How do you get review samples!? - Honest Answers

  • Published on Mar 7, 2016
  • SO MANY PEOPLE have asked this question in the past, so I finally decided to give my complete answer in our new segment, "Honest Answers!"
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Comments • 2 564

  • Steve V
    Steve V 21 day ago

    I wrote AMD the other day and asked for a non-working Ryzen 3000 chip for display purposes. Specified it didn't even need any insides. I just wanted something to show off in the fancy box my new Ryzen 3000 is going to come in, come July. They were very kind to reply. It was a "we don't have those," but I was impressed - and will remember - the courtesy of a reply. Waiting for the 3P reviews once the chip hits LTT's loading dock is, for me, pretty much only a formality.

  • Mr PostNorts
    Mr PostNorts Month ago

    The Steve Dotto of today

  • KILOUNO1963
    KILOUNO1963 Month ago


  • Ranjan Biswas
    Ranjan Biswas Month ago

    So he didn't try to say that companies give free samples to any big youtube channel. You have to have the proper presentation skill and knowledge so that experts also get the proper messege. Also as LTT is a brand, marketing through LTT is a big boost for any company. Become a brand first, then companies will know that you are probably a better choice for their ads rather than hiring others. Also it would be much cheaper to advertise through youtubers than hiring Actors. Maybe company pays about 5000$ to youtubers or less, they had to spend atleast 10000$ if they had hired pro actors.

  • air toe69
    air toe69 2 months ago

    There goes my dual rtx 2080ti i99900k dream. FUCK

  • Blindfire1337
    Blindfire1337 2 months ago

    Love this! Thanks Linus!

  • Dominic Beaudoin
    Dominic Beaudoin 2 months ago

    Saying "honest answers" in airquotes is insinuating these AREN'T honest answers...

  • Anthony Malin
    Anthony Malin 3 months ago

    Ask not what you can do for you, ask what you can do for ME! Here is how it works. Getting new stuff for review is called advertising. You say good things you keep getting crap. You say bad things and the company never talks to you. The question is NOT "why Linus gets free stuff but not the viewer" but "why Linus gets free stuff and other honest RU-clipr reviewers do not"? Hmmmm?

  • David Templarios
    David Templarios 3 months ago

    I just thought every other phase you said IRL was, 'Tunnel Bear'... Now I know

  • Lari Palander
    Lari Palander 3 months ago

    Does Linus have a teleprompter switch on his belt? I can't stop noticing his hands travelling there quite constantly :)

    • Aidan Bynum
      Aidan Bynum Month ago

      Yes he keeps the switch in his right pocket. Came up in one of his other videos

  • Monolith Fan
    Monolith Fan 3 months ago

    How to get review samples: Be a nobody & become a somebody & then ask.

  • Jack C
    Jack C 4 months ago

    two words- "nudes"

  • Ian Kidd
    Ian Kidd 4 months ago

    they should review a klim aim

  • Lexicon Devil
    Lexicon Devil 4 months ago

    Nothing says idiot more than a job title “social media influencer” 😂

  • Rupam Dey
    Rupam Dey 4 months ago

    Linus I'm a big fan of your videos and technical tips it possible to get sponsored built for me...cause I do have budget old PC..and its performance not good and I am very much gaming lover it possible???.please !!!I'm waiting for your reply

  • first last
    first last 4 months ago

    Sure there might be laws against deceptive reviews but it's poorly enforced. For example I've found convincing evidence that many online mattress reviews and youtube videos are absolute shills. They hide this by saying different people of their have different brandname preferences but it's clear to me that all the reviews are calculated to get the most buyers. They profit by referral links and even selling through their storefront. Of course that's not to say this or that mattress is crap, but you can't trust the reviews.

  • Ethan
    Ethan 4 months ago

    lol, so generally you are answering not honestly?

  • Dean Masterson
    Dean Masterson 4 months ago

    You should try reviewing the new version of the a50’s not sure if they have been upgraded internally but I know they had a software and base station upgrade. Someone at the office must have one you could borrow

  • Larry Herzog Jr.
    Larry Herzog Jr. 4 months ago

    I've received numerous "freebie" computer the founder of :)

  • Danne Brown
    Danne Brown 4 months ago

    I’m late to the video but, you should put air quotes about the words honest answers. It makes you look dishonest.

  • j r
    j r 4 months ago

    Capitalism. Capital comes in many forms, and when you have none you either create it yourself or do without. How do you create it from nothing ? You literally must be creative. You have to do what others can't, or haven't. Understanding is your friend. How do you get understanding you ask ? Ask.

  • Michael Anthony
    Michael Anthony 4 months ago

    Ok Linus. Don't break your arm jerking yourself off.

  • 11 11
    11 11 5 months ago

    how does a company going you 1PT of storage benefit from that? Or how is 45 drives benefiting from you having one of there servers?

  • Randy Verschueren
    Randy Verschueren 5 months ago

    this video is 100% awesome !

  • Donald Cauffman
    Donald Cauffman 5 months ago

    I'm getting tired of never being able to afford to build the gaming pc I've always wanted so I made a go fund me page. Any donations are greatly appreciated.

  • Kaizaqu 468
    Kaizaqu 468 5 months ago

    Where can I find that video of the guy with the ssd review

  • Naz S
    Naz S 5 months ago

    To be HONEST...
    Lets build a 1500$ pc running games on medium 2k and a 4000$ pc running on ultra 2k. Both towers black.
    Grab a few gamers off the street and let them play for a while, and rotate them. To see if they can notice a difference and if yes, how much they willing to pay for that improvement!!!
    Tired beind pushed by marketologists, reviewers and testers to upgrade every time. Kinda Rat Race. They making new generations and super things every year now.
    LINUS! You got a power now!!! Destroy manufacturers. Think about our future..
    And to be honest:) I want a gpu from a 4000$ rig for the idea :))) 👌

  • klown van damn
    klown van damn 5 months ago

    Only Linus can get 2 sponsors for a video on how to get sponsors.

  • klown van damn
    klown van damn 5 months ago

    Linus charm. That's the USP for LTT.

  • Janko Kinčeš
    Janko Kinčeš 6 months ago

    If companies say no then they will not be in heaven.

  • 5010 g
    5010 g 6 months ago


  • ΔŇỮβIŞ Eveningstar

    honest tech tips

    DOT ROT 6 months ago

    Based off subscribers...

  • TheJonGreco grejo-kesai

    E-sports players? Really? Here we go again. Get it thru your heads people. Playing video games is not a sport.

  • Sand K
    Sand K 6 months ago

    I like Tunnel bear.

  • SubmnL
    SubmnL 6 months ago

    Watching him pull up his sleeves over and over. Just wear a short sleeve shirt next time.

  • Xtylish Amber
    Xtylish Amber 6 months ago


  • Ninjangles
    Ninjangles 7 months ago

    Lol. Literally just made several posts, offering manual labor for pc parts.
    Doubt this video or those posts will help the cause, funny timing all the same.

  • Fusion Ninja
    Fusion Ninja 7 months ago

    Linus move to the USA and take over Microsoft

  • clayton costello
    clayton costello 7 months ago

    I’ll probably never get the answer
    but my question to all this video is
    How much of the stuff that you review/receive do you actually get to keep?
    Ie. what percentage do you keep and what percent do you send back,
    or better yet how much free computer hardware do you get to keep In a given time frame. say a month time or 3 month block.
    What do you do with your surplus do you sell it and reinvest the profit in Linus tech or besides a basic go to store room do you have a warehouse of non used electronics. Probable all the above

  • General Oskar
    General Oskar 7 months ago

    Send me some

  • Matthew Clements
    Matthew Clements 8 months ago

    Lol the sad but necessary BUS101 education for kids that want free hardware

  • Hi Neil of 'Cidi Al-Masry' Sidi Al-Masri Sandage

    . 0:15 your voice and audio got better. That's how.
    Titanium or Tin vocal cords.
    Practice talking strengthens thickens muscles. And Acoustical might have in some way Improved.
    Keep up the good work.

  • Mohamed Jatlaoui
    Mohamed Jatlaoui 8 months ago

    Why the heck these 940 dislikes !?!
    the man was honest with you and he just wants you to know the truth, we all know that many of us are only for free stuff, they are not willing to do nothing in return , this is why manufacturers are making it difficult for everyone these days.
    But why people do not want to hear the truth these days , I've seen a lot of scam videos on RU-clip but without half of these dislikes !!! .
    Holly sh** !
    I don't see any reason to dislike this video !
    Biggggg thumbs-up to you Linus for your courageuse.
    I wish we learn something from these people about investing our time with what we get in things can help us in our future

  • K C
    K C 8 months ago

    I'd like to start my own channel but review escorts .... how do I receive samples to test ? 🤔😀

  • scottdotjazzman
    scottdotjazzman 8 months ago

    Either Linus is wearing a wig in the tunnel bear app, or they're using older footage.

  • Boris the Blade
    Boris the Blade 8 months ago

    So basically fuck astro

  • Newvegas100
    Newvegas100 8 months ago

    People want to jump straight into high end stuff, you either need to start with cheap stuff or work with someone/place, which Linus basically said. If I personally wanted to start a tech channel, I'd be happy with cheap stuff, but companies aren't as interested in showing off their low end products.

  • Christopher Melvin
    Christopher Melvin 8 months ago

    1,300,000+ views on a single video. That's why Linus gets this stuff, in short order.

  • Happy Pineapple
    Happy Pineapple 8 months ago

    Trying to make a Corsair PC for a school Project.

  • xenten 9
    xenten 9 8 months ago

    you know what is funny, just giving you the product and you giving it a bad review means that the word about that product existing is more pr than a good review because it creates controversy and controversy creates discussion. also the one way to make sure no one gets the product is to not post the video in the first place...

  • CAfakmykak
    CAfakmykak 8 months ago

    people really need linus to explain this basic ass shit to them, for them to understand that intel doesnt just willy nilly send out GTX Titans to everyone who sends and email...

  • Harold Lladoc
    Harold Lladoc 8 months ago

    Thanks for this honest answer (LIKED)!

  • Aleksandar Ivanov
    Aleksandar Ivanov 9 months ago

    A path to success differs among different people, but the essence is the same.

  • John-Thomas Abbott
    John-Thomas Abbott 9 months ago

    your definatly 100% right but damn you kinda crossed onto being a Dic….tonary definition of mean and like you've never been a whorrible shill jk...

  • Father 47
    Father 47 9 months ago

    I love tunnelbear cuz i can fap without paranoia

  • lemons lemons
    lemons lemons 10 months ago

    Holy shit are you wearing a appel whatch

  • Tyler Hanley
    Tyler Hanley 10 months ago

    2:40 “undershtand.”

  • Alf Hansen
    Alf Hansen 10 months ago

    I have one video on youtube where is my laptop???

  • Alf Hansen
    Alf Hansen 10 months ago

    I think you are very talented over there at LTT!

  • Samuel Ling
    Samuel Ling 10 months ago

    In order words, 10 second on the camera, a decade of effort, nothing is free except for air and 40 days of unlimited trial of WinRar

  • Slade Watkins
    Slade Watkins 10 months ago

    Poor MKBHD over here lol

  • Sean Kernitsman
    Sean Kernitsman 10 months ago

    What's the name of the site at 2:35 please?

  • i am soap
    i am soap 11 months ago


  • Safespacers run from me
    Safespacers run from me 11 months ago

    i will never be a cheap whore for free stuff* (just kidding, amd, nvidia call me )

  • no one's Business
    no one's Business 11 months ago

    Watching in 2018 no more tunnel bear PIA FOR 👍

  • DeadSSD
    DeadSSD 11 months ago +1

    I bought 300 eyeballs.

  • Blue Bandit
    Blue Bandit 11 months ago

    "sorry but basically you can't" click baited me. disliked

  • JP 5311
    JP 5311 11 months ago

    Lucky start

  • Michael Moretti
    Michael Moretti 11 months ago

    To those of you who don't know LMG was originally made on NCIXs orders-Linus worked there before it closed, LMG was made because NCIXs RU-clip videos cost too much to make for the number of views and LMG was going to be able to make money for NCIX while having cheaper and possibly lower quality videos without affect the NCIX brand, however LMG has grown bigger then anyone could have hoped and outlived even NCIX itself the OG LMG members were Linus Edzel and Brandon. P.S. The LMG crew lives in Surrey and Linus smokes E-cigs

  • The Awesome Incarnate
    The Awesome Incarnate 11 months ago

    Its pretty much too late to become an "influencer" because the institution of marketing has completely taken control of the platform.

  • Media Man
    Media Man Year ago

    I want my 9 minutes back.;) Look how great I am and you are not. Not that I expected any different. Still like the channel though. Sort of a likeable douche.

  • m 2
    m 2 Year ago

    Get this $300 sample for free! Just pay $280 for the book + $20 shipping

  • Stafer
    Stafer Year ago

    How can people be this stupid?

  • Mittens
    Mittens Year ago

    Anyone who needed a video to explain this needs to get their head checked.

  • Thomas Howl
    Thomas Howl Year ago

    Guess who's not buying Astro ever again.

  • EmSprollie
    EmSprollie Year ago

    Linus causally got an Irish accent at 2:39

  • RedMikePumpkin
    RedMikePumpkin Year ago

    Another way you can get review samples is to work for Linus Media Group

  • KotF Business Casual

    I'm honestly surprised that this was such a popular question. This channel gets literally millions of views, of course it's a no brainer for companies to send review samples to them. They are reaching millions of people for virtually no cost.

  • - IotaFlare -
    - IotaFlare - Year ago

    @techrax do this

  • 4173
    4173 Year ago

    the point of this video that - THERE IS NO EASY WAY TO SUCCESS

  • hsiguy
    hsiguy Year ago

    "based on the finished video" brilliant !

  • Ciaran Whelan
    Ciaran Whelan Year ago

    Why do you keep touching your nuts each minute?

  • AwpWilliams
    AwpWilliams Year ago

    "Our channel is bigger than yours, that's how."
    This video could have been 5 seconds. lol

  • Nope Nope
    Nope Nope Year ago

    The difference between children and adults in the marketing world mostly.

  • Minestars Dnr
    Minestars Dnr Year ago

    How did the intro get past quality checks

  • Vuluture K
    Vuluture K Year ago

    Linus basically just said, we're famous and influential, you're not xD.

    Jks I know its not. Spare me.

  • James Hutto
    James Hutto Year ago

    Thank you LTT. I just started my own review channel surrounding retro and new PC products and I have been wondering how to get review samples. This helps A LOT!

  • Ita
    Ita Year ago

    So, you are the influencer that doesn't do nothing but is just very cool, ain't you?

  • Green 7070
    Green 7070 Year ago

    6:10, Linus suddenly realizes that the motherboard next to him is too expensive to knock off the table, and decides NOT to swing his hand towards the top of it.

  • Demetre, Martin Janness

    Coming from a completely different industry as an influencer myself unfortunately my content isn't allowed on RU-clip LOL. I appreciate your explanation as it is something I can share with others as it seems pretty Universal for an explanation as influencers and reviewers

  • gram Bam
    gram Bam Year ago

    Is tunnel bear that good? Or is there better VPN services like NORD VPN?

  • Bit Matt
    Bit Matt Year ago

    I can get a free computer parts from my uncle

  • Fahadh Balloy
    Fahadh Balloy Year ago

    The question on the intro is messed up 😂😂

  • Gary Carlyle
    Gary Carlyle Year ago

    i dont agree with this. ive had plenty of 3 stuff to review for another channel i have an i only have 40k subs, You do have to write to a lot of companies though.

  • Wok's Random Channel

    Nothing in life is free. That is why Linus has to sell out every video. Not there's anything wrong with that. ROI. That is all.

  • Pirate Ripley the Fam Rocks

    I also like seeing the dumpster divers, some recycle pc hardware and bring new life to some salvageable computers.

  • Danaliism
    Danaliism Year ago

    This guys soo patronising.......

  • Nick Stockton
    Nick Stockton Year ago


  • Nick Stockton
    Nick Stockton Year ago

    I meant form