JPM Charged by DOJ: The Tip of the Iceberg | Ted Butler

  • Published on Oct 1, 2019
  • ​"“The (JPM) defendants and others allegedly engaged in a massive, multiyear scheme to manipulate the market for precious metals futures contracts and defraud market participants...” ​
    - US Dept of Justice, FBI’s New York Field Office, w/ assistance of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s Division of Enforcement.
    Renowned silver analyst Ted Butler, founder of ButlerResearch,com, returns to Reluctant Preppers to weigh in on recent charges by the US DOJ of an ongoing investigation into criminal activity by the Gold & Silver trading desk of JP Morgan. Ted also fields a wide range of YOUR viewer questions!
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Comments • 124

  • Tony A
    Tony A Month ago

    Love his answer on preference of silver should he have $15,00 to spend. Great answer... one of the best I've ever heard, up there next to Chris Duane

  • Tony A
    Tony A Month ago

    Here Here.... Nobody says it with more authority than Ted... we're not worthy... we're not worthy! Though does hold back on the governments hand in this. But does lay into JPM. Enough for me.

  • jinger jar
    jinger jar Month ago

    How can we as the greater public make the DOJ FBI etc fully address more than spoofing charges. Depressed price gold silver for years.

  • davekiernan1
    davekiernan1 Month ago

    Like bear Stearns JP Morgan may probably settle this over a game of golf! Quit bono ? Goldman Sachs. The tax payer are the caddys.

  • uhlijohn
    uhlijohn Month ago

    As long as the Fed is in control of precious metals, silver nor gold will ever find their true market values. Price is set on the COMEX. Fed controls COMEX. Even if all the bullion banks withdraw or are banned from trading silver or gold, the Fed will use the ESF or other entities such as its own secret trading desk. The arrest and charging a few traders at JPM may be news but has changed nothing. Manipulation continues. Just look at the recent smash down of gold and silver!

  • Tom McStacker
    Tom McStacker Month ago

    Ted butler kinda sounds like Al Pacino

  • warren ammerita
    warren ammerita Month ago

    JPMorgan will loot its vaults to pay off the politicians and lawyers and judges and get the federal reserve to give it 870 billion dollars to help the bank

  • warren ammerita
    warren ammerita Month ago

    SEMMELWEIS REFLEX is the best way to get your hands clean

  • warren ammerita
    warren ammerita Month ago

    JPMorgan should be put in receivership to the FDIC until the verdict is announced

  • warren ammerita
    warren ammerita Month ago

    FDR worked for Standard Oil and Rockefeller after he passed the bar and stole America gold in the crime of 1933

  • warren ammerita
    warren ammerita Month ago

    Andrew Jackson farewell address says that the constitution meant for you to have a circulating medium of gold and silver coins

  • warren ammerita
    warren ammerita Month ago

    Goto and read George Washington and Jefferson quotes on paper money quotes

  • warren ammerita
    warren ammerita Month ago

    Art1 sect10 nothing but gold and silver coins can pay debts Washington signed the constitution

  • ClockFixer 1964
    ClockFixer 1964 Month ago

    The DOJ doesnt want to rectify the Crime......they just want to extort Money from JPM...........which makes the DOJ a CRIMINAL ENTITY ALSO !!!!

  • ClockFixer 1964
    ClockFixer 1964 Month ago +3

    The DOJ will slap JPM with a small fine {In their terms} and NOTHING will happen..CRIME PAYS!!!!

  • Coon hound
    Coon hound Month ago

    Ted says some may “cash in” ........ in what worthless federal Reserve Notes?

  • Coon hound
    Coon hound Month ago

    Why do I feel like the whole case is just a spoof? Spoofing us again 🙄

    • Mark Snyder
      Mark Snyder Month ago +1

      Unfortunately, have spoofed us before

  • Patrick Ruvolo
    Patrick Ruvolo Month ago

    Ted Butler never been correct in about 30 years, but people listen to his BS

  • Andrew Blue
    Andrew Blue Month ago

    Great guest!

  • Jake Stevens
    Jake Stevens Month ago

    Then what is he waiting for? $14 an ounce is over, so why doesn’t he let the price skyrocket and cash out already?? This theory makes no sense

  • bbfreetube
    bbfreetube Month ago

    Oh, rob a bank with a weapon, and see that you will have a life sentence with possible additional charges! They steal without arms and are criminals with fines and no imprisionment. WTH?

  • Home Land Freedom
    Home Land Freedom Month ago

    Should we thank JPM or curse them?

  • Home Land Freedom
    Home Land Freedom Month ago

    Should we thank JPM or curse them?

  • beyondtheprogramming
    beyondtheprogramming Month ago +1

    we had currency backed by gold.
    currenct backed by oil.
    get ready for currency backed by information.

    AgMONSTER Month ago

    If Dimon had been jailed when he should have been, he would be out of prison by now.

  • Nikki On
    Nikki On Month ago

    Why so much energy is being spent on discussion on silver, it is a product costing $18/Oz?
    If you think it is a bargain then buy it and forget about it.
    You pay $60/head when you go out for a meal then no need to justify spending same amount on purchasing 3 Oz of silver.
    Silver is more suitable for objective of speculation (i.e your fiat when liquidate) but impractical as a long term saving vehicle, I think?

  • withoutexcuse2011
    withoutexcuse2011 Month ago +3

    I've been loudly voicing the simple message that AS LONG AS THE FAT RATS -- CRIMINALS LIKE JAMIE DIMON -- AS NOT TAKEN OUT THEN NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE - PERIOD! Sadly, Trump is doing *NOTHING* to take out the Fat Rats. In his 984 days as President, Trump has yet to take out a single Fat Rat - not ONE! Quite the contrary, it appears that Trump is protecting those criminals. Little fish get taken out but *NEVER* the whales. If that doesn't change soon - perhaps it's already too late - then we the people don't stand a snowball's chance in hell.

  • tc c
    tc c Month ago +1

    Jpmorgan is the custodian of SLV... It's not that hard to figure out. They are stopping out contracts not vaulting the silver. It's highly unlikely Jpmorgan or the SLV have much physical silver at all just a bunch of ious.

  • TheFacekissers
    TheFacekissers Month ago +1

    He added nothing to the metals conversation and took forever to say it.

    • will edwards
      will edwards Month ago

      Cut the man some slack. He is at the end of his rope as we all should be .Time to start capping up in this bytch.

  • Todd Hope
    Todd Hope Month ago +7

    Having the government back your criminal activity to suppress real money, gold and silver, must be a nice gig, until it's not.

  • James
    James Month ago +5

    Nothing new in this interview.... it’s the exact same with ted over the last few years. 🙁

    • uhlijohn
      uhlijohn Month ago

      Butler sounds like a broken record....he will not admit that it isn't JPM but it is the Fed that is behind all of this manipulation....wake up Ted!

  • Mike Kunze
    Mike Kunze Month ago +2

    How long will this manipulation finaly last?

    • deerflyguy
      deerflyguy Month ago

      So many people are involved in the manipulation that the fines are thought of as a cost of doing business. Only if some big names are made to do time will the manipulation ever stand a chance of stopping and so far that isn't happening!

  • marcelino Perez
    marcelino Perez Month ago +2

    Private buyers in gold and silver Germany strong, The US weak.

  • F D
    F D Month ago +2

    END THE FED HANG ALL THE CENTRAL BANKERS. Dimon is a criminal. Lock him up! Buying more Gold, Silver and miners this week. Trump IS the swamp!

  • steve j
    steve j Month ago +3

    the only way this thing will end is a physical failure to deliver.

    • Bradley Beyer
      Bradley Beyer Month ago +1

      @deerflyguy We shall see when the fiat has zero purchasing is well on the way down that path.

    • deerflyguy
      deerflyguy Month ago

      That won't happen either unless by doing so it's part of the manipulation process. Paper buyers never intend to cash out with physical. Even if they do call for delivery, the contracts are written to allow for payoff with fiat currency.

  • Derek Sinclair
    Derek Sinclair Month ago +4

    Eliminate the impossible and whatever remains however improbable must be the truth - Sherlock Holmes. If the Justice Department, FBI, etc. etc. will not deal with the obvious and glaring wider manipulation of the PMs undertaken by JP Morgan and others, who else but the Government could be preventing them?

  • ThomasTamaOnDrums
    ThomasTamaOnDrums Month ago +1

    You have to get off the mindset that gold and silver are Commodities they are not they are money so bringing more on the market just increases wealth of the country or neighborhood it doesn't destroy it fiat currency value who cares

  • Christopher Johnson
    Christopher Johnson Month ago +4

    When I talk to people they c silver as expensive coper. I agree with Ted for me it has sooo much energy hidden inside it that it looks as gold. Gold is popular 4 thousands of years same with silver. If gold was a king silver would b a Prince. But gold is only an image. Silver is so important for the industry that will catch up with gold. My prediction is silver will join platinum and palladium but not b4 the end of manipulation and end of the current system. Silver 25 dollars this year and 250 next year.

    • deerflyguy
      deerflyguy Month ago

      @john doe Platinum dropped in price. So will palladium. Gold is the world standard by which all other PMs are measured. Silver should be valued greater than it is, but manipulation wins out above logic every time!

    • john doe
      john doe Month ago +3

      I think the same silver may be 1600 same as palladium that is only used for cat converters in cars that are not even selling

  • g s
    g s Month ago +7

    So who is manipulating gold and silver now?

    • uhlijohn
      uhlijohn Month ago

      The usual suspects....all roads lead to the Fed my friend! Fed cannot afford to have gold or silver reaching true free market prices while it is suppressing interest rates.

    • Coon hound
      Coon hound Month ago

      It rhymes w/chews

  • david ouellette
    david ouellette Month ago +1


  • keith knowlton
    keith knowlton Month ago +1

    Bankersters gone wild...governmentlist went full retard....

  • m h
    m h Month ago +8

    Banks are above the law!

  • david ouellette
    david ouellette Month ago +1

    750 DOLLARS

  • david ouellette
    david ouellette Month ago

    How about scotiabank WHAT DO YOU SAY ABOUT THEM

    • Mark Snyder
      Mark Snyder Month ago

      Scotia Bank was implicated as a silver manipulator by Deutsche Bank a few years ago.

  • david ouellette
    david ouellette Month ago +5


  • david ouellette
    david ouellette Month ago


  • david ouellette
    david ouellette Month ago +1


  • Zero Hedge
    Zero Hedge Month ago +5

    This is Chinese Golden week. Best time of year to buy!

  • TR P
    TR P Month ago +1

    They have been charged, YES!
    Ohhhhhhh wait
    Bashed & Spoofed since
    Destroyed as soon as China took a week holiday, today.

    • Paul Montgomery
      Paul Montgomery Month ago

      and wait and wait and wait and wait....................................

  • Greg Smith
    Greg Smith Month ago +20

    Nobody ever goes to Jail !

    • deerflyguy
      deerflyguy Month ago

      @jack cogburn So many people are involved in the manipulation that the fines are thought of as a cost of doing business. Only if some big names are made to do time will the manipulation ever stand a chance of stopping and so far that isn't happening!

    • MAsonTRIX
      MAsonTRIX Month ago


    • jack cogburn
      jack cogburn Month ago +1

      Smith - Americans just accept it and continue to get fleeced.

  • GreenEyedFlower
    GreenEyedFlower Month ago

    Great commercial helmet head! Joking. You have fantastic hair! The noive of some people. They're just jealous.

  • matute11
    matute11 Month ago +12

    Good to Hear Ted talk so much on silver and all his support he gives it!!

  • Charlotte Grove
    Charlotte Grove Month ago +12

    Silver should be accepted as legal tender and not taxed.

    • Well*Thy*One
      Well*Thy*One Month ago

      john hebert its pretty much out the window when we agree to be citizens of this indebted corporate entity. They make their own game rules.

    • john hebert
      john hebert Month ago +3

      @GGG 6 ....Sadly they dont use the constitution anymore

    • GGG 6
      GGG 6 Month ago +2

      It’s the constitution

    • john hebert
      john hebert Month ago

      Theres a map of states....texas is one

  • Lee Davidson
    Lee Davidson Month ago +7

    we are learning that everything is fake and all controlled by a deep state that has it's tentacles worldwide in all major countries. currency is how they control the world and wars are how they control countries etc. it all has to come down before it can be rebuilt. the war started long ago and it's just now that people are waking up worldwide. sad to say but billions will die in this war but it's what is needed to save humanity. politicians/teachers/fake news/cia/fbi/local gov. they don't give a fuk about you and refer to the citizen and useless eaters! most of you reading this will atleast know the truth when they die

    • Brother Carlton
      Brother Carlton Month ago +1

      Lee Davidson- Many of these deep state thugs will be dead by the time their utopian vision of their NWO manifests itself. They will end up in hell in the final analysis. The believer in Christ will go to be with the Lord no matter what happens in this evil world and that is a vision of hope and blessing. "And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Write, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them." Revelation 14:13

  • Yuko Kanegawa
    Yuko Kanegawa Month ago +11

    I hope Peter Schiff is listening: he still thinks there's no manipulation of the price on the downside; thinks they just did it both ways only to make money.

    • Courtney Pitt
      Courtney Pitt Month ago

      Yuko Kanegawa Peter sells paper Silver, and gold on of the Perth mint in Australia, that’s why he can’t see any manipulation.

    • uhlijohn
      uhlijohn Month ago

      Schiff is stuck on stupid regarding gold manipulation and China.

    • F D
      F D Month ago +2

      I really appreciate Mr. Schiff, but totally agree with you on his manipulation denial.

    • Yuko Kanegawa
      Yuko Kanegawa Month ago +2

      I think its because he sells gold, and if people think its manipulated they'll be less likely to buy it: and he likes to portray that he's is one of the very few who get it, and most of the traders have it wrong; still reliving his, " Peter Schiff was right" 2007-2008 days on CNBC, etc.,

    • cgsimons1187
      cgsimons1187 Month ago +3

      Peter has lost credibility. For one reason or another he has chosen to ignore what has been so obvious to the rest of us.

  • Dave Musso
    Dave Musso Month ago +1

    And Citibank

  • Mark W
    Mark W Month ago +12

    Be very careful of what you wish for. I hold physical gold & silver as wealth preservation. However remember this: The higher the price of precious metals go, that reflects a decrease in purchasing power of the fiat paper. I'm American, and most Americans don't hold precious metals. Thus, a point will be reached when most Americans can't afford food. THAT is when all hell will break loose. And when that manifests, good luck getting to a metals dealer and back home alive . . .

    • Christian Johnson
      Christian Johnson Month ago +1

      Settle down girls. All of y'all have one of the most important common denominator. Preparing a stable house. Don't get over excited about the furniture arrangement..

    • Johnny Askari
      Johnny Askari Month ago

      @Mark W ..snowflake 😂

    • Johnny Askari
      Johnny Askari Month ago

      @F D ..exactly!!

    • F D
      F D Month ago +1

      @Mark W Who cares how old you are? I am not that much younger than you, but you think yourself wiser than you actually are. Nothing worse than fools that think age is some kind of badge of knowledge and experience. I am not shortsighted at all. The human population will be thinned out as needed. I am willing and ready for whatever comes.

    • F D
      F D Month ago +1

      @Johnny Askari Yeah, I hate it when people say "I hold Gold, but hope the prices don't go up". I hope they do and screw the brain-dead sheep that didn't see what was coming. No one is taking my Gold or Silver. They will however get my lead.

  • Jim Jim
    Jim Jim Month ago +21

    Ever since they’ve been charged the price of silver has been bashed daily! 🥴

    • uhlijohn
      uhlijohn Month ago +1

      Proving that silver and gold are still being manipulated....

    • Coon hound
      Coon hound Month ago +3

      Resistance levels? With this type of activity setting the prices your resistance level analysis means jack sh**🙄, this ain’t no free market, may as well toss your analysis. It will break when it breaks

    • Jake Stevens
      Jake Stevens Month ago +1

      Patience people!! We’re only 140 years away from this actually happening!

    • Romerosays
      Romerosays Month ago +1

      @Mika Mikalson says who

    • Captain Hrothgar
      Captain Hrothgar Month ago +1

      @Mika Mikalson Thanks Mike, sometimes we all need that kind of a reminder.

  • system09 WB
    system09 WB Month ago +1

    Go to your safe spaces everyone..Gold and silver down again today. $1150 target gets closer

    • deerflyguy
      deerflyguy Month ago

      @F D The most important thing for gold buyers right now is to get your hands on the precious metal while there is still physical metal to be had! Just because the future price might be more attractive, doesn't mean that you will be able to find a seller with physical that he wants to sell.

    • F D
      F D Month ago +1

      I am a buyer here and lower. Won't care about whether I bought at 1500 or 1300 years from now.

    • Dave Musso
      Dave Musso Month ago +2


  • david ouellette
    david ouellette Month ago +7

    let's hope this pushes up the price of metals been going on for years thank god someone in the law is honest everyone was staring to wonder when it was so obvious.

    • deerflyguy
      deerflyguy Month ago

      Everybody wants to become rich. The bankers won't allow that though as they don't want any competition in the hierarchy of society.

    • TR P
      TR P Month ago

      david ouellette - platinum down $100 since they got charged. Silver & Gold not exactly holding their own since.