• Published on Nov 3, 2018
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  • Barinder Gosal
    Barinder Gosal Day ago +1

    Just what I want

  • Ever Silva
    Ever Silva 2 days ago

    "You can even Work while riding a bicycle".... Me: - - NO - -

  • Susan Stocks
    Susan Stocks 3 days ago

    To date I have not seen a single one of any of these on the streets anywhere. Seen thousands of normal everyday been around a couple of hundred years now push bikes. No not a single one of these crappy things. I'd like to see people trying steer around corners on the bike you can both pedal with your feet and by using the handlebars. Once they start swinging when you try turning a corner???.

  • J D
    J D 5 days ago +5

    I came to see the one in the thumbnail picture with the odd shaped front wheel and all I got was garbage products of mal-investment.

  • Rhombus Meniscus
    Rhombus Meniscus 5 days ago

    You should be ashamed of using click bait pictures and "April Fool Joke" bikes. Looking at ratios of likes to dislikes we can assume that a total of 395210.717 disliked the video ... and that 477546.283 liked it. From each of the 395210.7 "dislike crowd" members you've just "stolen" 10 minutes. That's a total of 3952107 minutes ... or 65868.45 hours ... or 8233.55625 x 8 hour "working days" ... or 1646.71125 "working weeks" ... or 35.03640957 "working years". That's exactly one half of a biblical lifetime. Significant isn't it??? Judgement day is coming. Don't believe me? Check out www.AmazingDiscoveries.org

  • geoff s
    geoff s 6 days ago

    to many adds

  • chuckyz2
    chuckyz2 6 days ago

    Clickbait. Stupid vid. Don't waist time.

  • gellum
    gellum 6 days ago

    Twicycle is for twits

  • Gabriel Cunha
    Gabriel Cunha 9 days ago +1

    First : maintenance nightmare and can't imagine the price
    Second : just stupid and freaking dangerous
    Third :... No fu... g comments besides I've seen one, it's gigantic and low quality build
    Forth: I would just buy a motor bike I already have the licence
    Fifth : big time BS

  • ceejayrob
    ceejayrob 10 days ago +5

    I only clicked this to dislike it. Stop with the damn clickbait crap!

  • Luc San
    Luc San 12 days ago


  • John Gordon
    John Gordon 12 days ago

    Who wants the bikes promoted in this video? The answer is in the number of orders from non family members of The developers

  • Agent Derek Anderson
    Agent Derek Anderson 13 days ago

    Google Glass Hookers lol

  • la3eep h
    la3eep h 13 days ago

    And Again! Another Dislike for wasting our time on such fake videos!!

  • Christopher Keillor
    Christopher Keillor 13 days ago +2

    I just hope the bicycle of the future have more comfortable seats instead of a axehead dividing your cheeks and what type of pervert designs these bicycle seats nowadays

  • ansiaaa
    ansiaaa 14 days ago

    what kind of moron has made this list?
    google self driving bike... available on: APRIL 1st
    and you put it in your list? jesus -_-

  • Killing Time
    Killing Time 15 days ago

    Reported for "spam or misleading" because of clickbait. Please die slowly.

  • danmcdonald726
    danmcdonald726 15 days ago

    Click Bait

  • badspy100
    badspy100 16 days ago

    useless junk for idiots who can throw their money

  • Edi Noiz Zion
    Edi Noiz Zion 16 days ago

    Saya tidak

  • semsem chad
    semsem chad 17 days ago

    new model technology bike.. thanks for the sharing

  • don’t comment regarding my profile pic

    7:32 Everyone gangsta until Jah start riding

  • Sinisa Milisavljevic
    Sinisa Milisavljevic 18 days ago

    The biggest problem nowadays is that the prices of krank-forward and recumbent bicycles are several times higher than "excercising" versions.
    Lot of people just need to go from A to B and be able to put their feet down EASY on stop signals, without extra steps. :)

  • Blue Meanie
    Blue Meanie 18 days ago

    thumb down and unsubscribed

  • sanka roll
    sanka roll 18 days ago


  • Ray T
    Ray T 19 days ago

    can the ellipiptigo coast?

  • CRONUS Karmalakas
    CRONUS Karmalakas 19 days ago +5

    This self driving was posted on April Fools

  • michaeldublg
    michaeldublg 19 days ago

    Thumbs down clicking not interested in anything that techzone puts on RU-clip

    • Gabor Kalman
      Gabor Kalman 19 days ago +1

      @michaeldublg You select report, then spam or misleading, and then "Misleading thumbnail" from the dropdown menu.

    • michaeldublg
      michaeldublg 19 days ago

      @Gabor Kalman
      I clicked on the report button and it does not give me an option for misleading thumbnail.

    • Gabor Kalman
      Gabor Kalman 19 days ago +1

      you can report it for misleading thumbnail

  • Manic Mailman
    Manic Mailman 19 days ago

    Put a clickbait pic,then fill the upload with adverts.
    Piss off.

  • Michael Warner
    Michael Warner 20 days ago

    This video is clickbait, DO NOT WATCH!

  • Bombs PvP
    Bombs PvP 21 day ago

    6:30 song?

  • M Ark
    M Ark 22 days ago

    I'd like to say this vid is clickbait but it's actually fraud. Almost more adverts than video time, and the promise of the dual-front wheel bicycle not covered. Fail. UNSUBSCRIBE.

  • caca bille Gagnob
    caca bille Gagnob 23 days ago +1


  • paulwesterberg
    paulwesterberg 24 days ago

    Clickbait keyframe

  • Brian newton
    Brian newton 24 days ago


  • Ilan Pfammatter
    Ilan Pfammatter 24 days ago +1

    Your legs can produce much more power than your arms so the concept of Twicycle is not effective at all. You will be tired faster when you work with both your arms and your legs but you won‘t be a lot faster. So for people who just want to work our their arms, it‘s okay, but it‘s not an overall better bike

  • Druid 369
    Druid 369 24 days ago +2

    If you fast forward to the end and press the replay button you don't have to watch ads.

  • Druid 369
    Druid 369 24 days ago

    Clickbait 🖕

  • Coconutcreamp1e
    Coconutcreamp1e 24 days ago


  • Gabe R.
    Gabe R. 25 days ago

    An oval wheel wouldnt even roll correctly... Please stop posting videos

  • Velo-Pro International
    Velo-Pro International 25 days ago +1

    I see a huge future for hybrid electric bicycles but lithium mining is worse than the advantage of that. I did a a extensive a report on a lithium mining which is worth studying.
    The socio-economic impact and pollution does not justify Cobalt and lithium mining.

  • Binaykumar Maji
    Binaykumar Maji 25 days ago


  • skipstorm
    skipstorm 25 days ago

    7:35 dutch not danes

  • TJ C.
    TJ C. 26 days ago

    better not to comment on this one.... Oh, I just did.

  • Jack Yin
    Jack Yin 26 days ago +4

    Why use a cover photo of something that is not in your video?

    • Ilan Pfammatter
      Ilan Pfammatter 24 days ago

      Jack Yin
      because it looks very „special“/weird
      but even the unskilled mind can easily see that the bike in the thumbnail couldn‘t possibly work

  • MirceaD28
    MirceaD28 26 days ago +1

    Clickbait is for babies

  • brickwall911
    brickwall911 26 days ago +5

    This clickbait is "On another level"

  • Loose Transistor FPV
    Loose Transistor FPV 27 days ago

    Came here just to comment on how shitty that clickbait image is.. good job ""TechZone"" Oh.. yeah I also downvoted this crap.

  • The Black Lab
    The Black Lab 27 days ago +1

    Denny bikes didn't end up going into production and should leave it out as it's a proto

  • lomo ray
    lomo ray 27 days ago +7

    They lied about the oval front wheel

    • M Ark
      M Ark 22 days ago

      F*kcing LIED.

  • Santo Pino
    Santo Pino 27 days ago +10

    It was clear to anyone that the April fool model was impossible.
    for that principle to work you would see quite a lot more bulk on the bike.

  • Kaleb derecourt
    Kaleb derecourt 27 days ago

    dont use a "tricylce get a mountain bike and do mountain biking trust me it will do more for ur upper body strength if u are riding to the best of ur abilitty

  • John smith
    John smith 27 days ago

    Duh, one way to make more people into bicycles to have fenders to protect rider from dirt and water.

  • Wolarski
    Wolarski 28 days ago

    8:42 "only available on april 1st"

  • Stephen Dickens
    Stephen Dickens 28 days ago

    Lol, bikes in the future, well you never know, no one mentioned hover homes.

  • Rawie Hafiki
    Rawie Hafiki 28 days ago

    this is just an adviserment

  • Brett Scrimgeour
    Brett Scrimgeour 28 days ago

    When will clickbaiting become illegal,.....you master baiters you

  • iMac Pilot
    iMac Pilot 28 days ago

    Reportet for Clickbait with your Thumbnail Picture. I hate this People. Do good job like other channels Instat of generate clicks by fooling People

  • B J. Schmor
    B J. Schmor 29 days ago

    I came here with no intention to watch the video - only to mock the ridiculous thumbnail.

  • Jack S
    Jack S 29 days ago

    The one from Netherlands was a aprils fools joke

  • rian ritzen
    rian ritzen 29 days ago

    Click fake

  • Me in OK
    Me in OK 29 days ago

    A riderless bike.....for those days when you don't feel like exercising, send the bike to do it for you!!! It even has a self drinking water bottle for when your not thirsty.

  • Dimi K
    Dimi K 29 days ago

    Useless information for your tiny brain.

  • Steve Smith
    Steve Smith 29 days ago

    See an ad? Bye. Move on.

  • cantspells
    cantspells 29 days ago +1

    8:41 I like how it comes out on april fools.

  • Drawn
    Drawn 29 days ago

    Little suggest for making these kinds of vids... make what is being said match what we are seeing. The narrator is talking about the features but we are not looking at them.

  • Marius Nielsen
    Marius Nielsen 29 days ago

    another time robber...

  • Keet
    Keet Month ago +3

    adverts every two minutes GOODBYE

  • Peter Piper
    Peter Piper Month ago

    ELIPTOGO: LOL!! Pay a lot of money just to go walking. No thanks.

  • Rob Brown
    Rob Brown Month ago

    Surely you know that the self driving bike is a hoax

    • absoftitanium
      absoftitanium 28 days ago

      You figured that out! You are quite clever and observant.