u listen to the talk? She spends quite a bit of time talking about this. Also, sexism goes both ways. Men should feel 100% comfortable in the health care sector in untraditional roles such as nursing, etc. There are tons of jobs there while male traditional jobs such a machinists are dwindling down leaving many men employed. It not fair that men feel societal pressure to not go into traditional female roles where there is work.

    • T Clark
      T Clark 25 days ago

      @Ceru_lean possible none of that is due to some bogeyman called sexism? Pardon me... bogeyperson...

    • Ceru_lean
      Ceru_lean 26 days ago +5

      Trying to take up more space in the workplace, particularly in meetings, and to speak for more time has been a huge challenge for me.

    • Tyiff Pejic
      Tyiff Pejic Month ago +1

      Same here /:

  • C.M. Newman
    C.M. Newman Month ago

    So..... Sexism can never end until everyone stops seeing the world, though lens that are colored by gender norms. That where put into place by men and women. If the first thing you think when you see something is "that is mens or womens clothing" or "that toy is for girls and this one is for boys." Instead of I would love to wear that or that looks fun to play with you are a sexiest. To push this point home more, why do we as a culture point out and play up male traits in girls. While making fun you female traits in boys.

  • oszaszi
    oszaszi Month ago

    I went to an Avangers watching event and the man's bathroom had a very huge line while girls went in and out. Now, if a woman goes to a man's bathroom no one bats an eye, if a man would do that I wounder what would people say... Get a grip. Wait your line. I went also to a running marathon, guess what, they had coed public toiletts and we ALL stood in the lines hahahaha.

  • kkylaye ⍌
    kkylaye ⍌ Month ago +12

    from where i’m from, women CEOs are forced to step down when the company makes a mistake while men just issue a letter of apology. things need to be changed. thank you for voicing this

    • skyler114
      skyler114 Month ago +2

      That's so anectdotal and unverifiable that I actually can't figure out if this is poe's law in effect.

  • Ultraviolet Morgan
    Ultraviolet Morgan Month ago +453

    Speaker: women are automatically and subconsciously viewed as less credible.
    Response: We don't believe you. You don't know what you are talking about. You have an agenda! You must hate men!

    • Sofia kaleidoscopically
      Sofia kaleidoscopically 10 days ago +1

      This way she's pretending to be in the right place and automatically delegictimating any opposition. Pretending to be in the right place is not a fair way of arguing your thesis and it doesn't show you as open or even as interested in discussing.

    • GeneralErica
      GeneralErica 11 days ago +1

      That's some A-level Circular reasoning. She says something and claims that people are less likely to view her as credible -> People don't believe her -> Must be because women are seen as less credible -> Proves her point.

      This is a fallacy.

    • Teresa Baptista
      Teresa Baptista 14 days ago +3

      No real woman hates her pets! Though she has a point there - men tend to discredit women - you'd know if you're a woman.

    • Valentina Hallefors
      Valentina Hallefors 17 days ago +3

      exactly my thought

    • Stargazing Loner
      Stargazing Loner 20 days ago +7

      @Yvonne-Bella whoosh

  • william seymour-jones


  • Thomas Vilhar
    Thomas Vilhar Month ago +3

    What a terrible start. First she says she want equality and then bathrooms that are different. Please use logic and not feelings.

  • Agnes Kim
    Agnes Kim Month ago +19

    I shocked my grandmother as a child by whistling masterfully. I never thought anything of it, having 3 brothers and a mother who never told me that ladies don't whistle, or are no good at math, or don't study science, or don't become astrophysicists.

  • L. Q
    L. Q Month ago +6

    To the idiotic men who think sexism is a thing of the past: how ANGRY were you to see this video? and these comments? and how important did you think that YOUR personal experience mattered more than the statistics, overwhelming female response backing this presenter's arguments, and just overrides any shred of common sense everyone else might possess, that just YOU have the answer for this?
    Has this ever happened to you, that your opinion is so craved for? No, never? Then there you go, you are not the genius you think you are, and we are not the morons you subconsciously think we are. You are wrong, we are right. More bathrooms for women are needed. More female scientists and policymakers are needed EVERYWHERE. Your opinion -just like when you interact with other men- is here also unnecessary.

    • Endoptic
      Endoptic Month ago

      So shut up and listen to the special people who know better? Yeah... Hypocrisy doesn't work as an explicit argument.