Whole Lamb Roast Recipe | Grilled Full Goats Recipe | Big Tandoori Bakra | Grandpa Kitchen

  • Published on Apr 9, 2019
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    Whole Lamb Roast Recipe | Grilled Full Goats Recipe | Big Tandoori Bakra | Grandpa Kitchen
    Whole Lamb Roast Recipe | Grilled Full Goats Recipe | Big Tandoori Bakra | Grandpa Kitchen
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  • Mohd Azhan Ali
    Mohd Azhan Ali 3 days ago

    I'm Muslim Man but I love late Grandpa

    DILEEP YADAV 4 days ago

    Rachhash hai Tum log

  • Yadavreddy Palle
    Yadavreddy Palle 4 days ago

    youtube king in mayking food recips

  • MrAmeen11
    MrAmeen11 5 days ago

    Was the kid at 10:00 wearing Grandpa merch?

  • sanjay creations
    sanjay creations 6 days ago

    I think 2k dislikers are 😂vegetarians😂😂

  • Aayushee Raj
    Aayushee Raj 6 days ago

    You all love care and help? Animals also need to be loved and cared for. Taking lives of these animals who cannot even speak is it justified???🙁

  • Christian musical
    Christian musical 6 days ago

    Grabe Ang sarap niyan.

  • COD ONLY gamer
    COD ONLY gamer 6 days ago

    I think your hand will disappear

  • Brayam Serrato
    Brayam Serrato 7 days ago

    God gave intelligence to grandpa

  • satyam kumar
    satyam kumar 9 days ago +1

    PZ make a vedeo only veterinarian

  • satyam kumar
    satyam kumar 9 days ago

    कभी sakahari खाना भी बना दिया करो

  • Beyond The Boundaries
    Beyond The Boundaries 10 days ago

    I m hungry now

  • utkarsh singh
    utkarsh singh 10 days ago

    Roasted meat causes cancer

  • Dan Bilzerian
    Dan Bilzerian 11 days ago

    We miss u grandpa

  • Jose Reyes chavez
    Jose Reyes chavez 12 days ago +2

    Esta es la casita de los que hablamos español. Esta chingon este canal

  • Jose Villanueva
    Jose Villanueva 13 days ago

    How did he keep his shirts so clean???

  • Иван Овчинников

    Вечная память тебе старец очень добрый ты человек был кормил людей верю что ты в раю с Богом

  • karan singh
    karan singh 15 days ago

    What the fuck is this.
    u r serving animal to childern even they dont know what they r eating.
    See hw they are eating.
    What r u teaching them. That they shud eat animals. A day will come when these small kids cuts u into pieces and eat ur meat.

  • Детский Уголок

    where is meat 100g only? wtf

  • Nonik Catur rina
    Nonik Catur rina 16 days ago

    Love you grandpa .. rest in peace ..
    From indonesia 🇮🇩🇮🇩

  • Ajay Seesaha
    Ajay Seesaha 18 days ago

    Would you be kind to share a video/videos (if they exist) about GrandPa's life in general - Like his story, family, children, etc... Anything about him....Curious to know more about him!

  • Márcio Watanabe
    Márcio Watanabe 18 days ago

    Que Deus o guarde em paz! !!!

  • Alyana Palomer
    Alyana Palomer 19 days ago

    you always number one GRANDPA imissyou :'( RIP Rest In Peace Grandpa

  • Raju Raju
    Raju Raju 19 days ago +1

    Grand pha missing ur cooking

  • jojaeuhedase
    jojaeuhedase 20 days ago

    Será que é um cachorro?

  • jojaeuhedase
    jojaeuhedase 20 days ago

    It's a dog ????😥😥😥😥

  • jojaeuhedase
    jojaeuhedase 20 days ago

    It' is a dog ????😥😥😥😥

  • Kiran Ghosh
    Kiran Ghosh 23 days ago +2

    List of people who dislike grandpa's video-
    1- vegans
    2- people who say "why are you not wearing gloves"
    3- people who tried the recipe and failed
    4- people who failed to "mix well"

    ANUPAM MONDAL 23 days ago

    Too much adds.

  • Zuzu Rustamova
    Zuzu Rustamova 23 days ago

    Nuş olsun 😊😊😊💖

  • nirmal austin
    nirmal austin 25 days ago

    2.4k lambs dislikes this

    RON STREAMERS 25 days ago


  • Shaon Wahid
    Shaon Wahid 25 days ago

    How Tasty😜😜

  • Shovan Dutta
    Shovan Dutta 25 days ago

    Cutest smile on their faces I wanna do something for them if I got a job

  • kartik 98
    kartik 98 26 days ago

    Inhone to Bakra banadiya

  • mixxi cute
    mixxi cute 27 days ago

    so delicious

  • Lisa Smith
    Lisa Smith 27 days ago

    ❤😪What a beautifully spirited man❤ We were truly blessed

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  • Asim Tiwari
    Asim Tiwari 28 days ago +1

    who r these 2.4k dislikers. they are not human

  • MrSaravanankarthi
    MrSaravanankarthi 28 days ago

    dai first tamila pesungada neenga enna americavilaya program pantringa

  • mr kitty
    mr kitty 28 days ago

    Very impressive but can you,opps wrong channel

  • pintu gaming
    pintu gaming 28 days ago

    Only adds in this channel

  • Addiction gaming
    Addiction gaming 29 days ago

    kutte k bache kaise kha rahe hai behan k lore chote chote pille itna ghatiya kaam karte hai wo log jo janwar ko markar khate hai i hate those peoples😠😠

  • The CannaViking
    The CannaViking 29 days ago

    Dont undwrstand washing it after spice rub..
    But,man ...they can cook.

  • Fungai Maketo
    Fungai Maketo Month ago

    Grandpa we miss you! Rest in peace

  • Noman Ahmed
    Noman Ahmed Month ago

    Great work love from Pakistan

  • Saima Naz
    Saima Naz Month ago

    Grandpa and his team members are doing great job! 👍
    Please guys keep it continued even if grandpa is not there cuz he must be watching you all from somewhere (heaven) and still is the part of this beautiful work
    Huge respect to grandpa and his team 🙏🙏😊

  • orliejune sumatra
    orliejune sumatra Month ago

    tatang is dead im so sad now
    i cant watch his new videos :(

  • Ivan Lwanga
    Ivan Lwanga Month ago

    Rest in peace

  • Abhishek Ramesh
    Abhishek Ramesh Month ago

    Lamb is little one of goat which is killed.... same is going to happen to him now after he is dead by God

  • Van Phan
    Van Phan Month ago

    The beautiful

  • Van Phan
    Van Phan Month ago

    Very good

  • Ruth Osolo
    Ruth Osolo Month ago

    Grandpa lived for others !!RIP

  • Manjunath.M Munireddy

    Many people follow him because simple man with great results. With least requirement . still food can be cooked great..

  • Huy Trần
    Huy Trần Month ago +3

    He may not our Grandpa.But when he died,everyone miss him

  • Johnny Icarus
    Johnny Icarus Month ago

    Fuck, this looks like Hep A central....

  • Goofey ButReal
    Goofey ButReal Month ago +1

    I will forever mix well. Rest In Peace Grandpa. We love you.

  • Carlene Russell
    Carlene Russell Month ago

    I love watching your video,I am glad you are Cooking for the Children in your Country,
    you will be miss,Rip,

  • Vten Music vines
    Vten Music vines Month ago

    Lad khayaga madar chut dhoti

  • Shandu Nesengani
    Shandu Nesengani Month ago +1

    love ya gramps🥺❤️❤️❤️