Tommy Four Seven - OX1 | Love, Death & Robots OST

  • Published on Mar 17, 2019
  • Music from Love, Death & Robots (2019) distributed by Netflix.
    Love, Death & Robots (Soundtrack) by Various Artists.
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  • Elizsa_Praefatio GH


  • -chae Subliminals
    -chae Subliminals 3 days ago


  • Joshua Olson Cook
    Joshua Olson Cook 5 days ago +3

    Master of Ceremonies: You wanna see some pusseh?! (Holds up the talking cat from 3 Robots) Here you go!

  • Moon Mist
    Moon Mist 6 days ago +2

    When I fail college I’ll become a hooker and this will become my theme song

  • Scxvenger
    Scxvenger 8 days ago


  • David AGROD
    David AGROD 10 days ago +1

    Hi bitches ....!!! ❤🐍🤖

  • Cetche
    Cetche 11 days ago +2

    I want it play louder and louder every time i hear it.

    • Glenn Bailey
      Glenn Bailey 10 days ago +1

      Perfect music for a dark and twisted bbq ;)

  • Noodle Doodle :3
    Noodle Doodle :3 12 days ago +12

    Can you believe the guy who made The Witness made Into the Spiderverse?

    • ㄒ尺卂丂卄卩卂几ᗪ卂
      ㄒ尺卂丂卄卩卂几ᗪ卂 4 days ago

      I can, considering all the colors, the flashes of colors were very similar to the nice cliche "bang" "pow" comic booms, even the models in spiderverse have the same smooth yet porcelain boned look as the models in spiderverse, even the movements are similar, by that I mean the detail when he looks exhausted from chasing her compared to the kid escaping some bad guy

  • Holo The Wιse Wolf
    Holo The Wιse Wolf 25 days ago +5

    _My bf got me into the show and I'm straight addicted to it!_

  • DrGoldsylver
    DrGoldsylver 28 days ago +1

    Shame the fx you got on the movie aren’t added to this song, it really gave a drama break of pure beauty

  • Ivan Zivkovic
    Ivan Zivkovic 28 days ago +4

    If you like this you like techno

  • AP2_TDR
    AP2_TDR Month ago +1


  • Default Male Orc
    Default Male Orc Month ago +13

    A perfect fit for dark, evil or otherwise perverted happenings in off the radar clubs

    which is kinda the purpose it served in the episode

    • Glenn Bailey
      Glenn Bailey Month ago +1

      I want to go to one, but I think I'd be a different person when I leave

  • Kiryuusai
    Kiryuusai Month ago +1

    God i fucking loved The Witness, not just because its my fetish buffet, but also because its animation is the best i've seen in my life.

  • Laura Schlieselhuber
    Laura Schlieselhuber Month ago +15

    You wanna see some *POOTHEY* ?

  • tyrant351
    tyrant351 Month ago +95


  • Simon Cook
    Simon Cook Month ago +15

    I bought this song from Beatport after watching this episode. I love discovering new music (at least new for me). This was one of the stand out episodes (The Witness) and blew me away with the quality of the animation. The other stand out episode for me was Beyond the Aquila Rift. I want to see a feature length version based on that episode.

  • Bass Record
    Bass Record Month ago +180

    -Are you a member?
    -Oh, no.
    -Oh, you're not? It's okay, Don't worry. You wanna see some *PUSSEH?*

  • Joao Victor Teixeira

    "Make some room bitches"

  • Juggern4ut7
    Juggern4ut7 Month ago +7

    You wanna see some puthy

  • melody arellano
    melody arellano Month ago +3

    Was looking for this! The Witness is my favorite Love, Death & Robots episode!

  • Zhenyi Tsai
    Zhenyi Tsai Month ago +6


  • Thomas Meier
    Thomas Meier Month ago

    make some room, bitches. :)

  • Hellen Cristina
    Hellen Cristina Month ago +1

    paradoxo totallllll

  • Alaina M
    Alaina M Month ago +11

    [SPOILER] The Witness was by far my favorite, but if a murderer is chasing her, why'd she take a break to go strip at the club???

    • Kiryuusai
      Kiryuusai Month ago +12

      She went to work at her job which happens to be a private fetish club with required membership. In any circumstance why would you go anywhere else other than the place you believe to be the safest. Even the PUSSEH Devil asked The Man if he was a member.

    • Jay
      Jay Month ago +2

      she ran away to hide somewhere and the police weren’t of any good use, so she went to see vladimir but had to strip because she already missed her previous show.

    • axou axou
      axou axou Month ago +5

      and she wanted to see vladimir

    • Circuitt
      Circuitt Month ago +4

      she thought she got away when she had gotten into the taxi

  • Dionicio Gaspar
    Dionicio Gaspar Month ago +11


  • Hatsune Miku
    Hatsune Miku Month ago +57

    I have watch the club scene on hash.. repeated probably 20 or 30 times, I loved the episode

    • Vamos Manaos
      Vamos Manaos 22 days ago +1

      only the chosen ones watch that episode over and over again because of that magnificent photography and soundtrack

    • Top Naita
      Top Naita Month ago +6

      i thought i was the only one, ohhh i'm not alone in this world of shit.

  • Danial bin Nordin
    Danial bin Nordin Month ago +3

    Imagine chasing by bad guys so you running through the busy streets and running to the messy valley and parkour at the rooftop and keep running and keep running 😏

  • Mikhail Man
    Mikhail Man Month ago +27

    Was the witness fully animated? Coz at some parts the movements of characters were completely realistic. It fooled me big time.

    • Laura Schlieselhuber
      Laura Schlieselhuber Month ago +1

      Even that scene when the Killer runs down thé stairs ?

    • TheMajestic Gamer
      TheMajestic Gamer Month ago +1

      When you watch this shit high, it looks so real

    • jejejejeje jejejejje
      jejejejeje jejejejje Month ago +2

      Mikhail Man really I was convinced some was real, was amazing

    • Ambar
      Ambar Month ago +2

      +Mikhail Man That's actually even cooler.^^

    • Mikhail Man
      Mikhail Man Month ago +18

      +Ambar I've checked on the author's instagram and on some reddit posts. And apparently there is no clever tricks. Just referencing actors, but every scene in the short is 100% CGI and hand drawings.

  • Gabriel G.
    Gabriel G. Month ago

    Thank You for that!

  • ADeren11
    ADeren11 Month ago

    Fuck this is awesome

  • John Herbert
    John Herbert Month ago

    Fucking love this track

  • Higher Primate
    Higher Primate Month ago


  • David Charlebois
    David Charlebois Month ago +12

    THANK YOU, i've been searching for this x)

  • Glenn Bailey
    Glenn Bailey Month ago

    I want to lose my virginity again to this song!

  • Adrian Goodman
    Adrian Goodman Month ago +21

    You wanna see some PUSSY?!?!

  • Honeybadgerv2.8
    Honeybadgerv2.8 2 months ago +4

    Holy shit that's from Tommy fourseven? Deeewd :)

  • Václav Fanta
    Václav Fanta 2 months ago +83

    While weaker from the story point, the audivisuals might be the best I have EVER seen, and boy I have seen a lot of stuff.

  • Rodimus Prime
    Rodimus Prime 2 months ago +84

    The Witness was my favorite episode.

    • Dionicio Gaspar
      Dionicio Gaspar Month ago


    • tylerx2f01
      tylerx2f01 Month ago +1

      its a time loop i wasnt a fan of the paradox ending of each side hunting the other to explain, only to end in its tragedy.

    • Bartosz Jaros
      Bartosz Jaros 2 months ago +11

      my too, I think that the entrance to the club and the dancing scene were the best of the whole episode/anthology :D

    • Victor Guzmán
      Victor Guzmán 2 months ago

      Me too. 😃🤘

  • Alex
    Alex 2 months ago +5

    which episode was this from?

  • Lucas Ortega
    Lucas Ortega 2 months ago +53

    This could fit in RUINER easily