Making my 1980's Garage Door Smart!

  • Published on Feb 16, 2019
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    After getting IMO ripped off by Chamberlain, I decided to take smart-ifying my garage door into my own hands.
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Comments • 3 851

  • haòn sesom
    haòn sesom 12 hours ago

    "I'm so excited to be able to open my garage door"
    - Linus Sebastian 2019

  • Idaho Jake
    Idaho Jake 2 days ago

    Its 12v dc? Or did you mean 120v?

  • stormzy
    stormzy 2 days ago

    Jake: **grabs chocolate**
    Linus: your fired

  • Fat2Mad
    Fat2Mad 4 days ago

    1:40.... lol this must be used more frequently.

  • Edgar Renje
    Edgar Renje 4 days ago +3

    3:00 Watch Dogs 3: "Jiggle the buttons to open Linus' garage."

  • Steven Nagel
    Steven Nagel 4 days ago

    Why you not using ESPHome & Sonoff's?

  • brolly86
    brolly86 5 days ago

    0:51 this reminded me of my internet provider, that wanted to charge me 2€ for unlocking the w-lan on the router they provided, which at that point coudn't be replaced by a private owned one. So I just bought a cheep w-lan access point connected by an ethernet cable, cuz I only needed wi-fi for my cellphone. PC got a direct cable connection anyways. Seems those micro-subscriptions are the new hot s#!t. But I refuse to pay any of them if possible, cuz it will sum up at the end...

  • jmburnzy
    jmburnzy 5 days ago


  • Daniel Taylor
    Daniel Taylor 6 days ago

    nice BMW

  • Sean Sopata
    Sean Sopata 6 days ago

    Why do garage door openers STILL not have integrated CO2 detection?

  • Brushy
    Brushy 7 days ago

    You leaked your adress...

  • Grim Spyder
    Grim Spyder 8 days ago

    Linus look of "DAMIT!!!" when he heard it will take 5 years to break even was great. But' I'm right there with you, ill gladly pay more and make life harder, on principle alone.

  • codeMonkey
    codeMonkey 9 days ago

    wait you're only going to take one? oh shit/.

  • Pizza PowerXYZ
    Pizza PowerXYZ 10 days ago

    Well it wasn't MONETIZED linus so you having an erection made you lose money

  • Jamie Edwards
    Jamie Edwards 13 days ago

    What kind of chocolates were they? They looked good!

  • Zachary MM
    Zachary MM 13 days ago

    You can legit see his license plate

  • Alter
    Alter 15 days ago

    Yea lets use bunch of different apps just for garage door lol. How practical?

  • Dave C
    Dave C 15 days ago

    Why don’t you use a SonOff device it just a few dollars and works from 433 MHz or your phone?

  • Shifty Sasquatch
    Shifty Sasquatch 16 days ago

    Will this work with HomeKit or just Alexa and google home?

  • Tobi Smasher
    Tobi Smasher 16 days ago

    Lionesse manage to make the most expensive 8K camera and extreme server is costing hundreds of thousands of dollars and yet they just did it and yet he can’t afford a one dollar a month subscription for service for a garage door opener seriously

  • Estadr Adaber
    Estadr Adaber 17 days ago

    8:57 what the fuck

  • StarLite
    StarLite 18 days ago

    2:23 your welcome

  • Kaegan Thornhill
    Kaegan Thornhill 19 days ago +1

    If the "$1 A Month Subscription" came with Home Secretary/911 Service -- Then it would be Worth it.

    • Kaegan Thornhill
      Kaegan Thornhill 19 days ago

      Meaning if the Garage Door was Forced Opening or Locked Picked -- The Cops will be alarted by a silent alarm.

  • Intergalactic McNugget

    i like how his Christmas lights are up in February

  • Terry L
    Terry L 21 day ago

    Not chocolate - dog treats

  • Dragoro
    Dragoro 21 day ago +2

    Nc stands for no connection.... sssuuuurrreee. in a relay.... that is about switches and on and off... Made me laugh. NC means normally closed for those that don't know. there are 3 ports, and can power one or the other port depending on whats wired into it. NO is normally open and is the switches default circuitry path, you would leave this unconnected if you wanted just an on off swith, because you don't need something constantly powered

    • Mazzy Syeed
      Mazzy Syeed 18 days ago

      Good info man! Appreciate it brother

  • Joel Sawyer
    Joel Sawyer 21 day ago

    Linus - homeassistant, esphome and tasmota exist.

  • Tasmaniac
    Tasmaniac 21 day ago

    Aye we use ewe link for remote toggling of our front gate.

  • Team Talon Gaming
    Team Talon Gaming 21 day ago

    *Chamberlain wants to know your location*

  • rkmugen
    rkmugen 23 days ago

    Chocolate thieves!

  • Brandon Bilodeau
    Brandon Bilodeau 23 days ago

    I'm 5 minutes into this video. FOR GODS SAKE LINUS JUST REPLACE THOSE ANCIENT DOOR OPENERS WITH SOME DECENT NEW ONES!!! I've NEVER heard of any subscription based model after purchasing a garage door opener. I love the idea for the video, but in a practical sense? Noooooooooo.
    As a tradesman and tech geek I really enjoy Linus' videos, even these ones to a degree. But I think I enjoy these ones because unlike the typical Linus videos, I actually know a bit more about the kind of stuff they deal with in this video. I don't know everyones names yet but when the blonde chubby dude says that he thinks the 12v/24v wires were stripped to much and could "bridge" I laughed.

  • Chibi_Hitman
    Chibi_Hitman 23 days ago

    7:56 I like you dragee keksi

  • Edmund Chen
    Edmund Chen 23 days ago

    When the relay clicked. I got a notification. The timing couldn't be better.

  • Ki 10
    Ki 10 23 days ago

    what kind of chocolate is that

  • navnig
    navnig 23 days ago

    Jesus! What ran through your garage floors when the concrete was wet? A Bear??

    TNTGAMER 24 days ago


  • IronRanger 767
    IronRanger 767 24 days ago

    Good lord your garage doors have lasted long wow.

    • rkmugen
      rkmugen 23 days ago

      So long, in fact, they actually look brittle!

  • tld8102
    tld8102 26 days ago

    raspberry pi?

  • William Owen
    William Owen 26 days ago

    9:50 I thought they were still talking about RU-clip buddies

  • matthew veinotte
    matthew veinotte 26 days ago

    "You cant stop it?" "Yeah you can" "oh".........Thats LTT in a nutshell lol

  • Steve Marks
    Steve Marks 27 days ago

    Should have used a shelly2.5 would have been quicker and cheaper :p

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan 29 days ago

    i love how you don't want to pay 1 dollar a month subscription when you want people to join your channel for 5 bucks a month when you really don't get anything. you get stupid icons for chat and you get discount for your clothing only once a month...bahaha. Honestly why should I buy your clothing? to do free advertising for your channel? well actually it is not free. I have to buy the stuff. why don't you send me your clothing for free and pay me to advertise for you by wearing our stuff.

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan 29 days ago

    oh good you are making your garage door smart. now I can hack into in and steal that LG TV. thanks Just kidding but for real that is a thing people are doing been reading about it in the New York times. In fact it is a lot easier to break into smart garage doors. Damn criminal nerds.

  • Andy Lim
    Andy Lim 29 days ago

    This can be done much easier with a simple NodeMCU, a 2x 5v Relay Module and your existing switch. Connect them thru Blynk Servers(Free) and you can track whether the Relay is turned on or off from the Blynk app on your phone.
    With a cost of about 5 USD~

    • Kappa
      Kappa 11 days ago

      You dont get the point of not Routing your smart home through some third Party Servers.

  • ali haider
    ali haider 29 days ago +3

    4:40 "who has a four car garage?"
    * Has tech worth like a million dollars *

    • Nathan Bell
      Nathan Bell 25 days ago

      Housing in the area of BC where he lives is super expensive so now a house with a 1 door garage is worth over a million Canadian

  • XLR Cardigan
    XLR Cardigan Month ago

    yeah f you chamberlain 🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿

  • Ryan Ziems
    Ryan Ziems Month ago

    Today I feel so much better to learn I have as much talent as Linus @9:16 !!!!!!

  • Ryan Peabody
    Ryan Peabody Month ago +5

    There are two videos that consist of linus buying a smart product on amazon, realizing there's a subscription, and creating his own solution.

  • Brett Smith
    Brett Smith Month ago

    Link is broken for the board...

  • EleegY
    EleegY Month ago

    my house was build over 580 years ago Weard flex but oke

  • R4zE
    R4zE Month ago +6

    "Jake shot me with a nerf dart"
    Linus, how frail are you? Lmao

    • Maxavius
      Maxavius 18 hours ago

      Its linus bro. His man license has been revoked years ago. But we love him anyway

  • Andrei003
    Andrei003 Month ago

    I'm so far from your house that I would be better off buying a new TV, instead of breaking into your house and steal yours

  • david m
    david m Month ago

    Gave you a thumbsUp *just* for the redacted middle finger animation..and the size of the old garage door opener

  • nikiplam
    nikiplam Month ago

    If you see this have a good day

  • Andrew
    Andrew Month ago

    It pays itself off much sooner once you factor in ad revenue on this video :)

  • ghostkilla931
    ghostkilla931 Month ago

    It is the principle. Fuck that chamberlan company.

  • James Moore
    James Moore Month ago

    you might have a roof leak, that water on the door opener is not suppose to be there.

  • jjdpg
    jjdpg Month ago +1

    Nc usually stands for no connection 🤣
    For the peolple that dont know nc stands for normally closed

  • The Cool Kid
    The Cool Kid Month ago +1

    I think Linus' RED Camera's worth much more than his house

    • No
      No Month ago

      Lol no. Houses are hundreds of thousands of dollars. The red cameras kitted out are about 150 thousand USD for both

  • The Cool Kid
    The Cool Kid Month ago

    I think Linus' RED Camera's worth much more than his house

  • Patrick S
    Patrick S Month ago +33

    Linus needs to get himself a Raspberry Pi, install Home Assistant to it, and have all this in one nifty interface. Then, use a NodeMCU (~$3.00) with a 120 volt 2 way 5v relay (~$4.00) and install ESP Easy on it. Connect to Home Assistant. Done.

    • Mike L
      Mike L 9 days ago +1

      Yeah, but then he couldn't get the revenue from the different companies. I'm sure he is well aware that there are better options out there. But he wants the $$

  • Scott Riehm
    Scott Riehm Month ago

    8:56-9:10: I think LTT might need an HR department...

  • Cody Brown
    Cody Brown Month ago

    If you conect a game system to the vga of the garge door opener you can do the same thing

  • Tom
    Tom Month ago

    Or just get smart switches

  • Nick Booya
    Nick Booya Month ago

    Does the built in wifi switch use the ewelink application? If so, does the amount of data it collects any concern?

  • peacemakers
    peacemakers Month ago

    ok a nerf dart was that nerf dart from his mouth

  • Yan Campos
    Yan Campos Month ago

    you really need to step up your clothing game... you like like shit

  • Consig1iere
    Consig1iere Month ago

    If you are gonna do it DIY then the Roost thing is so unnecessary. Buy a Raspberry Pi (Homeassistant), relays and a magnetic door/window sensor. That's it you are all done! Total cost $45

  • \-xX[STEVEN]Xx-/ /-xX[GOAT]Xx-\

    Who else got here from the Usb key memory wipe video after Linus said he'd do this video?

  • Dimitris Kaffetzakis

    You don't have to make a smart garage door...

    ...if you don't have a house.

  • Antabuzz
    Antabuzz Month ago


  • Robert Galanton
    Robert Galanton Month ago

    that e92 tho

  • Jacob Mcdonald
    Jacob Mcdonald 2 months ago

    R i c e r d o o r

  • Lee Baxter
    Lee Baxter 2 months ago

    For future reference, "NC" is "Normally Closed", and "NO" is "Normally Open"!!! 😂😂😂