Aries - They're Not Playing Games... They're Ready To Love You! May 16th-31st

  • Published on May 19, 2019
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Comments • 61

  • Zaqueen zhane ́ b
    Zaqueen zhane ́ b 2 months ago

    I am Aries he's Sagittarius both Scorpio moons I'm cancer rising he's picese rising❤❤He's all I want

  • Mizz Hershey
    Mizz Hershey 2 months ago +1

    F the past person! I just hope this “new love” is my crush!! 🤞🏾😩 ...We’ve been flirting a little lately.

  • Sandra Crawford
    Sandra Crawford 2 months ago

    I'm ready for love, I except and receive it Ash.

  • KB
    KB 3 months ago +1

    Bomb read as usual!!!! Thanks!

  • Debbie L
    Debbie L 3 months ago +1

    Taurus cross watcher I'm waiting

    • Debbie L
      Debbie L 3 months ago +1

      @Fitness Girl yes girl I am wishing you all the best as well to you to. You know these aries are stubborn and hate to admit when there wrong lol. Trust me while he with that karmic oh yel he is missing his good thing he had with you I can bet he is miserable. For me if he comes back I will put his ass threw the ringer he gone have to work for this real hard, I will forgive him but I will not forget

    • Fitness Girl
      Fitness Girl 3 months ago +2

      @Debbie L 😃😇😍🙏wish you all the best and happiness sis💐☺️🌺that's beautiful blessings to you..wish me luck with my Aries he is with his ex she is his karmic and I feel he is unhappy and suffering ..

    • Debbie L
      Debbie L 3 months ago +1

      @Fitness Girl was together 20 years he started off as my best friends then I learned after doing a reading that his babymama did voodoo an that's how he went back to her. He kissed me goodbye said I love you then that's the last I saw and heard from him. Now that karmic is backfiring its ending he hates her and misses me but also an our close friend told me he's embarrassed and don't know what to do to get me back. He bought ring and all for me just holding on to it. He want marriage so will see just waiting on him to contact so we can have a deep talk

    • Fitness Girl
      Fitness Girl 3 months ago +1

      What happened Debbie ?! I'm in a same situation.. . I wasn't playing any games I was nervous but also completely honest with him

  • Brittany O'callaghan
    Brittany O'callaghan 3 months ago

    Thank you

  • Susan Brown
    Susan Brown 3 months ago

    It would be nice to have a fresh start with someone new. I hate to fight! I get to angry. I’ve had enough!

  • Ana Hernandez
    Ana Hernandez 3 months ago

    Thank you so very much for your insightful reading. Which definitely resonated with me. May God continue to bless you and your readings.

  • James Geminox
    James Geminox 3 months ago

    Thank you 😘😘😘 love you , love your readings resonates everytime 😍😍😍thank you with gratitude 🤗🤗🤗

  • Aries Queen
    Aries Queen 3 months ago

    Oh boy! Can’t wait!! Ready for new love

  • MHNBySheterram Beauty
    MHNBySheterram Beauty 3 months ago

    #fireintuition S/O To you for all that you do Confirmed💝💝💝

    WILD FLOWER 3 months ago +1

    as a capricorn cross watcher this is not accurate. we have had a strong relationship, our communication stopped suddenly due to legal and probation issues.he had no choice or would go back to prison. he asked me to be patient while he sorted out his parole conditions. he said trust him, I have waited and waited, I've never been in another relationship. if he's seeing someone else he's a dead man walking. we have had a few brief conversations and I hit him up. he said he is with only me.
    he needs time to get off parole and find a new place to live.
    I have offered him stability, marriage, kids,full loyalty and commitment. what he wanted also.
    your readings are so fast, you speed talk, almost hard to keep up with you.
    I could see other things in the reading that you missed. maybe slow down and think Before you start accusing loyal partners of being in other commitments or cheating on their partners. maybe the aries is the one cheating. I can see possibility of reconcile or reunion in that spread too. if you slowed down to see the cross watchers point of view. I know not all readings are for all aries, but it can get disheartening thinking they are gonna drop you for a new person.esp. when u can see in the cards there is also a chance of reunion.🤨

  • shantavanee
    shantavanee 3 months ago

    I’m excited for the sleep 🛏

  • Spear A
    Spear A 3 months ago

    Damn. That person is meee... Omg im pregnant with my 1st. Really everything u spoke was to and about me... Sheeeshhh Its meee.. Damn Omg can I get a private reading please? Im worried about everything. I can't help but to stress.. Omg I'm reaching out because I need this confirmation!

  • Adrienne Morford
    Adrienne Morford 3 months ago +2

    Girl you are amazingly blessed with a gift. This whole reading spoke of my current circumstance with a Virgo whom I have a very complicated relationship with. On top of that we are TF that just are unable to come together. Due to our previous relationship with one another that went very badly and my children absolutely can't stand him. And the Sagittarius is the man I was with after/towards the end with the Virgo. Oddly enough I'm in love with both of these men in very different ways. the Virgo there's just no way that we can actually be together outside of being in a secret relationship and I find myself drifting away from him emotionally and unexpectedly Sagittarius came back into my life and it's ready for a commitment and is fast in his movement towards me. Your reading was spot on, thank for some clarity on my situation.

  • Donna Hughes
    Donna Hughes 3 months ago

    Aries sends much love to you.. Love In Christ

  • Erika Heyliger
    Erika Heyliger 3 months ago

    Truly resonated

  • Rhonda Dortch
    Rhonda Dortch 3 months ago

    I will let you know about it Ashley..🐞

  • Rhonda Dortch
    Rhonda Dortch 3 months ago

    Thank Ashley..Happy Sunday!

  • Rhonda Dortch
    Rhonda Dortch 3 months ago

    No. No juggling. Im not playing either. Sure not.

  • Rhonda Dortch
    Rhonda Dortch 3 months ago

    Oooohh! I dont know what to say..he would be upset. Um um um . Be there for our kids when or if they need you! Thats my concern. Thats it.

  • Rhonda Dortch
    Rhonda Dortch 3 months ago

    Yes he did. He wanted his cake and eat it too.

  • Rhonda Dortch
    Rhonda Dortch 3 months ago

    Okayy 😄 Love it!

  • Rhonda Dortch
    Rhonda Dortch 3 months ago


  • Rhonda Dortch
    Rhonda Dortch 3 months ago


  • Rhonda Dortch
    Rhonda Dortch 3 months ago


  • Rhonda Dortch
    Rhonda Dortch 3 months ago

    Oh yes. My Lord.

  • Rhonda Dortch
    Rhonda Dortch 3 months ago

    I havent wanted to be bothered.

  • Rhonda Dortch
    Rhonda Dortch 3 months ago +2

    I truly believe he is coming soon.

  • Rhonda Dortch
    Rhonda Dortch 3 months ago +1

    6 yrs. Im waiting.

  • Rhonda Dortch
    Rhonda Dortch 3 months ago +1

    Ive said many times right. Single and im not settling for anything less than what I deserve.

  • Rhonda Dortch
    Rhonda Dortch 3 months ago +5

    Ive said many times right. Single and im not settling for anything less than what I deserve.

  • Rhonda Dortch
    Rhonda Dortch 3 months ago

    So damn transparent. To me anyway.

  • Rhonda Dortch
    Rhonda Dortch 3 months ago

    Mmmmm to hell with that. SMH

  • Rhonda Dortch
    Rhonda Dortch 3 months ago

    Beautiful.💋 oooohh girrrrll!😳

  • Rhonda Dortch
    Rhonda Dortch 3 months ago

    Oh my god! Yes yes yes

  • Rhonda Dortch
    Rhonda Dortch 3 months ago +4

    Someone New. New and refreshing energy. Thats what I want.

  • Rhonda Dortch
    Rhonda Dortch 3 months ago


  • Rhonda Dortch
    Rhonda Dortch 3 months ago

    Yes I'm coming out of stagnation.

  • Carmen Torres
    Carmen Torres 3 months ago +2

    I hope it's new love. My past needs to stay right there in the past.. Thank you luv for the readings❤

  • positive vibes only
    positive vibes only 3 months ago +10

    I'm so sick of worrying about the past and hopeing someone come back your definitely right( I'm done with the past) I want something new your amazing fire intuition!!!♈🍸💕

  • Thomas Commander
    Thomas Commander 3 months ago

    Powerful Truth 💙

  • Lili LePunk
    Lili LePunk 3 months ago +5

    Blessing on sleep!! Thank you Lord!! Healing and getting over for sure! Letting go of Virgo. *Reclaiming my time! Reclaiming my time!* Thank you Ash! You are a gem 💎 Loving your mermaid hair 💗

  • garden and cats
    garden and cats 3 months ago


  • Angelica Ley
    Angelica Ley 3 months ago +1

    Cross watcher virgo i found out that the aries was still in a relationship with his bm everything resonates but more from my eyes than his with this reading

  • Ariesbabe 91
    Ariesbabe 91 3 months ago +13

    I miss my past but I don’t want him back once I see you for who u really are and the trust is gone it will NEVER be the same I need someone I can trust and I just feel like he messed that up just going to he’s and work on myself until I’m emotionally stable to give to someone else

  • Kelly Harvey
    Kelly Harvey 3 months ago +1

    I really hope he isn’t playing me anymore

  • Kelly Harvey
    Kelly Harvey 3 months ago +3

    He did hurt me my libra put me in a 3 rd party that I wasn’t aware of but I caught him out red handed he was online talking to other women at the min we are trying to work this out

  • Krissy Powers
    Krissy Powers 3 months ago +1

    Dealt with a Sag male for 5 years. He would come in and out. Wow this reading is on point. Yes very Leary and guard. We are not together now. We are both middle aged too. I've lost trust in this. But very happy to see all the aces. Thanks Ashley.🤗

  • Danielle Williams
    Danielle Williams 3 months ago +7

    Lessons...they usually dont change and if they do it takes time...I'm ready for more wasting intuition is on point! So grateful!...turned that manipulation around him...true colors showed

  • Lovethelord
    Lovethelord 3 months ago +2

    I love my gift that I'm blessed with ❤️ 💙❤️💙 I'm happy moving from past hurt ❤️🙏❤️

  • vikcatlover2
    vikcatlover2 3 months ago

    Loving the green 💚💚💚

  • Portia Dhlamini
    Portia Dhlamini 3 months ago


  • Ana Sosa
    Ana Sosa 3 months ago +2

    A lil pinch of cereal how cute ash

  • Hard_Cold_Truth
    Hard_Cold_Truth 3 months ago +5

    I was waiting but not anymore I think ..