Rosalía Muses On Fashion While Showing Off Her Signature Dance Moves | W Magazine

  • Published on Oct 4, 2019
  • What does fashion mean to pop music's most original new star? Find out, as W's latest cover star, Rosalía, shows off some of the season's best pieces-as well as her now signature dance moves, of course-as she explains what style means to her.
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    Rosalía Muses On Fashion While Showing Off Her Signature Dance Moves | W Magazine
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Comments • 81

  • sofia mart
    sofia mart 7 days ago

    It's easy. I see Rosalía I CLICK

  • Jean Paul Brown
    Jean Paul Brown 29 days ago

    Felicidades. 🇨🇱

  • TheSapphire M
    TheSapphire M Month ago

    She wears wtahever stylist team says... not her fault, and every celeb wear fur

  • champagnexoxo
    champagnexoxo Month ago +2

    I used to love her until I found out she likes to use fur and she supports bull fights, disgusting

  • La momo
    La momo Month ago


  • Raizen 7
    Raizen 7 Month ago

    Song ?

  • Meira Life & Style
    Meira Life & Style Month ago +4

    Quien editó esto debe ser como mínimo imbecil.

  • Josefina Plana
    Josefina Plana Month ago +2

    Esto ya encendió NA NANANA!, un nuevo estilo, una nueva voz y mucho arte! Olee olee olee, mi Rosalia!🙏🏾💋🔥🔥🔥🙆🏻‍♀️❤️

  • tere MH
    tere MH Month ago +1

    i'm here for all the recent Rosalía content ❤️❤️❤️

  • javiera zef
    javiera zef Month ago

    Ame este video, Alana O'herlihy hizo un excelente trabajo ❤

  • Ale
    Ale Month ago

    I love the editing on this

  • CoolForCats 7
    CoolForCats 7 Month ago +1

    whoever edited this.... why?

  • Anna Crystal Lopez
    Anna Crystal Lopez Month ago +2

    She gives me Selena Quintanilla vibes

  • Anna Daws
    Anna Daws Month ago

    She is so beautiful

  • candela xxx
    candela xxx Month ago +23

    a ver si pieles de animales entran dentro de "moda" en la mente de rosalía

    • WWF
      WWF 28 days ago

      @mad queen apologist pero no está bien lo que hace, tampoco está bien decir "déjala, q todo el mundo lo hace y nadie les dice nada" . Por eso estamos como estamos.

    • ayenazi letelier
      ayenazi letelier Month ago +2

      mad queen apologist hay que dejarlo así no más solo por eso? por mí que ninguna lo haga :p

    • candela xxx
      candela xxx Month ago

      @mad queen apologist que raro que saltas con esos comentarios de aquellas artistas famosas que nunca defendí.

    • mad queen apologist
      mad queen apologist Month ago +2

      superalo mija, todas las artistas mas famosas usan pieles, anda a quejarte a rihanna o beyonce a ver como te va.

  • Paul Richard
    Paul Richard Month ago +1


  • nat
    nat Month ago +3


  • SpacyLany x
    SpacyLany x Month ago +2


  • ItzNexusツ
    ItzNexusツ Month ago +1

    Scarlet Johansson

  • MonsterLady8
    MonsterLady8 Month ago +2


  • airashii 108
    airashii 108 Month ago +2

    High ponytail asfuck you goina go bald

  • Nico Play
    Nico Play Month ago +10

    hope y'all know the whit coat is made of bunny yeah.

  • Jess
    Jess Month ago


  • Meyres Blas
    Meyres Blas Month ago +4

    I love a Rosália , you cold alzo bring Lana del Rey

  • rach
    rach Month ago +4

    stop wearing fur 🦊

    • El Seis
      El Seis Month ago

      @rach I dont accept second place

    • rach
      rach Month ago

      @El Seis that's probably the stupidest thing i've ever heard, congratulations

    • El Seis
      El Seis Month ago

      At least the animal will be remembered when you wear it ,Not the case when you stuff your fat face with their meat in burger king

    • rach
      rach Month ago +1

      @natalia ortega GIRL! she wears real fur in coats that cost like 3k. No one is talking about faux fur, learn to read boo

    • natalia ortega
      natalia ortega Month ago

      rach if??? it isnt?? real fur ??? thenwhatthehellistheproblem

  • mermaid protocol
    mermaid protocol Month ago +1

    this video style fits her perfectly

  • mermaid protocol
    mermaid protocol Month ago

    jfc i love her sm

  • Dehcbi ri
    Dehcbi ri Month ago +3


  • Abigail López
    Abigail López Month ago +9

    I love all these Rosalía videos, just keep em coming

  • Glimh17
    Glimh17 Month ago +51

    She’s beautiful and a great dancer but the editing ruined that lol anyway, keep those Rosalia videos coming

  • paula d
    paula d Month ago +7

    She gave life to flamenco again

  • Lea821_
    Lea821_ Month ago +23


  • ilaphroaig
    ilaphroaig Month ago

    Never heared of her...

    • ilaphroaig
      ilaphroaig Month ago

      @El Seis Yeah, i don't listen to Beyonce. Not my kind of music.

    • El Seis
      El Seis Month ago +1

      Well youll hear her again when that collab with beyonce drops

    • Stinky Pete
      Stinky Pete Month ago +2

      U jelly gurrrrl

    • hom0genic
      hom0genic Month ago +5

      ...your point is?

  • G T
    G T Month ago

    Brutal ESTE vídeo wwwow

  • Sahara
    Sahara Month ago +23

    this is so retro, i love it

  • Kristy Simon
    Kristy Simon Month ago +196

    Cant really see her dance moves with all that editing

  • AnnYa
    AnnYa Month ago +24

    She's so cute I love her. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Lulú
    Lulú Month ago +11

    She uses real animal fur so to me she's canceled tbh

    • El Seis
      El Seis Month ago +1

      Bye lulu

    • Glimh17
      Glimh17 Month ago +9

      She’s canceled but you’re making her more famous and successful by watching her vids and commenting about her.. that’s not canceling, lol. And she never did it before and after. Weren’t even hers.

    • Lulú
      Lulú Month ago +1

      No celeb will EVER be more important than animal's rights and wellbeing.

    • Lulú
      Lulú Month ago +4

      @paula d no problem with doing that, tbh

    • paula d
      paula d Month ago +4

      Lulú every celeb does that, go and cancel every celeb

  • Viejotrueno
    Viejotrueno Month ago

    what is all these crap videos with this tacky chavette

  • Samantha
    Samantha Month ago +130

    She makes me want to learn how to speak Spanish :)

    • Leo Franco
      Leo Franco Month ago

      idk I speak spanish and I can barely understand her lyrics. I wouldnt spend time learning a complicated language, but is your choicee

    • cringe cringe
      cringe cringe Month ago +5

      you should definitely try, literature in spanish is incredible! and so is music

    • AndTheEarthSang
      AndTheEarthSang Month ago +2

      Then learn

    • Galia Ramón
      Galia Ramón Month ago +4

      Do it.

  • mica bucci
    mica bucci Month ago +4

    te amo mujer 😍

  • carolina
    carolina Month ago +7

    Todo bien Rosalía bella, pero deja de usar piel de animales:c

    • Stesse_ 908
      Stesse_ 908 Month ago

      @paula d just ignore them, god dammit...

    • Glimh17
      Glimh17 Month ago +3

      Y cuando lo a vuelto hacer? Nunca lo avía hecho antes hasta que le prestaron esos abrigos para tomarse fotos. No a lo hecho después tampoco

    • paula d
      paula d Month ago +2

      carolina latin americans being annoying everywhere 😶🥴

  • latinfenderale
    latinfenderale Month ago +3

    Not cool, rosalia 🐺🐺🐺

  • Salma Rivera Hernández

    cómo un video de 1 minuto puede ser tan bueno?

  • AtomixSword
    AtomixSword Month ago +4

    T H I C C

  • P Z
    P Z Month ago +257


  • Nóra Grace
    Nóra Grace Month ago +1

    Woohoo i am early

  • Pastel Emerald
    Pastel Emerald Month ago +51

    I love Her so much She’s great